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Wellbutrin XL 300 MG

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Описание: Day 5. Watch the video for details.
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Loner Boner (6 days ago)
Just a Fyi , cocaine is a great AD. This is what gets me happy and makes me feel like a million XD
Cory Modzeleski (17 days ago)
Im on 300mg Wellbutrin XL too for Schizoaffective depression. It's working wonders for me, it's the only thing keeping me from hurting myself right now.
Peter Nhieu (1 month ago)
My doc started me on 300 mg instead of the 150. 4th day on it now, feeling depressed as fuck the past 2 days. Hopefully this will pass.
Travis Reich (1 month ago)
Damn baby you super hot 😍😍😍🥰😘
marrige101 (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I can relate. I started at 150xl for little over a month , just switched to 300 few days ago, see how it goes. So far like you said, little more energy, jittery to an extent but smoother than coffee, Even a little caffeine now puts me over the edge, like to jittery. Still nothing compared to hard drug stimulants that I've done but I'm in recovery now so this seems good. See how the next month goes, first 2 days very nauseous but went away
Vanessa Luvz (5 months ago)
Thanks love im on my first day it was smooth n calming
Eric g (5 months ago)
Just started welbutrin sr again,I started 150 tiration then 300 after 7 days with side effects. it takes about a month or for it to work fully just stick in there if it doesn't work after 3 months then get with your doctor to start tapper .wellbutrin sr destroyed my depression and kept anxiety in check ,I have etizolam to help with anxiety ,because I have chronic osteoarthritis and take hydrocodone 10 x2 daily doctors can longer prescribe Xanax along with that. New law. Anyway etizolam as needed I only take but wellbutrin is worth a try. Might add I have been on every antidepressants ever made non worked for me .wish everyone to get well depression and anxiety is a bitch. By the way etizolam is something you order from internet not hard to find. Pease all
Kimberley Rodgers (6 months ago)
Does Wellbutrin increase your Anxiety?
ANGEL NAVARRO (6 months ago)
Bupropion saved my life twice! I have tried Zoloft, Effexor, Busbar, Abilify and Prozac. I didn't feel good the first time I was put on it, but after a week I was a-okay! I continued for a year and became pregnant twice back to back and discontinued during this times. One year after my last son's birth, I knew it was time again. And I was so nervous of the first week like before. Insomnia. Sweating severely, like being tense and clenching my jaw and gosh it hurt. But this time, NOTHING. Oh, just the sweating. Lol. For ME, it works great. I am actually CAPABLE of having the perspective of a sense of well being. I'm not tired ALWAYS. Minutes don't feel like HOURS of dread and dreary. If you can start @ 150 THEN GO TO 300 I feel is key in side effects not being so intense and discouraging. Hang in there, give it a chance and see. Much love to everyone....❤️
Elaina Leon (10 months ago)
Elaina Leon (10 months ago)
Miranda McGrath (1 year ago)
Love the pentagram on the door :) <3
So it took 5 weeks to kick in and I felt great for about a month and now I think it stopped working :( and I have this eyebrow twitch that drives me nuts. I’m gonna up my dose to 450 a day from 300 I was so happy too for like 6 weeks and now I’m disappointed.
UniQueLyEviL (1 year ago)
I am DRAGGING right now on 150 mgs....I sent a message for an increase over the weekend
Inseo Chung (1 year ago)
I’m on abilify 400mg injection, 1050mg lithium, 600mg Xl seriqual, 175 topamax, 54 concerta, 120 pms testosterone.... and was currently suffering sad depression so my doctor put me on Wellbutrin 150mg Xl for 3 weeks and in 15 days I go up to 300 mg xl. I find the Wellbutrin working more then the other medication for some reason anti psychotics are like water to me. For some reason I have become anti social unless I know you for a long time and if I do I still can stand the person for long. I’m a guy I only stay around females. Anyway by far this is the best and most inspiring Wellbutrin video and has given me lots of hope for the jump to 300 . Good job
Inseo Chung Jesus Christ! Seriously that’s a ridiculous amount of meds your doctors are quacks. How can you even tell what drug is doing what??
Adam Willis (1 year ago)
Inseo Chung No offense intended man but I can't comprehend how you could even begin to differentiate which drug is having what effect on you and how any given combo is interacting at any given time when you're taking that amount of shit. Have you considered that if you're still suffering from depression after the first 5 antidepressants/psychotics then perhaps they're not working for you and the addition of a sixth is pretty arbitrary at this point.
