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Growth of Hair Transplants between 8 and 18 months
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Spencer Stevenson ( Spex Hair ) discusses - Hair Transplant Growth Times
http://spexhair.com Further educational information from Spencer ( Spex ) Stevenson to help with information surrounding growth times and hair transplants.
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Phoenix Arizona Hair Transplant Result  - Dr Scott Alexander
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Spencer Stevenson (SPEX HAIR)  -  Hair Shedding on hair loss Medication
http://spexhair.com Spencer Stevenson discusses hair loss medication and the shedding process that can occur as a result of introducing a new hair loss regime to combat and fight male pattern baldness. Various other educational video on Spex hair website.
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Propecia and having kids | MY opinion
http://spexhair.com I was on the medication for 10 years and fathered twins at first attempt.
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SpexHair discusses 5mg Proscar finasterdie for hair loss
http://spexhair.com Cutting up 5mg proscar into 5ths will provide you with 1mg finasteride which is the same as the prescribed 1mg Propecia tablet at a fraction of the cost.
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Spencer Spex Stevenson discusses Minoxidil Question regarding Liquid v's Foam version
http://spexhair.com Spexhair is a website is designed to help provide honest and ethical information for combatting and treating hair loss. Spencer Stevenson created spexhair.com from his own personal journey with hair loss and hair restoration. The website is designed to help the many hair loss sufferer's all over the world to make informed decisions on the treatment options they have for their own individual hair loss problems.
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Dr Scott Alexander Hair Transplant Results Phoenix, AZ
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2 weeks Post Op Hair Transplant Harley St Hair Clinic
http://spexhair.com 2 weeks post op my hair transplant at The Harley St Hair Clinic, London.
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DownTime after a Hair Transplant
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Spencer ( Spex ) Stevenson visits Dr.Alan Bauman | Bauman Medical |EyeLash Hair Transplant
https://www.spexhair.com/dr-alan-bauman/ https://www.baumanmedical.com I was lucky enough to be given a personal tour by Dr. Alan Bauman himself who took great pride in showing me round his super schmick set-up. Among many of the impressive thigs I saw and experienced was an eyelash hair transplant, as well as some unique laser and hair system treatments, plus a few general consultations. I also got to chat to an FUE 5-day post op patient, as well as meet all of Dr. Bauman’s incredible staff, who are doing such amazing things in the hair restoration space. Plus, I was fortunate to find out about Dr. Bauman’s high-spec photo suite where he produces the pictures and videos for his clinic
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Spencer Stevenson on Expectations with Hair Transplants
http://spexhair.com Spex goes into depth on managing your hair transplant expectations pre and post operation. Spencer Stevenson has had 12 hair transplants and knows how to help regarding managing goals when it comes to hair loss and hair transplants.
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Dr Scott Alexander Hair Transplant Patient | UPDATE
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Temporary Scalp Micro Pigmentation into FUT scar at AHEAD Ink NY
http://aheadink.com I recently received temporary scalp micro pigmentation into my scar at AHEADink in New York. The video highlights the benefits and shares information about the technique from one of the few established and reputable providers in the USA.
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Dr. Scott Alexander Phoenix AZ -  Hair Transplant 3023 FUT at 6 months post op
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Spex Hair -  Hair Transplant Travelling Tips
http://spexhair.com Spencer Spex Stevenson discusses several important travelling tips and tricks for hair transplant patients travelling abroad to have their surgery perfumed.
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Dr. Scott Alexander Phoenix Arizona - Hair Transplant 6000 FU
http://www.biltmorehairrestoration.com - Dr Scott Alexander of Phoenix Arizona perfoms hair transplant surgery on patient via FUT surgery 6000 FU.
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Dr Scott Alexander Hair Transplant 9 MONTH Result Phoenix, AZ
http://spexhair.com Dr Scott Alexander performs 2508 FUT hair transplant surgery on a repair patient and the results at 9 months are fantastic.
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Dr. Alan Bauman talks Spex through The Hair Check Zone at Bauman Medical
https://spexhair.com On my recent visit to Bauman medical Dr. Bauman explained to me the processes involved within his clinic and the different diagnostic tests available. The hair check segment will enable you to get a great insight into things at Bauman Medical and the very comprehensive service Dr. Bauman provides.
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Spexhair   - Radio 5 live interview.
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Dr. Alan Bauman | Bauman Medical | Further insight into FUE and every tool in the toolbox
https://spexhair.com https://baumanmedical.com Dr. Alan Bauman in Boca Raton, FL talks Spex further through the Bauman Medical Clinic and discusses his FUE entourage as well as one of his surgical suites at Bauman Medical.
