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TOW the worst date TAG!!!  Worst dates EVER!!!
Talking about three of the worst dates to ever happen in human history. Don't forget to watch the video before this one and leave me your questions.
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Gay + Man = Shallow??
So over men. Any women out there want to help me move away from the dark side =p
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Ageism in the gay community
I want feedback dammit!!
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Ugly vs Pretty gays  OR  Short term vs Long term happiness
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Tutorial:  Long Hair Accessories for Men, Pretty Fly for a White Guy! Part 3
Part 3. All is well that ends well. For the Headwrap you also want to make sure that your hair doesn't bulge like mine did. But I was rushing thru so didn't make it look as nice as it should!
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I'll be your guy for all seasons
Here is a video that is a complete change of pace for me…
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Are Tops at the Top of the Gay FoodChain??
I'm just really confused about the whole people enjoying to be degraded... or maybe they don't even feel that way? I guess my pride is just too important to me to ever let someone make me feel cheap...
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Tutorial:  Long Hair Accessories for Men, Pretty Fly for a White Guy! Part 1
So this is my 3rd hair tutorial video, funny how these are actually kinda taking off eventhough that was not even like something I was thinking of doing. But if you guys have anymore questions let me know. This is a 3 parter btw.
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The one where I talk about gay drama.
Thanks for watching my first video, that is if anyone will. I want to start blogging and talking about how to turn the tide on current gay issues. Too many gay men all think we have to look a certain way, or be a certain way to be accepted in our communities and it's just not true. So look out for me bitching and complaining about things I think need to be changed.
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Victim of gay bullying WITHIN the gay community!
Bullying IN the gay community, a bigger issue than bullying outside of the community?
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This is why gay men are always single - and how to fix it!
Learning to be open to wonderful aspects of people. Their hearts and minds!
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Tutorial:  Long hair products for men...so fine! Part 1
Check out http://www.manlycurls.com Sorry it became two video's again. Here are some products that I think work semi well. But none of them is like an A+ by no means. Reviewed Products: Burt's Bees - Very Volumizing, Shampoo Aveda - Invati, Conditioner Gliss Kur - Express Repair Spülung, Trockenes Haar Lush - R&B, Hair Moisturizer Body Shop - Grapeseed Glossing Serum Aveda - Pure Abundance, Hair Potion Aveda - Dry Remedy, Moisturizing Treatment Masque Extra Virgin Olive Oil Argan Oil Potions International - The Ultimate Solution for Healthy Hair & Skin
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Will the pain of being gay ever end?
It's time we start supporting each other and fixing our community.
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Gay Travel Guide: Dublin, Ireland + several cool spots
Area: 115 sq mi Population: 525,000 Things to do Gay: Bars, Clubs, Temple Bar Things to do: Blarney Stone, Sightseeing, climbing, off-loading, Ashford Castle, landscapes Need Cash: No Walk: XXX Bike: XXXX Public Transit: XX Car: X
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Being a gay failure...
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The one where we discuss the top 5 gay men to avoid!!
The community, the final frontier, these are the videos logging a new movement in thinking, to boldly change the outcome of our future generations.... AKA for you none trekkies, another video that I hope will help break the cycle of what we think is the ideal man, when if fact all these types of guys are a big part of the reason why there is so many unhappy gay men out there.
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Dread Maintenance & Styles for Men - I be hooking you up proper!!!
So people have been asking for ages about my dreads and now here is the video corresponding to it. If you guys have any question feel free to ask - for those people out there who don't follow my blog YES I AM GAY - people keep asking me that on my other hair video's, not sure why that it relevant but anyway. I don't get paid for anything I endorse and have no rights to those labels etc... not sure what I need to write to not get in trouble for naming products =p Products Mentioned Solid Shampoo - Lush (the one I'm showing is called Godiva) Dry Shampoo - Balea (Trend it up) Volumizer - Gliss Kur (Ultimate Volume) Hair Oil - Body Shop (Monoi Oil)
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Walking Dead - Gay Kiss - WTF?!?!?!
Can't deal with this world anymore, people are scary ignorant!
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Tutorial:  How to have long hair as a guy and look sexy as hell doing it!!!  Part 2
So the video got cut off so I had to make a second video, and then that one got cut off as well and then I lost interest... if you guys actually care about what products I use or if you want more "how to's" on styles or maintenance let me know and I'll put up a follow up tutorial. Otherwise please leave comments, especially if you have recommendations for styles and products of your own!
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I don't want to be a lonely gay man
My best friends wedding really threw me for a loop... Is it bad that I want this for myself?
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The one with gay monogamy ---- SAY WHAT???
WoW I was able to download this video first try.... it's a youtube miracle... Shot out for my subscribers and to dave4unowok for leaving the first comment on any of my video's WOOT WOOT. This video is about me trying to figure out why gay men feel the need to be in open relationships... OK nevermind there's still a glitch... one day I'll download a video that is not messed up...promise!
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My apartment in Tokyo Japan - tour!
