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Benadryl (Anti-Histamine) & Modafinil (Promotes Histamine Activity) - BAD IDEA!

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Описание: ▶▶▶ Buy Phenibut Here! - ▶▶ SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL FOR CRYPTO NEWS! ▶Got Weed? Check these accessories: Today we're discussing taking modafinil to rise from bed and later taking benadryl at night to fall asleep. This is a BAD mix (these drugs don't interact well with one another) as one promotes histamine activity and the other is anti-histamine. This means they will cancel each other out, but not without leaving unpleasant side effects for the user. It's best to be careful when using benadryl as it's not the best substance for sleep. Melatonin, Phenibut, (in some cases weed but in others this is a BAD interaction with Modafinil), some benzos.. these may work well with reducing brain activity due to Moda's long half-life. Links: If you enjoyed my content, please leave a like, comment and subscribe for more! Sharing this video also helps incredibly and I appreciate it if you do, as it certainly aids in my channel's growth! ► My Twitter - ▶ Business Email - ▶ ▶ ▶ MY BTC ADDRESS: 14885QjwiTxYG9irzxdYKspZtZYyyVJDbX ▶ ▶ - 15% OFF trippy gear using "AVILSD" discount code! 🍄 ▶ You can also support my channel by shopping on Amazon ✔ using my link for ANYTHING: ▶ ▶ ▶ ❤THANK YOU!! ► ► Weigh your substances w/ this scale: American Weigh Milligram Scale - ❤ Benadryl + Modafinil Drug Interactions Bad Mix
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Text Comments (129)
Ashes Duley (1 month ago)
Damn I take like 400 mg a night of benadryl, thanks mom for drugging us to sleep as kids. Now I'm stuck
Enlil Occidio Sabbateans (2 months ago)
I can feel 100mg of modafinil after 16-18 hours.
Joseph Epstein (2 months ago)
Yup you’ll find yourself at a park talking to yourself
Jackson Porter (2 months ago)
I tried to trip on a 697 morning glory seed extract at night. I took melatonin before taking the extract because i always take it to help me go to bed so i wasn’t thinking about it as its just a routine. About an hour into the trip, just as the visuals started to set in, i fell asleep because of the melatonin and didnt get to trip because i was asleep.
vacationboyvideos (3 months ago)
Modifnal providial....gave me urianary issues and headahce....know of anything better? Adderall made my heart beat to fast....know of anything better? I tuke it for depression. Most anti depressent don't work for me.
Kristian179 (4 months ago)
or here's another thing for sleep, peanut butter, it's like a natural form of Xanax well atleast for me !
John Chase (5 months ago)
Benadryl and Modafinil/Provigil do NOT cause contraindication issues. This is DISINFORMATION! I've been on both for over a decade.
Chris Mcknight (5 months ago)
You are equally guilty.
Sinisteo Soxilano (5 months ago)
I C BUGZ!!!!!! lmao
Jake Douglas (5 months ago)
I love this guy. Super likable. Thank for the sick channel bo$$man
chuckhuckle (5 months ago)
He looks like after the video he will chew his way out of the building.
Sammy Yosemite (5 months ago)
Kool Fox (5 months ago)
I have a prescription for sleep called Hydroxyzine (its similar to prescription benedryl). And if I use it everyday/or week its not as effective. I only take it if I really can't fall asleep because you build a tolerance very fast and it quits working. I like to have the full strong effects when I take it because for some reason it makes falling asleep very pleasurable. The effects are amazing though, its helps with my anxiety a lot and helps chill me out and puts me in a comfortable state ready to fall asleep like a baby. Great drug, not the best for daytime anxiety...but for sleeping its wonderful. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day...and when you start to fall asleep you feel super relaxed. The drug is fairly safe and doesn't have any withdrawals or any negative side effects. I recommend it for anybody having trouble with sleep.
John Chase (5 months ago)
Hydroxyzine is NOT used as a Benedry substitute or antihistamine. It's used to stop itching in the throat that happens even while taking benadryl or zyrtec or w/e. It also is prescribed for people that have a hard time sleeping. It's not just a sleep aid.
