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Funny and Rude Greeting Cards
Stoopid Kardz was officially launched in April of 2016. No sooner was the blog begun and the web site designed and the kardz for sale online than...BAM!!!...opportunity knocked , with a chance to put the kardz on display in a venue visited by thousands of people! After all the participation fees and insurances and mucho bucks flying out the window, we proudly packed our wares in the car, drove into Manhattan entered the opulent Jacob Javits Center and proceeded to set up our very low budget exhibit. Here's a little of what was going on. Stoopid Kardz are like nothing people have seen before. Imagine opening a kard to find a 20-question multiple choice test insde, or a full checklist of life-changing events. How about a contract for people who hate celebrating birthdays that states all the things they're never going to get again? The goal of Stoopid Kardz: to make people laugh a lot more than once. See 'em all at www.stoopidkardz.com and get in on contests and total nonsense on the blog at www.stoopidkardz.org.
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Cat Video! Rude Cards! Cats Love Stoopid Kardz!
Independent tests show conclusively that cats love Stoopid Kardz. Do cats even laugh? Yes, on the inside? Do cats "get" jokes? Yes, but they'd never be so vulgar as to show it. Cats are independent. Cats are inscrutable. Cats are unanimous in their praise for Stoopid Kardz. They just prefer to keep it to themselves. But us humans can laugh and enjoy such thing openly. See for yourself. Next time you need a truly rude greeting card, a card that will make you laugh more than once, visit us - and remember what cats say about Stoopid Kardz: "Meow!" (Translation: "The most amazing kardz in the world - now where's the tuna you promised me for saying that?" Our store: www.stoopidkardz.com Our blog: www.stoopidkardz.org
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Hilarious (and Stoopid) Greeting Cards
Beware, the prophecies of Nostradamus have come true once again! Behold, Kardmageddon! And Stoopid Kardz are right here to help bring about the Kardpocalypse. Help fulfill the destiny of greeting cards! For sale online at: www.stoopidkardz.com And for our dumb Blog, visit: www.stoopidkardz.org Cats LOVE our kardz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGKzetZJf2s&t=4s
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Funny Greeting Cards - Rude and Outrageous  STOOPID KARDZ!
...And the World's STOOPIDEST! And the world's BEST (of course we'd say that - not just because we can but because WE ARE - We say so, so that makes it true). And the RUDEST! And the WEIRDEST! And the FULLEST! That's right. Most cards are 80% to 90% empty space! And when was the last time you gave or got a card that actually made you laugh? REALLY LAUGH? Rebel against the empty space card! Rebel against cards that MIGHT make you laugh, you know, a little mousey hee hee or something. Stoopid Kardz are stuffed with laughs from front to inside to back Take a look... www.stoopidkardz.com www.stoopidkardz.org p.s. Casts love 'em, too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGKzetZJf2s
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World's Rudest Cards! Stoopid Kardz Unleashed!
It might seem like there are already enough greeting cards in this wonderful world of ours… Wrong! Some of us long for kardz that make us laugh – really laugh. Or how about kardz that make us laugh more than once? Kardz that from front to inside to back cross all boundaries of good taste and sweet sentiment to go places that today’s normal “cards” would never, ever go? Ever. Here come Stoopid Kardz® -- quite possibly the rudest, most outrageous, tasteless and gloriously inappropriate greeting kardz on the planet! If that ain’t your cup of tea, maybe Stoopid Kardz® ain’t for you. But for the folks in the video, a nice big helping of stoopididity is just right. These are real people - not family and friends (because when they saw the kardz, our famlies disowned us and our friends won't speak to us any more). You can see every kard at www.stoopidkardz.com
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