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KSWB WB News At Ten Open
From 2000 ya'll WB Network fans!!! Credit to NewsActive3 ya'll!! hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!!
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WYFF News 4 opens 2000 (The B Package)
Another station with the B Package and the Hearst-Argyle Camera Mandate!!! Dude Walker is the Voiceover!!!!
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Chevrad Car Commercial (Chevron parody)
This is the Chevron commercial parody called Chevrad Amend Your Engine's Constitution When some guy came and put a car bomb on the yellow car, he ran away! Then the yellow car speaks of America and it's values until he explodes and says Mother of God!! This may be a response to GM car recalls! Please note that this video belongs to spacebassfilms and I give credit to them and this is posted under Fair Use! This is for archival, historical, entertainment and enjoyment purposes ONLY!!
Views: 10195 OxyMortySC
Novocom Graphics Reel 2002
Compiled of Novocom GFX ranging from WPXI to KCOP, this shows magnificent work that Novocom made to deliver to the TV groups, like Cox Media, Ackerley Group, NBC O&O's, UPN, Belo and WEWS Scripps. The music is set to 615 Music's Total Coverage, commissioned by WPXI in 1997. I would like to appreciate Novocom for the hard work they have done. Copyright 2002 Novocom, 615 Music and all others that deserve a thank you!! All rights reserved!! This is for archival, historical, entertainment, and memorabilia purposes only!!!
Views: 834 OxyMortySC
WICD and WSJV News Opens
WICD has USA News by 615 Music and voice is David Kaye. WSJV had Paul Anthony as voice (again, maybe??) And Total News by Non-Stop Music (which WCPM monopoly gobbled up) hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!
Views: 730 OxyMortySC
WSJV Open (before Fox)
It had Total News by Non-stop Music that was also used by WIAT 42 Daily News TVbD Graphics Paul Anthony is the voice, maybe?? hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 746 OxyMortySC
WCSC Live 5 News Open, Talent and Close 2001 (Convergence)
Convergence by Stephen Arnold Music: Border Patrol Battle Rages On!! Credit to NewsActive3, WCSC, Jefferson-Pilot Communications and Raycom Media 2001
Views: 1817 OxyMortySC
Fox 8 WGHP Open (Monster News)
Monster News by Non-Stop Music!! Leif Anders is the voiceover!! Credit to NewsActive3, WGHP-TV, and Fox Television 1997
Views: 1754 OxyMortySC
WCVB Opens Summer 2000 (Image News)
WCVB, the god of the famous Hearst Camera Mandate!!!! Credit to NewsActive3 and Hearst-Argyle Television and WCVB-TV. hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 3619 OxyMortySC
RETAIL NOSTALGIA: 2001 Kmart Holiday Bluelight Commercial
Few months before it went bankrupt, maybe because Chuck Conaway dumped coal on KMART, causing the Super Kmart brand to paralyze!! Copyright 2001 Kmart Corp. This is for entertainment, archival and nostalgia purposes only!!
Views: 6828 OxyMortySC
KOCO Opens 2000
KOCO, the creator of the B Package!!! All credits go to NewsActive3, Hearst-Argyle Television, KOCO and WLWT. 2000 Hearst Camera Mandate
Views: 2703 OxyMortySC
I-85 widening
In Concord, I-85 widening would be a benefit and a reliever for motorists, but would cause headaches for homeowners and businesses. A hotel owner said he would lay off 20 during the construction. This is a WCCB News Traffic Report. I-85 widening from NC 73 to Exit 63 in Kannapolis will grow 85 from 4 to 8 lanes to better improve I-85. Learn more at http://www.ncdot.org and click on High Profile Projects. This clip © Bahakel Comm/WCCB All Copyrights Acknowledged. Used under Fair Use laws.
Views: 135 OxyMortySC
KCCI Open 2000 (The B Package)
Finally! another KCCI Open!! Hearst Camera Mandate Credit to NewsActive3, KCCI-TV, WLKY-TV and Hearst-Argyle Television 2000 hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival Purposes ONLY!!
Views: 4366 OxyMortySC
WBAL-TV 11 News Talent Open 2000 (Image News)
Charlie Van Dyke Voiceover!! Hearst Camera Mandate and Image News!!
Views: 3510 OxyMortySC
WDAM News 6 Open (NBC News Now)
Yes, the greatest Raycom graphics seen is the greatest graphics ever! The music is NBC News Now by Gari Communications and voiceover is Chuck Matthews. Like, comment and share!! Copyright MMII Raycom Media/WDAM-TV. All rights reserved.
Views: 726 OxyMortySC
KASA 2 News At Nine Sports Open
A generic Raycom sports open? Pretty weird for a non-Hearst station to use B Package?
