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Propecia, Proscar, Finasteride -- PERMANENT SEXUAL SIDE EFFECTS

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Описание: 2007 Swedish TV documentary on undocumented Post-Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) permanent sexual side effects -- which can continue indefinitely after stopping the drug for a certain percentage of men. ---------- *** NEWSFLASH: SIGN UP FOR CANADIAN CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, OR REGISTER FOR POSSIBLE USA OR INTERNATIONAL PROPECIA & PROSCAR CLASS ACTION / MASS TORT LITIGATION AT *** *** DEC 2010 - BBC RADIO1 NEWS STORY -- BALDNESS DRUG PROPECIA 'RISKING MEN'S SEXUAL HEALTH'. - LISTEN TO AUDIO (9:50) @ - READ FULL NEWS STORY @ *** OCT 2010 - DOCTOR WARNS AGAINST FINASTERIDE USE IN YOUNG MEN: *** MARCH 2010 - DOCTOR CONDUCTING STUDY ON PERMANENT PROPECIA SIDE EFFECTS, REQUESTING PARTICIPANTS: PERMANENT SEXUAL SIDE EFFECTS NOW OFFICIAL IN EUROPE: DETAILS: TRANSLATED NEWS STORY: MERCK'S RESPONSE (Translated): ----------- PERMANENT ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION NOW OFFICIAL: In December 2008, the Swedish Medical Products agency concluded a safety investigation of Propecia and advise that use of Propecia may result in persistent sexual side effects. The Agency's updated safety information lists difficulty in obtaining an erection that persists even after discontinuing Propecia as a possible side effect. 2010 - SWEDISH MEDICAL AGENCY * Pg.2: "Long-term data on fertility in humans are lacking, and specific studies in subfertile men have not been conducted. The male patients who were planning to father a child were initially excluded from clinical trials... spontaneous reports of infertility and /or poor seminal quality were received post-marketing." * Pg.3: "The following have been reported in post-marketing use: persistence of erectile dysfunction after discontinuation of treatment with PROPECIA; male breast cancer" Since the Swedish Medical Products Agency is the organization within Europe that is assigned to monitor the safety of Propecia, the text in the new Prescription Information is valid for all European countries. --------------- Many young men around the world based their decision to take Finasteride in the form of Propecia 1mg or Proscar 5mg for hairloss, based on the assurances by their doctor, the FDA's Propecia clinical trials (2% of men may experience side effects) and Merck's medical literature that states any side effects experienced on the medication should resolve with continued use, or most certainly upon discontinuation. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for a certain percentage of men worldwide. These men continue to suffer (often in silence) from devastating, and thus far irreversible, mental, physical and sexual side effects from Finasteride -- despite Merck's claims that such side effects would resolve after quitting. Most in the medical community are unaware of this possibility, dismiss such claims, or do not care to investigate further as to how or why the drug can leave some men with complete loss of sex drive, shrunken penis/scrotum, Peyronie's Disease (penile fibrosis), loss of penile sensitivity, loss of spontaneous/morning/nocturnal erections, chronic fatigue, decreased mental acuity, memory recall issues and much more -- or why after quitting those with permanent issues often find their Testosterone, LH & FSH levels drop through the floor (amongst other hormonal imbalances), often to hypogonadal levels typically only seen during male Andropause in old age. Read the FAQ and Finasteride Studies section of for more information about the dangers and unlisted mechanisms of action of this drug, far beyond what Merck discloses in their advertising, medical literature and in their studies submitted to the FDA for Propecia approval. 5AR and DHT are absolutely critical for the proper mental, physical, sexual and fertility functioning of some men, and there are no guarantess that things will return to normal after taking drugs that disrupt or alter the endocrine system... including those like Finasteride that create a surrogate state of 5AR2 deficiency in men, thereby instilling a hormonal profile that matches that of a 5AR2-deficient pseudohermaphrodite. End.
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Text Comments (167)
faiz khan (1 year ago)
I have taken finasteride 0.5 mg I dont have erectile dysfunction but I cum too early while I will leave it for a month and start again after a month....hope everything goes fine
mm Hes (4 months ago)
faiz khan hey man how are the results ?
Ralph Ebbrell (3 years ago)
im on them and im well hard ha
É o que dizem! (4 years ago)
Essa droga acaba com sua cognição e com seu prazer pela vida. Você nunca mais será o homem de antes, palavra de quem tomou essa porcaria por 15 anos.
jakethemuss3 (4 years ago)
I have taken propecia and had no problems. Guess its different for everyone.
