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Diphenhydramine trip report (450mg)

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Описание: I don't think the video completely accurately described the feeling of the trip. The entire time I was hearing things and seeing things in the corner of my vision. I was falling in and out of sleep the whole way through and didn't know what was real and what wasn't. I left out a lot of that information to shorten the video. I do not condone the use of drugs.
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Text Comments (514)
Sally Kimura (1 day ago)
Just took 350 mg. I feel heavy as shit
Av63PNT0 (6 days ago)
Wow it sounds like so much fun I cant wait to try it I wanna be a fucking retard for several hours too, and since im young and my brain still hasnt fully developed maybe I might even get lucky and loose my mind permanently or atleast have minor brain damage. All the other future bums and druggies i mean cool kids are doing too. 🐑 🐑 🐑
oh yeah yeah (9 days ago)
Bruh I did this at school one time. Went to a random class and slept on the desk😂
NickDexedOut (10 days ago)
First time I did it I kept seeing foot long spiders crawling towards me and when they are about to touch me they disappear
Massah Stayfye (12 days ago)
Y'all be having these hallucinations off the diphenhydramine shit I took 300mg & didn't feel shit but a little confusion and a lot of fatigue, I slept good but this shit was waste of time
Thaspacegoat Æ (12 days ago)
Take 200-400 mgs it's the perfect inbetween. You aren't gonna be seeing spider ladies and bird people (happened to me on 825 mgs a few times) but don't surpass that line or you'll expirence some real dark shit.
UNKNOWN ART (12 days ago)
I just copped some zzzquil 10% alcohol with DPH in it ima try 100 mg wish me luck
Rain Love (11 days ago)
That’s nothing
Shade Gurewicz (12 days ago)
Shits crazy
DENISE Cox (15 days ago)
Ur a fucking pussy
pluckypoop6 (15 days ago)
Bruh 450 isnnothing at that I just felt slumped I started seeing crazy shit at 600 mg and now like u are with liquid gels that happens to me but with the taste of Benadryl just the thought of it makes me wanna throw up and I had to take one the other day and I almost threw up trying to swallow it. And I couldn’t fuckin talk I was tryna tell my friend to roll over cuz we were sleeping in same bed no homo and it was so hard to talk so I just climbed over him.
A (17 days ago)
I have returned here for the 3rd or 4th time in the past year Always so intriguing and well told
Anthony Ritacca (17 days ago)
I've been taking 300 mg for my trips the past three days and yeah you get a kindof comfortable high I usually drink some coffee with it so it all evens out. But yeah it can sneak up on you and I wouldn't want to try more than 300 mg at once. I am a big guy so maybe that's why I don't trip so hard. Remember your weight people! It always has an effect on how much a drug or chemical will make you feel
CoffinKid1 (20 days ago)
Lmao yes the video does start to wave towards the end of the video in case you're on some drugs and can't tell what's real 😂
BXLLY JXCK (1 month ago)
Yo I get the same nausea when it comes to hard shelled pills, cause of ccc's. Even the packaging like you said makes me sick.
DUB ZILLA (1 month ago)
It made me pee....a lot
llamaguy1001 (1 month ago)
I feel like I’ve felt what you’re describing before but I’ve never even taken Benadryl
Christopher Walker (1 month ago)
25 would be 450 mg.
Breana Schupska (1 month ago)
when I took like ten 25mgs I kept “watching the TV” but then I would snap out and realize the TV wasn’t even on, like I was imagining a whole show in my head and watching it on TV the whole time
Rockwell Muzzzik (1 month ago)
That’s exactly what I felt
King Tutt (2 months ago)
I'm calling bullshit on this. So the kids tripping balls and he just happens to have a family outing, and his parents ask him to drive, and don't notice a thing. And he's at the party not saying shit, and no one notices???
