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2006 2007 Hot Prospects Box Break 1
box 1
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06 07 Sweet Shot SICK BREAK!!!! MOJO!!!!....Best sweet shot break on youtube!!!
terrible pack opening! sick break!...
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huge Autograph Sale!!!!  $4, $5, $6 autos!  Basketball!
Spend $10 get a free #'d card spend $15 get another free #'d card for every $1 over $20 you spend receive a #'d card (so if you spend $25 you will receive the cards you purchased plus a total of 7 #'d cards) (rookies and veterans!) pm me paypal only please
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06-07 Hot Prospects Box Break w/ Infesticide (1st ever live)
First Ever Live box break!!!! (Hits are listed below!!!) 1) Leon Powe Red Hot Rookie #d 25/50 2) Andre Iguodala Red Hot Materials #d 16/25 3) Daniel Gibson Rookie Autograph #d 216/500 4) Ronnie Brewer Red Hot Rookie Patch Auto #d 40/50
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mailday and  box break recaps 8-10-08
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Infesticide's 07-08 Artifacts Box Break
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All payments received!  Raffle will be on tues July 8th!!
I am asking for $5.30 a spot just so I can cover paypal fees and shipping. paypal address: topherfaulkner54@gmail.com (I will ask for payment once all 10 spots are filled) Please PM and Leave a comment if you are interested! 1) Umiami89 (paid) 2) jmikeandchadj (paid) 3) cardbreaker95 (paid) 4) Copywrite123 (paid) 5) Juliachris33 (paid) 6) darrellerevis (paid) 7) darrellerevis (paid) 8) darrellerevis (paid) 9) darrellerevis (paid) 10) Copywrite123 (paid)
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06 07 Fleer E-X basketball Break
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Finally Back.....Hot Prospects Patch Auto Set UPDATE!
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Cards for Sale $5 Shipped!!!!
All Cards $5 dlvd....will have discount for multiple purchases!!!! I forgot to show these 4 cards: - Dual game used Jamal Magloire/Juan Dixon from 06 07 Sweet Shot /199 - Andre Miller '01 Sp Game used floor card - Luke Walton single yellow jersey 07 08 Artifacts # 2/100 - Jason Terry Game used 05 06 Rookie Debut Cards in the vid: Baseball David DeJesus Auto Aaron Miles Auto Lindy McDaniel Auto Basketball Game Used - Jordan Farmar single jersey Bowman 06 07 - Farmar McDonald All American jersey - Luol Deng jersey 06 07 Sweet shot - Shannon Brown Hardcourt 06 07 rookie jersey #/199 - Elton Brand Jersey 06 07 Sweet Shot - Adrian Griffin jersey 01 topps xpectations and 01 Stadium Club - Mike Miller All-star game used 01 Stadium Club - Channing Frye jersey 06 07 luxury box # /349 - Andre Miller game used 02 Fleer Premium - Rashad McCants finest fact jersey #/1629 - Hakim Warrick finest fact jersey #/1629 - Jason Richardson all star game used #/700 - Nene Hilario jersey 02 03 Fleer - Larry Hughes jersey 06 07 Hardcourt - Larry Hughes jersey 06 07 Sp Authentic - Andre Miller jersey 06 07 Sweet Shot - Pau Gasol and Hakeem Warrick dual jersey #/75 '07 Ultimate Collection Basketball Autos - 05 06 rookie debut Maurice Williams - 07 08 Hot Prospects Marco Belinelli #/899 - 07 08 Hot Prospects Stephane Lasme - 06 07 Finest Marcus Vinicius Rookie refractor auto - 06 07 Luxury Box Brandon Bass - 05 Press Pass Brandon Bass 06 07 Fleer E-x Hassan Adams - 06 07 Luxury Box Solomon Jones jersey auto #/249 - 07 08 Fleer Ultra Shannon Brown - 05 Sage Hit Charlie Villanueva # /250 - 05 Sage Hit Julius Hodge #/250 - 05 Sage Hit Kirk Snyder #/50 - 05 Sage Hit Stephen Graham - 05 Sage Hit Travis Diener - 05 Sage Hit Von Wafer Higher End (Make an offer) - Carmello Anthony dual game used SPX 05 06 # 6/25 - Monta Ellis Rookie Debut Rookie Auto
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2006 2007 Hot Prospects Rookie Patch Auto Set Update
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All Spots Filled!!!!! Raffle should take place tomorrow night!
I'm asking $6.00 a spot, but $5.50 will work if you can't pay the extra .50 cents.....paypal takes .35 cents plus a percentage as you all know and bubble mailers plus postage can add up. I will ask for payments once the raffle is filled. 1) Cardbreaker95 (paid) 2) Darrellerevis 3) Darrellerevis 4) jmikeandchadj (paid) 5) copywrite123 (paid) 6) copywrite123 (paid) 7) copywrite123 (paid) 8) huthutraul (paid) 9) Darrellerevis 10) Blasterboxcrackerz (paid)
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2009 artifacts and sweet shot box break recap and SICK REDEMPTION...Must See!!!!
Recap and awesome redemption from UD...... All cards for sale or trade....let me know if you are interested
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Joe's 300th Subscriber Contest!!!  Sickest Break Ever!!!!
Sick Break Congrats on all the subscribers Joe!!!! Jhman is the shiznit haha
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Rondo patch auto raffle 2 spots left for 1st to pay!!!!!