Gutshotpro (1 year ago)
Are you in NZ?
concerned11 (5 years ago)
Propecia causes PERMANENT IMPOTENCE in most men ! Merck's clinical trials are completely fraudulent ! ALsd ont fall for the fake testimonials being posted by Merck employees !!!
According to this video and the vast amounts of resources in its description, this drug has been proven to have many undesired sexual side effects.
theIibertines91 (5 years ago)
l work at Merck and I can assure you that side-effects to Propecia are not that common ! Less than 34% of people who take Propecia get sexual-dysfunction and the side-effects are not always permanent !!! So don't let some drama-fags scare you away. The benefits outweigh the risks !!!  Also Merck employees have just as much of a right to use multiple-accounts and post testimonials about propecia on youtube as anybody else.
Thirsty Tweaker (11 months ago)
34%?!?!?!??! - that's WAY TOO HIGH!!!. Terrible. 😨😖
Fernando Cunha (4 years ago)
34 % seems a lot to me.
chicagodude8888 (5 years ago)
34%? And you're admitting the possibility of sides that never go away? What's the benefit of taking a drug that's commonly used by male to female trans people to succesfully become females again? You might as well use injectable estrogen if you want to regrow your hair. You're a real scumbag and one day you fucks will be violenty targeted by pissed off PFS sufferers and I won't shed a tear if merck fucks are all shot in the head. 
THALIDO (5 years ago)
Fuck it.  Just buzz your hair down and start working out.
Zapper Zapped (5 years ago)
I once thought i could trade my high T levels for some hair. Now Finasteride has completely destroyed my libido, wiped out all possibility of an erection - ALL THIS HAPPENED WITHIN 9 HOURS OF CONSUMPTION OF 1mg FINASTERIDE.  So, my sincere advice to young people is to just let go as it is very natural to go bald. And of course, i can guarantee you more happiness in life balding but experiencing no side effects than taking this drug and suffering for a lifetime.
jwrath90 (11 months ago)
Zapper Zapped hello. Did you continue no fap and how is your hair today?
Zapper Zapped (5 years ago)
Indeed, it`s not fun. Today, i was trying to comb my hair and seems like i am able to set my hair that was awfully impossible when i used to be a fapper. Just an hour ago, i tried being very rough with my hair and only around a dozen strands of hair fell down, while 50 to 60 strands used to fall off when i used to be a chronic fapper. What i discovered was that- 8 hours of deep sleep every day, hair growth multivitamins and minerals combined with omega 3 oils and applying a little coconut oil on hair every week after shampooing to combat the dryness makes huge difference!. Honestly, i cannot conclude anything in just 1 month of disciplined practices. So, i will have to be patient.
Zapper Zapped (5 years ago)
Well, i`m just another sexually frustrated virgin. So, i used to get the urge to fap every day and ejaculate on an average every week. So, in my fapping history, the fap density is way too high. Hence the free T levels in my blood ought to be high which lead to conversion to DHT and hair loss over a period of 5 years. I joined just for the sake of disciplining myself. It took me almost 6 months to get to my longest streak as of today... 26 days of NoFap in over 10 years of frequent fapping. My life has improved awesomely!. I am more confident and i have done too many creative things. I can see others finding it difficult to do many things that i am finding much easier to do, than before. I can sleep for 6 to 8 hours that`s making me recover from a lot of immunity related diseases i had been having for years!. There`s too many positive things that happened after just 7 days of NoFap. I`m planning to make a reddit forum thread compiling and showing the photos of my scalp after a year. Let`s hope for the best and good luck to you as well!.
Zapper Zapped (5 years ago)
I guess you must be in your early 20s. I`m 29 yo virgin going bald, faster by the day. I used to be a fap addict until december of last year. I had joined NoFap and completely stopped fapping for 3 days less of a month now. I had never abstained this much, ever in my entire fap life (for almost 10-15 years). Today i noticed my hair fall had decreased dramatically as i shampooed it. I am able to set my hair style and my hair feels stiffer after applying some coconut oil. I`m gonna experiment NoFap for between 6 months and 1 year. The yield from NoFap has been tremendous, apart from hair loss recovery...
Zapper Zapped (5 years ago)
+copperhead88 Well, It took me more than 2 weeks to recover after my first 1mg dose and a lot of excitation. So, i`m extremely scared to try 1 more pill, seriously!.
