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Mystery Date Game Commercial Parody
A spoof of the 1960's board game for girls, In this case I am playing all the girls, AND the dates. Hope the dates have fun! It's all in the cards...
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THE JOY OF SETS: Theatrical Scenic Painting Unleashed
As a scenic painter, I have done many a show, for theaters large and small. This is a (slightly lavish) set for a (pleasantly modest) community theater which was presenting a show entitled "Count the Moon: A Minstrel's Tale." Join me as I take you into the sponging, splatter, and hijinx of my world, that which many see after the fact, but not in the act. To keep things amusing for myself during some late night stretches, I - well, you'll see. Enjoy too a cameo by a very wayward Susan Hayward. For some reason she just kept going through my head, night after night after....
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"Poseidon Adventure" Ballroom-building, part one:
All us serious Poseidon Fans built 'em as kids, so...Too, I am often asked "show us what it's like BEFORE you do one of your video skits, like how you build the little sets," so, here ya go! : )
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Eclectic Mostly 1950's House
Yes, it's mine. I have no shame. This was done for the local news a ways back. The house, built in 1957, initially started as a home fully decorated in 1950's style - much of that remains, however there have been unusual additions over the years that stray from this a bit, but nonetheless kept it - different.
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The Amityville - Whore??
Having just moved to Long Island, George and Kathy Nutz check out an empty house. Or is it?
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"Poseidon Adventure" Obsession Pt. 1 of 3
Precursor to "Poseidon Adventure Parody" Pts. 1-8. The spoof-maker's telling of his childhood fascination-soon-to-become obsession with the 1972 disaster film "The Poseidon Adventure." Yes, 'tis me, the same one who made "Poseidon Adventure" Parody (a.k.a. "The PURSEidon Adventure") parts 1 -8, in my garage, playing all the characters. This first portion tells of my childhood fancy with the concept, features some early trailers for the film, my telling of how much of a total P*SSY I was when I first saw it and it scared me to death, and features my parents and their recollections of a Child Obsessed.
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 2
"Poseidon Adventure" Part Two. The Dining Room. The continuing saga of my Favorite Film, as spoofed by my selves (save for the extras in the wide shots- I mean, I can't be EVERYwhere at ONCE!). The Giant Deadly Purse is ON ITS WAY - stay tuned for part three, which, I, well, actually posted a long time ago, figuring NO one would want to see what preceded or came after it. Some fans, however, urged me on.
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Queen Mary ~ "Somewhere at Sea" ~ Art Deco Festival 2011
The 7th Annual Art Deco Ball held on the Queen Mary, September third, 2011. Hosted by the Queen Mary & the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. Everyone was in their finest, AND IT WAS FABULOUS (and yes ALL of this is of the actual 2011 dinner dance, in no way actual vintage film footage! They all just dressed the parts VERY well!).
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"Now, Voyager" Parody
It's late at night , you're watching a SH*TTY old print of "Now, Voyager," & Bette's smoking gets a little out of hand. Are you imagining it because you are bleary eyed, or is the ending somehow different? No matter, no one seemed to mind much in this rare lost print. I did this at an age when I vaguely resembled Bette, and ended up playing Henried too. It was just - easier.
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"Poseidon Adventure" Ballroom Building Part 3!
PART THREE of three (?) details the finishing touches of building one's own "Poseidon Adventure" ballroom, as seen (and capsized!) in the 1972 disaster classic. "Crafts" prevail here as a means for Cost Control - so, popsicle sticks, bottle-caps, cardboard and clothes-pins rule! Yes, I will wreck this in a future video, I'm not keepin' this monstrosity in my living room!
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"Poseidon Adventure" Obsession Pt. 2 of 3
Part two of my 2002 "documentary" detailing how as I got older, "Poseidon Adventure" became more accessible, via the first TV broadcast, the eventual video rentals, and discovery of like-minded internet fans, meeting the stars, etc. As it happened there WERE OTHERS who saw this film at an impressionable age, rolled around and played "capsize," taped the movie off of the TV when it finally aired, and collected everything they could find on it. A Fan Base was built, and eventual screenings of the film on board the actual ship on which she was based (and some portions filmed upon) were realized, much to my delight. (Oh - that ship being the RMS Queen Mary, of course).
