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Racist Mario

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Текстовые комментарии (66755)
Flashgitz (2 года назад)
Racist Mario was demonetized because of the thumbnail showing too much skin. So we made a new one with Peach in a burqa to better fit with YouTube's new guidelines. Thanks!
Xx_Aki_xX (1 месяц назад)
Three Friends (1 месяц назад)
Flashgitz 500th comment
Bobo 《_》 (1 месяц назад)
Blitze 9666 (2 месяца назад)
LagXLegend (1 час назад)
So I searched “eww dude wtf” and I come back to this😂😂
Lia Cardoso (30 минут назад)
Me too 😁😁
Jeffrey Jsx (1 час назад)
3:11 "Oh, Hey Mario AHHHH"
Random Gamer (2 часа назад)
2016: This thumbnail will always be my fap thumbnail 2018: oh, wait whos that?
specialunit 042 (3 часа назад)
I typed in "holy fuck oh shit" looking for the video where that guy falls down the stairs after toilet roll come out of the box.
specialunit 042 (3 часа назад)
My god what a hilarious piece of history.
JDM2004 (4 часа назад)
What happened to the thot in the thumbnail. lmao
Impossibke Army (6 часов назад)
When u catch ur first pokemon ....
Kotegawa Sensei (7 часов назад)
scott GAMING (10 часов назад)
I watch just when I was a kid
Tony’s Vlogs (10 часов назад)
Rip crash ba.. wait he has died like a million times! He is still alive!
Linkopodis S (11 часов назад)
1:37 We’ll be right back
Criticism At its finest (13 часов назад)
Who else has seen this way too many times, but enjoys it anyway?
Jose Gaona Jr (14 часов назад)
Fish radio always fought me of every time I watch this in Morrow is such a bag of dicks
TBNR_JOSH (14 часов назад)
U God damn asshole u killed sonic
Jose Gaona Jr (14 часов назад)
Every time I watch this video and when I see Peach and Daisy s boobs it melts my eyes
0 subscribers with no videos challenge (15 часов назад)
this is the reason reggie retired
Mighty The Armadillo (15 часов назад)
Rip Sonic 2:06
Ørigins_Kermit (20 часов назад)
holy shit the views
Davide The Albatross (21 час назад)
Who hurt you?
Hayden Fought (21 час назад)
1:47 when your brother steals your pizza rolls 2:45 then your mom walks in on you beating his ass
Nes Cade56 (22 часа назад)
This so unfunny and just dumb and edgy it makes me want to kill my self I can’t explain why this makes me so unreasonably mad
a thing (1 день назад)
Five years? Wow... there was a time this was stuck in my recommendations.
KHAMSY TV (1 день назад)
Now i know why we don’t have mario kart 9 😂😂😂
I HATE YOU IF U LIKE BTS (1 день назад)
Who else watched this at a really young age
I want 15 subs challenge e (1 день назад)
Matheus Rodrigues (1 день назад)
Excuse me what the fuck?
Escobar Bredor (1 день назад)
Kratos top!
Taylor Rose (1 день назад)
If Mario wanted to kill all non Nintendo characters then why did the Fuckin bastad kill Yoshi and Donkey kong
Sam Ruben J. Gangoso (1 день назад)
Mario deserved it
ZZambra SG (1 день назад)
1:25 why is that full banana should it be just the skin?
Sky ・ω・ (1 день назад)
This is none violences movie. 1:04 nice joke Mario
l DargeldeBoer (1 день назад)
Still funny after almost five years.
Piece Of Gaming (1 день назад)
Please make more of these things
Tony’s Vlogs (1 день назад)
Poor sonic
Aiman (1 день назад)
I typed "ewww wtf" and found this...
Chelsea Brown (1 день назад)
I Made A New Quote ;-; He Takes Everything To Seriously... *KNUCKLES?!?!*
Zoskiethewiz - Gaming (1 день назад)
Luigi! *I'm coming for ya, nigga.*
RestInPeaceAndrew RBLX (1 день назад)
*haha he said nigga.*
Raydel San jorge (1 день назад)
Oh shit it kratos fuck you kratos 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Voltron Fangirl (1 день назад)
I can’t bro 😂
NV DEADPOOL (1 день назад)
3:04 mario needs aim assist
A Noodle (1 день назад)
I love this more then life
amaya the nine tail kid (1 день назад)
When will there me a part 2 w/ inkling girl and boy and the inkling boy dies and the inkling girl wins an beat the living shit out of mario
Ian The Fanboy (1 день назад)
**wearing a ugly fan mario hat** A Fan of People: 1:15
June Hwang (1 день назад)
I'm Calling 911 On You!!! >=(
Smashing battle (1 день назад)
How did that work out for you
Critika [Salihmeylani] (1 день назад)
"This is hot. Because I use some _points."_
Narukid (2 дня назад)
RACist mario, I just now got the joke
mary jay gomes (2 дня назад)
Mario your killing nitendo charaters you were gonna kill your brother
USDM420X THE PRO EXPERT 2019 (2 дня назад)
RedGD Illegal (2 дня назад)
2:47 Fuck'a you desti
Adhm Salmm (2 дня назад)
Who is desti
The Drumming Vulture (2 дня назад)
I was fucking ten years old when I first watched this. Still as amazing 4 years later
Necra Arcen (2 дня назад)
mario says the n word episode one
BIG CJ (2 дня назад)
yo man this is some fucked up shit but at the same time im the motherfucker that clicked on the motherfucking video
Calline (2 дня назад)
3:04 controller players without aim assist in fortnite
kvze (2 дня назад)
If you haven’t seen this, are you really a gamer?