Kalo Kook (2 months ago)
I took 600 mg and It was crazy no good
Sam Monroe (2 months ago)
I also did it in school, stupid decision
Kenyanon (2 months ago)
I remember hearing my uber driver's thoughts and visualise his whole life
C4Raven (2 months ago)
I took 550mg last night and I kept seeing shadows of monsters on my wall, if I looked away from my wall I would see all my friends in my room looking at me but they almost looked like zombies. That went on for a while but eventually I fell asleep around 3AM. But I kept waking up to banging on my door and my mom yelling at me to get up for school. But I'd look at the clock and it would be like 3:30AM, I'd say mom it's not even 4AM but she wouldnt respond, then I'd open my door and she wasnt there. This happened all night probably 5 or 6 times. Then I woke up to seeing a zombified version of my girlfriend climb out of the whole I punched in my wall, but she didnt have any legs and she would just float towards me. When I woke up for school I was still tripping. I dont ride a bus to school because I'm the only person in my area that goes to school so they just send a van. When I got in everything was normal. But I'd keep seeing this apear and reapper on the road and sidewalk. My van driver kept trying to talk to me but after I would respond she wouldnt say anything back, I later realized that I was talking in my head the whole time. I then saw my 19 yr old brother sitting in the passengers seat and was very confused, I saw him reach his arm around to scratch the back of his head. But after I looked out the window and looked back, he was gone. When I got to school I kept seeing duplicates of my friends and I wouldnt know which one was real, so I just shut up and didnt talk. About half way through class it stopped. It might not sound that intense but believe me it was.
definitely jesus (2 months ago)
Did your channel die
White Obama crshook - (2 months ago)
This shit crazy I don’t think I will be popping them pills holy shittttt
This is not Jack Padden (3 months ago)
13:20 You made the screen start getting waive your right
This is not Jack Padden (3 months ago)
Because the screen is getting wavy and I drunk some Z quill and I’m wondering if that was me getting high and feeling the effects or if that’s just how you did it
nasser wiz (3 months ago)
Took 900 mg didnt feel anything
Vakare Baliukonyte (3 months ago)
lucas s (3 months ago)
i took like 750g of benadryl in school, when i got home i slept for fucking 18 hours
blackiesun (3 months ago)
Lol what a typical teen... Doing a deliriant antihistamine because you can't do real drugs. Grow up and educate yourself and don't be one of those irresponsible teens who take anything without having a clue and then die because they wanna get high at all costs with any shit they have at hand.
blackiesun (3 months ago)
Deliriants don't get you high. They just give you delirium. They're not like, you know, psychedelics
Residue Fingerz (3 months ago)
Bro I'm the same with liquid caps dxm screwed them up for me
Nichola Jones (3 months ago)
What drug are you on about. I’m taking 300mg of promethazine and 100mg diphenhydramine
Paper (3 months ago)
•1300 mg Diphenhydramine first experience trip report• I am 130 pounds, 5’11. I started getting into psychedelics over the summer and I have been constantly smoking weed for 2+ years. I didn’t know about Diphenhydramine until I few days ago. I check my weed jar and realize it’s empty, It’s 10:53 p.m. and I’m getting ready for bed. It is very hard for me to sleep without smoking so I go to my medicine cabinet and start looking through different pills, I see 2 boxes with 26 capsules of Diphenhydramine each pill being 25 mg. I took 2 just trying to help me sleep. After about 30 minutes I felt lots of relaxation while laying in bed and eventually I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up interested more in the drug. I did my research like I would on any other drugs I take and realized Diphenhydramine makes you trip. I instantly rode out of my bed and went to the medicine cabinet. I slowly, one by one, opened each package with each pill inside. I poured myself a glass of water and downed each pill, 3 at a time. The effects didn’t kick in until 40-50 minutes later. I was laying in bed just watching youtube and suddenly a HUGE wave of relaxation swept across my whole body. I was so shocked because I was beginning to feel as though the drug wasn’t going to work. I