Stick around for a Tokyo Japan tour!!
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I am a gay man, and I deserve to be loved!
My thoughts on 'The Velvet Rage' by Dr. Alan Downs.
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Why I hate celebrities!!!  ANARCHY!!!
Let the bashing begin.
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Signing Out
Hope all of you are well.
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Tutorial:  Long Hair Accessories for Men, Pretty Fly for a White Guy! Part 2
Part 2. I told you guys this was going to be a three 'parter'. Leave comments peeps!
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Scruff is GRRRReat...  Your opinion counts!
Let me know what you guys think.
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The one where I want to know: Gay men, do you think size matters???
This video is really out of my comfort zone because as you all probably already know I'm kinda a prude, but what the hey... let's see how many people will leave inappropriate comments =p
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Schwul in einem kleinen Dorf...
Hey so finally here is my best friend forever... isn't she gorgeous... she's just telling everyone what it was like for me growing up in a small town in the middle of no-where
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Tutorial:  How to have long hair as a guy and look sexy as hell doing it! Part 1
Check out http://www.manlycurls.com Hey, so I was asked several questions by my viewers about why I grew out my hair etc, so I figured I would just go and make a tutorial that way I could answer the questions plus maybe help out some other guys who either have long hair already or are thinking about it in the future. Also, with this video I've finally completed all of the answers I was given. So hopefully all my viewers got their questions answered.
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Gay Travel Guide: San Diego, CA USA
Population: 1,301,617 City Area: 372 sq mi Attractions: Balboa Park, Old Town, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Mission San Diego de Alcala, etc Attractions Gay: Hillcrest district, Beach, Clubs & Bars... Need Cash: No Walk:X Bike:XXXX Public Transit:XX Car:XXX
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Gay Travel Guide: Dresden, Germany
Area: 127 sq mi Population: 518,000 Things to do Gay: Bars, Clubs Things to do: Frauen Kirche, Semperoper, Zwinger Need Cash: No Walk: XX Bike: XXX Public Transit: XXXX Car: X Cities near by: Leipzig, Chemnitz, Zwickau Also, I'm changing my PDA down to 2 I think it is a rather conservative part of Germany
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The one where I'm still gay and still single...
I like PoPtarts
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My new apartment in Athens =)
Take a tour with me of my cute little Athens apt =)
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The one worried bisexual and all his troubles.
Just talking about my thoughts on bisexuality and how it relates to the community.
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No condoms please - I'm on PrEP (Truvada)
Thoughts? Feedback?
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Can you be gay and have self respect???
I always manage to make an ass out of myself =p
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Ghost of Gay Man's Past
This video is requested and very personal - please try to be gentle for a change.
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Tutorial: Long hair products for men...so fine! Part 2
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Gay Hypocrisies - Angry Video - YaY
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Famous Gay Bloggers...
How important is beauty to you?
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Trying Chinese snacks for first time - OMG WHY?!?
My bae and I are trying Chinese snacks for the first time - THE HORROR... WHY CHINA, WHY??
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The one with straight-acting gay men.
I think we need to stop setting up barriers in the gay community, by creating labels of straight-acting, and "not straight-acting" and even more importantly we need to stop believing that straight-acting = more desirable. Shouldn't a persons personality be more important then their masculine or feminine traits???
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Preview to the Review - Gay Casablanca - Growing older!
Traveling kills me at times... Sorry the video cut off at a weird time... but the main message is there.
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TOW: Straight-acting guys are so gay! + 200 subscribers
Some updates, and a little talk about a previous topic
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Gay Travel Guide: Kathmandu, Nepal
Area: 19 sq mi Population: 2,500,000 Things to do Gay: Cruise, Online Things to do: Durbar Squares, Mountain Flights, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Need Cash: Yes Walk: XXXX Bike: XXX Public Transit: X Car: XX
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Gay Travel Guide: Luxembourg, Luxembourg (SUPER MINI REVIEW)
Area: 20 sq mi Population: 110,000 Things to do Gay: Cruise, Online Things to do: Bock, Old Town Need Cash: No Walk: XXXX Bike: XXX Public Transit: XX Car: X
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Gay Travel Guide: Doha, Qatar (Mini Review)
Area: 51 sq mi Population: 900,000 Things to do Gay: Cruise, Online Things to do: Souq Waqif, Clock Tower, Al Zubara Fort, Corniche. Need Cash: No Walk: X Bike: XXX Public Transit: XX Car: XXXX
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1 year to being a gay mans dream - aka a social experiment on being accepted.
So this is my first in a new line of video's I am going to be doing, I'm kinda clueless what I'm talking about here and going into a realm I've never been in. So def. give me your input about what I should do to achieve this 'goal'. Also thanks to all my subscribers. If you have video requests also let me know about that - I got one talking about my fashion style - I wasn't aware I had one, but I'll try to make a video on that soon too.
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Gay stereotypes... are they true?
Another video about gay stereotyping, or just stereotyping in general
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