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Should You Use Finasteride For Hair Loss? | My Experience and Review 1 Year Later...

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Описание: In this video we went over my experience using Finasteride for the past one year. Hopefully you guys found this video helpful and it was able to guide you towards a better decision on if you should use Finasteride or use other methods for combating Hair loss. Here are some useful links: Clinical study mentioned: How long it takes for Finasteride to work: Myths and Truth about Finasteride: The Best Hair Product to Style your Hair: ALTERNATIVES/COMBINATIONS TO COMBAT HAIRLOSS: Rogaine 3 Month Supply: Al Shaafi Hair Growth Oil: Pure Biology Shampoo: iRestore Hair Growth System: Use code "ALPHA" for $150 off your order
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Fresh Love (6 hours ago)
I like his black hair
Ben j (12 hours ago)
You actually believe those Merck studies lmao? I stopped taking fin after 6 years. Decided I'm not playing with my hormones anymore, and no I didn't get sides. You really think Merck gives a shit about you lol? Who the hell knows what long term effect that poison will have on our prostates and hormones after long term use. You're saying this after a year of use, drop the shit, hair follicles aren't worth it.
XZoro X (13 hours ago)
Limp dick
Lyle (17 hours ago)
Wow thanks!
Nicole Mantip (21 hours ago)
Concealer is strong on this one
Krblkn (1 day ago)
Even I was confident that I would not experience any sides considering the stats and decided to give it a try. I used it for 4 months and got horrible sides such as loss of libido, depression, anxiety, brain fog ,watery semen, started to see initial stages of man boobs. Immediately stopped it and all the sides went away in 5 months. I will never touch that s*it again sorry. If any one says I had 0 sides , IMHO I say he is lieing as I am sure that anyone who takes it experiences sides for sure to some degree. One should be really insensitive or ignorant if he is not able to notice sides. It is quite clear after quitting, a day and night difference is seen with increased sex drive, mood etc
Crohns Disease (1 day ago)
dude i have a problem like you the thing is i have a stressful life and i lose hair from time to time and some grow back and some dont especially on scalp but you with your hair doesnt look better , it shuldnt even matter for you because hair doesnt fit you with your fat face and ugly skin . This crap made you fat and ugly
Wagner Sodré (3 days ago)
I’ve been taking it for about 2 years now. The only side effect I have had was libido decrease. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have an erection. It just makes you less horny. That’s all.
drania76 (3 days ago)
The answer is nope. My friend started using propecia, it ruined his love life completely and he’s just as bald as he was.
drania76 (1 day ago)
I see. Well, I don’t know your friend so I can’t really comment and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m sharing my friend’s experience because he was traumatised and told me to spread the knowledge. My friend has an attractive girlfriend as well, she fancies him the way he looks anyway because he’s a great guy but he had a lot of problems after propecia so I think that men need to know these things.
SonyCamry (1 day ago)
That's funny because my friend started using propecia, had great gains and he has hot girlfriend now.
Fucking affiliation scammer
What they Say K (4 days ago)
It’s really hard to trust these comments I’m going to my doctor 🤦🏾‍♂️ damn MY HAIR why did you start thinning
Punia _ (5 days ago)
Jasleen kaisi hai baauuji
lazybeastz182 (5 days ago)
the thing that makes me hesitate is not the side effects but that people who use fin something is wrong with their confidence or they are vain and i dont wanna be dat
Skillz Set (8 days ago)
*SCALP CALCIFICATION* and *SCALP FIBROSIS* this is what causes baldness. The scalp is so inflamed because of the fibrosis/calcification that the body sends more and more DHT to combat the inflammation (DHT is a powerful anti-inflammatory). Check your scalp, touch it with your hands. You'll see where you are balding the scalp is extremely rigid and you can't move it around, but where you have hair it's flexible and healthy. So, 1st change your diet - no sugar, no dairy, no gluten etc. only quality meats, eggs and tons of vegetables. 2nd, start doing scalp massages using a wooden massage brush - twice daily for 3mins. Apply essential oils such as mentha pepirita and DHT blocking oils such as olive oil, saw palmetto oil, pumpkin seed oil. (I use organic extra virgin olive oil - it's a great DHT blocker). 3rd derma roll once a week. That's it. Your hair will slowly go back to normal. THE BODY IS FAR MORE INTELLIGENT THAN YOU ARE. ITS NOT SENDING DHT TO YOUR SCALP WITHOUT A REASON. ITS DOING IT TO PROTECT YOU FROM ALL THE SHIT FOOD YOU ARE EATING AND FROM ALL THE FIBROSIS THAT YOU'VE ACCUMULATED OVER THE YEARS.