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A 1950's Housewife Part. 4!
The Courtesy Lady, having temporarily abandoned her Housewifery Detail, SHOPS with abandon, buys a buttload of purses & cars, and gets her hair done. Hubby STILL cannot reach her to alert her of important news...
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 3
A cheesy one-man recreation of the capsizing of the SS Poseidon as per the 1972 film. Instead of a tidal wave, a giant wayward handbag slams the ship and flips it over. Why a purse? Why not? This way I could combine both my love for "Poseidon" AND vintage ladies' handbags into one, thus allowing me to rename the piece "The PURSEidon Adventure." The two sequences that precede this, which I posted later, are Part One and Part Two, and others will follow. Obviously anyone I could draft to "dress bad 70's" for one night and roll around for video is in evidence here, and though I don't try to match the scene shot-for-shot, attention HAS been paid to such things as Ernest Borgnine's dinner jacket, the curious table centerpieces, and of course Stella Stevens' ABSURD silver platform heels, as seen in the real film. Look for an inordinate number of handbags throughout - Belle Rosen (myself as Shelley Winters, who is afflicted with constant gas) hurls in one, Reverend Scott (myself again as Gene Hackman) lands on one, softening the blow and saving his life when HE somehow ends up falling in the skylight at the climax of this famous scene, and of course all the ladies who LOSE their bags as she ships turns over. Tragedies great and small. Obsessed with this film since I saw it at age 9 (all those great breaking dishes might suggest my Youtube user name today), I was moved to re-enact the ENTIRE film in the early 90's, playing all the roles of the major actors (Hackman, Borgnine, Shelley Winters, Stella Stevens) and several key extras (The Lady in The Blue Dress, India Lady, Bad Pantsuit Lady, etc.), all of whom are familiar to true Poseidon fans. This isolated scene is that of the capsize alone, the only portion of my satire where I drafted anyone and everyone I could find to "dress 70's" and fill my garage, which I painted and decorated to resemble the dining room of the ill-fated ship, and "capsize." This was taped and edited in the days of VHS, with VCRs and palmcorders, hence the cruddy quality. We'll just pretend it's a late night re-run from a very worn print... Look for cameos by 70's "Hardy Boys" actor Parker Stevenson (an actor friend) as Susan Shelby's Love Interest (as opposed to the Reverend), and Tony Bennett (another friend, who gets speared by Poseidon's trident post-capsize to quiet him down). I was lucky enough to feature an actress who was an extra in the actual capsize sequence filmed some 30 years earlier in my chaotic (and tedious!) recreation of same. This sequence alone took months to do, of course, as I had to be everyone and intercut those shots with that of the crowds, as well as create an upside down version of the dining room (again in my garage!) as well as the kitchens, hallways, engine rooms, and more. This was another AllByMyself production, as I had little help, everyone has day jobs! It was a mess, but a blast!
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"Ghost Ship" Intro "Ain't she a Doll" TWO
This one has the Whole Damn Ballroom in it this time!
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 4
Part four of eight. The Christmas tree, post-capsize. This segment follows myselves as Rev. Scott, the Rogos, Nonnie, Belle,"and the rest" in their efforts to get up to the bottom of the capsized Purseidon. Many stray handbags from deceased passengers are accrued for flotation devices. Belle Rosen gets gas.
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Live Better Electrically Parody
This is a parody of a REAL AD (from the mid 50's) lauding the wonders of ELECTRICITY- Only I have added my own visuals, and portray ALL of the REALLY HAPPY FAMILY members.
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Set Painting Gone Bad
Another in a series of my Adventures as a Scenic Artist, with a twist even *I* did not expect this piece would take when embarked upon. Somehow things went off kilter, and that was not the plan, but it made this exercise vaguely interesting this time around.
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 6
Part 6 of 8. Does it ever end? After a harrowing tour of the ship's inverted kitchens (& meeting the "fried chefs"), our party encounters - THE SEVENTIES! Smiley faces, Macrame, daisies, Bellbottoms and Avocado at every turn. Probably the most harrowing sequence in this saga, which goes ON (And yes, I am still playing Everyone You See Here, including the corpses!) What was REALLY gross about making this, much moreso than all the bad 70's clothes and items I had to accumulate, was how SWEATING in all those costumes (the ones I wore all through the entire film save for this installment) ACTUALLY MADE THEM SHRINK. DIS-gusting. No, I never bothered dry-cleaning them between takes, because likely I would be rolling in soot, dirty water, or bilge the next day. : D
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Psycho Parody Part 2 of 2
PART TWO of my Psycho spoof starring myselves. WARNING: Shower Scene is VERY graphic, violent, horrilble, maybe you shouldn't even WATCH this half. Again, all vocals courtesy of Norman/Tony himself.