ALL SPOTS FILLED but waiting for payment from 1 person!!!! if anyone is interested in more spots, it will be 1st come 1st serve for the remaining 2 spots! Send Payment to topherfaulkner54@gmail.com Thanks $5 a spot! 4 winners total more than one spot guarantees you a game used or auto and also more chances to win one of the cards in the raffle! 1. Mancosportscards (paid) 2. Mancosportscards (paid) 3. Lenren2004 (paid) 4. hillcat33 (paid) 5. celticzfan34bc 6. celticzfan34bc 7. Brandonlec (paid) 8. Cardbreaker95 (paid) 9. hillcat33 (paid) 10. hillcat33 (paid)
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50th VIDEO!!!! Rudy Gay Collection Update!  5-15-08
Update of my Rudy Gay PC!!! always lookin' to add more!!!! Thanks for checking out my vids! almost 100 subscribers!!
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06 07 Hot Prospects Box Break
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mailday from blasterboxcrackerz!!!! 7-11-08
Thanks a lot bro!!! check out his page: http://youtube.com/user/blasterboxcrakerz
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Cards for sale...please help me out!
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Rondo Patch Auto RAFFLE DRAWING!!!!
Check this out!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZITmlGkRgQ And congrats to...... ...... ..... .....
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New update! Cards For Sale Autos/GU! Cheap! Bskt & Baseball
Cards for Sale!!! PM if you are interested (if you buy multiple cards there will be a discount!!!!!!!)
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Cards FS - FT Mailday 2-22-2010
Thanks John aka Pinesaloon If you have any questions about any of the cards (numbering, etc.) please let me know
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Basketball GAME USED...Autos....Lots....SALE!!! GREAT DEALS
PaypAL only!!!! Basketball lots and some singles Pistons Heat Magic Rockets Clippers Lakers and so on!!!!! PM if interested...first come first served!
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Rondo PATCH AUTO RAFFLE!!!! $5 to enter!!!!!!
Please Send Payment to topherfaulkner54@gmail.com 1. Mancosportscards (paid) 2. Mancosportscards (paid) 3. Lenren2004 4. Mikerocks42 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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Only 2 spots left!!! Adrian Peterson Rookie Jersey Raffle!!!!
$6 a spot....4 spots total! paypal only 1. lenren2004 2 vanvanvan14 3 4
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Football and Baseball card sale!!! please help me out!!
I really need to pay for a few things on ebay so I'm trying to sell off some things! Here's the deal: 1) pm me with the card/cards you like 2) include an offer for each card or group of cards you would like to purchase 3) I will pm you back either accepting your offer or counter offering you a price. 4) I will definitely give you a solid deal and the more you buy, the better the discount! Thanks for watching!!!
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Mailday and Case Opening!!! 5-22-08
mailday and case opening for Infesticide and my split box break!
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Mailday from Steveloco
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Mailday 5-9-08
Maildays from the past 2 days!
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Contest Winner!!!
PM your address!!!! Thanks to everyone for subscribing!!!
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lebron garnett gay triple patch for sale 1 of 1!!!!!
Ebay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260590729747&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_707wt_1165 Thanks for watching!
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Response to lenren2004 rookie card contest
Rudy Gay rookie card collection
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Mailday Recaps from past few days!!!! (4-29-08)
A few mailday recaps!
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A few more Cards For Sale....some nice one!!!
Check out my other cards for sale TOO!!!!
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mailday recaps 8-28-08
bunch of stuff!
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Mailday from Blacklagooner
Thanks a lot MARK!!!! your Favorite Team ROCKS! lol
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Raffle!!!! 5 spots  Thanks for Entering
Results.... congrats and let me know teams/players you collect Thanks a lot for entering! I really appreciate it!!!!
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Mailday Recaps 5-14-08 (Bird Jambalaya on ebay!!!)
REcaps....Please Check out my CARDS for Sale VIDS!!!!! Bird Jambalaya is on ebay; follow this link! My user name is ace1625 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=260240599736&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=016
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Contest for Card!!!  FREE
Contest for a Eddy Curry ovation apparel card....all you have to do is subscribe... 50 subscribers and a name will be drawn at random!!!... if it takes too long, the drawing will be done once I hit 25 subscribers!!!... so hurry and subscribe! And invite people!!!!! Also, CHECK OUT MY CARDS IN MY PHOTOBUCKET AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANYTHING...EITHER OFFER A TRADE OR OFFER A PRICE!!! http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh80/celts54/
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Mailday 6-12-08
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Rudy Gay huge mail day part 1
part 1!
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mailday 9-11-08
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Mailday 5-1-08
Some nice CArds!!! PM me if intersted!!!
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Subscribe to GSNCards!!!!! The making of an EPIC YOUTUBER!
http://www.youtube.com/user/GSNCards User name on blog TV is GSNCards CHECK HIM OUT!
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Info. about my cards and Steveloco94
We'll see what happens!....but I won't hold my breath
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Mailday 4-9-08
redemption cards and Ebay
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Starbury Group Break! Raffle Contestants send addresses!
Starbury Matrix group break!!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=iHrb0pMH8mY Get in on this Raffle winners and contestants send me your ADDresses! Thanks again for entering and congrats!
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raffle! July 10th 2008
The bonus cards raffle video will be uploaded later tonight!
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Cards for Sale!!  Bowman Sterling Rookies '06-'07 and auto
cards 41-50...(rookie cards including Tyrus Thomas..missing card 45 Leon Powell for the Celtics)....also a Marquis Daniels Auto from Ovation '06-'07 and a Chris Bosh #'d 350 out of Sweet Shot $15 delivered!!!
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$5.50 a PACK!!! Help me out if you can!
Will be busted on Camera...... Great Value per pack! paypal address: topherfaulkner54@gmail.com
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