got up to fill up my glass of water and I instantly felt like I had drank 3 bottles of vodka. I felt so heavy and drunk. Walking was one of the hardest challenges while experiencing this. I had no one at the house most of the day, will get into more later in the story. The visual effects started to kick in about 1 hour and 30 minutes after dosing. I staring at my phone texting my friends about everything that was going on. Then my vision started getting very blurry. But not everyone was blurry, only my phone. I started at my T.V. wondering if it was just electronic light that trigged this blurry vision. But I was perfectly clear. I began seeing shadows throughout the day and also I started to see spiders appearing in my bed or crawling on me. I would look at my walls at it would seem like hundreds of geometrical shapes spinning and moving in every direction. This lasted for about 4 hours. It was trouble sleeping later that night. I felt like I still felt the effects, but it wasn’t as intense. I finally fell asleep and the next morning I got more weed. Happy that I didn’t need to take anymore. Throughout the day though I noticed sudden “flashback” moments, almost as if I were tripping on Diphenhydramine but the effects only lasting 30-45 seconds. I can’t say i’m dissatisfied with my experience on Diphenhydramine, i’m eager to do more but waiting for my tolerance to go down. Hope you enjoyed my trip report:)
javier iero (4 months ago)
I took 200mg nothing major, but a lot for a beginner like me. I took 200mg, and dude it was like I was drunk, my body was heavy, I lost balance, and I had to pee a LOT . I couldn’t speak, it felt as if my mouth was made of magnets and I couldn’t speak. My hands were cold and clammy. I laid down the whole time, on my phone and I just could not focus , I seen like tv static, and WHEN I’d lay there my body would hella twitch, and I just spaced out. I also seen a weird ass little alien dancing next to my pillow . And when I’d close my eyes, I seen a whole ass room that I wasn’t actually in, and bro my dreams were wack. I dreamed of that creepy squidward meme and nah bro
Daniel P (14 days ago)
I’ve taken 200mg too and it’s so weird. I just layin bed staring at the wall seeing all these moving patterns and black things that look like spiders and cockroaches on the wall. Plus I got really sleepy and knocked out and had dreams that were so real
rushell anderson (23 days ago)
lol omg me too i was home I couldn't sleep so I said let me take 2 , end up took 2 more n fell a hole bunch of times lol never again not me lol
Julian Espino (4 months ago)
I couldn't sleep and saw a big floating mass of grey cotton in the corner of my eye the whole night tossing and turning it wasnt chill
Julian Espino (4 months ago)
Also shadow ppl and shit
God Has No Swag (4 months ago)
I swear I read this on reddit or erowid or something
Hey it’s Not Ali (4 months ago)
Damn I just did 450 mg let’s see how this goes
Mavrick Alexander (3 months ago)
Same dude. Im pretty bored, so im expiermenting. I hope it goes altight
Hailey Henderson (5 months ago)
His dimples aawww
Hailey Henderson (5 months ago)
He is highly articulate. No point intended
Zayde Cornele (5 months ago)
420th comment😊🖕🏽
A (5 months ago)
Yo watched this before my first time s couple months ago Got lots of info and advice from this so thanks Watching again cause I remember you saying some funny stuff and I’m high rn love tripping while watching trip reports lol
Im Orkan (6 months ago)
Video started wiggling and make me think i was losing my darn mind
Jomzii (6 months ago)
You don’t get high from Benadryl you trip bruhh
Paper Airplane (1 month ago)
Lmao yes u can
Ian Campion (6 months ago)
Definitely play this on 2x speed. Thank me later.
ZiV (6 months ago)
Oh my God bruh😂😂😂😂😂😂
S a d S u c c (6 months ago)
What if I do 700mg at night, watch a horror movie and go to an abandoned house alone hRmhrmhMRhmrmmmmm
* * (5 months ago)
Sounds like a good time
LIL CHAINSXW (7 months ago)
broo lmaoo you're brave af to do this at school and around your parents and FUCKING DRIVING lmaoo you're a legend
Frances Demps (7 months ago)
He's lieing he has nothing better to do and I can tell by the way he talks he thinks it's cool he's lieing I've done this drug for years and I can tell that's a fake trip story...smh
Frances Demps (7 months ago)
+j.sandusky Thanks I'll try
j.sandusky (7 months ago)
Frances Demps have fun getting dementia/Alzhiemers!