SurvivingPropecia kom (5 years ago)
you were lucky your side effects went away fast. a number of people including me, suffer from it for years after quitting. luckily... at least i am better now, 6 years later
DAVID ROD (5 years ago)
Over ten Years ago I was using PROSCAR and I knew about the side effects, indee after six months my hair grew as much as my friends thought I have had a hair inplant. But I noticed an unwanted effect I didn´t feel for making love with my girlfriend any longer.. SO I guess it doesn´t worth it. Fortunally my thingi jajaja went back to normal after two months.. ;-)
uclalse (5 years ago)
I feel really sorry for the guys who are posting here, who in confidence are bragging about having taken this drug for years without problems. Just sit tight. Your health will crumble and fall, sooner or later. You will crash like you never imagined possible and your existence will be what you could imagine it would be if burning in hell. You poor souls - you don't know what is awaiting you down the line.
WOWCruiser (8 months ago)
Shag B Are you sure not even the first couple days?
Shag B (8 months ago)
took it for 3 months, didnt work for me. But no sideeffects
keeperoftheforest (5 years ago)
It truly works, however, it's like a contract with the devil, you sell your libido for your hairs.
epakerd (6 years ago)
johan liebert (6 years ago)
yep ure right , and im using proscar myself right now. for 2 months nearly
louisalsina (6 years ago)
That makes no sense. I need to take them permanently in order to benefit from the hormonal modification they provide which halts hair-loss. Without the drug, the hair-loss process starts again. Again, no signs of impotency, although middle-age is looming & my age will most probably start making me lose my libido. But that's normal loss of libido as men age - which is yet to start I reiterate - so I haven't experienced what so many men here are terrified of yet, & least of all cos of this drug.
louisalsina (6 years ago)
I only repeat what I was told by my General Practitioner regarding the background development of Propecia - it could be wrong because I wasn't told the whole story or I misunderstood, whatever... I didn't research it much cos I don't care how it was developed so long as it works. But if you're terrified of taking drugs of any sort, there are always going to be side-effects so you'll always be able to find reasons why you shouldn't take them. I only go by personal results & it works for me.
louisalsina (6 years ago)
I don't work for any pharmaceutical company. I'm just putting a different experience out there. Take it or leave it - I don't care; but I still have my hair. I have always stated that each individual person is the last ingredient in the mix with taking any drug, so it might not work for you, I don't know. All I can comment on is my personal experience; and that is all I have given. But I guess those who come here only want to hear failure stories. Sorry to disappoint but it works for me.
twosure94 (6 years ago)
Propecia causes Permanent Impotence in a high-percentage of men - but - doctors are Not Reporting Adverse-Reactions to Regulatory Agencies !
johan liebert (6 years ago)
i dont think this guy works for merck because he is a moron who thinks propecia is given to people with prostate cancer. its given to people with enlarged prostates, but shouldnt we warn people about aspirens? every year thousends of people are dying of that, propecia is save enough to take it
ZephyrusPT (6 years ago)
My college is studying problems with erection and the major cause of this problem is lack of androgens like DHT and testosterone, you need DHT to avoid fibrosis of your penis tissues. When you can achieve an erection with manual stimulation or you have some morning erections there's still hope, but you'll need at least ONE year to recover your hormonal health, one year without alchool, caffeine, tobacco, and with healthy nutrition, gym and sun.
ZephyrusPT (6 years ago)
*two months ago
ZephyrusPT (6 years ago)
Well I've stopped two months after 4 years and half taking the drug, now I can memorize again BUT I still have erection problems, I can't sustain an erection, yesterday while I was having sex my erection stopped suddenly, it was horrible and now I feel that my relationship is going to end because i'm impotent. Don't believe them, I've read many testimonials and if you're lucky you'll have normal erections again after 1, 5 or 10 years. I have some hope because I still have (weak) morning erection
Justjt777 (6 years ago)
and why the fuck have you been using it for 11 years? yeah, since you needed it for 11 years. fuck you. you're probably impotent.