Skillz Set (8 days ago)
+only2 catchup Not sure, most likely not. Once you get the results you want and your scalp is healthy just taper back the dermarolling to 1 time a month but continue to do the massages with the brush daily to keep the circulation going.
only2 catchup (8 days ago)
ive been doing massages and dermaroller 1.5mm every month. i got good results in 4months, but im wondering if using dermaroller is harmful longterm, can we do this for 5,10,20 or 30 years?
badrobot114 (9 days ago)
If the popular research says the underlying reason for MPD is male androgens, and this conclusion was reached by studying eunichs. Wouldn't that make castration the goal of treatment?
Zeeshan Siddiqui (10 days ago)
Dear friends, I need your kind help and suggestion coz I bought Finasteride but scared to use coz someone said this is not suitable for men over 55 years old and have high risk of Prostate cancer, then I read side affect on internet and they said too. I am enclosing link and following red colour marked lines. Please reply and advise. Thanks PSA levels are decreased by approximately 50%. Men aged 55 and over have increased risk of high grade prostate cancer with 5a-reductase inhibitors Common Side Effects of Propecia (Finasteride) Drug Center - RxList
Dean Whiteside (11 days ago)
i tried Finasteride after a few month i could not get a hardon and had no interest is sex at all. if you want to kill your sex try then use it. i stopped using it due to that
ROUSH4203 (12 days ago)
I never get laid, so I'll take the hair growth
jeff ghant (12 days ago)
I've been wanting to try this stuff but I'd be pissed if it didn't work and I wasted all that money and got bad side-effects. I think I'll just accept the hair loss.
savnbest4last (13 days ago)
Hello, this gentlemen is right on the money with his facts and experience. I have been using Finasteride  for 21 years with no side effects. I started using it at age 42 when I started to experience hair loss , I am 63 now. Then you had to buy the expensive original Propecia before it was allowed  to be duplicated and available at a much significant decrease. I can get it from my health provider for $12 for 30 pills now. I understand studies 1 in 300 users experienced some type of side effect. Usually, erectile dysfunction. There is always that possibility. I have no issue with erections. I take care of myself and in incredible condition for a man my age, maybe that has a lot to do with it? Never the less, you have to block the DHT in the hair follicles or you will never control the continuous hair loss. I also include saw palmetto and a good diet as well. Best of luck to everyone.
Damon (13 days ago)
If you think Finasteride is safe, or you plan on taking it, please visit PropeciaHelp and then make your decision. For reasons not entirely yet known, this drug has disastrous, life-changing consequences for some men. Do your research thoroughly before trying it. Please.
Damon (5 days ago)
+R. Malik Why most men are completely fine taking the drug and a small amount have very serious side effects is not known yet. Currently, the going theory is that Finasteride causes an epigenetic change in pre-disposed individuals - it changes the way your genes are expressed. Again, this happens to a small percent of men who take the drug, but if you choose to take it, you should be aware that you are tampering with physiological mechanisms that are not fully understood. Baylor University is the first large-scale research center undertaking a study to find precisely what causes these changes, but there is no verdict at this time.
R. Malik (6 days ago)
Why do so many men have 0 side effects
ebnrong (15 days ago)
Is there any initial increase in hair loss or does it work right away?
savnbest4last (13 days ago)
you may shed a bit in the beginning, but it will subside quickly, that's normal.You will need t be patient and won't see small hair follicle growth for approximately 3-4 months. It won't give you a full head of hair (depending on age and family history), but it will stop further loss and will create some hair growth, it blocks DHT in your existing hair follicles. Also, if you hair is not overly thin, use a hair fiber treatment called Topic to conceal the thinning. I have been using Finasteride for over 21 years and it has saved the remaining hair that I have. Also, start taking a quality Saw Palmetto pills until something better comes along. Exercise and increase your protein sources as well.  Best of luck.....................
Jacoby_11 (17 days ago)
Any side effects?
