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*All Erza's Fighting Armors*

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Text Comments (155)
The Lame Animator (1 year ago)
Erza's Strongest armor is Nakagami armor since it consumes magic power
Tia Mami (1 year ago)
Ela disse Armadiura?
MightyAlien1221 (1 year ago)
where's plot armor?
Katty LOVELY (1 year ago)
клип весьма потрясающий, однако под скажите изволь , какая серия с 1:46 - по 2:03?😃
Phoenix Draws (1 year ago)
You didn't exactly get all of her armor, she has over 100 Pieces of armor and clothing. Plus, remember that fight with Azuma? She thought about using seduction armor....:P Plz don't hurt meh
Rainb0w•Ch0c0late (1 year ago)
I think her OP-est armor is Nakagami armor since it's her second orgin and this is TOTALLY my opinion
The quality of dispelling magic is what makes it so powerful. I have seen so much hate about this armor and i cant really understand the why.
TheStylishWolf (1 year ago)
The requips in the manga are awesome tho
Levin Devin (1 year ago)
I wish I have one
Kanade Lapis (1 year ago)
ERZA is queen <3
Freud ' (1 year ago)
where the fuck is all that wind coming from???????? They are INDOOR
John Nguyen (1 year ago)
Where's the neko neko armor it's the strongest
Random Banana (1 year ago)
You forgot the manga armours.
the video will be updated once we see the new armors animated in the new season!
Chi Espos (1 year ago)
ending song pleasseee?
Let it burn-Red (nightcore version)
Neina (1 year ago)
episode ?
It's episode 72!
Neina (1 year ago)
2:12 ?
be more specific please. episode from what scene?
HI THERE (1 year ago)
this is 1 of the reason why erza is the best
Fox lover 221 (1 year ago)
btw this is also a spoiler
World자린 (1 year ago)
I miss fairy tail when will the new season come??😭😭
September, 7 of this year! That's what is going around. the manga is ending this July or even earlier. So this date seems very possible!
TWICE the MAMAMOO (1 year ago)
I can't wait to see Blade Wing Armor and the other one which can strike even if the attack was blocked.
Kate Coman (1 year ago)
I strive to be like erza when I grow up. A courageous woman who is loyal to a fault with a strength to be feared but who wears her heart on her sleeve. Some one who can inspire others while dealing out justice. Someone who values the family she made above all else. Someone who is confident in her actions and will see her choices through to the very end.
Bree Allison (1 year ago)
My ranking (looks): Adamantine Armor Nakagami Armor Flame Empress Armor Wingblade Armor Clear Heart Clothing Farewell Fairy Tail Armor Piercing Armor Armadura Fairy Armor Purgatory Armor Wind God Armor Robe of Yūen Heart Kreuz Armor (New one) Black Wing Armor Flight Armor "Meh" ones: Heaven's Wheel Armor Sea Empress Armor Giant Armor Morning Star Armor Lightning Empress Armor (ew)
Johnny Madrazo Gamers (1 year ago)
Lucifer Morningstar Armor?
Maryu Daiku (1 year ago)
This is Excellent my friends. That Great Character. An So Cool Anime. Thanks.
Kelly Elliott (1 year ago)
heaven's Wheel is my favorite armor
Chef Bob Valentine (1 year ago)
shes like sailormoon
Krul (1 year ago)
you forgot her bow and arrow armor
Capricorn 1 (1 year ago)
She also faught midnight in a different armour think it's called cloth robe armour !
It's in! Robe of Yuen!
paula bianca (1 year ago)
i miss the magic circles
Monokuma (1 year ago)
I miss the old animations :/ MAGIC CIRCLE
Bird Man (1 year ago)
you forget the seduction armor
I am saying fighting armors in the title!
Tiahja Lahr (1 year ago)
I think her car heart clothing is her strongest since she beats everyone/ everything in they armour 😂
KGBZukhov (1 year ago)
More like Erza's Outfits before she takes them off to fight with a Katana and fire pants.
k-pop trash (1 year ago)
k-pop trash (1 year ago)
Erza Scarlet - Belserion. cool
thank you! i edited it! 😁 i have the same on my page!
k-pop trash (1 year ago)
Erza Scarlet - Belserion love your profile pic
hello! ^^
Angie Hannah (1 year ago)
Flame Empress Armor?
it's in!
Saber Nightrose (1 year ago)
they forgot her wedding dress lol
Mary Cory (1 year ago)
What is the name of the song at the end?
Mary Cory (1 year ago)
Thank You
Let it Burn from Red, the nightcore version.
George Mederos (1 year ago)
how come the Manga armour isn't in it? sh has like at least 4 more armours introduced
The title says Fighting armors so of course the seduction armor isn't in it. I am following the manga and i know those new armors, but i wanted to put actual scenes on my video. When we will have the scenes with those armors in the anime, i will update my video too! Thank you for your comment! ^_^
George Mederos (1 year ago)
and you forgot seduction armour ;)
Clara Spain (1 year ago)
You missed her wedding dress
Clara Spain (1 year ago)
I miss her theme when she transformed, it doesnt happen anymore ;;
Olivia vast (1 year ago)
wow Erza you are awesome😊 my favorite fairy tale girl member.
wolfpuppy (1 year ago)
Very lovely but I think your missing one... the seduction armor
Thats a fucking lot i dont remember a lot of it
Sailor Erza
Lucy Cao (1 year ago)
how many armor does erza has?