Patrick Allen (8 months ago)
know whats worse? this shit on the market that does way more harm then Kratom and weed, GO fucking Figure!
j.sandusky (7 months ago)
Patrick Allen are you retarded or retarded?
Patrick Allen (8 months ago)
I just took 600 mg, I to hear voices as you UP the dosage ... and gotta LOVE throwing up part (Pale face) do you get the feeling that when YOU thought of something and try to write stuff down but can't remember what it was? I do .. every damn time.
A (8 months ago)
I had a 10 year love affair with this substance. Only really the first 6 years were the love part of it. Last 4 not so much. And ever since I stopped things aren't quite right with me. However most of you wouldn't think to do this daily for 10 years anyway.
Evan Paluch (1 month ago)
What caused you to do so? For sleep or you genuinely enjoyed the trip?
M0N0 P0LY (9 months ago)
I own that same phone you got
eatthatpussy 445 (9 months ago)
i dropped a tab at school before 1st period and was tripping balls 3rd period but i was chill ab it i just put it in my headphones and jammed out the redt of the day, my pupils were so fucking big
Dr. Campbell (9 months ago)
Ive taken 950mg and I've never seen spiders, or andything to scary, all I see is alot of lighting bolts shoot around. The scariest thing ive seen is I looked in the mirror and smiled and my teeth looked rotten, which was odd because I take very good care of my teeth. All and all its a cool thing to take when you're alone, and bored, you can vibe to music, and you'll get slight to strong euphoria.
Eric Corter (9 months ago)
Ninja come on
Lil Gravy (9 months ago)
I remember when i was 15 and I took 650mg... worst decision of my life, it was Saturday and I was in my room and I heard voices out side of my window so I walked up to it not very concerned and I saw a a weird lookin man in the middle of the street looking right at me so I immediately ducked down and for 30 minutes I would peek above the windowsill trying to see if he was gone, then when I looked up again he was right at the window, it took a sec to process it and I fell backwards screaming and I ran into my dads bedroom and hid underneath his coffers he found me tripping and immediately took me to the hospital after I tried to tell him what happened I couldn’t even speak, like the words were fine in my head but I couldn’t pronounce anything so the entire car ride was a nightmare I he had to pick me up and put me in the back of the car cuz I was to scared to move, then big ass spiders started coming out of the floor of the car so I started randomly swating spiders off me... I don’t remember the rest of the night
Minnesota Fatz (9 months ago)
I don't recommend abusing it, there's some long term side effects, but if you're going to just get unisom or the store brand version of it. They're both diphenhydramine but unisom is 50mg while benadryl is 25mg so you can take half as many for the same dose.
Space baby (10 months ago)
I took 350mgs of Benadryl and my hair just itched so I itched it and 2 to 3 bugs come out of my one of them landed on and I felt it but ass so o I 350mgs of Benadryl and my head itched so I itched it and 2 to 3 bugs they looked like flies and I can feel them crawling on me
BigHairy Gaming (10 months ago)
Can dph kill you?
Evan Paluch (1 month ago)
Shalena (10 months ago)
I'm addicted to Unisom.... and have been for 7 years... The shit is starting to fuck up my body but I don't know how to stop
j.sandusky (7 months ago)
Shalena replace it with melatonin
Brint Mann (10 months ago)
good review.
COKE (10 months ago)
I did 450mg of dramamine last night and I puked on my floor and there is a stain
AtibaVV (10 months ago)
COKE I hit a stain off weed and alcohol
7620313 (10 months ago)
Its funny when a kid have age restriction o his video. You shouldn't be allowed to see it yourself lol
Mary Lindsay (10 months ago)
Lame go to bed
Alex Loya (10 months ago)
Awesome vids man! Very detailed! Just came across your DXM video now this is! Even though this was 2016 lol oh yeah and watch out for those rats 😂
Elizabeth Marquez (10 months ago)
aye u seem cool asf! 🌟
Unstable Ninja (10 months ago)
i took 52 and ended up in a hospital from a public place
Anomaly88man (11 months ago)
450 was the most diphenhyramine I ever took, and it sucked. I had restless leg syndrome bad, dry mouth and throat, and I didn't like to do high doses after that.