Paul Bancroft (6 years ago)
I took propecia for 3 months, got some hair back but completely lost my sex drive and the ability to get an erection, nipples went very sensitive and I put weight on around the hips and stomach and generally went flabby, losing muscle etc., I stopped 3 months ago and things are getting back to normal again albeit VERY slowly but at least I'm showing signs of recovery. Stay the f##k away from this drug. Seriously, this is a 100% genuine posting from a very lucky propecia survivor ( hopefully )
Focus Your Audio (6 years ago)
1 OUT OF 100... OR... 1 OUT OF 1000? that's the same as saying 10 OUT OF 1000 ISN'T IT? JUST DOING THE MATH...
louisalsina (6 years ago)
I've been taking Finasteride (the active drug in Propecia & Proscar) for 11 years and I've had none of these bad side-effects, neither with penile shrinkage or libido. I started taking it when I was 24, and the only side-effect it's had is the intended one - halting hair loss, and getting some regrowth. Not everyone has a bad experience, and I just want to let people know that. Based on my positive experience I would recommend the drug as a reasonable hair loss solution.
louisalsina (6 years ago)
Proscar is given to patients with Prostate Cancer (5mg Finasteride per tablet); whilst Propecia is only 1mg Fina./tablet. Doctors didn't know that Finasteride would halt the hair loss process, but it was noticed as a side effect of these old men taking the cancer drug & actually regaining their hair. So both products have the same active drug, but at varying levels & for different purposes. I take 1/4 Proscar tablet daily (cos it's cheaper), have no bad side-effects, only halted hair loss.
louisalsina (6 years ago)
I've been taking Finasteride for 11 years (I don't take Propecia; I take Proscar instead at a reduced rate (i.e. a 1/4 tablet per day) cos it works out cheaper and is equivalent to one Propecia tablet). I just turned 35 y. old and I have not had any of these bad side-effects, and my hair loss was halted completely. Like with all drugs, the person taking them is the last ingredient in the mix, and sometimes people just don't agree with them. But you don't know unless you try... I did & no regrets
Saint924 (6 years ago)
Sux to be this guy. If I were him I'd shoot some Testosterone up and see if that helps. Maybe one cycle of Test E 500mg's can reset his body's hormone balance. It would be better to give it a shot than live the rest of his life with a limp dick.
Michael Jacklone (6 years ago)
you might as well keep taking it now buddy youve got nothin to lose
thanos asfdvs (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff be a man and take a decision then
resiliente77 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff don´t do it man, a new hope is around, take a look at this site its about "Hair Cloning Clinical" (aderansresearch) next years a new technology will prevent any man from becoming bald. they will clone your side hairs and reimplant on the front, and they can do it as many times needed, so start saving your money,
makinbacon855 (7 years ago)
ive been taking finasteride 1 - 2.5 mg a day for the last two years, NO SIDE AFFECTS and have regained the hair that was starting to thin out on the crown of my head
resiliente77 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff It seens like it´s getting a little better... anyway, why dont you just get bald and make a hair restoration cirurgically after that ( I wont be playing around with medicines againg, ever) you cannot imagine how desperate is the possibility of getting impotent for the rest of your life. take care and good look
resiliente77 (7 years ago)
@pustel I dont know if i already asked, but. Im in the same situation here, i´d like to know if you got better, how long did it take, and what you did, please answer as fast as possible, Im really, really worried
resiliente77 (7 years ago)
@barberoliv do it
resiliente77 (7 years ago)
@pustel I`m in the same situation that you were when you made this comment, how are you now? did you get better? how long did take? please answer fast as possible, I desperate (running the risk of loosing my girlfriend)
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff it depends on how serious you are about keeping your hair, as i said side effects will go away after a few days you are off the propecia, at 23 you are young so if you go bald before you are 25 you might want to get a more long-term solution like hair transplant, propecia should be a medium-term strategy
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff any side effect (only 5% of people taking propecia claim to have them) will wear off within days you stop taking the drug. but fair enough. how about hair transplant? i am gonna quit propecia for good now and will get a transplant next year
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff cos it is a drug and like any other drug takes a toll on the liver after long use
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff I have been onand off propecia for 8 years, i take it for about 8 months a year then i give myself a break for 4 months. i start losing my hair after 3 months. my side effects went away within 2/3 weeks. propecia works well ofr memy baldness is hereditary. for side effects depends on the person, it works for me might not work for you. hope it helps
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff It does not, at least it didn't happen to me. However, I experienced occasional testicular pain and a decrease in semen production. But those side effects went away as soon as I came off propecia
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff It has worked well for me, i was able to keep my hair and regrow some that i lost. the mild side effects for me were testicular pain and lower semen production. i only take it for 7/8 months a year so i give my body a break. If you are serious about keeping your hair either propecia or a hair transplant. why dont you give it a shot for 6 months and see how you feel
Andrei Dumitrescu (7 years ago)
Hey guys, been on Propecia for 3.5 years, I'm 28, grew back almost all hair that was thinning in vertex and hairline, and my libido actually improved after taking it. I know this for sure, since before I started taking it I had problems, and after a year on it, libido just got better. I do believe there's probably long-term effects for some people, I mean you're messing with hormones, but I just monitor myself and will keep taking it. It has done wonders for my confidence and cannot complain.