Richard Lin (1 year ago)
We have to find out the reason what make us depressed, and try to think optimistic and let it go. But it is impossible to let it go in one day. We must try our best to think things optimistic and have our own happy life.
I started on 300mg a day the side effects for the first 5 days were AWFUL but I stuck with it and now I’m 5 weeks into it and I feel AMAZING. People really need to stop wimping out the first week just deal with it.
Felipe Catalan Galvez (1 month ago)
I feel so angry, exhausted and dizzy, on 300 mg. I am desperated, is it normal with wellbutrin xl 300 mg?
John Dotson (10 months ago)
Cheep Cheep
Jenathen T (10 months ago)
I recommend to try a different ssri. I highly recommend Zoloft (sertraline)
Tiffany McIntyre (1 year ago)
Cheep Cheep ....I'm just curious, I am taking prozac and my doctor put me on Wellbutrin, I felt aggravated, and confused, I wasn't on it but 4 or 5 days, I didn't like the way it made me feel, so I stopped taking it, but my prozac doesn't work like it once did...what should I do?
Eric G (1 year ago)
heard its like meth
marrige101 (2 months ago)
Dood, I've smoked crack and it's not even close to that. Meth is stronger than crack fyi
Janel Longoria (1 year ago)
Eric G Never tried meth lol
Lisa Jezernik (1 year ago)
Have you had any hair loss? I've read that's a side effect.
You look so pretty !
VanGogh22 (2 years ago)
does Buproprion had sexual side effects? this is an honest question. ive been taking it for 1.5 yrs and these last 3 months- its like my libido is gone. :(
Jesus (1 year ago)
Marfa Lights Fuck I'm sorry to hear that I know how frustrating these medications are its a win some & lose some battle but is it at least helping your mood ?
Truth Serum I take 300mg a day one (150) at night and one in the morning. It doesn’t make me jittery whatsoever. It helped with smoking a lot. But man it’s embarrassing what it’s done for my sex drive jesus
Jesus (1 year ago)
Marfa Lights What's your dosage ?
It does the opposite for me makes my sex drive so supercharged it’s annoying
S Moua (2 years ago)
good to know. i just talked to my psychiatrist about this too and so now Im wondering what else is causing this low libido. :( im will have to figure out if i have to take some herbal supplements or another medication too. Thank you! And thank you for sharing your journey with us all. it's great to know that there are more folks out there willing to share their insights.
Kevin TV (2 years ago)
Wellbutrin XL is all you take? I was considering adding something god knows what not SSRI because sex drive and unbearable dry mouth I'm just deciding to treat my depression correctly as I've tried many times in the past but self medicating will no longer be an option (illegal drugs) any advice ideas questions I should ask the good Dr? hope to here back.
Kevin TV (2 years ago)
also def upping dose to 300 in 25 days
Silver Bullet (2 years ago)
My brother just overdosed on Wellbutrin. He took 35 pills
S White (1 year ago)
Goblin Z dead probably
beantownn54 (1 year ago)
Is he ok or ??
Did he died
Metrious (2 years ago)
6666 viewer, 66 likes...lol, I just started XL 300mg but I was on regular welbution 150mg twice daily. Will see how this goes. Thanks for the video :)
Telmo Borges (6 months ago)
how did it went??
Missdevil666 (2 years ago)
my doctor suggest me these medicine for my add but I've heard more bad things about it then positive things
chaz (2 years ago)
thats how it is with antidepressants i wouldnt give that much attention its better to just ask your doctor most of the horror stories are either bs or happen in extreme cases
Melanie Bartolovich (2 years ago)
Thanks for the review babe 😘
Phil Wagoner (2 years ago)
I'm starting this today. Doctor started me on 75mg. Would you recommend taking it a night or in the morning? I really hope it doesn't make me tired. I need to be energized during the day.
VanGogh22 (2 years ago)
Phil Wagoner take it in the morning.
Breanna Morgan (2 years ago)
It helped me out a lot I'm back to my old self and it feels good. :)
Marina Marina (2 years ago)
ive been thinking about asking my doctor to switch me to wellbutrin. i currently take celexa and klonopin. my weight gain has depressed me even more and i have absosolutly no energy or desire to be sociable. i have a 3 year old so i need to stay active versus turning into this recluse. about how much weight would you say youve lost all together?