NewYork (18 days ago)
never used finasteride or minoxidil and never will , just got a hair transplant all I had to do is feel some neddle pain and contribute 10 day from my life ,and 10,000$
B H-0 (19 days ago)
Until you make a video, straight out of the shower with dry hair and showing your full head profile I won't believe anything you say
MrAkerz (19 days ago)
Great video! Is there a shedding phase with finastride?
YouTube Addict (19 days ago)
I have been using finasteride 1 mg since 6 years and it helped keep my hair full. Thank you medical science.
nitin kamble (13 days ago)
Any side effect? Pls reply
leeowen barnes (21 days ago)
yea thinking about haven hair transplant to be fair... go to turkey have it done for a couple of grand
Ahmad Ktaish (22 days ago)
I am taking Finasteride from two years ago without Rogaine and I have your same results with zero sides effects
MP Journey (23 days ago)
Have a few videos on finasteride too! Glad to see some positive light on it ;) thanks man
Capronic2 Dethroned (25 days ago)
How to get rid of dandruff
Aj rulz (25 days ago)
Hello..... Which one should I buy 5mg or 1mg for better result
Wagner Sodré (3 days ago)
For hair loss the 1mg is recommended. The 5mg is often used to treat prostate diseases. I wouldn’t suggest breaking the 5mg into smaller pieces as it is hard to tell whether it was equally divided.
moshe judenberg (15 days ago)
Buy 5mg and split it to 4/5 pieces
J B (26 days ago)
Avoid at all costs.
Zyzz (1 month ago)
Did you also dermaroll?
allypezz (1 month ago)
Pretty sure this stuff lowered my seizure threshold
Doct0rLove (1 month ago)
i started finasteride 1mg per day ...and i have huge shedding ..this is normal or i have to quit it ?
GenEmperor (1 month ago)
As far as I know shedding is normal with both Rogaine and finasteride. Google It though.
Rasul ali (1 month ago)
Shit fuck that hair I need my dick
Simon Gray (1 month ago)
It had a negative impact on my sex drive, strength and composition. I felt it started causing gyno so stopped immediately.
G Eazy (24 days ago)
Simon Gray how mg u took
deejee (1 month ago)
youre blocking the shit the makes a person Alpha, the irony
deejee (1 month ago)
I bet DHT is some bull crap
eoselan7 (1 month ago)
Why use 10 words when 50 words will do?
xihuan Jiaozi (1 month ago)
Do not even take a single pill of this unsafe drug
Le Troll (1 month ago)
"Project Alpha"... Dude there is nothing Alpha about you.... Nothing in the least... Your a Girl
kartikeya yadav (6 days ago)
Due to finasteride
ASSASSIN SKILLZ (1 month ago)
You chat so much shit you used the same images for minoxidil
AdhikAjith Mola (1 month ago)
Rather Than Taking Finasteride go for 1 tablespoon of Fenugreek seed which is The natural DHT blocker without any side effects👍👍👍
K.V. Surdas (1 month ago)
" Honestly, it is not that bad " hahah, that says it all... Nowonder we have a lawsuit against the company right now, and the company probably doomed soon.. along with the drug ! But what is gauranteed you making lot of money from unsuspecting youtube watchers ... i did see another video of yours claiming your hair growth was from minoxidil use !!! Good business broi !!!!!
MrSwagMcMuffin ' (1 month ago)
I'm 12, almost 13, and I look like bryan Cranston from breaking bad if he had more hair. It's to the point where people can legit look through it and see the other side! I'm straight out in class and like I pull out 40 hairs every day! If anyone has any tips, let me know,
M_Stas (1 month ago)
Wouldn't touch this stuff again if my life depended on it, not worth it, stay away. It does reduce labido & your erections are no where near as decent. I'm back to being a man now after getting rid of Finansteride, took about 6 months after treatment to get back to normal though. Shave your hair and get some micropigmentation! It's awesome!
Rex Monssel Espejo (1 month ago)
What. Brand are u using? Is Proscar has same effectiveness as Propecia?