jwrath90 (11 months ago)
Andrei Dumitrescu hello, any updates or advice ?
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
@GameRelatedStuff actually I am not. I experienced mild testicular pain during the first year and a decrease in semen production but those went away after a while
petitprince1 (7 years ago)
I have been on propecia for 9 years and never once experienced any side effects, my libido and my sexual functions are all intact
James Bond (7 years ago)
@fenotipobombay keep dreaming. It has effected most people I know who were on it. ITS DANGEROUS AND PEOPLE SHOULD NOT TAKE IT.
guru prasanna (7 years ago)
Stay out of this fuckin drug!! It took me just 2 days to put me off balance for a while!!
troymadison (7 years ago)
was about to start taking it but you scared me away
monkeylla (7 years ago)
Accutane has been known to cause sexual side effects too. Hans Peterson killed Dr. David Cornbleet for prescribing him accutane and consequently causing him impotence. like finasteride (for hair loss), accutane(for acne) has caused very similar side effects. I don't see Hans as a bad person. he was confused and angry at his doctor for misguiding him about the drug. I am too with my doctor for causing me these problems so i have empathy for Hans. i don't think he deserves the hate criticism.
monkeylla (7 years ago)
@BeavisHead2010 hi I am 24 now and this is not really related to finasteride but i have taken a drug that has caused me and so many others long term side effects. for me, it was accutane for acne but you guys took propecia for hair loss. Roche (the makers of accutane) like Merck, have evidently known about the dangers but hid them from the public. A lot of our side effects are similar to what you guys experience so we have our share of suffering too. and i just want to say I feel your pain.
IllusiveSheen (7 years ago)
So I just decided to have a wank for the hell of it to see if everything's still okay and rest assured, I had to take my hand into play to get a full erection while looking at porn and my semen is watery. Holy mother of god, TWO DAYS : D
IllusiveSheen (7 years ago)
I took my second pill of Finasteride today and although I might partly be imagining it because I've been reading hundreds of Propecia horror stories by now, there is a certain "feeling" to my dick now - not exactly coldness but something like it. I can't imagine side effects kicking in after *two pills*, but whatever the case I'm feeling sexually worse now than a few days ago and two pills will be all I consume of this drug. Hopefully nothing really bad has had time to happen yet.
JOHN SMITH (7 years ago)
i have been taking this drug for 2 years, look make no mistake about it, it does what it says it stops hairloss, i havent had any shedding since i took it, i do believe though it does have sides, im lucky cause mine are minimal, like i dont ever get random boners anymore, but when it comes to crunch time i have no problems, i do believe the guys like in this video, you just have to make a decision whats more important having hair or your penis fucntion, guess im just lucky i havent lost tht
jwrath90 (11 months ago)
JOHN SMITH hello, now that some time has passed. What are your updates ?
butsex iSslippery (7 years ago)
the into to this video is epic
drumzwizard (7 years ago)
Been on it six months with incredible results. Bald spot now has completely filled in and receding areas are quickly covering up! Barely any side effects!
bornbranded29 (7 years ago)
I've used finasteride for about 11 years. It has helped me maintain a full head of hair, without causing any observable side effects. I guess I'm lucky. I wonder how this medicine causes impotence in those who are sensitive to it. Anyway, good luck getting better. And if it's not possible, make lemonade out of these lemons: do some group therapy (meet up groups), individual therapy, etc. I'm a therapist, and therapy really works. God bless.
uğur acar (7 years ago)
birisi türkceye cevırsın genel anlamda ne dıyor.bende kullanıyorum bu ılacı.yan etkısı yasamadım. sadece menıde azalma olabılır.yan etkı süresı ne zaman dılımınde etkısını kaybedıyor.ben bu ılacı ömür boyu demıyımde baya bı kullancam.lütfen yardımcı olun
uğur acar (7 years ago)
do you speka turkısh? I don't understand. can you help me ?
