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Meet Manson the Budweiser Clydesdale
Meet Manson the Budweiser Clydesdale
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War Dogs Reunited With Handlers
The now retired labrador marines are trained bomb sniffing dogs-- each deployed more than half a dozen times in Afganistan and Iraq. Now, a new chapter in their lives as they're reunited with their handlers.
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Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind
Hundreds of people in the valley say they are hearing voices in their heads, and those voices are being transmitted by microwave or other methods. Several viewers asked us to investigate what they call "electronic harassment."
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Valley Teen Killed in Crash Remembered
INDIO- As friends and family of Victor Regalado Jr. prepare to lay their loved one to rest, they gathered at several events over the weekend to pay tribute to their loved one.
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Thalia Hayden Interviews The Wayans Brothers
Thalia Hayden Interviews The Wayans Brothers
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Fontana Road Rage Caught on Camera
Not assigned
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Riverside County Sheriff's Looking for Female Recruits
Ever wonder what it takes to make it as a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy? KMIR 6's Adrianna Weingold watched as hundreds were put through the first step of training.
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Jodi Arias Admits to Savage Killing of Travis Alexander
Arias spoke for the first time about her relationship with Travis Alexander. On Monday Arias admitted to killing Alexander. He was found stabbed 27 times, shot in the head, his throat slashed from ear to ear. Arias is claiming the brutal attack was s
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Bikers Gang Up Against Child Abuse
But these bikers aren't part of a gang. They're part of B.A.C.A., or bikers against child abuse, an international organization of bikers 4,000 strong who empower children who've been abused. They all go by their road names.
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Local Families Adopt Marines for Thanksgiving
More than 300 marines were hosted by local families at seven country clubs in the Valley part of the "Adopt a Marine for Thanksgiving" program by the American Friends of our Armed Forces.
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Desert Trip Last Minute Preps
All concerts by Goldenvoice attract people from across the world, but this is the big six the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and The Who. Preparations are in full swing as we approach the first weekend.
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A Hero's Farewell: Funeral for Firefighter Sara Thomas
Firefighter Sara Thomas will be remembered as a kind, caring and courageous woman.
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Marines Return to 29 Palms Base after Vacation
More than 400 Marines made their way back to the desert today after they took a small vacation during the Independence Day.
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Pete Sampras Interview
KMIR's Julie Buehler interviews tennis legend, Pete Sampras
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Mongols Motorcycle Club to Visit Palm Springs
Mongols Motorcycle Club to Visit Palm Springs
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Fake Publishers Clearing House Phone Scam
Have you been scammed by a telemarketer? What are some of the signs of a phone scam?
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Chicago Coyotes
Chicago Coyotes
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San Andreas Fault: Where Two Plates Meet
Monday's quakes are a reminder that we live in an area prone to seismic activity. Scientists and students from UT Austin are in the valley to study the San Andreas Fault.
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Teen's Amazing Recovery after Hit and Run Crash
Back in September, Grant Virgin was in a coma, fighting for his life. Now, he is back in school part-time and growing stronger every day.
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Recreational Marijuana: New Rules to Know
California voters have voted yes for recreational use of marijuana for people 21 and older, but you can't just light up anywhere and it'll be awhile before a shop near you sells pot.
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Marina Project at Salton Sea
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Riverside County Wants Volunteer Firefighters
RANCHO MIRAGE- Riverside County Cal Fire is recruiting new volunteers.
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Barbara Sinatra cuts ribbon for Garden Therapy Center
Eisenhower Medical Center gets a new addition to its grounds.
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Woman Shot in Gang Violence Shares Her Story
When she was a teenager, a gang shooting left her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Now she's turned her story into a message for young people.
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Man Found Murdered in Desert Hot Springs Driveway
Police investigating after a man was found murdered in the driveway of a home in Desert Hot Springs.
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Gram Parsons Death Anniversary
Look back at the influence of Gram Parson to the high desert music scene.