Ash shaikh (1 month ago)
Hey I am using finastreride for 2 years still going strong and perfect no side effects not a single side effects I feel now I almost complete 3rd year just now I done my body checkups I am totally healthy my prostate level is also normal just go for it before you look bald because no hairs no life but if you feel any side effects stop using I am not a doctor who advice to use this drag I am just sharing my experience with this medicine i really love finastreride 👍 and I am going to continue my doctor says some mens using finastreride for long years and thy r having happy married life with kids ...but guys again I say before start finastreride conssult your doctor then u can start ...because I am just comen men not a doctor who advice you.'s just my 3 years of experience with finastreride I have great experience and with no side effects ☺ one more thing I am using minoxidil also till now by advice of my doctor because minoxidil is food of your hairs again I say consult ..your doctor before start any of this medicines
Gerard Short (1 month ago)
That's the second Indian or Pakistani selling such stuff. Oh, dumb move brushing your hair upwards with gel. That's not growth.
Riyana Yana (1 month ago)
Do u know whats the difference between 1mg and 5mg finasteride Im confuse on tat
antonio b (1 month ago)
Same here I have 5mg...I got to take 1 every two weeks
Dinesh Dnz (1 month ago)
7:50 happens in my journey...after 1month feel like increase in libido...
Abhinav99922 (1 month ago)
what is the point of hair, if your pecker doesnt work. Too big a price for something just aesthetic.
VALENTINEproductions (1 month ago)
Kill my Dick? I thought this video was about saving my eggplants?! Oh man, I'm in the wrong place.
Avinash Bhunjun (1 month ago)
Great video man
Mohamed A (1 month ago)
Does this work I’ve used minoxidil for 3 years never really worked for me
JetJockey87 (1 month ago)
I have the opposite effects, maybe because coupled with escitalopram? It takes me ages to cum now, my girlfriend absolutely loves it! I get to last for ages and it makes my hair look amazing!
julio CS (1 month ago)
Same here 👍🏼
James Dale Copeland (1 month ago)
You said this was all from rogaine use in another video....
James Dale Copeland (6 days ago)
+B H-0 well put. I see no problem in starting rogaine (minoxidil 5%) and giving it 4-6 mos. Which is what im doing. Starting to see aome results after a shed.
Oda Nobunaga (6 days ago)
Double standard
B H-0 (19 days ago)
he's a scammer. he follows no doctor prescribed protocol and is basically throwing the kitchen sink at his hair. Would not be surprised if he uses concealers just to film these videos. Talk to a reputable internist and they can refer you to anyone you need (I.E. dermatologist, Endocrinologist, nutritional specialist). I would only take this guys videos as a way to ask your doctor about these methods, never actually take them as gospel
Seymour Thots (1 month ago)
4 months in, I couldn't keep it up with my gf in bed. Got off it and bounced back in a week. Anyone can relate to my experience?
Zyzz (1 month ago)
Seymour Thots - What was your dose?
Sober JokR (1 month ago)
Seymour Thots small percentage my ass... I had almost all of the side effects... couple of my friends tried it and get it too, my girlfriend S uncle tried too and get side effect. Fuck finasteride.
Seymour Thots (1 month ago)
Joe V had brain fog too. Felt like I was washed out like I smoked weed the night before. But it didnt stop.
Seymour Thots (1 month ago)
Asalami Laykum worth a shot, just jump off. The percentage of people who get side effects is small, like myself. And within those people, there’s an even smaller amount who get side effects and keep them.
Seymour Thots (1 month ago)
Rahul kumar like viagra? No I just naturally came back. And I only used minoxidil in my hair.
General Manoj (1 month ago)
hey buddy I would never use finestrate being bald but now want be a guy who can be dad you said you can see symptom those symptom of cancer and importance will not show they are there unless its in their last stage
Weezy F (1 month ago)
Yeah man. Wtf i tried
myst93 (1 month ago)
Learn english. Nobody can understand that shit.
Mike Anderson (1 month ago)
I would rather be bald than become impotent. You should choose between the two evils.
Suvojitkumar Biswas (1 month ago)
Gandu mu main land hain kiya
Lindon Cooper (1 month ago)
I'd rather be bald and have a working dick
Venom Snake (1 month ago)
Lol whoever takes finasteride acts like a phaggot why is that , yup even you are acting like a phaggot
MrXelium (1 month ago)
Kindly take a massive slice of shut the fuck up and choke on it.
Charlie Nonya (1 month ago)
+Venom Snake You too afraid someone will know your secret if you take it? Hone,y I'll suck your dong if that's what you're in to.
Venom Snake (1 month ago)
+Charlie Nonya fun fact i have receding hairline and i never took propecia but still have more hairs then this phaggot in the video
Charlie Nonya (1 month ago)
And people who call them phaggots are usually bald. Funny how that is.