Noah A (5 months ago)
I want to focus on what you're saying... I do, I tried. I've checked in on your account now and then for a while, and I saw this. What would you do if you're really tired? Diphenhydramine creeps me out because of studies showing it can aid in mental disorders like dementia or Alzheimer's. I tried melatonin but it only worked like a week. I haven't slept in days... I'm so tired... It's been months since a deep sleep
Geno_Grondin21 (5 months ago)
try doxylamine its in nyquil and one of the many brands unisom for just doxylamine it works great for me i take dexmethylphenidate every morning and have a hard hard tine falling asleep and staying asleep and this works great for me
rabfit (6 months ago)
I've been taking benadryl for over 2 years now daily. I take modafinil periodically, 2x a week usually. Haven't experienced any negative sides thus far
Amadeo Ramirez (6 months ago)
Hey Mike, after 9:19 in the video, during the outro, it looks like those two boxes near the top are spaces for other videos you'd like to link to. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I wanted to bring it to your attention if you weren't already aware. Great video! When I was first getting into hallucinogens, I contemplated the Benadryl experience. Never actually did it, not sure if I still would.
Preston (6 months ago)
Want a good sleep aid eat an edible boom problem solved
Davy Melis (6 months ago)
hey dude i couldn't figure out how to msg you so i'm just gonna comment on this video i'm watching rn that i don't care about, but i wanted to thank you for introducing me to phenibut bc it almost literally saved my life. i couldn't get my life/thoughts together after a failed 8 year relationship, i got ditched by the love of my life and most of my friends for being a codependent drunk cokehead piece of shit, tried to kill myself by drinking bleach, failed, and i spent the year after being a whiney drunk cokehead piece of shit and i had no outlook on things getting better. so i was watching cg kid videos one time when he blew up, and urs popped up and i watched all ur old ones first wHeN u WeRe StIlL cOoL mAn and i thought they were funny as shit and they also had a lot of substance to em and i agreed w most the things you said, so i decided to get me a bag of fannybutt and holy shit dude, and i'm gona start a new paragraph bc pheni deserves it; this substance saved my life.i was in venlafaxine (effexor, this horrordrug is a different story) withdrawal at the time so i was getting mixed signals at first but i'd go on pheni binges for like 3 days and then i'd spend the rest of the week just figuring shit out i learned. i am/was still using it responsibly tho and did all the research, not just relyed on stuff you said. this substance made me eat again, it made me talk to people again, it made me listen to music the way i did when i was 16 again, it made me dance getting dressed, it made me shower again, it made me try and dress good again, it eleviated ANY withdrawal from the venlafaxine, it gave me closure abt losing her, and there's so much more that i can't think of right now, and all this happened in TWO WEEKS. and i understand how this might be addicting, as i got hooked on xans and/or coke pretty easily, but the way these feelings and thoughts carry over to days ur not using this substance, it just... it tops any anti-depressant/benzo combo they've thrown at me and it was phenibut that i need at that time, to grow, move on, and get better. it didn't just help, it just... did it for me. anyway so thanks for introducing me to this, sorry of my text sounds off sometimes; i'm not an english speaker but i think i did pretty well. henloz from belgium
Steven Assanti (6 months ago)
that's why I only mix my drugs with alcohol and coke... :0
woop (6 months ago)
I just ordered some phenibut to kick weed (I use it to go to sleep but am engineer so I'll get drug tested). Will it come up on a hair test? Also, any issues with driving? Recommended dose to get fucked up at a party?
tetsuke ! (6 months ago)
ive tripped on dph a couple times when i was dry and really desperate, got an insane body load and stim psychosis esque shadow people, some morphing on objects, spiders (looked mostly like black dots moving on the wall), and then slept it off. not awful 4/10
Frog (6 months ago)
When I was depressed I hallucinated on benadryl two to three times a week. I feel permanently stupider because of it now.
Mr. Sexy (6 days ago)
After tripping on Benadryl, I can’t stress how much time seems to slow down, hours feel as much as 3x longer
Frog (5 months ago)
Hence the stupider. Dumbass.
Chris (5 months ago)
"Stupider" isn't a word.