Ronald Ochoa (2 дня назад)
Seems accurate enough
NoahNight Dimension (2 дня назад)
Luigi looses by doing nothing... I wish he did win by doing nothing...
A person u found Gamer (2 дня назад)
Wait what did Pac-Man do
Marc Cucufate (2 дня назад)
Fuck all of them except sackboy and kratos
Pleas kashoot me (2 дня назад)
Streaming Jelle (2 дня назад)
Spoiler: Kratos wins
Hoover (2 дня назад)
2:13 Sonic still looks better than he does in the live-action trailer.
Kalle Kähkönen (3 дня назад)
I searched oh nigga and got this
DustY (3 дня назад)
this new episode of happy tree friends is breathtaking
aprende geografia con este tio (3 дня назад)
This is Not being racist
Mushrooms are shooms drugs
Tristan Dator (3 дня назад)
GD MONSTERAL (3 дня назад)
2:25 didnt see dat coming he a nig- what the fu
GD MONSTERAL (3 дня назад)
Rob Nix (3 дня назад)
isnt luigi nintendo?
Meow (3 дня назад)
Curse this not being age restricted. My nine year old self clicked on this not even knowing how to pronounce the word. I thought it was rak ist. Imagine the horror when she saw all her favorite Mario characters getting bloody and battered. Years later... I've found what scarred me...
n o s t a l g i c (2 дня назад)
Oof I'm sorry
Annamária Ignácz (3 дня назад)
Hea recist
Tannerted (3 дня назад)
terribly unfunny until kratos came. then it was meh.
XD noen01 (3 дня назад)
Do more like that
Foxlynn Animates (3 дня назад)
Brandon Cazares (3 дня назад)
Mario is so racist in this video
Mike Venturino (3 дня назад)
2019 this is still the funniest thing
Drizzymar (3 дня назад)
use me as a still watching in 2019 button
Limey Figdet (3 дня назад)
Watch DK's face carefully when he takes the banana up the you know where, if you haven't already. He likes it at first.
feztarausch (2 дня назад)
I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t see that comment.
Limey Figdet (3 дня назад)
Oh, poor Yoshi. He didn't deserve that. Sonic too.
The καρδ оф の U (3 дня назад)
“It must be a YouTube, they take a jokes a too seriously” Dead toys channel: “they take everything too seriously”
K D (3 дня назад)
1 like = 5 Times you watched this
Angel Miranda (3 дня назад)
DK lookin thicc.
Fnaf Abdat (3 дня назад)
The N word
Waluigi is a God (3 дня назад)
I thought he would kill deadly ash
UNICORN The (3 дня назад)
*Now This Became a Nightmare*
KonaSquid (3 дня назад)
ZariahCupcakes (4 дня назад)
I've first watched this when I was 9yrs old Now im 12 1/2
J EJH (4 дня назад)
This is not even funny it’s gross
Max Mallari (4 дня назад)
Your your PRE-TENDO
Delia Cook (4 дня назад)
1:46 skip to the racist part
ShowToddSomeLove (4 дня назад)
This is the most desperately edgy video I've seen in a while.
ShowToddSomeLove (4 дня назад)
I don't think Mario will ever be as racist as the people who made this trash video. Holy shit that knuckles voice would seem dated in 1930
Misery (4 дня назад)
3:40 *Subscribe to flashgetz* Flashgetz is awesome Anyone heard that too?
Elixir 256 (4 дня назад)
So does Mario take sleeping seriously OHH WAIT DOES MARIO TAKE HIMSELF SERIOUSLY
Smashing battle (4 дня назад)
What do you mean?
Smile (4 дня назад)
horseylove91 (4 дня назад)
SkyrushYes MindEraserNo (4 дня назад)
Mario Kart Rated M for Mature
flam pok (4 дня назад)
i remeber i watched this when i was like 6 and pissed my self cause it was so scarry
Roxy the Lonely Albatross (4 дня назад)
Omfg such a fucking mood--
Xenømorph Enthusiastø (4 дня назад)
The like to dislike ratio is great.

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