Marina Marina (2 years ago)
i have a treadmill at home that i try to get on as much as i can, whenever i can muster up enough energy to do so. ive gained about 20 pounds since being on these meds and think i am more reclusive now than ever before. i hope my research can lead into the right direction. im tired of feeling mellowed out ALL of the time. thanks for your input : )
Janel Longoria (2 years ago)
Well, most lose an initial 5 lbs or so but since it keeps most active and not sedentary like other antidepressants, it gives you the oomph to want to start moving about. But I only lost about 5 lbs with it initially. After that I was in such good spirits i started an exercise regimen and started eating better and lost 25 lbs.
Crystal Dawn (2 years ago)
Thank you! I just started on this at 150mg after I took myself off of generic Zoloft as it pretty much had the opposite of it's intended effects. Hoping this will be the end of my years of searching for the med that works for me. I am a little worried about the anxiety side effects as I do have very limiting anxiety to begin with. But from what you've said and what I've seen I can always just tell my doctor about any worsening anxiety and she can prescribe me something to go with the Welbutrin. Hope you're having an awesome day. (:
Phillip Jones (2 years ago)
my doctor just changed my prescription from Zoloft to Bupropion xl 300mg. the Zoloft was not working after being on it for three months. he also prescribed me xanax for my anxiety. I have not taken the the Bupropion yet will start tomorrow.
CelesteLoveHeart (2 years ago)
I love this video of you 💖💕I relate so so much I'm still seeking help for things , the things you say make so much sense ✨
Josh dude (2 years ago)
doc upped my ass to 450mg
Danceolife iTpro (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing helpful information!
Erin Vandalay (2 years ago)
Hi, was wondering if this is still the generic form you're taking or if you switched to the brand name? I wanted to ask my doctor about trying this and I've read some claims that the generic extended release version (XL)... isn't as good as the name brand because they don't have the time release system right on it. Everyone has something different to say though and some people exaggerate on forums lol, so this may or may not be true. I won't be able to get the name brand, so now I'm wondering if I should just get the bupropion SR version instead of the XL...or perhaps just try the XL and maybe those claims aren't even true.
Erin Vandalay (2 years ago)
+Janel Longoria Thanks for the reply girl
Janel Longoria (2 years ago)
Yes I heard that too. I was only ever able to afford the generic version.
Just A Lil' Bougie (2 years ago)
I want to thank you for this video wholeheartedly. My doc just changed my presc from Zoloft to Wellbutrin 150mg of which I start today. I was told it might mk me sleepy and to tk it at night which is no problem for me and should I find insomnia creeping in i have Xanax to help me sleep. Thank you SO much! If I have any queries I'll buzz u. Thanks!
SouthMBWeather (2 years ago)
Im going to start taking 300mg of Wellbutrin in 2 weeks from now. Anything I should look for or watch out for? Thanks.
Janel Longoria (2 years ago)
+SouthMBWeather I was only on it for a month but what would you like to know specifically?
Alicia Combs (3 years ago)
I genuinely loved this video, I have ADHD with depression, I just switched from adderall 30mg × 2 daily. Dr started me on 300mg wellbutrin. This video gives me hope :)
Nicole Ramirez (3 years ago)
Hey girl...I asked this on an older video of yours but my depression was triggered by a few things but escalated when I used opiates to lift my mood. I didn't know anything about pill addiction. Long story short off the opiates my brain chemistry is jacked and depression is horrible. I tried Wellbutrin and loved it, like you I didn't keep my appointment and have been off for months but our depression is identical. Atypical. Exact symptoms. I start taking 100mgs tomorrow again. I'm aggravated because a new doctor won't give me temazepam like had before and it was so important for sleep. But I convinced them to give me ambien at least. Anyway did you ever take opiates? Just wanted to see if that was a common factor too.
Shannon Reynolds (2 years ago)
Nicole Ramirez I take opiates with it. I'm on 150 mg but it has not got me motivated yet like janel says it does for her so I am going to be put on 300 mg. Hoping that will do the trick.
Nicole Ramirez (3 years ago)
I completely understand him wanting to cover his ass.  The thing is I am very forthcoming about my past addiction and aware of the addiction possibilities but I've taken them on and off for years with no problem.  I have even been on opiates at times since my addiction always able to stop, but aware that I have that voice that says..."Take more"...I just fight it because I am so aware of my brain chemistry.  So, that part is annoying because they just  see uncontrolable "addict" and that just  isn't the case.  When I get benzons I only take them on and off because they help my PTSD big time.  The medicine is there for a reason.  I've tried every non narcotic for anxiety with no luck.  I'm going to try to go back on 100 mg of Wellbutring and some new antidepressant tomorrow that works on seratonine too.  I used to take Prozac but built a tolerance.  Anyway the frustration comes from them trying every new medication rather than prescribing me a benzo because I feel like a lab rat and in all honesty I can walk one block and buy benzos on the street.