egringo (7 years ago)
thank god i saw the news today and watched here, i was considering to come back to propecia after 1 year... i rather have my penis happy
5hadowl872 (7 years ago)
I've been waiting for 1 1/2 years for something to happen. Well it's been 1 1/2 yrs and the only thing that has change in my life is my new hair. Maybe I might be one of the lucky ones but my sexual drive is the same, my libido hasn't change, I'm starting to believe is that men blame their sexual drive on this drug. The older you get the sex drive will go down, the fatter you get the sex drive will go down. Joing a GYM or buy VIAGRA and get over it. Still waiting and no side effects.
Charles (7 years ago)
Hair is more important.
suroj (8 years ago)
I love me penis more than my hair
chara1ampos (8 years ago)
@fenotipobombay The percentage is 2% while on propecia, and much higher later, since side effects show up in long term. Would you be making this comment if you were in the unlucky percent of people?
AVLRECORDS (8 years ago)
They all looked like they took too much speed and weed as well................
fenotipobombay (8 years ago)
DONT'YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS MAN REPRESENT JUST A 0,00000001% OF THE PEOPLE SUCCESSFULLY USING PROPECIA? he could alread have an endocrinal problems BEFORE the treatment, we don't know... and what about his libido BEFORE? no matters, like doesnt matter his psicological background.... as we all know men are incredibly touched about side effects on their penis!
fenotipobombay (8 years ago)
i think that there is too much disinformation about side effects of PROPECIA... millions of males used propecia, having their hairs grown and never had a problem... I also think that in these so- called permanent disfunction, psicology plays the biggest game.. never undervalue male's touchness about his penis.. If a 0,0005 % of men using propecia had bad effects that's not a good reason to make incredibly biased video like this: respect to the 99;9999% men who used the drug solving a problem
Steve Stevenson (8 years ago)
@JetBlack7000 wow same here dude ! I just watched this video and it blew my mind, i was so hyped to start using the drug, but seeing this just puts me off, well i guess ill be going bald, vin diesel haircut here i come !
fokojan (8 years ago)
while i agree that side effects are real for some, or many men, and i would really like that specialists investigate permanent effects further, i still have to emphasize that the "mind" is a strong player here. i thought i was suffering from sides after a few expriences, but just last week i had the maddest action ever and realized that the problems i thought were seriously games of my mind... just dont jump to conlusions too fast!
Geir Amund Lindberget (8 years ago)
I used this poison for about a year. I stopped 4 years ago when I started to notice a big drop in libido. After I stopped I became allmost impotent, and it has barely gotten any better in the 4 years. FUCK merck!
John Smith (8 years ago)
Possibly retain hair and have no sex drive vs balding and retain sex drive? Hmmm... I think a normal sex drive is more important... It's what us men live for. Fuck propecia
smoothcollected (8 years ago)
@cronaldofan017 and another question, does these products grow hair where use to be and can not be seen by the naked eye
smoothcollected (8 years ago)
@cronaldofan017 what is saw palmetto
Charles (8 years ago)
I think that you guys are exaggerating! You guys are complaining about taking the normal dose of 1 mg. I have hair loss so I went on Finasteride 5 mg, and I've been on it for over a month and don't have any side effects yet.
fokojan (8 years ago)
guys i have been taking this for 1 year. i think i have mild effects, i am not as horny as i used to be, but i am not sure.. libido and ED is a very mixed phenomenen.but ysterday i hooked up wiht a chick and i was tired because of work and sports and lack of sleep i had a good wood but once she got on top and we changed positions i lost my wood..i am worrying its propecia but maybe its cuz i was tired, i still get erections whn i want but less random day erections..
Al Hendrix (8 years ago)
What about generic finasteride? The doseage is less.
Oliver Barber (8 years ago)
I bought some Propecia a few days ago. I have it in my draw but have not taken any yet. After watching this video I think I'm going to go bald and see if I can get a refund!
cronaldofan017 (8 years ago)
@jimbobusm Be patient brother. You don't have to use these products forever because they can be cycled just like body builders cycle their steroid usage. Another thing, hair falling while treating it is normal. Hair fall while using a product mostly means that it's working and your hair follicles are going into a new growth face for new hairs to grow. Trust me, I've been using Saw Palmetto, Rogain and Maxi Hair Vitamin and I can't complain.
