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Описание: This is about my Benadryl experience and tips on taking this drug. ((THIS DRUG IS NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH DONT USE THIS DRUG TO GET HIGH!!!!)) If you try it anyway, whatever.TAKE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! Check this video out
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QU4S1 (1 month ago)
you are a piece of stinky shit. kids watch this you loser!!!!!
XD_Japandad05 -_- (2 months ago)
How many do you take
MIke Sweeney (2 months ago)
can u still use advil pm instead of benadryl??
MIke Sweeney (1 month ago)
123 123 ??
123 123 (1 month ago)
nova offical (2 months ago)
i took 4 pills of 50mg benadral and im 75 pounds will i die
nova offical (1 month ago)
+Trippy OG i didnt
Trippy OG (1 month ago)
nova offical yes
Tyler Cs (3 months ago)
Night at the museum Owen Wilson cowboy "wow" xD
xXGothboycliqueXx (3 months ago)
How many should I take to get high?
123 123 (1 month ago)
Jean Jent (4 months ago)
I take 9 pills and for me I usually get hallucinations and I hear things I will never forget this one time I was home alone and I kept hearing my brother scream I ran around the house but nobody was home and I will be texting and it's like I am making a story up and they feel real like they are happening in real life, I'll come back to reality and I was typing a weird thing about my grandpa but I honestly love it i just like the high of it my only problem is I can't see my phone screen cuz it is supper blurry and if takes about 30 min to a hour to kik in
Crack Lie (5 months ago)
MrToestie (4 months ago)
Crack Lie I’ve been on the fence of if it’s even worth trying this stuff for a while. But after I shit load of looking around, I’d say 200mg for a safety go, and just go from there. (Seems to me it’s highly dependent on your weight and tolerance)
Crack Lie (5 months ago)
Funny as shit
Amber Starr Banks (6 months ago)
Lmao saw little cowboys riding on horses and shit🤣🤣
bridget (6 months ago)
most i ever took was 35 pills and it was the worst trip of my life
David Young (7 months ago)
I love bens. I love seeing shit. But hearing thing is what freaks me tf out. I love them becuz i become unaware of a lot like my parents and school. I take 20 a time...o
iStaysippinpink (8 months ago)
anyone knows how mutch dose of benadryl should i take for the first time and how should I use it: put in water and wait till it melts or I just put in my mouth and then take some water so I can shallow it??
Allisyn Wooderson (8 months ago)
" i am not a druggie" sounds like some a druggie would say... *squints eyes*
midgetninja 23 (8 months ago)
The Scottish Guy (9 months ago)
cowboys and horses riding in my room and shit
iced glitcher (9 months ago)
I did this shit and i seen a damn clown in my closet
OOF NIBBA (9 months ago)
I was on benadryl and saw no fucking spiders
Mike K (10 months ago)
I looked into the mirror it wasn't that bad.
Dest Got Heat (1 year ago)
3:20 AWWW LOL “Happy as a peach“. 😂😂❣️😂
Xnbhdx (1 year ago)
I took 3 pills of Benadryl and the first thing i saw when I realized I was seeing shit was a car quickly run past my walls (they were shadows) then I saw a guy dancing and that was my favorite one 😂 Then I saw spiders and freaked out ;-; rn I’m still kinda seeing spiders AND I got school today ;-; but I did it to myself i guess it’s whatever I’m used to it rn. I put my foot on one of the shadows and it was still there but I’m trying to act real calm 😋
iStaysippinpink (8 months ago)
when you see spiders what you did? and the pills you put in water and waited till they melt or you put in your mouth and drank some water to shallow them??