Nazz M (1 month ago)
Hahahahahha wthhhh im dead
Peter Cheng (1 month ago)
I think shaving it looks better for you. I wish i have that head shape
Akmal Haider (1 month ago)
Well Saw Palmetto also works for Blocking DHT without any side effects. Why don't you try it. Dosage 500-1500mg!
Megan Zins (6 days ago)
That what I've been using
rockgod2131 (1 month ago)
You say you had no side effects. Did you always talk with your hands and speak in a feminine way? If not, then you can consider yourself to have feminization as a side effect.
hassan Waleed (1 month ago)
Not worth the side effects
xpecia better than this shit
Pradeep Sharma (1 month ago)
I have used finasteride during mesotherapy for 2 months. After 2 months I had no errection. It took 2 - 3 years to regain my sexual life.. Be careful....
Sober JokR (1 month ago)
MrXelium i took only about 5 months and took me 2 or 3 months to have normal erections
MrXelium (1 month ago)
+C Co That erectile dysfunction issue that lasted 2 to 3 years...
C Co (1 month ago)
MrXelium joking about what?
MrXelium (1 month ago)
You're joking right?
C Co (1 month ago)
Sober JokR yeah mate I’ve decided to stop it god knows what state I will be in if I stayed on it all my life
Daniel Balzs (1 month ago)
I'm convince !!!!!
93 Bleaky (1 month ago)
Damn, just imagine getting up in the morning and you notice that your dick shrunk
Lior K (1 month ago)
i took propecia 1mg for 4 monthes !! my libido was ok , but the bad news: i was on depression. its really worst and i didnt understand its from Propecia. i thought, ok you are 30 no girlfriend, and now its winter etc etc blah blah.... second, i felt that i become less atractive, and its not connect to the depression !! it makes your face with more estrogen, and also make your face more putty. i thought i getting crazy, but at some websites i find people that report same changeg. i had a strong jaw line and it almost dissapier!!! dont take it . btw i made a HT last year . go for hair tranpalanted
Rishi Verma (1 month ago)
Sir....Can v see ur privious pic during ur hair lose...
Somnath Balaji (1 month ago)
No medicine or food in the world comes without side effects. Everything has one. A single apple that you eat everyday has umpteen no. of pesticides thrown into make it look shiny and pulpy. Whatever medicine you try, first test it out. Everyone has a different body. In case of finasteride, take it initially for 6 months, see how your body reacts and how your arousal and sperm levels are. Most of the effects caused due to finasteride are 'Nocebo', which means side effects that arise just due to overthinking of the same. Only 2-3% in the world actually report actual side effects, but they had other clinical conditions in association as well. So, decide for yourself. If you want hair back, finasteride is the best solution till date. Or if you're fine shaving your head off, move ahead.
Somnath Balaji (5 days ago)
+Damon Sounds completely legit. I'll surely look into whatever you have mentioned. So, if the oral finasteride has been a problem for you, why can't you go ahead with the topical finasteride? It's been in use off late as well. The absorption of this topical version into the bloodstream is very minimal compared to the oral one and the point of action is directly in the affected area. Anyways, thanks a lot for the insights you gave based on personal experience. Here in India, balding is such a tool for someone to depress you so people here take any risk to overcome that societal damage. Cheers buddy!
Damon (5 days ago)
+Somnath Balaji A typical dermatologist currently practicing has no knowledge of many of these types of side-effects. Post-Finasteride Syndrome was only recently accepted as an actual condition within the past 5 years or so. Before this, most individuals suffering from the condition were written off as hypochondriacs, or manic-depressive men suffering depression from hair loss. Look up the Baylor epigenetic study. They happen to a small percent, and most clinical trials of the drug were conducted on older men. A simple google search of peer-reviewed studies of this drug will show you just how limited the research is. Again, I urge (and you should do the same) anyone considering trying the drug to visit PropeciaHelp and then make your decision. This drug has severely destroyed some men's lives, including mine. If you have taken it for the length you have with no side effects, that is fantastic and I'm sure it will continue. Though fear-mongering has been a problem with the drug for quite a while, it is important to recognize the risks of taking this drug are very real. I don't wish to go into too much further detail because I might show bias. Best wishes man.
