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Maxalt Project

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Описание: Shannon and Elyse's chemistry project on Maxalt. This project deserves an A+
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Text Comments (8)
Bassem ElKashlan (1 year ago)
very bad
TannerKilgore1 (1 year ago)
Y'all are BAD white people. I thought this would be advice on the drug and watched with a migraine occuring and the loud song made it worse. BAD white people, BAD.
KILLBILDERBURG (3 years ago)
it deserves a Z-
KILLBILDERBURG (3 years ago)
I've been prescribed thes for most of my life.. they are initially life saving, but ultimately evil, health destroying filth.. use APPLE CIDER VINEGAR daily, and see migraines disappear overnight
Jesst kickin (1 month ago)
XCITYWHITEBOY heart problems
XCITYWHITEBOY (2 years ago)
KILLBILDERBURG I'm 14 and I just started taking these can you tell me of any long term effects
ThePaulasue1975 (3 years ago)
Very cute video and quite informative :)
Halloweenville (7 years ago)
This stuff has been a life saver for me, but they are so addictive, i use the wafers that dissolve on the tongue

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