sonia rodriguez (1 year ago)
just take some acid dude pills are disgusting and doesnt even sound fun
Noah Is Cool (8 months ago)
sonia rodriguez if the dumbass government would legalize and regulate psychedelics we wouldn't have to do dumbass shit to hallucinate
Chris _ (1 year ago)
How long does it last
Yagavitch (1 year ago)
Am i the only watching this high on benadryl
Caitlyn Wilson (24 days ago)
I don’t think I’d be watching this if I wasn’t lmao
Alex VVG (2 months ago)
I just mixed some with squirt
desolate.joshlerr (3 months ago)
+Maggieroni and Cheese wow edgy, go slit your wrists
2Gøøn ツ (4 months ago)
andrew delgadillo neither.. get clean 😒
2Gøøn ツ (4 months ago)
Jimmy Hopkins I Stopped Popping Pills, I’m 1/2 Months Clean 🥳 I Thought The High Was Cool But Afterwards The Feeling Is Fucked!!
sdivine13 (1 year ago)
I stare in the mirror after taking 8 hits of acid all the time.
Comedy Class (2 months ago)
You are a God. What was the mg?
Noah Is Cool (8 months ago)
sdivine13 psychedelics and deliriants are different
justin Goulart (1 year ago)
sdivine13 oml😂
Hugo Arellano (1 year ago)
I take 150 mg and feel just fine
Tristian Vaughn (1 year ago)
Hugo Arellano take 25-25mg
Anonymous nigger (1 year ago)
Kendal Stroble (1 year ago)
Lil B-Rok (1 year ago)
If u only take 100 mg then u don't trip. U either feel really lightweight or like you're walkin thru wet cement. I'm feelin the lightweightness rn. I wasn't even tryna get high, I was tryna b able to go ti sleep, but I got a nice lil buzz. They don't even make me tired anymore bc I have really bad allergies n insomnia so I take them every couple days
dg_angel 001 (1 year ago)
dph, its different for everyone. .. im fine been doing it for a long time, i learned to stay calm n control myself. i do it in public n around family. never got caught. but that's just me
Dalton oof harvey (2 months ago)
+Tristian Vaughn I took 48
Tristian Vaughn (1 year ago)
d&g jess take 30 of them then.
Hugo Arellano (1 year ago)
I don't take doses high enough for hallucinations or to be scared. I take about 100 milligrams and it feels damn good.
[sirenic] (4 months ago)
150-250 is kinda like weed 300-600 will make you have hallucinations
[sirenic] (4 months ago)
Blue Flame I usually take 10-15 25mg pills but shit man I've done 20 before school
Blue Flame (7 months ago)
QuintenBollow is 150mg safe
500 Subs No Videos (9 months ago)
QuintenBollow (1 year ago)
Zuzu HD massage your prostate, it will release endorphins in your brain multiplying the effects in a safe way
Yinx (1 year ago)
Mike Yung (1 year ago)
Yinx same here
Briar Drafts (2 years ago)
i ran out of weed , and i ain't smoked in 2 weeks.. how many pills do i take ?
123 123 (1 month ago)
Parker Jones (4 months ago)
Same bro i stopped smoking two days ago gonna have to get use to this shit till i get another cartridge
[sirenic] (4 months ago)
12 is a good starter dose don't go above 20
Helen Smith (1 year ago)
Briar Drafts like 20 or 16
Lorna Sanchez (2 years ago)
Mix orange juice and chop up garlic cloves into pieces it can fix the nausea
Green Eyez09 (2 years ago)
its for the experience mannnnn
Stormrage123 (2 years ago)
Nothing wrong with being a druggie
Victoria Mitchell (4 months ago)
Kinda is, as in it's unhealthy but, it doesn't make you a bad person & nobody should hate you for it or something.
Drowzzzy VDA (11 months ago)
A B You’re A Fuckin Idiot Whiteboy
TripleMDoubleN (1 year ago)
Stormrage123 hell nah!!!
Dick Johnson (1 year ago)
A B..... You a special kinda retard aren't you?