Views: 350 OxyMortySC
KCCI NewsChannel 8 Open 2001 (The B Package)
The Hearst Camera Mandate and B Package!! Credit to NewsActive3, Hearst-Argyle Television and KCCI 2001 hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 3492 OxyMortySC
WTVR Opens (The Enforcer)
Includes the short open, talent and Doppler Max open. They should have gotten DualDoppler from Hometeam News at WOIO. The music is CBS Enforcer Series 3 and the graphics are very neat, especially when it comes from the Raycom Graphics Studio in Tucson. Voice might be David Tyler's voice. Copyright 2002 Raycom Media/WTVR-TV. All rights reserved.
Views: 1367 OxyMortySC
WCCB Fox Charlotte open 2000 (Outlaw News)
Finally, I found FOX Charlotte!!! but WCCB is now CW! The music is Outlaw News by Stephen Arnold Music and the voice is Dick Ervasti (might be??) Credit to WCCB, NewsActive3 and Bahakel!! 2000 hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 816 OxyMortySC
WOOD-TV 8 Open (Pinnacle)
It has my favorite news theme called The Pinnacle by 615 Music!!! I am glad I recorded it!! Credit to NewsActive3, WOOD-TV, and Lin TV 1993
Views: 1722 OxyMortySC
WCHS Eyewitness News Open 2000 (WBTW 1991)
Music used: WBTW 1991 News Theme Voiceover: Drew Dimmel ©2000 WCHS-TV 8, Charleston, WV A Sincrap Station hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival Purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 1103 OxyMortySC
Rentway - We Are Family
Join the Rentway family. Your satisfaction is my personal guarantee. My literal theoretical saying is: "Fun is infinite with the Rentway Family!" -- Bill Short
Views: 1009 OxyMortySC
Dish Network - Turkey Pot Pie (2003)
So, with their PVR 501, you get to fast forward your wife, and skip commercials, but in return, you get rewinded, but Dish Network's anthropomorphic 3D mascot, the Dish 500 antenna aka "The Dish" sees the PVR in action! It's all in the Dish! ©2003 EchoStar Communications Corporation, LLC. All rights reserved.
Views: 428 OxyMortySC
Requip Restless Leg Syndrome commercial
If you have Restless Leg Syndrome, do you even need Requip?
Views: 855 OxyMortySC
WCBS News 2 Open (Grandeur)
This is a 2000 WCBS open before Joel Cheatwood came and made the mess much worse!! The music is Grandeur by none other than the famous Edd Kalehoff!! The voiceover is Don LaFontaine! Copyright 2001 CBS/Viacom/WCBS-TV New York. All rights reserved. hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for archival, historical and preservation purposes only!!!
Views: 1101 OxyMortySC
WWBT NBC 12 News Open (NBC News Now)
This is a 2002 open for WWBT in Richmond. It is the sister station to WBTV, a flagship Jefferson/Pilot station in Charlotte! Check it out! The music is NBC News Now by Gari Communications and voiceover is Jon Barry. Copyright 2002 Jefferson-Pilot/WWBT-TV, all rights reserved. hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for archival purposes ONLY!!
Views: 1354 OxyMortySC
WBTW News 13 open Feb 2002 (News Matrix)
The day WBTW got the Media General Crescent look!! Music is News Matrix by Stephen Arnold Music. Copyright 2002 Media General/WBTW-TV. All rights reserved.
Views: 1854 OxyMortySC
KARK 1994 Open (Signature)
A 1994 News open for News 4 Little Rock. Features Signature by Stephen Arnold. Voice is Mitch Craig. ©1994, 2001 Morris Multimedia hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival/Educational Purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 314 OxyMortySC
WICD News 15 Open (Turn To News, biznatch!!!)
From 1993! Music was Turn To News by Frank Gari!!
Views: 813 OxyMortySC
WECT SkyWarn Weather Open 2002
Features the generic Raycom weather open Copyright 2002 Raycom Media/WECT-TV Wilmington, all rights reserved, no copyright infringement intended
Views: 579 OxyMortySC
WTAE Ch. 4 Action News open (Image News)
Using Image News!!! Taking Action For You!!! Voiceover is Ed O'Brien Hearst Camera Mandate Credit to NewsActive3, Hearst-Argyle Television and WTAE 2002 hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 1583 OxyMortySC
WSJV Open 1993 (Total News)
Mitch Roberts, the WDTN Sports guy is mentioned!!! Thank you Marsha Bonhart!!! The famous TVbD graphics!!! Credit to NewsActive3 and WSJV 1993
Views: 1079 OxyMortySC
WBAL 11 News Talent 2001 (Image News)
In this talent open, they use the aggressive version instead of the soft version of Image News Series 2. Hearst Camera Mandate is included. This clip ©2001 Hearst-Argyle Television/WBAL-TV No Copyright Notice Intended hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival, Educational and Historical purposes ONLY!!