Heddi Lee (8 years ago)
@BeavisHead2010 you are right mister. it destroyed you and i and i believe many others.
Heddi Lee (8 years ago)
it seems like there is no connection between the brain and the penis. further research and proper investigation about this drugs are necessary. i think the study conducted by merck are not represent the majority of men. propecia has side effects and its permanent. some maybe claim that they are not affected BUT that's only a matter of time. this side effects is real and very true.
concerned11 (8 years ago)
"TheFreeFlow" is a Merck Employee!
jest544 (8 years ago)
The side-effects from Propecia are very real and very PERMANENT ! There should be a full investigation on how this poison-drug got approved !
theIibertines91 (8 years ago)
if any doctor attempts to report adverse-reactions associated with Propecia without adequate proof... they could be exposing their practise to litigation! Just a friendly reminder from your friends at Merck.
orangedac (8 years ago)
been using proscar for 6 years now, i've had no problems. many people watch these videos and read these comments and start imagining they have problems even if they don't.
concerned11 (8 years ago)
STAY AWAY FROM THE DRUG PROPECIA!!! I used this drug for 6-months back in 2000 and suffered PERMANENT SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION!!! This nightmare has occured to many other men. Some of whom have since committed SUICIDE! Don't believe the study-numbers being "published" by Merck. Those bastards lied right through their teeth. If you have hairloss, just use an anti-dandruff shampoo and take high-dose saw-palmetto. Those 2 things will stop hairloss safely and cheaply.
Patrick Cosgrove (8 years ago)
have been taking it for 3 years now. doesnt actually give you hair back so you wont be 'amazed ' by the results. keeps what you have got. My libido is still as fine as ever. its a very benign drug.
jwrath90 (11 months ago)
Patrick Cosgrove hello, do you have any updates or advice ?
rambaran2004 (8 years ago)
i used propecia for about 5 months, within about 2 months my sex drive was diminished, my semen production was greatly reduced, my eyebrows began to thin, I had bowel problems, my chest began to gain fatty tissue beneath the nipple area, confirmed w small stretch marks bilaterally, I dont think its worth it, after i stopped, after a few months sex drive came back, but I can honestly say its not what it used to be, I think its becuase of this drug, no coincidence. im 29 y/o
Wowbagger (8 years ago)
Impotent, bald... potato, potato. If you're not haveing the body of Vin Diesel you're gonna loose your confidence with the hair and the girls gonna shun you anyway.
DINO BRAVO (8 years ago)
Wow and I thought it was just me. I tried Propecia about two years ago. In just two months, I saw results; however, I felt like a women. I was depressed and very emotional. My hormones were a mess. I stopped and felt normal again after three weeks. I guess I was lucky.
Jamal M (8 years ago)
This is why I will go bald before I touch propecia. I'm trying beta sitosterol, been on its solid for about a month and I hope it will work
jronzani (9 years ago)
Demo5 (9 years ago)
cach 22 ,go bald have the sex urge but no one will want to shear it with you. take pill have hair get someone to shear it with and no sex urge .damm.
Eddy Jay (9 years ago)
so Propecia and Finasteride are the same?
Justin Lloyd (9 years ago)
This is definitely nerve racking information. I've been taking Propecia since I was 18 (now 29) and am probably one of the first to start taking it. I have a twin brother, and he's definitely very thin on top, while I have a full head of hair, so it *definitely* works. I also haven't really noticed any side effects, but who knows if it's a 10% decrease in sexual function or even 20%. However, thinking back, I know I'm not quite the same as I was when I was younger, even a year after.
concerned11 (9 years ago)
STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE DRUG PROPECIA!! I used it and it caused me PERMANENT SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION! This nightmare has occured to many other men as well! If you have hairloss, just use an anti-dandruff shampoo and take high-dose saw-palmetto.
xterrasesc (9 years ago)
I mean 1000 mg of Saw Palmeto man! Read the previous comments. I was replying to someone else. So yeah...STFU and read things properly.
xterrasesc (9 years ago)
You dont know what ur talking about! At least give some facts if ur gona tell me I don't make sense.
xterrasesc (9 years ago)
I take about 1000 mg a day and have no side affects. My penis still works
xterrasesc (9 years ago)
I'm only 23 and have hairloss starting. I won't touch Propecia after doing research. I've been taking Saw Palmetto for the last little while, hopefully it will help.

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