Kingoval 29 (2 years ago)
A B truu
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
Try looking at my new video
Wiggi Jiggi (2 years ago)
Does the nausea last the whole time
GuitarGodSam 69 (10 months ago)
Mike Yung shittt
xvaipe (2 years ago)
if you use tussin
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
+Crystal Meth  yeah
naszir Johnson (2 years ago)
naszir Johnson (2 years ago)
at my school we was talking about you that shit was funny keep making video's
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
+naszir Johnson  lol,thx dude.
naszir Johnson (2 years ago)
they say it feel like you in Hell
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
well not really. Depending the person you feel really heavy and have dry mouth, I guess thats enough to make u feel like their in hell,But dont try this please.
naszir Johnson (2 years ago)
how many you take
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
+Hello Hi Thanks man.Yea it was hell but I'm good. 
Hello Hi (2 years ago)
+Mike Yung that's awful. Luckily (or unluckily) I have epilepsy so I'm prescribed medication that prevents seizures (it reacts with DPH, but not severely. I checked before I did it). But man, glad you're okay, honestly
Mike Dean (2 years ago)
+Hello Hi HOLY SHIT DUDE, the exact thing happened to me a couple months ago, I took 1000mg and ended up in the ER the only difference was I actually took the IV out, blood everywhere.
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
+Hello Hi Damn dude,that's scary. I know when I went to the hospital my grandpa found me passed out having seizures. The whole time I was out I thought I was at gym with my cousin working out. It felt so real  ,but in reality I was at the hospital. I remember one of the nurses or doctor ,one of them telling me that I died for about 2mins how they brought me back idk. When I woke up the doctors done a spinal tap on me and if you don't know what that is a spinal tap is, it's when they insert a BIG ass needle into your spine to see what kind of drug you've taken. The whole time in the hospital I was seeing crazy shit.Example, While I was in the (hospital this at night) I start to see this dark figure out the corner of my eye and as the night progress it took shape it was a figure of a women.Kind of like a shadow those shadow people. I remember her being on the side of my bed whispering nonsense. Also huge spiders Anyway sorry for this long paragraph.
Hello Hi (2 years ago)
+Mike Yung true. I was sent to the ER two nights ago after I took 750mg. It terrified my parents because I was shaking, my pulse was 190bpm, and I was talking to people that weren't there and I was hallucinating that I was playing videogames on a TV that was on my ceiling. My mom drove me to the hospital and I was so f*cked up that I actually tried taking my IV out. I kept talking to people who didn't exist and when I was given the little handheld urinal things you pee into for drug tests, I pissed in the trash can because I thought it was a toilet. It was a good time though and I plan on doing it again, just in smaller doses. Definitely scary for my mom and dad though
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
that one dude (2 years ago)
go with lsd, or shrooms, they are much better and safer drugs, one could say "cleaner." not so dissociative like dph
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
+that one dude  It's LSD fails then its back to GOOD ol marry. :)
that one dude (2 years ago)
+Mike Yung definitely better bro. if you can get some i 100% recommend giving it a try. Good acid never disappoints, for me at least.
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
+that one dude  If its better ,I'm on broad!
that one dude (2 years ago)
+Mike Yung i feel it. im never fuckin with it again, stickin to LSD
Mike Yung (2 years ago)
+that one dude  Dude I don't even do this anymore.That stuff is FUCK'D UP!
sparrow Helm (3 years ago)
ok I take just benedryle at night for my allergies and I noticed it messing with my memory that all I take I don't take it with anything else because I am not into drugs. so is that what we are talking about??? I am confused by this.
Ryan H (2 years ago)
Taking 300mg+ makes you delirious
Andrew Smith (3 years ago)
Auditory hallucination" LOOOOL omg who the fuck r u? I just took 25 @ 25mg and smooking a spliff its just been 1 hr
Forrest pump (2 years ago)
Andrew Smith 25 mg isnt enough retard to hallucinate u need about 300-450mg
Andrew Smith (3 years ago)
" I am not a druggie..." LOOOOOOL
CJ GUY (3 years ago)
In general guys just do this shit on occasion DO NOT DO THIS SHIT REGULARLY you can get addicted and it is bad for your heart.
