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Finasteride Propecia Proscar results

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Описание: How to grow back your hair. My results so far using only 1mg finasteride daily. Please like and subscribe to see future results. May the hair be with you
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Text Comments (34)
Gurdeep Singh (2 months ago)
Finasteride kha se purchase kar sakte hai sent karo
Ricardo M (8 months ago)
Which shampoo did you use?
Souveek Roy (11 months ago)
Hi bro , you consume 1 mg or half of it ?
Sentel axe (9 months ago)
Hey i got a question, i bought the drug but it doesn't say propecia or proscar it just got the name finasteride 5 mg from pharmaS film coated i was wondering if its still the same i also cut it in 4 pieces to get roughly 1.25
Souveek Roy (10 months ago)
My Hair Regrowth Journey I just want to grow hair @ temples
My Hair Regrowth Journey (10 months ago)
+Souveek Roy hey mate sorry for the late reply. I was on 1mg a day, using the generic brand as it was 1/3 of the price
qtube15 (1 year ago)
any updates? I just started using this would like to know how you're going?
My Hair Regrowth Journey (5 months ago)
qtube15 what about you bro? any results you can share? I just started using it too.
qtube15 (1 year ago)
I thought it looked like you had really good results, but can understand you not wanting to take it. Thanks for your reply.
+qtube15 ive stopped taking not due to lack of results or negative side effects just popping a pill every day disnt suit my life style. Good luck with it mate.
DᎯNNᎽ BᎾᎽ (1 year ago)
man brings tears to my eyes.. i really wish this would happen to me. just started taking finasteride 1mg today. really hoping it makes mine grow too. i can care less if i have to take it all my life. as long as i get my hair back :'( so happy for u bro. did u use mixodil as well or just finasteride? let me know man, thanks for sharing
mm Hes (4 months ago)
DᎯNNᎽ BᎾᎽ does it work ?
devlon5 (8 months ago)
masturbation does not cause baldness, silly :)
Abhishek Peter (1 year ago)
DᎯNNᎽ BᎾᎽ..ever heard of nofap community on reddit...plz read
qtube15 (1 year ago)
any updates ? How's it going? I just started.
Ali Mohamed (1 year ago)
Geek Geek was your hair growing
Kora Mailbox (1 year ago)
Hi, Do you have a new video?
+Kora Mailbox new vid will be ready soon

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