Alya GP (1 year ago)
Sorry for my bad english, which anime is it?
it's Fairy Tail
Nina Ojsteršek (1 year ago)
Its 1 armor more lol.From the movie
Muhd Afiq Zaharudin (1 year ago)
i was expecting the kyaaa moment
A'vallah (1 year ago)
English dub version PLEASE
Azri Ahmad (1 year ago)
anime crush
gray angel (2 years ago)
erza have nakagami and wind god armor
also in the video there is the Nakagami Armor!
gee, i know that. but in the video i have put actual scenes. i don't want to use simple images in my video. when we will have the scenes i will update my video too.
gray angel (2 years ago)
Erza Titania Scarlet erza use nakagami in her battle with minerva he use it in grand magic games and in manga erza use wind god armor to eliminate ajeel sand storm
yes, but we haven's seen themin the anime! once we see them, the video will be updated!
Anime Mouse (2 years ago)
doesn't she have a cat one
I am saying Fighting Armors in the title!
Raven24 (2 years ago)
Erza is my favorite
Smetal 8 (2 years ago)
one of my favorite anime characters and also you used one of my favorite songs in your outro congrats mate! :)
Smetal 8 (2 years ago)
παρακαλω! :)
thank you very much! ^^
Luna Castillo (2 years ago)
I love erza😍😍😍😖
Levihan Nightcore (2 years ago)
I really Misss the Magic Circles ;n;
Weebee Ivy (1 year ago)
I know right?! It made everyone look so badass.
i agree! i hope the animation in the new season will be the same as the first one!
Jajajajaja (2 years ago)
You know that saying armadura fairy armor you're repeating two times the same word? Armadura=armor
Cyrus JaPzZ (2 years ago)
I am convinced👍👍👍
The Reincarnated (2 years ago)
strawberry armor
_Echo Expresss_ (2 years ago)
You forgot one fairy tale armour
the video has only the fighting armors. the title says so! :)
Wubanj W (2 years ago)
Erzas amour is awesome
Erza Hatter (2 years ago)
What's song at the end ?
Erza Hatter (2 years ago)
Erza Titania Scarlet Thank's
Let it burn from Red! (nightcore)
Lucy Hearfillia (2 years ago)
For my cosplays: Heart Kreuz Armor. Heavens wheel Armor. Flame Empress armor
Scarlet Fairy (2 years ago)
Erza is my favourite character
why am i like this (2 years ago)
erza scarlet ye
貴方が神か? (2 years ago)
Rosenald Sen (1 year ago)
phhsvjGm nb hffdgvrhiycho-passhd uubhhjhuhgjthfh hdhrb u
islam temar (2 years ago)
please what's the name of the song in the end??
let it burn from red! (nightcore)
you forgot the strawberry armor and wedding one too
Ovidiu Sampalean (2 years ago)
min wu The title clearly says fighting armors
Kasoha (2 years ago)
The queen of fairies
John Allen Nisperos (2 years ago)
the armor is so amazing its 15/14
sunny (1 year ago)
John Allen Nisperos 14 is a weird number to rank things in
cyber and friends (2 years ago)
that's not all she was once fighting in a bride dress
Daniel Yoon (1 year ago)
then you could also say pure heart clothing isnt a armor
Self Confidence (2 years ago)
Cy Cat plus it's a movie only armor lol
Ovidiu Sampalean (2 years ago)
Cy Cat It says fighting armors in the title
James M (2 years ago)
Erza is just the best
Anya Black (1 year ago)
ikr?! my favorite of all time <3
Lucy Heartfilia S.L (2 years ago)
Polli oraia
Lucy μου!!!! <3
Keith Zablan (2 years ago)
Erza's weaknesses are strawberry cake, seeing Jellal while naked, and Ichiya sniffing her 'parfum'.
Myzaku (1 year ago)
Keith Zablan 😂😂😂😂
You have put them to the right order! xD
Juvia Lockser (2 years ago)
Zetro Xela (2 years ago)
besides my comments, I think this the most comments you have ever gotten.
i think the funny parts of Erza have more but this video is definitely at the top list.
Zetro Xela (2 years ago)
I swear, in almost every anime I watched/heard of there is always blood and gore/ extreme violence, and at least one of the female characters has large boobs. If it doesn't have one then it has the other
Ronny Mahendra (1 year ago)
Zetro Xela try world trigger if you dont like either, its pretty mild gore (some dismember, but censored "blood") and the boobs are not overly gigant like in most anime
Lisa Ruby (1 year ago)
Shark Bite 457 Except in the ova where levy got smashed on the wall by Erza and died (not actually dead)
Andrea O'Dell (1 year ago)
In the second movie there will blood XD I just hope the animators for the next season will finally add blood
Zetro Xela (2 years ago)
+Erza Titania Scarlet yes
Esther Faustin (2 years ago)
This kind of anime rarely shows blood it's took like 186 episodes to finally show blood They've only shown blood in the series like three or four times
go cean96 (2 years ago)
last song?
go cean96 (2 years ago)
Let it burn from Red (the nightcore version)
KA\VAII POTATO (2 years ago)
but erza still have a weakness 1: ichiya 😂 2: jellal 😘 3: cake 🎂
佐藤綾 (1 year ago)
Playliszt Man (1 year ago)
Are you... POTATO GIRL?!
KA\VAII POTATO i love eating potatoes...
Spyro Delta (1 year ago)
we know KA\VAII POTATO we know 😂😂
FallingStar (1 year ago)
KA\VAII POTATO I love potatos
Levy McGarden (2 years ago)
wow gamato video mprabooo vre 😄😘😄
Ευχαριστώ !!!!!!!!!!! <3
Zetro Xela (2 years ago)
nice work
Zetro Xela (2 years ago)
+Erza Titania Scarlet yeah. Like I said on one of your past videos I am excited to see your channel grow
thank you very much! :D
Zetro Xela (2 years ago)

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