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Propecia Results Week 11

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Описание: I am starting a Propecia regimen. I am taking the generic version of proscar which has 5mg of Finasteride, cut into fifths. I will be posting these logs every month to show how my hair loss is progressing and whether I experience any side effects or not. I will answer all questions as best I can, and please keep it not too mean in the comments. Stay Tuned!
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Text Comments (180)
brian benitez (2 months ago)
are you still taking this???
AndrewProblematic (15 days ago)
i wonder
Kevin Vandewalle (3 months ago)
finasteride > its about balance do what feels good and stay healthy and fit as possible!! < im on it 2,5 months so far all good noting to worrie about!
C B (3 months ago)
enjoy the sexual dysfunction and depression that goes along with it... sometimes permanently
T L (3 months ago)
Your head looks photo shopped on
Andy Simmons (4 months ago)
Clicked for the shirtless guy! 😃😃😃
Primal ZA (5 months ago)
Not sure if muscle loss because of less food and excercise? WTF mate xD
Andrew Wells (5 months ago)
You're fuckin hawt!
jwrath90 (5 months ago)
Will you upload a new video Soon ?
Scott C (6 months ago)
My hair loss is extremely similar to yours. Only been on finasteride for a week though, going to be a long journey but I’m hoping for results.
Adam Blister (6 months ago)
I think his dick fell off from the propecia. That's why he hasn't made a video since.
Adam Blister (6 months ago)
Your body is way too big for you head or your head is too small for your body lol
f rad (7 months ago)
you still alive?
Robert (9 months ago)
This guy... If you start a channel called taking propecia and take us with you on your journey, u might want to keep uploading video's and not stop after 11 weeks.. just saying
joshualucas (9 months ago)
lucky you had your shirt off for this
Ranger5004 (9 months ago)
So this guy dedicated a whole channel to the drug and then stops posting after a few months. His dick probably fell off.
shinviroz (10 months ago)
Update please
Agent Office (10 months ago)
Joel Carr (10 months ago)
You are so hot dude.
Ab Bar (10 months ago)
Do you have an update without pants
RAOBANION (10 months ago)
Look good to me, I have seen many men at your age with hair lines and thickness the same. You shouldn’t worry but if it means that much to you cloloring it the same color as your natural color with thicken it. The more you tell people the more you leavve yourself open to snarky comments. Looks fine. Your far from clipping it all off.
BackFireZz (10 months ago)
ddue you've definetely lost muscle, your voice is softer and your body looks softer too this pill demasculates you your a dumbass for even starting this drug.
dean howard (10 months ago)
Just get a big dick augmentation and make a jizzillion $$$$ and any woman or man will want a baldy. Forget about the hair. It's really all about bank account$ and large peni$
Eduno Eduno (10 months ago)
are you trying to grow chest hair? no? then put a fucking shirt on.
Brad Andersson (11 months ago)
The steroids you're on aren't helping either
hi how old did you hair loss start and have you had any sexual side effects has it help stop or just ease hair loss or thinning receding thanks
sanjeed salih (11 months ago)
Please post more video update
Road to Empowerment (1 year ago)
wait, why can you only workout a few days now?
Anthony (1 year ago)
Also, will you do another update?
Anthony (1 year ago)
With or without the hair, you look awesome. I wouldn’t worry!
Tru Dis (1 year ago)
I think it's safe to assume he killed himself at this stage?
Tronald Dumb (4 months ago)
Josh Streeter (11 months ago)
Billy Boid hahaha fuck hope not
BelgiumHxC Defiance (1 year ago)
i took it for half a year, I had only 1 side effect but it was really bad. I also started to lose my personality, and it was scary as fuck. THE THING PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT PROPECIA. is that is blocks the whole DHT hormone. dht does not only cause hair loss, but it literarly produces male characteristics( do your own reasearch about the function of DHT). in other words : there is a chance than you will block A LOT more than your hair loss :)
HairGrowth Journey (1 year ago)
Kyle Flynn (1 year ago)
I wanna get in them khakis.
manvis (1 year ago)
The strongest and most effective thing I've used to grow my hair is Gorilla Grow. Search on youtube for it
epakerd (1 year ago)
Is he did
Willem Janzen (1 year ago)
No updated, killed em self.
TheKerryzzz (1 year ago)
Your not shampooing too hard. If its going to fall out, its going to fall out.
TheKerryzzz (1 year ago)
Hurry up and get married while a woman will still have you. It wont be long and the hair will go down the drain.. belly will turn to flab as well. Don't keep being so vain.