Garbo (6 months ago)
Melatonin keeps me up all night. Also yes don't trip on Benadryl. I took a fairly low dose to trip and it was quite terrifying
Zugis Bugis (6 months ago)
I had an allergic reaction from taking modafinil one time after i combined it with changa DMT which contains MAOI, and i was insanely ill for 3 days and I coudnt leave my bed without fainting and got sleep paralysis and fever symptoms. Really sucked.
Christian Kern (6 months ago)
Fk benedryl. Gives me a hangover and mental fog everytime ive tried it at the recommended dosage. N yea tripping on dph (benadryl) is from hell. Restless leg syndrome, jitters and feeling of impending doom are almost 100% expected when tripping on dph. Dont do it.
neighb0r (6 months ago)
Best otc drug will always be dxm (even though there’s not much competition). Those first few trips were amazing but now I’m sitting here with an eroded stomach lining and bladder discomfort wishing I didn’t go so fucking crazy with it. Dph is even worse for you and it’s like having the flu while being raped by demons (and yes you can literally hallucinate being raped)
Chris (5 months ago)
Have you ever had access to weed?
🅰️ndrew (6 months ago)
Good shit as always AVI
Andrew (6 months ago)
How do you manage to pronounce every single drug name so strangely
Taylor Fleming (6 months ago)
benadryl ruined my life. DO NOT DO IT. i did it for 5 months straight and overdosed twice. i got so high i couldn’t walk it was so depressing and i was convinced shit that wasn’t there was there. i became very depressed. it’s like a nightmare. not fun at all i became suicidal. i’ve seen the scariest shit ever on benadryl. you’re delusional and everything seems so sad. you look hungover after the high slows down. you can’t talk at times because ur so high and u want help but u cannot talk. DO NOT DO IT. you’ll regret it for sure. it’s been about 8 months since i did it last and i still have terrible flashbacks.
FromtheH (6 months ago)
The hallucinations werent as bad as people say when i abused benadryl. However it suppressed my breathing to the point i was afraid to sleep on it.
Preston (6 months ago)
Benadryl trip is terrible and scary please no one do it
Preston (6 months ago)
Zyrtec and Marijuana = (at least for me) Unable to tell if a dream is a dream or real life
Robert Rosen (6 months ago)
I really like the direction your chnnel is taking. We already have enough careless drug channels out there! Keep up the good work! Inform all the people!
Suckmy C0ck (6 months ago)
If you do trip on DPH take it with DXM cause it gets right of the dysphoria that you get from DPH
Suckmy C0ck (6 months ago)
neighb0r 300mg of each cause the inhibit the breakdown of one and other. I have taken 900mg of DXM and DPH at the same time it was fucking insanity my furniture grew arms and came alive and I talked to fairies
neighb0r (6 months ago)
Suckmy C0ck I’ve heard that’s a really good time, like floating around through immersive, dynamic visuals and events. Any recommendations for a basic dose if you’re not into dph
The Dude (6 months ago)
Hmm thats strange i used to take tons of benadryl when i was abusing poppy tea and morphine(both have insane histamine response) never had any issues.
The Brown Egg (6 months ago)
Hey! You made a drug video! :) much love man
ImNotBryan (6 months ago)
I took a whole box of 24 tablets when i was 16 and it didnt do much but gave me small visuals. Saw bubble buddy from spongebob dancing on my floor but thats about all the visuals i got. The rest of the night was just restless legs and waking up every 30 minutes. Definitely not worth any damage it might have caused and i dont ever plan to do this again.
KELVIN SMINGUS (5 months ago)
Bubble buddy 😂😂😂😂😂
Rob C (6 months ago)
benadryl as an anticholinergic is an awful, awful drug. the deliriums caused by benadryl can be hard to distinguish if they are hallucination or not, so the trip usually ends up very scary if your brain starts playing tricks on you. also, it seems and feels really bad for you.. i only have done it once or twice at recreational levels when i was way younger and had problems with access to better drugs. it was a last ditch effort.. it's not worth it, at all. it's better to be sober than to abuse benadryl, meth, dextromethorphan (cough syrup ingredient), or anything else that seriously affects your health, just like benadryl and the other substances listed here do.