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"Poseidon Adventure" Ballroom Building PART TWO!
Further advances in a Barbie-&-Ken-scale model I am making of the Grand Salon from the classic disaster movie "The Poseidon Adventure." In this, part two, I break and re-configure dollar-store toys into bizarre objects; create pained and panicked action-figures; spray paint anything and everything; and render several canned goods useless.
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 5
Part 5 of 8. Flooding of the inverted dining room, and on into the kitchens. Mrs. Rosen's gut gas does NOT let up, Mrs. Rogo finds a dress shop ("something drip dry!"), etcetera. This is part five of eight of my VHS one-man recreation of the 1972 disaster spectacle. Made over a span of seven years (sometimes I burnt out from changing clothes so often) it freaks me out to see myself AGE, or NOT, depending on when a character or scene was taped!
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"Long Long Trailer" Parody
Parody of my FAVORITE scene from "The Long Long Trailer" (Lucy & Desi, 1954) of the obnoxious wedding reception, this time seen with the "Alternate Ending" in which the Guest in the Green Feather Hat takes center screen. This is a near shot-by-shot approximation of the sequence, down to the wedding cake design, the patterns on the serving plates, and notable background-extras' ensembles (all those PINK yakkety Bridesmaids), including - yes - the Lady in the Green Feather Hat...
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 1
My re-make of the 1972 classic. In my version, handbags prevail, as the ship is capsized by a GIANT PURSE. Why? Why not? In this first installment, which begins like an ad for the release of the film, turning into the film itself, we are given some character exposition. I play all roles, incl. the extras; did all the sets, sound, editng, and ...alla that. Old VHS. The days of Camcorders! T'was fun. I dare you to watch ALL installments...
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"Poseidon Adventure" Obsession Pt. 3 of 3
...and finally, some background on the making of the "Poseidon Adventure" Parody (a.k.a. "The Purseidon Adventure"), my adherence to old-fashioned means of making art, and the patience and horror one experiences doint things this way. In this "documentary/making of" I refer to "this, the 30th Anniversary" of the original flim, well, the original film was 1972, so this video was done in 2002, when I completed the piece (7 years in the making - gawd) and was about to "debut" it in a local cinema/artspace in town. Since all of this, I have been lucky enough to physically HAND THE DIRECTOR of the REAL "Poseidon Adventure" (Ronald Neame) a COPY of my parody. God only knows if he watched it - and circulate one or two amongst some of the stars and key extras met at subsequent "Poseidon" screenings on board the Queen Mary. Hee, I explain how my twisted cathartic re-make of this is not meant to be an "Airplane"-ha-ha" movie, but if it gives you a giggle, well, then, great! -Paul
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"How 50s Housewives Did It!"
A 1950's Housewife learns a Magical Way to Better House-Keepery, via her latest Homes & Garden magazine and an Alien.
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POSEIDON ADVENTURE: Another Little Parody pt 1 of 2
What if the cast of "The Poseidon Adventure" found themselves in MY HOUSE after the capsize? Part one of two...