Hypocritikill BXXX (1 year ago)
Mike Yung How did you end up there? Did you trip out and crack ya head?
Mike Yung (3 years ago)
No I actually don't do this any more I stopped doing it when ended up in the hospital.
yadig (3 years ago)
u smile the same as me lol
John Morris (3 years ago)
I think it permanently messes up your brain. I still see things pop out at me and jiggle around nearly all the time
Julian Lopez (1 month ago)
John Morris You mean eye floaties?
The Sibling Duet (2 months ago)
That happens to me now and i havent even tried benadryl
Causticghoul (3 years ago)
I took it with weed and saw a fucking ghost running past my car
Causticghoul (2 years ago)
Did she give you her great wisdom?
Hello Hi (2 years ago)
My mom turned into a sparkling centipede
Isaac Trent (3 years ago)
but yeah u see some random shit
Isaac Trent (3 years ago)
haha I love this guy I don't do drugs I just smoke weed man hell yeah cannabis is not a drug
desolate.joshlerr (2 months ago)
GodTierLotion It’s still a drug lmfaooo
Dalton oof harvey (2 months ago)
Weed is a drug fathole
desolate.joshlerr (3 months ago)
I think you already lost brain cells lmfao.
Kyle Varma (9 months ago)
Weed is a drug, it’s just a fact, but you’re right that we shouldn’t just assume something is bad because it’s a drug.
GodTierLotion (2 years ago)
its a plant.
Mike Yung (3 years ago)
Mike Yung (3 years ago)
Coty Frank (3 years ago)
better advice you can go outside and be around your family and shit Don't take fucking restarted amounts cause your probably not gonna have fun. don't know if the doses and you'll have a fun trip yeah loud noises and shit will still scare you you'll see the blurry shit above buildings and shelves and shit but you won't see spiders or start trippen bad you'll actually be able to have fun with it and have a good trip cause you can go places the cotton mouth ain't to bad you just gotta deal with heavy ass legs and arms. if your looking for a bad trip go take some welbutron 354 mg like 7 of them by the end of the day you'll have spiders chasing after your ass and you'll be scared of them for quite a while after 👌😂
jay yo (3 years ago)
I love being outside but by myself on it. Look at the sky man. it was the most beautiful visual I've ever had on it. it was very intense though to start seeing those transparent things in the sky & it become 2D right in your face. But honestly exploring on this substance is amazing haha.
sabribri garcia (3 years ago)
I wish I could stay awake
Mike Yung (3 years ago)
It's old, just check it out though if you feel like to learn about happened to me.
Lucifers Drive (3 years ago)
The long term affect is depression and you start having trouble remembering shit, i pound down 30 a time shits bad for you but i love it.
RebDiAngelo0242 (4 months ago)
+Lucifers Drive i also haven't seen spiders, i honestly think that since people read it off erowid they assume they WILL see spiders so they see them.
ABC DEF (3 years ago)
250 milligrams *NOT AT NIGHT* (at night you will be creeped out and hear shit just due to the nature of it) makes me feel nice and slumped and I slur and am relaxed. Anymore than that and it's no fun
swarmy (3 years ago)
+Word Play I take about 300mg aday, sometimes 900mg, doesn't real have an effect on me anymore though, it does but not the full effect from the first few times, I would have to take 1200mg to get the same effect I use to get.
Word Play (3 years ago)
+Lucifers Drive yeeaahh. ii took 2-300 mg a day for months on months
Lucifers Drive (3 years ago)
+Bloodforthe Bloodgod till about tomorrow night to now you will fell "funny" and your eyes will be dialed. The only way not to see spiders and bad people is to be in a good environment, like triping with your best friend listening to realxing music. I've triped on benadryal 100+ times and im the only guy i know who hasnt seen spiders.
