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Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (Gay Version)
A remix of the Taylor Swift song You Belong With Me. The video was on You Tube. I remixed the ending to make it smoother. Wish I knew the one who are in the video. If It's you send me a message so I can tell you how good you guys did. This has become a very popular video in the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas,Tx I do not claim any of the rights to the song or the video.
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Scene from Wendy Williams Show
Gabby mentions S4 on the Wendy Williams Show @ 3:04 into the interview talks about Dallas Gayborhood
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Keith Urban - Put You In A Song
If you were at the live show with Keith Urban at West Village in Uptown - here is the video from that event. I am adding this as an attendant at the show. I do not claim any rights to the video or the song.
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Dallas Does Tush Push
Actor Josh Henderson - Dallas' JR Ewing Jr, John Barrowman - British Actor/Singer and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders line dance to Tush Push - song by Ronnie Milsap "Earthquake" at the Round-Up Saloon on Friday Jan 20,2012. Henderson was being interviewed for a British TV show by Barrowman at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas
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Peacock - Parody Edit
Katy Perry Parody - Let Me See Your Peacock No infringement intended. A Ryan James Yezak Production - with Christian Beasley, Joe Lauer and Spenser Titus .. Edited by Roger Huffman
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Line Dance - Footloose
One of the new line dances we are doing at the Round-Up Saloon to the Blake Shelton song - Footloose. We claim no rights to the song but it is required for the line dance.
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Cinco de Mayo
Round-Up Saloon every year these fabulous dancers perform for the crowd on the Saturday before Cinco de Mayo.
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Copperhead Road Line Dance - Round-Up Saloon Dallas,Tx
Line dance at the Round-Up Saloon - This line dance started out with one person (Pete James) and by the end the floor was full. The Line Dance is the song Copperhead Road by Steve Earle. You can download it on Itunes. There is no intent on infringements or copyright the song can be purchased.
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Line Dances from the Round-Up Saloon Jan 3, 2012
Line dances are very popular at the Round-Up Saloon. Chill Factor and Slapping Leather are very popular.. and since Footloose has been remade, it is a new line dance that has been taught. The music in the background it required to dance to the song -no infringement intended. Chill Factor, Footloose and Slapping Leather are the line dances..Here are some of the patrons of the Round-Up doing what they do best.
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Dance Lesson Basic Two Step - with Half Turns
At the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, our dance instructor - Juanita, teaches the basic two step to a group of patrons. Juanita takes the time to explain ever step and position that the dancers are taking. She has been teaching at the Round-Up Saloon for the past 15 years. This is the basic two step, part two to teach the half turn. This being danced to Gary Allan's song "Wake Up Screaming".
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Stars Over Texas Presents The Austin Babtist Women
At the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, Victoria Weston Presents, "Stars Over Texas" and as a part of the show, The Austin Babtist Women performed on Aug 29,2010. This is a segment of their performance. The Austin Babtist Women will be celebrating 25 years next Sept 1, 2011
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Dance Lesson  Basic Two Step Instructions at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas,Tx
At the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, our dance instructor - Juanita, teaches the basic two step to a group of patrons. Juanita takes the time to explain ever step and position that the dancers are taking. She has been teaching at the Round-Up Saloon for the past 15 years. This is the basic two step. Part two will go into turns and will be posted soon. Credit is being given to the song played in the video for Promotional purposes - Diamond Rio - "Something Cool".
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Turtle Creek Chorale Promo
The Turtle Creek Chorale will be performing their 2010 Holiday concert Monday and Wednesday - Dec 20 & 22 at the Myerson Symphony Center. Go to TurtleCreek.org for more details.. Channel 11 KTVT did this interview with Director Jonathan Palant.
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Dolly Parton - Two Doors Down - ft Damon Meyers
From The Round Up Saloon Does Your Mother Know show 2014.
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Marty’s live
Performance by Lush
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Sean - Shonda Lisa Rice
Does Your Mother Know Show 2015
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Line Dance lesson Barn Dance
The Barn Dance is a couples line dance. This is from the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas,Texas. Dance instructor Juanita. Dance lessons are conducted every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year. The Round-Up Saloon was recently name in The Advocate as the Best gay country western dance club in the Nation! March 2009.
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Mr Round-Up 2011 Contestant - Sergio
This was part of the talent competition. During the dancing, this female came out from behind the curtain wanting a dance. It was so funny. She just came out on stage and reached out to dance with the two who were competing. She was escorted off stage and sent on her way.
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The Wobble - and Kwang Line Dances
The most popular - Pop Line Dances at the Round-Up Saloon are The Wobble and The Kwang. This was at the Round-Up Saloon on Valentines Day 2012..A Birthday party going on and everyone wanted to learn the dances..
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Lady Gaga at the Roundup Saloon
She thanked all her fans that were there at the Roundup.
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Proud Mary - Victoria Secret aka Scott Thompson
DYMK Show 2014 Scott Thompson, Sean Williams, Brad Cunningham and Jeff Doll
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Round Up Saloon Fire Feb 23,1989
The Round Up Saloon is 36 years old, but 28 years ago it burned to the ground. It was rebuilt from the ground up. It has become one of the biggest and best gay clubs in the nation, repeatedly winning awards for the best gay club in Dallas from several publications. This video is from Channel 5 news from 1989. Music in the background from Dolly Parton.
