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Metformin side effects: Glucophage side effects
In this video I am going to talk about the side effects of Metformin also known as Glucophage, and why its not a good long term solution. Metformin is excellent at temporarily bringing down Hemoglobin A1C therefore temporarily reducing rick for heart attack and stroke, even seeing some weight loss with some people. Metformin is not designed to Reverse Diabetes, its a good short term option. I will explain how to begin to Reverse Diabetes in this video. To fill out the questioner for me to further evaluate your health needs and to being the process of Reversing Diabetes please clink the link below. This must be done on a computer and in one sitting. https://www.functionalfaq.com/?accountID=59814421&u=415290769594460e2e485922904f345d ReverseTheDisease@gmail.com
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Can Diabetes be Cured without Medicine
Dr. Miller explains how he is able to reduce and eliminate the need for diabetic medication! His patients are able to eliminate the dependency for drugs, lose weight without exercise, explode their energy levels and most of his patients become non-Diabetic! To being the process of qualifying for a free consult with Dr. Miller follow the link below to fill out his Functional Assessment Questionnaire. He will contact you within 48 of completion. https://www.functionalfaq.com/?accountID=59814421&u=415290769594460e2e485922904f345d Can Diabetes be cured without Medicine: https://youtu.be/YgayzXjy-WI
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Reverse Diabetes Testimonial
No medications and no longer has an A1C in the diabetic range!
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What is the actual CAUSE of High Cholesterol?
Answering the question of what really causes high Cholesterol. Dietary tips to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and how to stop you from developing Heart disease and having a heart attack. For more info contact me at ReverseTheDisease@gmail.com or follow this link below to fill out a questioner for Dr. Miller to review. https://www.functionalfaq.com/?accountID=59814421&u=415290769594460e2e485922904f345d We Don't Guess, We Test! What is the actual Cause of High Cholesterol? https://youtu.be/-9f3-lB4cXI
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