Akashdeep Singh (3 years ago)
I saw a little black man like 1 foot tall he was pitch black
Justin Abee (1 year ago)
Wtf same on doxylamine
lilahdog 568 (2 years ago)
Those r called African pygmies
ABC DEF (3 years ago)
Jemma Bell (4 years ago)
Universal Hobo (4 years ago)
recorded my experience please check it out c:
Victoria Mitchell (4 months ago)
Hypocritikill BXXX (1 year ago)
holy shit a famous youtuber
Pierce Carney (4 years ago)
Russell Wilson is that you?
Gabriel Nava (3 months ago)
HandmadeRS (1 year ago)
Pierce Carney HAHAHAHAHA
socrates ipocrates (4 years ago)
Good tell them
Prog Chess (4 years ago)
I should also mention, I'm *acttually* schizophrenic, so for me the hallucinations weren't that impressive. It was the body heavyness and drunken feeling I enjoyed the most.
jay yo (3 years ago)
interesting.. I'm wondering what kind of visuals you had tbh.
Jayy & Layy (3 years ago)
Cause he's lit
OpuceBlablaland (3 years ago)
+Prog Chess Why would you do that if you have schizophrenia...thats a really bad idea !!
Prog Chess (4 years ago)
I had a hardcore trip on this stuff. I took 1mg Klonopin with it (900mg of Benadryl), the panic and fear don't seem to occur, so you might hallucinate, but I didn't see bugs or spiders.
jay yo (3 years ago)
when I took it with a benzo it was way worst. I was on ativan too which seems to give me visuals all on its own. I was seeing realistic army men & tanks shooting at each other & I should say this was the only trip I saw insects like a tarantula made entirely out of vapor & glitter. I also saw white worms on my desk that were really convincing but I calmed myself & said "its just the drug" I also saw mini men running around on my bed & it scared me. I also was drinking water & saw a face come out of my speaker super realistic looking & I spilt my water everywhere lmao!
grey miller (4 years ago)
I saw hatman without knowing he was a possibility. Nothing I prepared for happened. Everything was a surprise.
Taylor Hagler (1 year ago)
I saw hat man twice when I was a kid
Dana White (1 year ago)
trying to fight ppl who are not there..yep ur live-in the dream
Mike Yung (4 years ago)
+RonaldPaulsons son Thats a good way of taking on your fears.
Jordan Smith (4 years ago)
I realised quickly that the pink tablets (benadryl ultra tabs) and the benadryl capsules worked best. You can have some pretty interesting/strange experiences yes. You'll really know when you're seeing and talking to people who aren't there, and seeing spiders and insects everywhere. Be careful with it though, it can be dangerous. And don't do it too much because it can increase your chance of Alzheimer's. Research it on though.
Kasey Carter (4 years ago)
I'll try that next time, sounds simple enough.
James Colson (4 years ago)
Young man you should NEVER do this again. Benadryl is diphenhydramine which is a natural sedative and possible anxiolytic which means sedating and also slightly relives anxiet.yBUT trust me, I am a REgistered Nurse and Hve three masters degreees in heathtcare disciplines so basically I am a  doctor. It causes a heart arrythmia called torsades des pointes which can lead to ventricular fibrillation and even death if it ever happens. It is not common but possible. Also benadryls slightly increases the heartrate and blood pressure so its not good to take on a daily basis only on occassion maybe at most three times a week. Good Luck and please dont do this again. 
suomynona (3 years ago)
+kyuss yeah I call bullshit on those "master degrees" I think he meant masturbatory degree.
jay yo (3 years ago)
this isn't true. it may be natural I think because datura is natural as well but, this drug is not anxiety relieving or sedating at all. (to me at least) it makes me wide eyed to the point where I cannot lower my eyes at all they just get stuck being wide & stimulated.
suomynona (3 years ago)
+James Colson Hey, can I ask you any questions in the future? I don't know if that's a common annoyance "hey you are a doc, whats this" at a family events I don't want to be that guy.
suomynona (3 years ago)
+kyuss You added completely nothing to this topic. So as I see it, you are in debt higher then James.
Melitha Sexton (3 years ago)

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