Views: 1199 OxyMortySC
KXRM Fox 21 News @ 9 Open 2001 (The X Package)
Features the generic Raycom graphics that are also ready in use for WMC in Memphis and WFLX in West Palm Beach! Music is The X Package by Gari Communications and voiceover is Greg O'Neill. Copyright 2001 Raycom Media/KXRM-TV Colorado Springs. All rights reserved. This is for archival, historical, entertainment and nostalgia purposes only!!
Views: 564 OxyMortySC
FOX 17 KDSM OPEN 2000 (Outlaw News)
This open has Outlaw News by Stephen Arnold Music. Great standard graphics! Eh.
Views: 640 OxyMortySC
Old ABC News Open 1963: News about Pres. Kennedy s
hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival purposes ONLY!!!
Views: 437 OxyMortySC
WACH Fox News Open (The Paramount)
The first time Raycom entered South Carolina was in Columbia...... WACH Fox News began in 1996 with the EQ Vance Ellis graphics and a well known Hearst theme named Image News and a voice guy named Ed O'Brien, a well known voiceover for KWGN, WTAE and KTRK. Then came 2002, WACH Fox now has those graphics that WAFF 48 also shared graphics with. The WACH and WAFF opens look similar but WACH says Columbia's Only Primetime News. Voice is David Tyler and music is Paramount by Gari Communications. Copyright 2002 Raycom Media/WACH-TV Columbia. All rights reserved. This is for Fair Use archival and historical purposes only!!!!
Views: 813 OxyMortySC
[YTP/SM] Fine Tuning the Network of Dishes (sentence mixing)
Increasing signal strength will not result in a better picture, but it would result in a better Dish Network picture... Anyways, I have edited the video, to test out the sentence-mixing method, to see how it would work. It might not be good, but I think it would work. And why does that guy in the Remote Control Help channel look scared or surprised? Is it because he would see Dish Network FYI coming to take over Remote Control Help on Channel 101, HELP! DNFYI would be the new abbreviation.
Views: 155 OxyMortySC
WBAL 11 News Open 2001 (Image News)
This is an open for WBAL sporting the Hearst Camera Mandate and Image News. The voiceover is Paul Turner. This clip ©2001 Hearst-Argyle Television No Copyright Notice Intended hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival, Educational and Historical purposes ONLY!!
Views: 1144 OxyMortySC
DirecTV Point Dish
Views: 1219 OxyMortySC
KSLA Open 2002 (First News)
KSLA has sported the Raycom graphics (made by KOLD's firm) and First News by Frank Gari. Voiceover is John French. This clip © 2002 Raycom/KSLA hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival, Educational and Historical purposes ONLY!!
Views: 1062 OxyMortySC
WHNT NewsChannel 19 Open  (Palmer News CBS)
From 1995 or 1999
Views: 271 OxyMortySC
WAFF 48 News Multi Resynch
Here are the packages that may fit WAFF well (it is owned by Raycom Media) 615 - Total Coverage Gari Communications - Enforcer Series 2 Gari Communications - Paramount (looks and feels like WACH Fox, their sister in SC) 615 - In-Sink 2002 Gari Communications - Eyewitness News Gari Communications - Good News All the music belong to their respective owners, 615 Music and Frank Gari Communications. All rights reserved. WAFF original video Copyright 2002 Raycom Media/WAFF-TV. This is for archival, entertainment, historical and rhetorical purposes only!!!
Views: 460 OxyMortySC
WAFF Advantage Resynch
Since 1995, WAFF used Advantage and they had the WFSB and WUSA versions. Now they should use the WCCO version of Advantage in 2002! Copyright 2002 Raycom Media/WAFF-TV Huntsville, AL. All rights reserved! This is for archival, entertainment and nostalgia purposes ONLY!!
Views: 165 OxyMortySC
KOLD News 13 Open 1999 (Newschannel)
This is the KOLD open with high quality Raycom graphics with Newschannel by Gari as the music and John French as voiceover. This clip ©1999 Raycom Media/KOLD News 13, all copyrights acknowledged. hikkupf Disclaimer: This is for Archival, Educational, and Historical purposes ONLY!!
Views: 413 OxyMortySC
NBC Nightside Open 1995
I always loved this NBC Nightside open!! Important headlines like Vojtas found not guilty, McVeigh responsible for terrorist attack on Oklahoma City, and even the 1996 presidential election!
Views: 1181 OxyMortySC

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