Somnath Balaji (8 days ago)
+Damon Good to hear. I think you've researched quite a bit on this topic more than what I have. Have you taken finasteride till date? And can you send me the research studies related to the ones you mentioned?
Somnath Balaji (9 days ago)
+Damon I agree. But it's more about listening to your own body and dermatologist rather than looking at all these half-baked information in the internet. And I've also mentioned that - If you want hair, there is no other solid option other than finasteride. Else, I've also said it's better to shave off their heads.
Damon (9 days ago)
+Somnath Balaji The only reason I commented is because you are suggesting for anyone to try it for 6 months to see how they react to it. Though rare, it is possible to experience serious side effects within weeks of taking the drug. There are even reported cases of side effects from a single dose. All I'm saying is it should be taken seriously. Any man who is thinking of trying this drug should look at absolutely everything about it before deciding to take it, in addition to having extensive bloodwork done to establish baseline levels.
tej sandhu (1 month ago)
No hair or not this guy is ugly lol no homo
Marc Proto (1 month ago)
Why the FUCK would you say something like that to some random nice guy that is trying to help you. No homo? Well that's kind of homophobic... And you're judging men so blatantly it makes you look really gay.
Somberlain (1 month ago)
Another thing to note is that there was an experiment where 2 groups of men took meds with erectile dysfunction as side effect but only one group knew the side effect existed. The group that knew it had way more cases where it occured while the other one barely reported anything of the sort. So the fear of "omg my dick will stop working" alone can cause this to happen just because you stress yourself about it.
Republican TBISH2016 (1 month ago)
Look up hyper reflex androgencity. It can cause high up regulation of androgen receptors which can ruin the hair if you are sensitive to androgens. It causes high test boost which can lead to higher dht. Only a few doctors have come out to talk about this issue. Many people have reported this odd side effect.
joe guzman (1 month ago)
Were can I buy Finasteride with out a prescription?
Samuel D (16 days ago)
I was using but it’s much cheaper to just go to a dermatologist and get them to write you a prescription for 5 mg fin and cut the pill into 4ths
Freddie Martinez (20 days ago)
antonio b (1 month ago)
basicsurfer08 (1 month ago)
if you have the money you get any prescription drugs online from reliable websites no one cares these days as money comes first before ethics or any other shit.
vm8444 0 (1 month ago)
Homework Joe I wouldn't
Eddie Hall (1 month ago)
Done half a pill of finasteride for a few month now, and it seems to still have the effect and decrease the sideeffects by 50%
Eddie Hall (1 month ago)
I started after my girl said my cum tasted much thinner, true story, that got me!! (she doesnt know im on it)
: : Ghost recon :: (1 month ago)
why you are so moving hands head etc like dancer .
MrXelium (1 month ago)
Shut the fuck up and stop liking your own comment dipshit.
Jacoby_11 (1 month ago)
Consider a hair transplant (FUE) specifically with Dr.Diep. He posts videos on YouTube and they display fantastic results.
kkdouang (1 month ago)
It may not effect everybody negatively the same way but this was my experience.. I took it for 1 year when it first came out around 2000. I was lucky and had great results but didnt know the potential for side effects, nobody really talked about it then in the early 2000s..I had major e.d. problems and didn't realize it was from the drug at first. Bad times for sure.. It lasted about 2 years even after discontinuing it. That was my only my experience not everybody's though..If it doesnt effect you in that way you're golden, it can grow hair.
johny khar (1 month ago)
If ur not an expert..then don't mislead people
Titanbrah Cunt (1 month ago)
I took finasteride for three years. This guy and everyone else is lying DONT TAKE IT.
basicsurfer08 (1 month ago)
everyone reacts differently so he might be right
myst93 (1 month ago)
Nobody is lying. You're a troll. Go away.
Pasta (1 month ago)
Why not?
akash chopra (1 month ago)
Guys - like this guy stated he’s not a doctor. When you start of you will get no side effects initially. Down the road finasteride will make you limp guaranteed. This is a very dangerous medicine. Plz do your research and listen to other reviews for people who have taken this for years. You will not be able to fix the side effects once it’s established. These young kids have no idea what they are getting into. If you plan to have children DO NOT take this. It lowers your sperm level.