YouTube Addict (1 year ago)
Niall Carr (1 year ago)
Any increase in shedding ? With anyone that used it I've been on rogaine for 8 months with good regrowth wondering what the chances of shedding again is
Glenn Rock (1 year ago)
Hi mate, are you not bothered about the cancer,sexual dysfunction and mental health risks ?
Liz Camsters (1 year ago)
Great post and thanks for sharing! I also use Propecia (Generic Propecia ) and buy it online for a fraction of the price at Pharmacy XL ( ) as they have cheap prices, free shipping and quality generic meds! I know this online pharmacy for more than 6 years as I order Viagra here for 6 years and now also Propecia. For me Propecia works like a miracle!
qtube15 (1 year ago)
Any recent updates?
Mark Pierce (1 year ago)
Who fucking posts a youtube video in a bathroom without a shirt on
Frank D (1 year ago)
jealous fat boy?
MobileDecay (1 year ago)
This guy apparently. =(
Chris W (1 year ago)
karpolio (1 year ago)
propecia is dangerous..i see on tv on the news
mr Maniac (1 year ago)
Your very lucky even if your bald you would stil look good ! Keep posting !i started using propecia because of you
HR23+ (1 year ago)
Take natural multi-vitamin hair supplements - they are a safe alternative to Propecia.
RR Randy (1 year ago)
Hey bro looking to take it myself but would love it if you added one more update, since its alomost been a year. Thanks
Immortal Kdude (1 year ago)
I have hair but I don't have great metabolism or Sexy body like urs so life is unfair Cause u got ur hair back
Jay415sf (1 year ago)
Hey!! Been almost 1 year. What's the update? And also, you are super sexy! 😍
Christian Rhoades (1 year ago)
Hey what's the dosage you take 1 mm or 5 mm,...... how long does it take
Synonymous User (1 year ago)
Bro any update? And any sides?
zeramin 3 (1 year ago)
zeramin 3 (1 year ago)
yes friend visit
halwest magazine (1 year ago)
zeramin 3 this drug now release ?or not
Robert Sosa (1 year ago)
Going to start monday, im worried abput taking it, but want to try and something to stop it.
allison argent (1 year ago)
Today i bought proscar. So.. should i use ?? I'm 19. Actually i have pretty much hair. But i know i'll loss in future. What do u think?
Joxiel Romero (11 months ago)
allison argent have you been taking it? If you have the balding gene you should take it now. The earlier you start the better
Sarah Koob (1 year ago)
Even if you were bald your still attractive and more da table then half the guys on YouTube lol wish you the best and fuck the the haters
Ruthvik Bm (1 year ago)
Next update mate
Josh Traill (1 year ago)
first week of taking proscar. hope it works for me
Wagdi Ahmed (3 months ago)
Is it work ,, please ?!
Ron Burgundy (1 year ago)
Josh Traill update?
allison argent (1 year ago)
Can't wait for new update
Krblkn (1 year ago)
Hi did u develop any breast tenderness or Gyno?
Dexter McLaughlin (1 year ago)
Can you post an update video?
Raul Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I thought propecia was a talk show host.
Safi Hameed (1 year ago)
Any new videos bro ? Please keep us posted thanks.
fordskool (1 year ago)
is there a more recent update, please?
Karl Dreyer (1 year ago)
So what are you up to now?
XClockwork900X (1 year ago)
are u still using please show new results
John Carter (1 year ago)
Bruh u need 2 do an update
Kevin Gauthier (1 year ago)
Is this medication even covered by insurance plans?
Ryan Antunez (1 year ago)
any updates?
Carlos Zavala (1 year ago)
I say do it and try it out for some time, if you dint like it then don't do it. I start Mine tomorrow
moritz kamp (1 year ago)
how is it going?
I've been on it since 1998 and just last yr took myself off. It's 6 months now and I can tell you for sure this drug did effect me. I Workout 6 days a week swimming, eat very well. I lost my morning wood on the pill and lost muscle and had brain fog a lot. I didn't no until recently that the muscle loss and brain fog with depression was a side effect of the pill. All my dr would say is that it bothers sex drive which it did. Now I get morning wood and my sex drive is of a 18 yr old again. I'm 46 now. So yes guys pay attention to what's going on in your body and yes beware of the side effects they are true. I'm just lucky that from taking it I didn't permanently damage myself. I'm doing the onion and garlic treatment along with rogain again and I'm just fine.
lemonadeeyes (1 year ago)
why are u even here then lol?
Caglar Bozkurt (1 year ago)
updates ?