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Entering The School Zone: Rancho Mirage High School
Some Rancho Mirage residents are wondering how life will change once their neighborhood enters the new school zone. Palm Springs Unified School District is set to bring Rancho Mirage High School online Fall 2013.
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Highway 86 Section Dedicated to Fallen CHP Officer
Today, a section of Highway 86 was dedicated to fallen California Highway Patrol officer, Saul Martinez. He died in 1997 after saving his partner from being hit by a car.
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Former Educator Accused of Rape After YouTube Allegations
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Here's a Local School to Watch
A Desert Hot Springs middle school is being recognized for excellence. The California League of Schools says they are a school to watch. Desert Springs Middle School is only the second middle school in the valley to get this recognition.
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Do You Know What a Data Broker Is?
An estimated 80% of Americans do not.
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Marilyn Speaks!  Sunny Thompson Talks About "Marilyn Forever Blonde"
Sunny Thompson stars as the iconic Marilyn Monroe in a one-woman show beginning February 7th until Saturday, February 9th. Our Manny the Movie Guy sits down with Thompson to talk about the show, and her amazing resume. For more info on the show, vi
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Local Middle School Students' Hard Work Pays Off Big
CATHEDRAL CITY - The James Workman Middle School Band is getting ready for their big performance at the McCallum Theatre's Open Call Project. Many of the students of the 61 member band say they're excited for the opportunity to perform where they grew up watching some big acts.
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Inside Look at Slab City
About an hour outside of palm desert, lies slab city. Some say it's filled with drugs and sex. To others it's an artists commune full of runaways who just want to be left alone.
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Family of Man Shot and Killed by Indio Police Speak Out
The family of a young man shot and killed by Indio police are speaking out. 23-year-old Alejandro Rendon died on Miles Avenue in Indio last week after an altercation with police.
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SPECIAL REPORT: Couples Claims They Were Turned Into Police Informants
Not assigned
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Robbery Suspect in Firefight with Indio Police
A robbery suspect is in custody after shooting at police in Indio.
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Local Gymnast Trains With Team USA Developmental Program
KMIR's Julie Buehler tells the story of a 10-year-old gymnastic star picked as one of the elite in the nation
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Mystery Shopper Scam Hits The Valley
It's a scam we've seen before and now it's back. It's called the Mystery Shopper Scam and it's making a resurgence.
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Puppies Abandoned in Walmart Parking Lot
First there was a box of 7 chihuahua puppies, only 4 were alive by the time Cathedral City police found them. Now a second box, this one tossed from a car outside Walmart in Palm Springs.
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The Thermal Club Races Into the Desert
Start your engines, The Thermal Club is racing into the east valley. It will be a one-of-a-kind speedway, right here in the desert.
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Indio Shooting
Police are looking for two suspects in shooting.
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Not specified
Not specified
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"Craigslist Robber" Arrested in Desert Hot Springs
Desert Hot Springs police arrested 21-year-old Darius Griffin for baiting potential victims with the promise of a luxury car, then robbing them of thousands in cash at gunpoint.
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$36 Million Super Lotto Ticket Sold in Beaumont
Winning the lottery is something many people dream of and for one lucky local resident, that dream has come true.
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Desert Hot Springs Police Raid
A father and son are behind bars, after a police raid in Desert Hot Springs on Thursday afternoon.
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No Cost Gym Memberships For Senior Adults
"Silver and Fit" along with "Silver Sneakers" are two programs offering gym memberships at no extra cost to senior adults. More than 40 health care providers offer the benefit to seniors. Workout programs are senior safe and low impact. To find out m
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Golf Legend and Broadcaster, Ken Venturi, Leaves a Legacy
Family and friends of golf legend, Ken Venturi, remembered his lifetime achievements today during his funeral service in Palm Desert.
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Convicted Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison
A Northern California man convicted of murder and conspiracy learned his fate Friday for the 2008 killing of a Palm Springs retiree. Kaushal Niroula is the fifth man to be sentenced in connection with the case.
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