Wyde Awake (6 months ago)
What about marijuana and alcohol
runningsandwich (6 months ago)
Relatively safe so long as you don't go too booze crazy
G Kline420 -GMO- (6 months ago)
I take 150mg of Benadryl nightly
Elizabeth H (5 months ago)
I took at least 200mg. I took it most nights for 10yrs tho, high tolerance. It's so bad for you, can even shrink your brain. I highly recommend CBD oil for sleep... works so much better!! Small doses promote focus, large doses for sleep. Just passing on info is all ;) I had horrible anxiety and depersonalization that benedryl exacerbated too.
M Gray (6 months ago)
What brand of phenibut is that? Also, I took benadryl to sleep, but I took too much by accident. I saw a man shaking out of the corner of my eyes for hours and freaked out so bad. Anymore, and I would have lost it.
TIm johnson (6 months ago)
Thanx avi
Carson k (6 months ago)
Taking melatonin exogenous is a bad idea. Your body only needs a quarter of a mg of melatonin to fall asleep. Most supplements are around 3 mg. The problem is you have an excess of melatonin in your system and your body gets rid of melatonin very slowly. So it can take weeks for you to get back to right levels of this hormone. I had to stop taking melatonin because I felt like I was having a hangover every time I woke up.
BUB8LE5 (6 months ago)
I got prescribed an antihistamine that the Dr. described as a stronger, prescription strength version of Benadryl (HydrOXYzine HCL 25mg). My question is how will this interact with psilocybin if I decide to take mushrooms? I am not on Modafinil or any other stimulants. Any help/suggestions you guys can give me would be much appreciated. If you would like some back story as to why I was prescribed this, just ask; it's actually a pretty crazy story. Thanks.
Acid Head (6 months ago)
I personaly never mixed the two but You might get a little tired, dizzy, nausea. I wouldn't mix the 2 if I were you but antihistamines won't kill the trip. It might help with anxiety. If you want an emergancy exit benzos are your best bet next to anti psychotics
INCINERATIONN (6 months ago)
i used to take melotonon for sleep and ive taken it for so long that it does nothing to me anymore
Xenon (4 months ago)
What you said in this video is completely wrong. The modafinil's mode of action is not related to histamine release in body tissues since it does not make it to the brain. Modafinil's mode of action is most probably related to dopamine pathways in the brain, so taking antihistamines along with modafinil actually reduces inflammatory response and rashes caused by modafinil-related release of histamine.
John Chase (5 months ago)
Fancy (6 months ago)
dont really care bout these dumb substances.. lmao
lil xanny (6 months ago)
i love u
Storm70 (6 months ago)
you play minecraft
Mitch Cobain (6 months ago)
Thanks AVI, I can relate... your content is getting better every video! You have a very relaxing voice btw, have you ever thought about doing ASMR or vlogs occasionally?
nikebulgaria (6 months ago)
Benadryl is a bad sleep aid in my opinion.. It makes me tired but it's still hard to fall asleep. I've found Amitriptyline a much better sleep aid even tho it's considered an antidepresant.
nikebulgaria (2 months ago)
+Pepe Prop idk i stopped taking sleep pills 3 months ago 😂😂
Pepe Prop (2 months ago)
+nikebulgaria I call them amibouncelyn. I have a prescription habit and i don't do tablets by the recommended dosage. Took 25 50mg Amos and it was like i had parkinsons combined with epilepsy. Hated the experience now id only take a few for a sleep if i never had anything else.
nikebulgaria (5 months ago)
when you use more than 50mg of amitriptyline you do get neck twitches and you run the risk of a seizure cuz it lowers the seizure threshold
Geno_Grondin21 (5 months ago)
that's what i use its in nyquil and a lot of other OTCs unisom is one of the many brands. it works great except sometimes i get these weird feelings in my neck when im just about to fall asleep but it could be something else but once you are asleep you are fine
nikebulgaria (6 months ago)
im gonna research it now and if my local eastern European shady pharmacy gives it easly without prescription i will try it lol 😂
Mr Blank (6 months ago)
From my exp, don't take benadryl long term.
Tfues Mother (6 months ago)
I took an antihistamine yesterday and I take ridilin for adhd daily... I napped all day long couldn't stay wake for the life of me...
x_drippy (5 months ago)
Why tf does everyone have that profile pic
Inexpressable (6 months ago)
Ridilin or Ritalin?