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
First, thanks for watching! I cant say that I've ever tried or taken opiates. Do you think perhaps the reason he won't prescribe the anti anxiety is because of the use of opiates? Those anti anxiety meds can be really addictive I know that much. Maybe the doc was just trying to cover his ass lol. But no I'm sorry I cant say I've taken opiates.
Jermaine Daye (3 years ago)
Well I was taking Prozac for a month and it wasn't doing anything so my doctor put me on this. I did lose weight and yawn ALOT while on the Prozac, and I wasn't eatting alot. On this it's about the same except no yawning. I was told it would also help me stop smoking and but i'm still smoking pretty regularly as I've been doing.
Jermaine Daye (3 years ago)
I'm into my 3rd week of 150mg and I don't really feel any difference. Would you suggest I talk to my doctor about upping my dose or should I give it more time?
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
3rd week? Hmm. That's a good question. That's right on the border of when most report smooth sailing. Well, if I were you, yes I'd prolly talk to doc and see what the issue may be. You may need to increase just depending on your situation.
Bryce Melanson (3 years ago)
Thanks I'm starting my first dose of 150mg tmmr!
RM Dos Santos (3 years ago)
RM Dos Santos (3 years ago)
hi, did you notice any hair loss? Many have reported significant hair loss on wellbutrin, I'm concerned about that
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
Yes BUT it's hard for me to tell because after my tubal ligation I've had dramatic hair loss. Sorry I can't give a straight answer.
sidka84 (3 years ago)
why r you taking wellbrutin?depression,little energy or just for weight loss?very similar med was Tenuate,old anorectic and stimulant.t think it s in same class with this bupropion.cathinones or something
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
Yep and it's rooted in anxiety.
Bryce Melanson (3 years ago)
+Janel Longoria I also have ocd
sidka84 (3 years ago)
+Janel Longoria i take zolpidem for insomnia,but it gives you bizzarre behaviour-which is kinda annoying
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
+sidka84 For me, personally, I might. But I know for sure I have OCD. I'm repetitive in my speech and because of the OCD (being an anxiety disorder) it causes the insomnia. Among other things.
sidka84 (3 years ago)
+bryce melanson so you probably have adult add/adhd.
Joselin Macedo (3 years ago)
I started using this with lexapro and honestly I feel the gitternnez , and insomnia . does it ever go away ? like u feeling shaky ? or is it like the whole time you use it ? .... but thanks your videos helped me out for the most part :)
Joselin Macedo (3 years ago)
+Janel Longoria oh okay that's good to know then :)haha , thank you !!! You're pretty by the way :3 .
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
I'm happy to report that yes, it did go away for me about 2 weeks in. :-)
carolina powell (3 years ago)
thank you 👌
Jermaine Daye (3 years ago)
my doctor prescribed me 150mg of this med and I haven't started it yet. Hoping it dose good.
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
Good luck :-)
carolina powell (3 years ago)
when I started it I didn't sleep for 3 days and stopped 😕 I should try again.
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
Oh Yea most times the doctor will prescribe an anti-anxiety medication alongside it because the number one problem that people report with this medication is insomnia because of all of that excess energy. Some people will take benadryl to calm themselves down and get some sleep and other people will take things like xanax or ativan to get some sleep but they will take it about an hour before they want to go to sleep. They won't take it at the same time as wellbutrin. That would never be a good idea. yes you definitely have to give it some time to really sleep into your system. Most times the recommended waiting period is about a month to a month and a half to really get the pill working successfully in your system. There are people out there that have gone through hell and back for the first two weeks and looking back in retrospect they think it was worth it because now they are feeling better than ever. I hope you find a solution and I hope you start to feel better soon. Thank you for watching.
Mike Hankins (3 years ago)
Suprised the side effects weren't crazy when you went up on the dosage. Ill start and then get discouraged by the side effects and then stop taking it :/ If you can remember, how long did ur initial side effects last? And have you heard that the name brand works better or than the generic? Thanks for ur updates, they are always so informative and helpful, plz keep them coming.
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
+Mike Hankins Oh yes thats why i mentioned the generic in the video cause ive heard that too. Initial side effects lasted, for me...the major ones, about 2 weeks. Thank you for watching :D
Nicholas Maupin (3 years ago)
very happy to see that you feel better & the increase worked
Janel Longoria (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Maupin Thank you Nicholas :)

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