Nicholas Thornton (11 months ago)
Ayy lmao
Mike Nolan (1 year ago)
Bro I took 7 50mg gel caps and was so nauseous i just fell asleep only thing I had was kinda vivid dreams
x_drippy (1 year ago)
Cool video, you planning on making more videos?
Your mindset affects your trip. I have a recreational mindset where I know it’s a trip. Some people can’t control their brain to calm down but it’s cool. Benadryl was weird af compared to shrooms and lsd. Mixing weed is insane tripping balls.
Nick Mawhinney (3 months ago)
Yeah mindset is one thing but dph takes that shit away. The pills block your receptors and fog your mental abilities so your constantly forgetting shit and you can't control it.
TheKillersea (8 months ago)
William Charles Schneider it catapults me head first into my trip. I don't trip unless I have weed. Happy tripping
Dare Angel (1 year ago)
Basically short-term memory loss.
Loud -leo (2 months ago)
Dare Angel ya litterly go to do something and 5 seconds later I forget
Jack Rydell (1 year ago)
Feel u bro
shez g (1 year ago)
The only positive is when u masturbate on them, orgasm is epic, you will never think of a normal orgasm the same way ever again- but the next day effects are a killer ! Seconds of pleasure vs a whole day of feeling like shit, u choose!
Kody Lee (1 year ago)
It's so nasty going down. Almost like there's little nasty chemicals that are alive in your stomach. I remember feeling very sick on that shit bro. The trip was scary. No fun. I'm sticking with cbd dabs. Nough of this intoxicated bullshit heart beating out of my chest.
Logan (1 year ago)
Bro I tried 500mg for the first time and I totally blacked out. I don’t remember anything. I saw a bunch of calls in my call log. I don’t recommend this at all!!!
Dick Dickerson (1 year ago)
The only time I tripped on Benadryl I did it at night and I did it at my own house and I was hallucinating and talking to people that weren’t there but I thought I saw cops pull into my driveway with there lights on..scary af also I kept seeing little spiders crawling everywhere in my room
Ray Norton (4 months ago)
Dick Dickerson same here tons of fucking spiders crawling across my ceiling
Stan the Man (1 year ago)
Man, DPH is one of the scariest trips I’ve ever experienced. No other dissociative I’ve done has made me feel such a sense of dread. Like something is really fucking wrong.
TEK Music (1 month ago)
What he said ^ dph is a deliriant, dxm is a dissociative. Some people confuse them but their totally different. Did them both, dxm feels like weed-ish and very dissociative with very slight patterns in my vision and 3D objects in closed eye visuals. Dph I was seeing spiders everywhere i saw people who werent there, my friend became delirious on it and it was such a wierd thing to witness
Matt Polston (7 months ago)
DPH is a deliriant.
Tanner Bowman (1 year ago)
I started drooling watching this you’re making me feel fucked up lmao
Oxyist (1 year ago)
I took 225 mg on jan 1 i was just really chill nothing crazy then around 1 hour and 45 min mark i was reading and a word moved off my screen then i tried to sleep and i couldnt then a hour later i fell asleep and woke up today on jan 3rd
Ocean Breeze (1 year ago)
A friend told me she took 22 and it made her feel like she had to shit. She couldn't finish sentences because of severe short term memory loss and she felt like her legs were jelly whenever she walked. I'd rather not try it!
For Real (1 year ago)
Dxm and overdosing on Benadryl is the dumbest idea ever, is super hard on your body and liver and obviously you got sick. Can you not get weed and beers like a normal kid?
Trash Gang (1 year ago)
42 (1 year ago)
Are you sure you took 450 mg most I've ever seen are 25 mg a pill if you took 25 that's like 625 and that's to much for a fist time Benadryl trip try 10 to 15
ahot mage (1 year ago)
one word..bunnies.
