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Blow it out your ass from www.gogaycards.com
Ester Goldberg is featured in this hillarious Gay video birthday eCard from www.gogaycards.com
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Coming out to dad Gay ecard from gogaycards.com
funny video of a guy you think is going to tell his father he's gay, when it turns out that he's a ........
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Lost without You -gay e-card
sentimental Miss You gay video e-card from gogaycards.com
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Lost without You Lesbian ecard from gogaycards.com
Very sentimental Miss You video ecard for lonely lesbians away from the one they love
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The Gay Translator- Learn "Gayspeak" Lesson #2
Doug Spearman of Logo's "Noah's Arc" featured in the 2nd in a series of fun Gay Translation cards- Learn "Gayspeak" from gogaycards.com
Просмотров: 4179 gogaycards
Don't Ask Don't Tell Gay Birthday ecard from gogaycards.com
Gay video birthday e-card featuring Doug Spearman of Logo's "Noah's Arc" from gogaycards.com
Просмотров: 25411 gogaycards
The Gay Translator- Learn "Gayspeak"
featuring Doug Spearman of Logo's "Noah's Arc" first in a series of gay translation video eCards from gogaycards.com
Просмотров: 11914 gogaycards
I'm Sorry Gay ecard
Funny I'm sorry gay video ecard featuring Doug Spearman of Logo's "Noah's Arc" from gogaycards.com
Просмотров: 5588 gogaycards
margaret cho assassin
I was really excited to work with margaret cho- I got to executive produce her latest movie/dvd/tv special- here's a quick clip... she's an awesome person!
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Miss you Lesbian ecard
a lesbian I miss you video e-card from gogaycards.com
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He's Sorry gay ecard
I'm sorry gay e-card from gogaycards.com featuring Doug Spearman from Logo's Noah's Arc
Просмотров: 3353 gogaycards
The Sling from gogaycards
hot lesbian alone in a sling "I Miss You" ecard from gogaycards.com
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The Massage Chair from gogaycards.com
Lesbian Miss you video e-card with a well stacked young lesbian
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Biggest dick in the world
You want the biggest dick in the world for your birthday? Careful what you ask for! gay ecard from gogaycards.com
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Rejected by eHarmony-Hillbilly Momma
I peed
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GoGayCards.com Commercial
The latest gogaycards.com tv commercial 1st and only gay & lesbian video ecard site.
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Lesbian Porn
I miss you so much, I had to resort to lesbian porn. If you like cats (hey lesbians! I'm talking to you :) you'll love this- funny "I Miss You" eCard from gogaycards.com
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Variety is the spice of life
Size Queens will love this! cute video eCard from www.gogaycards.com
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