C Co (1 month ago)
SonyCamry I’ve been on it for 13 years hardly any ejaculation and weak elections...It’s true
vm8444 0 (1 month ago)
SonyCamry no he isnt
vm8444 0 (1 month ago)
TheSlimmshadyy no he isn't It's called homework
vm8444 0 (1 month ago)
Akash Yep bang spot on I used For years Killed My sexdrive Couldn't keep It up Caused me to slurr my speech the last 4-5 years after taking for 15 I stopped 5 months ago Libidos back Speech not quite there yet I Hope it returns to normal
Carlo Escobar (1 month ago)
I have a question for you. I used Fin for about 4 weeks. I lost way more hair than before and the backscalp of my head hurt like crazy like somebody is pulling the skin apart. Can you explain that to me? I stopped using it after that btw
Seth Yellin (2 months ago)
You've blown away my whole idea of this pill and THANKS! I wanna get it!!!! Your hair IS AMAZING BROOOOOOOO!¡ #GoVegan!! [✓] ∆∆∆ 😊👁️💇🏼‍♂️🙇🙏👌👌😈😻😻😻🙈🙊😼👻👽😇 For years I've thought about it. Now I wanna get ahold of it. Thanks again! ^_°
sshyguy85 (2 months ago)
It was horrible nipples hurt an sex drive went down.. balls had some pain i stopped an i went back to normal poison 😞
Negan (1 month ago)
sshyguy85 try minoxidil if finasteride hurt you
Sebawayh X (2 months ago)
tie ur hands behind ur back next time.
Macey Sparrow (2 months ago)
What the hell men. In one video you are reviewing Rogaine as some kind of product from GOD himself, showing before and after photos and it looks amazing, truth… But now all the sudden, you reviewing this bullshit drug, and telling us that you were on it for a year? And showing how fucked up you hair were before you start using it? By looking on those photos, your hairs were in very bad condition and it make Rogaine to look like worthless crap. 2-3% of sides are nonsense and lie, just like Merck lied about Vioxx. How blind people can be for that… There are insanely huge amount of people who are having side effects, who are also suffer for some called PFS. Erectile disfunction will come sooner or later, because your body system as an effect of droop DHT will start produce more estrogen. It happened to me at week 11. Before that life was like a dream, then system crashed.
West M Z (2 months ago)
eyes hollowed means that its affecting your body badly; finasteride alternate allopregnenolone , a very needed steroid for the brain, it will make your brain very weak and like an old man , you will have a forget words , things , just like an old man , the real problem is that you more you take finasteride , the more its hard to reverse. at some degree its permenant damage :/ since the gaba brain receptors will be destroyed even the raise of dht after you stop taking fin. our body make 2% of test to DHT , the most potent caracterising hormone , that 2% is very precious to eliminate. Im not scaring you thats the truth that even some doctors dont know .
West M Z (1 month ago)
+Mungo Jerrymungo try to find a lrgit CB0301 supplier.
Deathfromabove (2 months ago)
Tried Propecia a few years back when I first started having significant hair loss. All it did was fuck up my wood and libido.
David N (2 months ago)
So NOTHING has changed with your dick and spunk then?
Kaustubh Sakhare (2 months ago)
Working out also helps to subsidize the side effects of finasteride and it seems you workout more than enough
Rahul kumar (1 month ago)
Kaustubh Sakhare brother do u use it
Celebrity Boy (2 months ago)
Is this better than hims
markiss M (2 months ago)
I've been taking finasteride for 9 months now and my only side effect that i have noticed it that i don't have large loads when i ejaculate anymore.
Richard Guadarrama (24 days ago)
markiss M did the large loads come back? (no homo)
Vivid Joey (2 months ago)
Yeah fuck that. I’d be off it ASAP. Don’t let it kill your dick man!
jwrath90 (2 months ago)
Have you noticed inprovement?
robert frost (2 months ago)
I bet your guys this fucking cunt is lying that he's been to LA because that pic is in India and that too this bitch is not doing video in his home,so guys don't subscribe to this fucking whore I suggest you all a don't waste your time in this video
leeowen barnes (2 months ago)
didnt kill my pecker... but it didnt do anything for my hair in 6 months...
Richard Guadarrama (24 days ago)
leeowen barnes same took it for like 8 months didnt see results no sides either. didnt do shit ha
leeowen barnes (1 month ago)
+jwrath90 im 38 m8 bud receding hairline on the sides and thinning around the crown m8
jwrath90 (2 months ago)
How Old are you and what degree of hairloss did you have when you started ?

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