Christopher O'Neil (1 year ago)
I legit don't understand people who get high at school. Like even just weed high... when I'm high, I'm super sketched out and I'd trip that the teachers will definitely find out I'm high. I just feel like it's a waste of a high because you can't enjoy it. It just adds fuckin stress in my opinion.
Michael Morris (1 year ago)
Deliriants are scary drugs man, if you want to trip there are many more pleasant and safe ways to do such that also leave you in a coherent enough state to perform basic day to day tasks, shrooms, cannabis, cacti, LSA, LSD, DMT all will produce visual distortions, introspective thoughts, most are capable of causing ego death, All will change the way you see the universe, world, yourself and others and their relation/role in relation to them. Always research any drug before you attempt to try it, never try to hide the high, don't fight the drug just go with it, always have someone who knows what you are taking, how much, what to watch for and what to do if/when something happens i,e; reckless/dangerous actions, bad trip, overdose(unlikely with psychedelics) etc. MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT USE THEM TO ESCAPE YOUR TROUBLES though psychedelics with the exceptions of the dissociatives Detromethorphan (DXM) Ketamine, andcPhencyclidine(PCP, Angel Dust, sherm) are non addictive physically however some individuals may come to rely on them as a means of escape leading to psychological addiction.
Synthia Ciampanelli (1 year ago)
Woah. I take 1,600mg at once during a DPH trip and it takes me about two hours to start feeling it. It definitely hits hard. I can't believe it happened so quickly for you. Maybe it's because mine aren't gels they The the solid pink ones.
Ayahuasca Jones (1 year ago)
I took 600mg and I’m fine I take that much all the time ..... literally on it now just because it helps me sleep
Nash Vril (1 year ago)
Javier Ordaz (1 year ago)
I have taken 550mg and felt what I think mild effects. I remembered everything and was fully aware of everything around me. I didn't experience anything other than stutters and not being able to speech
x B. Drizzle (1 year ago)
"My friend was asking me a question, but it felt like he was 25 feet away talking to someone else" But i wasn't really feeling too much. Bruh 😂
Obi Suspect (1 year ago)
I took 850mg last night and that shit was crazy as fuck
Budlight (1 year ago)
I take 75 mg to feel relaxed and sleep cause im a normal person. Try out shrooms or someshit lol
Carmen Smith (9 months ago)
Budlight I take 50 mg max lol
This is the closest repot to what I feel. I used to do that in school. Bad idea.
mpchead621 (1 year ago)
That's insane that after all that you went to the birthday party. I would have just pretended I was super sick and stayed home, but I guess I can't predict what kinda headspace I'd be in, maybe I'd just go with it. Sounds so crazy though, first of all being at school but then that birthday party where you're expected to talk to people
scr34m1ng (1 year ago)
by the time the party came around I was so out of it that I just rolled with it without even realizing. Tripping off this stuff is sort of how I've heard ambien described. You just start doing something and then your brain just shuts off and at a certain point you're like "how the hell did I get here? What am I doing?" For example I kept calling back this telemarketing number and having a 10 minute conversation that made NO sense, then I'd catch myself (usually because the person on the line was angrily trying to figure out WTF I was talking about) and I'd hang up, only to repeat it 30 seconds later. You have very little ability to say "no" to anything!
Benji (1 year ago)
This is a very accurate report lmao
tonywords (1 year ago)
i cant imagine having to walk to classes and be around crowds on that shit. the closest comparison is like dreaming, people shapeshift when you arent looking, it makes you feel like youre tied in cinderblocks, youll have whole interactions only to have the people not be there. its freaky. kinda like what i imagine a schizoid feels like. but whats crazy is how real and logical it all seems at the time. like i said its like being in a waking nightmare
Joshua Jimenez (1 year ago)
So I guess wat diphenhydramine does is that it plays with your head and rips off memory or something and fucks with and the people that keep talking to you is probably your self conscious ig
Nature (1 year ago)
Ive taken 450 mg in between 1-2 and nothing happened

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