Gregory Watts (1 year ago)
Just curious, do you play any sports?
Gavin's Friend (2 years ago)
My workplace were talking about hairloss (mostly men) the other week, turns out 3 of my co-workers were on Propecia/fin and we had a somewhat open discussion about it which was unusual. the general consensus was results begin to show from 3-4 months and after a year (or there abouts) theres a good chance you'll get regrowth. i knew nothing about it until that discussion so i'm in a learning stage and will keep an eye on your progress for sure.
Daniel (2 years ago)
better than you were in week 1, pls keep posting
ALEXANDERthenotsoGREAT (2 years ago)
stay positive. let us know. i started today!
allison argent (1 year ago)
ALEXANDERthenotsoGREAT results?
Pritheev (2 years ago)
where are the other updates
Pritheev (2 years ago)
where is the next month videoss
Mehmet Ali Kaçar (2 years ago)
allison argent (1 year ago)
Mehmet Ali Kaçar sen kullanıyomusun?
Ngai Mark (2 years ago)
How's it going???
mr Maniac (2 years ago)
Why dont you use toppik ? Im 21 battling as well . Sucks to be young and lose hair.
Chris GonzaleZ (2 years ago)
good job man all these people who talk about side effects really need to shut the fuck up..just becfause it didnt wotk for u dont mean it doednt work for someone else dont be soo selfish dont read all this shit just makes u paranoid..always the same posters too on every vid...just ask a docto and dont look on these vids or forums they just talk shit
Dani The man (2 years ago)
Yo man where's the new video at?
Laz Ey (2 years ago)
Just remember because you don't get any side effects now it can come when you quit or even after 10+ years from now. You most likely will get ED, depression, gyno and other insane side effects that you won't be able to explain years from now.. I'm by no means an expert but it's not far stretched to say that 100% of all the men taking FInasteride will experience loss in manliness because that is basically what the drug do.It's a cancer drug that is very effective in what it does. The cost is always greater than the result I'm afraid. I can only recommend to slowly go off FInasteride during 1+ year and don't quit abruptly. I hope they can find somewhat of a cure for all the thousand of men that got their life destroyed by this cancer.
cassandrine (1 year ago)
Nah they're rare. Just over expressed in media because they're bad side effects
Laz Ey (2 years ago)
And well as you said TRT to treat PFS is not really working for most men. It's way more complicated than just testo seeing it effect your DHT which is testosterone boosted by superman pretty much. DHT is way more important for men than doctors first assumed. They really are clueless to the effects of Finasteride on men.
Laz Ey (2 years ago)
Well most of the things i listed above made my testo increase month by month. I wouldn't consider TRT treatment at the moment. Maybe when I'm older but would probably prefer HGH instead of testo if possible. The problem with TRT is the increase in estrogen levels and the fact that most doctors don't even regulate it and the TRT treatment (Nebido e.g) is really shit with 8-10 weeks intervals and a pretty bad compound filled with esters. It will spike your testo levels which you really don't want.
Laz Ey (2 years ago)
I'm feeling you. Some guys are hit really hard and it's a mental and physical struggle. Even though one can never go back to the person you were before Finsteride seeing the effect is irreversible you can ease the pain. I was not even close to what some of the guys are struggling with. My body crashed 10 years after i discontinued. I had testo levels of a 85 year old at 30 (10nm/l) and I managed to triple my testo in 3 months to (28nmol/l). My body still crashes from time to time but not as severe but mild depressions and well don't even go into the sexual side because that is really what the biggest issue is with men. My lust goes up and down like a roller coaster and I get depressed after sex for 1-2 weeks and it's changing my values in my blood samples. It's really fucked up. Some tips that might help. 1. 99% of doctors don't know shit about this issue. Go to several, find a good one and demand wide and extensive blood work. First couple of years do them frequently to see what works for you. 2. Minimize stress. Kortisol is a real killer. Easier said than done though. 3. Avoid sugar. 4. Intermittent fasting (16/8 e.g.) 5. Work out but don't overdo it. Try Stronglifts at the gym. short workout but high weight and 5x5. Don't stress your muscles and avoid gym after 45min because that is when the kortisol kicks in. Get plenty of rest and can't stress this enough, don't stress... 6. Eat proper food. Broccoli and all that green stuff. Get plenty of D-vitamin (I do atleast 5000ie every day) and lots of Zinc. Without Zinc you basically make no testo. Lots of FInasteride guys seem to lack Zinc for some reason. 7. Eat eggs and bacon, yes cholesterol is actually good for testo production but check your blood work as well. Don't overdo it. 8. Acupuncture, go find a good Chinese acupuncturist. They can do wonders for your libido. 9. Get lots and good sleep. Supplement with magnesium which is good for sleep and relaxation. 10. Stay mentally strong, do yoga, meditate - Reprogramme your brain! Think positive. 11. These are the ones that pop into my mind atm but you are not alone and there are things you can do. Stay Strong!