Yout Tuka (6 months ago)
Combining acid and benadryl gives you rainbow spiders.
Yeezus (6 months ago)
yeah just be careful benadryl can induce very real Delerium, and a delayed Psychosis that starts without you realizing it. LSD is a great substance when respected but i would avoid mixing anything with it untill ur familiar with the experience especially if you can’t trust your energy yet.
Malagasy Prince (6 months ago)
Yout Tuka lmfaoo funnie
WC FINESSE (6 months ago)
I just got out of prison, and now avi looks like a CIA agent.
Steven Assanti (6 months ago)
did you get locked up for using his dark web portals?
WC FINESSE (6 months ago)
+Joseph Dugdale2 counts 1 degree robbery as a juvanile in 2014
Loro sono umano (6 months ago)
He had a punchable face when he had long hair. It's a big improvement
Rob C (6 months ago)
+WC FINESSE - can i guess why you got locked up? were you making purchases from darkweb vendors?
Weedus (6 months ago)
Try "Amytriptylin" combined with "Diazepam" or "Flunitrazepam"... that gives some real nice effect ;)... the Amitriptylin increases the effect of benzodiazepines a big time...
Ego Twistick (6 months ago)
Weedus I have both in the cupboard but never tried them together before, diazepam and weed is brilliant and melatonin mixed with weed literally knocked me out on my feet, legs turned off and I hit the deck
Acid Head (6 months ago)
You're mixing 2 CNS depressants
nikebulgaria (6 months ago)
yeahit works wonders for me even tho it still has some weird side effects
Sammy Yosemite (6 months ago)
Thanks Avi. I've been taking Modafinil for 2 months and now look like Howie Mandel.
severus (6 months ago)
Does modafinil actually make u bald
pop2uno (6 months ago)
Nice informative video. I am narcoleptic so I use modafinil but also have crazy allergies. I found this out the hard way. Awful nightmares to the point of now being very wary of shadows during the day. On another note, when recording just be a bit mindful of the autofocus. You were blurred for a good chunk of the video. Thanks.
209 GFX (6 months ago)
I remember when I was a teen I tried Benadryl...tripped for hours and saw spiders and shadows that weren’t there .awful just terrible experience. Back in my young foolish drug days
Preston (5 months ago)
till the day i fuckin die
x_drippy (5 months ago)
+Preston greyfivenine
Minus ZeRo Degrees (5 months ago)
Then later on when you get older and try to stay on top of your priorities you need to configure some sort of aid from things like modafinil or whatever things are put there for whatever you lack or have issues with from the drug use. And or the reason why you might have done drugs to begin with like maybe bad sleep problems messed up mentality and anxieties ADHD OCD drained chemicals etc.
Preston (6 months ago)
same experience its honestly terrible and fucks you up for a few days afterwards
tendo pain (6 months ago)
Where do I buy modafinil online?
WC FINESSE (6 months ago)
You dont buy modafinil online. modafinil buys you online.
DR V!le (6 months ago)
Don't ask down here
Nikolas Kalampokis (6 months ago)
I actually like tripping on diphenhydramine , I never got a bad trip and I actually have some nice trips , I don't recommend it to anyone tho because I've read so much about bad trips with it
Nikolas Kalampokis (6 months ago)
cloverleafsippa713 true
cloverleafsippa713 (6 months ago)
Bad trips are anxiety's peeking through
JayTee83 (6 months ago)
Benadryl and cigarettes! 👍
AssNasty (6 months ago)
+Suckmy C0ck I fucking told you
neighb0r (6 months ago)
Thankfully if you don’t have cigs dph will generously let you hallucinate smoking them lmao
Suckmy C0ck (6 months ago)
Yeah is nice cause it gets rid of the nausea you can chain smoke without feeling sick
Sammy Yosemite (6 months ago)
what's a cigarette?
tyro sine (6 months ago)
Bugs and spaced out letters that aren't letters
Zetrisy (6 months ago)
Nick Wrona (6 months ago)
i lov e you avi
CHIDY (6 months ago)
First bitches

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