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Requip Withdrawal Log - Day 9 - Worst Night So Far

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Описание: Last night was probably the worst night that Kay has experienced thus far. She only got about two hours of sleep and already you can tell that this process is wearing on her. There is still a couple of days before she goes off all the drugs completely. Her current dose is 1 pill of mirapex (.12 mg) and 1 lyrica (50mg). Thank you guys for all your support and suggestions. Keep them coming!
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Kim Waller (4 years ago)
Seems a while since day 9.will day 10 be ready to view soon . Following with interest
Cheryl Fontenot (4 years ago)
Josh - Very interesting video!  You can see that Kay is being adversely affected by the 'snowball' effect of little to no sleep.  Sleep deprivation is so very damaging!  The info that you have in the section above the comments would be wonderful to hear at the beginning of your videos to help viewers follow along on Kay's diary.  Thanks for sharing this journey!

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