Bruuh (2 years ago)
Hey, any new updates? Any side effects as of late?
Mehmet Gören (2 years ago)
Can we get married? Or at least can we try? Cuz U is cute.
elliott smart (2 years ago)
any libido issues buddy?
Rahat Hasan (2 years ago)
Hair loss in your 20s is depressing. I'm only 20 years, and my hairs thin on top. When you're young, you just want to experiment with yourself, try out new hairstyles and products, but nope, thats not happening. Fuck.
Kunal Chatterjee (1 year ago)
Rahat Hasan same story bruh ☹️
Ryse Blue (1 year ago)
Well fuck. I have been balding since 12. Consider yourself lucky relative to me
MattIsLoling (1 year ago)
i feel you bro,im 21.Just consider yourself a young bald god like me
Random Charging Plug (2 years ago)
Damn top hair loss , Im 19 dealing with light temple thinning But I'm absolutely having the saddest day everyday , as if I had full blown crown issues NW6 . I want to get minor fue work done on edges , but all these surgeons bitch about waiting till your 35 . Who the fuck cares by then... am I right ? you only live once ! I feel like if i get 100 graft ( no work on hairline ) I could futureproof the risk of a horrible outcome .
J B (2 years ago)
I was one of the unlucky ones bro. 3 weeks in and all hell broke loose on my ass. In my research I have seen no pattern to it either. Its not necessarily a post secession problem as the term PFS would have you believe. For me it was like, Uh oh, this isn't cool.. Then I stopped using it and things just continued to get worse, not talking ED either, more neurological type issues. Over two years past and I am much better but I sill have a few issues related to my 3 weeks on this bullshit. If I had to do it all over again I would avoid this medication. The "side effects" are down played and they are pretty awful.
AndrewProblematic (15 days ago)
hows it now my man?
Levi Ross (4 months ago)
J B r u healed?
Nikhil Mehta (2 years ago)
Hi tell us about shedding, how much hair u shed?
Richard Martinez (2 years ago)
How old are you? And where do you get your propecia or finasteride?? Thanks!!
Dani The man (2 years ago)
We're on the same boat. I'm rooting for you man; best of luck to you!
brosky 1998 (2 years ago)
Thanks for making these videos bro keep it up
Mc Terb (2 years ago)
You are very good looking and i think a buzz cut would fit you really well. So stop taking finasteride if you get any side effects and cut it short. You will still look awesome, maybe even better because people can see when you don't feel confident about your balding hair.
Andrew (2 years ago)
Mc Terb No he will look worse with a buzzcut. You need a perfect hairline and decently thick to pull off a buzz cut ironically. Only way he could not deal with the hairloss is by shaving his head with a razor.
you watch the fighter and the kid?
25 and already loosing my hair :/ started at 23 to
Demise - Brawl Stars (1 year ago)
try starting at 16.. lol
Michael Ingber (2 years ago)
David Almaraz try starting at 19 yeah that's me
Anik Talukder (2 years ago)
Is it aright to start at 18 yrs old
Kesoth Iynkaran (1 year ago)
Huckleberry Finn u have to give it at least 4 months to see results otherwise best of luck to you as well
menom joff (1 year ago)
Kesoth Iynkaran I'm using it too, have been for two months but can't really tell if it's doing all that much but I have another appointment for my derm in a month so we'll see, best of luck to you though
Kesoth Iynkaran (1 year ago)
Well i have only seen the accelerated hair loss so far as it says on the box it usually takes like 2 treatments to see the results but i do feel some stubble on my scalp just gotta wait some more to see if it works.
menom joff (1 year ago)
Kesoth Iynkaran has it been working?
Kesoth Iynkaran (1 year ago)
sorry i meant i started balding at 15 but ive been using rogaine for the past 2 months not propecia
Michael Szny (2 years ago)
Just took my first Finasteride pill today. I was wondering if you were using generic or brand name. If generic which one. I was given Accord Finasteride 1mg. And how much you were paying for it. Hope the best man.
allison argent (1 year ago)
Michael Szny everything is ok?
Bruuh (2 years ago)
how are you doing now? Any side effects?
Michael Szny (2 years ago)
Disregard my first question, just rewatched your first video.

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