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Wild 1950's Cocktail Party
Nothing happens, yet EVERYTHING happens here - a recreation of a WILD 1950's adult cocktail party, as inspired by movies ot the time in which there are rampant cigarettes and martinis, wanton confetti tossing and the inevitable wanton woman who strips down to - HER BRA!!!. This was originally done for my partner who I knew was going to be out of town on his Birthday, and I made this in "spurts" prior to his trip - that is, I had 2-3 people come over, make them wear various wigs and smoke, and tape them, and they would leave. This went on for two weeks, and every evening my partner would come home and say "why do I smell cigarettes?" Finally, days after his Birthday, when he was home, I showed this to him, saying, "see what you missed?" I am still finding confetti in nooks and crannies to this day... Key totally random lines to listen for: "We were abroad at the time-" "Well YOU'RE a broad! YOU'RE a broad!" (gales of drunken laughter) "How are they going to land a MAN on the MOON?" "Well, they used to call me the Mambo Queen, and -" "DOLLY is on Eisenhower's platform - course, she's a little HEAVY!" (Drunken laughter) "Well, it's like a Pate but not as expensive..." "It's a highball sort-of-a-thing, I made it, but I don't know what it is!" "Well, with a chest like that, who wouldn't?!" "SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT!" My favorite thing about this piece is the repetitive and repulsive visuals of snacks and drinks being passed around in loaded ASHTRAYS...a trait I have carried over into my current pieces today. Taped and Edited on VHS back in the early 90's, this was a fun experiment in SCARY stereotypical drunken 1950's Cocktail Horror taken to the extreme. There IS a RAUNCHIER version of this too, but I'm not about to post that...
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A 1950's Housewife Part 5!
The Courtesy Lady sees the USA in her new Chevrolet; causes chaos in a diner, hits on bikers, then heads home, where Nuclear Attack is emminent.
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A parody (?) about the spread of illness, 1950's classroom "school-scare-film" style. I say "parody?" only because everything depicted here is, well, TRUE. : P
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Q Tips Commercial Parody
Parody of 1960's Q-Tips commercial, using actual jingle, only using my own video -and again, I play the whole family. My cat also has a cameo.
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 8 END!!
The FINALE, finally! A lotta the cast finally kick, & That Vague SInger Girl re-appears! Watching this years later, a venture that began in the mid-nineties, finally completing and editing it at the behest of an art gallery owner who wished to "debut" the thing (otherwise I would never had gotten around to putting it together, TOO many damn VHS tapes laying around with long forgotten, unlabeled footage), I watch this not and think, to quote Captain Harrison, "Oh my God." I would NEVER have the patience to be Every Single Character in a LONE production of this again, lest I had a CREW. Yes, all those people in the fancy end credits contributed, but only a day here, a day there! EVERYONE HAD DAY JOBS! My "job," as an artist and amatuer video maker, allowed me the time to do all this. So, in many ways, painting and creating the sets, finding similar costumes, editing with 80's camcorders and boomboxes, this WAS an All-By-Myself production. Good Lord...
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"Poseidon Adventure" Parody Pt. 7
Part 7 of 8. From the Bilge to some more Vague Mangled Sets to SHELLEY WINTERS' DRAMATIC UNDERWATER SWIMMING SEQUENCE! Yes, I HAD to include some bad bathroom humor in here, so YES there is (home made) doo-doo. : O Get over it. So in this installment, Surreality takes over as Reverend Scott, Mrs. Rosen, and Mr. Rogo have a series of peculiar individual experiences - most notably Rogo's flashback to "WILLARD" (another fave film of mine, which Ernest Borgnine completed JUST PRIOR to "Poseidon Adventure" in 1971!). I just HAD to work it in, hence his references to RATS throughout this odyssey. Of note: during all the Dramatic Fiery Sequences, my mom was just off camera standing by, tapping her foot unhappily, armed with a garden hose. She did NOT like me playing with fire in my garage (WHERE ALL or most of this was taped!) whether it was the carefully pre-arranged kitchen flames or the enflamed engine room. AND there was all that POLYESTER around...For pick-up shots I ended up having to do later during "post production" (there's ALWAYS those), the furnace room in my house served OFTEN. It was the only thing that looked vaguely engine-roomish after I had already taken down and thrown away the garage sets. I crawled in that furnace room SO many times. SIlly...
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First REAL Barbie Commercial
Why 1959 Barbie looks like a Bitch. This really *IS* the first Barbie Commercial EVER, HONEST! Don't believe the others...
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Helen the Handy Hint Lady
A "Hints-from-Heloise" type and how she may REALLY keep her home.
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"Ghost Ship" Intro - ain't she a doll?
The um...acting is a bit STIFF in this. Nonetheless, set up in my home as she is, I can enjoy Francesca crooning "Senza Fine" 24/7. THIS link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBC916EHGeo is my MUCH more detailed, finished version of same.
