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Love Poem
sorry the text is gay but i got the poem right here.......... My Pen is running dry but i will tell the story of ho we were made a perfect fit......... Get the hints, when i drowned that day i went to heaven And as i stoo there i gave you my heart and told you not to break it.... You promised that you wouldn't and i kissed you goodby before i left.... And came to Earth where you joined us a year later when you fell And the angels were pretty upset and they werent well They got quite ill, then they came to me in my dreams And told me that this one normal girl is not as she seems They said this girl is actually an angel who left her wings in my arms I asked who and they wouldnt tell me but I knew it was you Yeah it was all so clear to me, I saw you the first time And I lost my mind with this sort of fuzzy feeling This is not my poem but i decided to make a video out of it
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jackass nathan style
nathan is a new youtube extreme stunt person. he is goin to jump off a atleast 2 yard builiding (we didnt measure it might be higher) and land doing a caveman hopefully he makes it out alive
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