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The Stoli Key West Cocktail Challenge in Dallas Tx
And the winner is!!!
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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were performing for a British TV show tribute to the "Dallas" TV Show on Friday Jan 20,2012. Six members of the team came to the Round-Up Saloon during a taping session with John Barrowman and Josh Henderson. Josh is "JR Ewing Jr" on Dallas. They performed to the Dallas TV show theme. They also did a line dance with to the Tush Push.
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Mi Diva Loca - Mel and Laura
This afternoon at the Cedar Springs Art Festival - Mel and Laura singing live for the crowd.. Mi DIVA LOCA April 28,2012
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Rhymes With Orange Part 1
Rhymes With Orange performed at The Boiler Room in Denton,Tx. This is a 10 minute clip of the performance. Part 2 will be posted soon.
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Line Dancing at The Roundup - Dallas,Tx
Song: Cowboy Sweetheart - Leanne Rimes - Line Dance - Picnic Polka Line dancing is popular in Texas. The Roundup is the top rated Gay Country Western Bar in the U.S. by Instinct Magazine, 2006 Line Dance Lessons are taught at the Round-Up Saloon - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8:30pm
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Juanita AKA Stephen Tischmacher DYMK 2014
DYMK 2014 - Skit performed by bartender Stephen (with Juanita's permission)
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Cinco de Mayo
Round-Up Saloon
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More Line Dancing from the Roundup
Line dancing at the Roundup Dallas,Tx
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Juanita and The Round Up Dancers - Dance Exhibition
Dance Exhibition at the Round Up Saloon - Juanita and the Round Up Dancers - performing Doctor Doctor and Fake ID Line Dances . No copyright infringements intended. The songs are required for the dancers to dance.
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DIVE - Switch Hitters
DIVE - Switch Hitters
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Copperhead Road Line Dance
Edited Version of Copperhead Road with featuring patrons from the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas.. Showing how one person can quickly teach others this line dance. Thanks to Pete James for starting the line dance going
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Chanel champagne
Monday night performance at Martys Live no infringement intended on music in the performance. N
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Time Bomb - Line Dance with Juanita
Line Dance lesson for Time Bomb - song by Jason Sturgeon. Instructor Juanita Bernal at the Round-Up Saloon in Dallas,Tx July 19,2012. Juanita is an exceptional instructor who has been teaching dance lessons for almost 20 years at the Round-Up Saloon.
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OakLawn Cheerleaders
Gay Pride Parade - 2007
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Cinco de Mayo
Round-Up Saloon
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Air Force One landing
Air Force one fly right overhead on landing at Love Field shortly after 6:30 pm today. Awesome view from patio of Round Up Saloon
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Sorry Not Sorry Titled Revised
Edited Version of Video - Redubbed
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Victor Wooten at Granada Theater
A night with Victor Wooten and Stanley Clark at the Granada Theater in Dallas. March 10,2011.
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Corgi Brady Goes Squirrel Hunting
While walking in the park Brady eyes a squirrel on the ground, but the squirrel was faster than Brady was. The squirrel went into the tree just high enough to taunt him. It was a good show for a few minutes..
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Chanel Champagne - Performance
Chanel Champagne - Performance no infringement on music intended.
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Leo part two
Просмотров: 123 Roger Huffman
Rhymes With Orange Part 3
Part 3 of the gig at The Boiler Room in Denton,Tx . Great performance!!
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Winner of the Most Original Stoli Guy -Dallas
The winner of the Stoli Guy - Dallas Competiton
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Cowboy Pics
Cowboy Pics
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Bridgette then Tess Tickles
Turnabout 2019
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Cody at the Roundup
Cody loves to do his Diva dance routine to the Best Little Whore House in Texas.
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Air Force One Leaving Dallas 080910
Air Force One leaving Dallas after President Obama spoke at a fund raiser in Dallas. This was just before 6pm as it flew by my apartment.
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Cody At the  Roundup Saloon
Cody in black love to strut his stuff at the Roundup. !express# !metadata#!version#v1.0.r291!/version#!format#1.001!/format#!totalTime#46420!/totalTime#!width#400!/width#!height#300!/height#!maxSceneSize#104002!/maxSceneSize#!clientPublishTime#Sun Aug 26 12:48:50 GMT-0500 2007!/clientPublishTime# !/metadata# !scenes#!scene# !asset path="http://www.youtube.com/remixer/assets/captions/PlainCaptions.swf" type="CaptionContent"#!stamp time="0"# !text#Dancing Diva Cody!/text# !color#16777215!/color# !face#Bernhard!/face# !z#2!/z# !render#!ty#249.70000000000002!/ty#!b#0!/b#!tx#82.05000000000001!/tx#!c#0!/c#!a#1!/a#!d#1!/d# !/render# !display#true!/display#!/stamp#!stamp time="46420"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/scene# !/scenes# !asset path="finished/36A05016404DF7FE-ECC795956D400DCD.flv" type="VideoContent" desc=""#!stamp time="0"# !mute#false!/mute# !height#300!/height# !display#true!/display# !position#0!/position# !width#400!/width# !volume#0.75!/volume#!/stamp#!stamp time="46420"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/express#
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