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"What's in the Box" with DOLLS Pt. 1
How I have chosen to interpret my favorite episode from "The Twilight Zone," recounting the story with dolls and miniatures. I had the freedom to re-mix and alter the original dialogue & justapose it with some added non-sequiturs. Add the absurdity of the subject matter I decided they should find on their newly-repaired TV and we're set.
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How to draw A Filthy Roach
Part of a series of fun stuff to draw. : )
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A 1950's Housewife Part 6 of ?
The Courtesy Lady returns home after shopping, tries on EVERYTHING and then some, exercises some Magic, then falls prey to THE A-BOMB. In the process she loses an earring...
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Ghost Ship Intro ALTERNATE version!
Francesca RETURNS to an American "FUN" ship of today, to PUNISH us for our slovenly dress codes (or, LACK OF them), while at a dinner-dance. AND "Senza Fine" gets a new twist!
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Psycho Parody Part 1 of 2
Yet ANOTHER "Psycho" spoof, this time exploring some scenes prior to & following THE SHOWER scene. ALL VOCALS ARE BY TONY PERKINS! Yes, he sang. All I have done to this is add mySELF in as Janet Leigh's Marion, as well as a few other odd twists. This was done back in the days of VHS, all by myself, sets, costumes, editing, etc. - hence my "production company" name, AllByMyself Productions. I play Lila and Sam in Part Two as well. Hey, everybody had day jobs! It was hard to find actors!
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How to Draw a Wig.
Pretty much what the title says.
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Campbells soup commercial spoof
My interpretation (using the original "real" audio) of a late 50's/early 60's Campbell's Soup ad. I am playing all the characters, and the visual quality has been deliberately deteriorated to suck like old film! This was done with crude VHS, BEFORE they had "effects" things for people making stuff at home to make it look like crappy old film. Also, I am all of the people in the fleeting images of parties and bowling groups you see fly past. I got around in those days!
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DINNERTIME! (I so love this!)
A movie I only just found last night, and was so delighted I just mindlessly grabbed my camcorder and taped my favorite scenes right off the dang TV.
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"Lounging out on the Lanai"
"LANAI" was always a strange word to me. Until I had a full grasp of the term, and only sketchy descriptions of what one really was, I did this.
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Wizard of OZ(wald) Collectible Figurine!!
From the Timeless Classic, Classic & Timeless "Wizard of OZ(wald), comes this distinctive Collector's Edition One-of-a-Kind! Timeless and CLASSIC!
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A 1950's Housewife Part 2!
The Mad Descent into Domesticity continues as The Courtesy Lady goes about her afternoon. Meanwhile hubby wonders why she doesn't answer the phone (instead of merely dusting it) while some onions (and other things) get chopped.
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POSEIDON ADVENTURE: Another little Parody part 2 0f 2
The saga continues, as the entire cast of "The Poseidon Adventure" finds themselves in miniature, struggling in the post-New Year's detritus of my living room.
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1950's Atomic Preparedness Film, Unbelievably Stupid
...Stupid enough it SEEMS like a satire, anyway! - A typical "Family Preparedness Series" motion picture aimed at alerting Young Moderns to the inevitability of Nuclear Holocaust. A slightly disoriented Secretary of Defense opens the piece, obviously reading from cue cards. Funny, though familiar with the era, he does not resemble any Secretary of Defense *I* recognize from 1955 (the year this was made). Of equal interest is the TERRIBLE quality of the film, the casual attitude of our "prepared" young family (yes this is fake that's my dad in the beginning) and the absurd notion that even when severely affected with radiation sickness, Life Can And Will Go On Happily.
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Francesca sings "Continuez!"
Myself channeling Francesca (from "Ghost Ship") serenading some handsome suitors. The song is "Continuez!" ("Conitnue!"), a goofy French ooh-la-la type song about kisses and sighs and such. This was done on the sly JUST minutes prior to an actual stage production of "Forever Plaid," hence the jackets. I just snuck in as a scary broad and "USED" the foxy cast, then ran away
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A 1950's Housewife: PART 8 of 9!
The Courtesy Lady takes a quick swim to cool off after the nuclear blast, gets home JUST in time to fix Hubby's martini. But he is not happy. She has drained their bank account with her gay shopping sprees, AND, in mere minutes, the BOSS and his wife are dropping by for dinner! (introducing Pete & Mryna Guttenocci).
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