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Spex Hair Transplant at The Harley St Hair Clinic post op update
http://spexhair.com I recently underwent the knife again to refine my hairline with 618 FUE. Watch my progress as i update you as this hairline is going to be something else!
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Dr. Scott Alexander Phoenix, Arizona - Hair transplant 2781FU RESULT
http://www.biltmorehairrestoration.com Dr Scott Alexander produces yet another fantastic hair transplant procedure with 2781 FU on this patient and transforms him. Hair loss is a thing of the past now for this patient who is 1.5 years post op and very happy with his results!
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SpexHair discusses why he chose to go onto Dutasteride
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Dr. Scott Alexander  - Crown region hair restoration
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Spencer 'Spex' Stevenson Hair Transplant interview for ITV Health Series
This footage is taken from ITV's interview with Spencer about his own hair loss journey. Spencer Spex Stevenson has helped educate countless hair loss sufferers over the last 15 years based on his own personal journey with Hair loss and hair transplants. This short video helps in brief explain his journey, his hair transplants and hair loss treatments. http://spexhair.com Feel free to register on my site and i will send you a FREE - Ebook The Hair Raising Truth http://www.spexhair.com/spex-hair-the-hair-raising-truth-ebook/ Please feel free to register your name and email address in the box provided below and you will automatically be sent through an email with a PDF version of the most up to date version of my Ebook The Hair Raising Truth. You will also be signing up to my newsletter which will provide you with my latest media articles, videos and information from the hair loss and hair transplant arena as it happens.
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Spencer SPEX HAIR Stevenson discusses Hair Transplant recovery period time line
http://spexhair.com - Spencer SPEX Stevenson discusses the time line involved with recovering from a hair transplant procedure. It can often taken much longer than "clinics" tell you so be aware the duration involved with recovering from a hair transplant can be longer than you are being told.
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Dr. Alan Bauman | Boca Raton | Insight into BaumanMedical.com| Hair Like a Boss
https://spexhair.com/dr-alan-bauman Dr. Alan. Bauman talks Spex further through his Bauman Medical clinic and explains the process the patient goes through after their 'hair check'. Bauman Medical provides a comprehensive range of hair loss treatments and the video helps explain in further depth the lengths Dr. Bauman has gone to at his clinic to serve the patient to the absolute best highest standard.
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Dr. Alan Bauman at Bauman Medical talks us through The Photo Suite
https://baumanmedical.com Great to be given the opportunity to see this fantastic photo suite at Bauman Medical. Many clinics in the hair transplant industry need take note. This is how pictures should - and need to be taken.
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SpexHair discusses speaking openly about Hair Loss
http://spexhair.com - Spencer Spex Stevenson discusses speaking openly about your hair loss concerns to ease the burden.
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Dr Feriduni 1938 FUE hair transplant surgery
http://spexhair.com Dr. Bijan Feriduni
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Dr. Scott Alexander | Washing Hair Transplants |Scottsdale Arizona
https://spexhair.com Dr. Scott Alexander discusses washing hair transplants immediately post op and for the first week after the hair transplant.
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National BBC Radio Scotland | Discuss Hair Loss | John Travolta
https://spexhair.com Great to be asked to speak on National BBC radio Scotland to help explain the emotional effects of hair loss.
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Dr. Scott Alexander | Scottsdale Arizona | Discusses Hair Transplant Growth times
https://spexhair.com Dr. Scott Alexander discusses hair transplant growth times and what to expect when embarking on a hair transplant.
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Hair Transplant Turkey interview on BBC
BBC radio interview 6/9/2018 on hair loss and hair transplants http://spexhair.com
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Radio 5 live Interview on Hair Transplants
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Dr Scott Alexander scar revision patient
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The Importance of The Hairline
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BBC Radio Interview | 31st January 2019 | Hair Loss + Hair Transplants
https://spexhair.com Great as always to be asked to speak on the topic of hair loss and hair transplants on national BBC Radio.
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Dr. Scott Alexander hair transplant patient testimonial
Views: 326 Spexhair
Spencer Spex Stevenson discusses Hair Transplant and Hair Greed
http://spexhair.com Spencer Spex Stevenson discusses hair greed. No-one gets just 1 hair transplant !
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Dr. Scott Alexander Hair Transplant 2851 FU Phoenix Arizona
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Dr. Scott Alexander in Los Angeles Consultations 29th November 2018
http://www.biltmorehairrestoration.com Come along and obtain insight into your hair transplant requirements by one of the world best surgeons.
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