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Proscar, How it affects on patients?

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Описание: Proscar also known as Propecia works great against male baldness. Proscar contains 5 milligram of Finasteride, while Propecia contains 1 milligram. Proscar was originally created as a drug to treat prostate cancer, but it induces regrowth in male pattern hair loss. This way in 1997 this drug was approved by FDA as a drug against male hair loss. Free samples:
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Halmat MBA (1 year ago)
Dose proscar work I take brand proscar from U.K. I cut it to 2.5 take it every day ???
Derek Roberts (3 years ago)
This is pretty easy. You test LH and FSH before patient gets on it. You also check DHT with test free. Then if the person is on it you test levels again. If DHT drops below a certain have your much was blocked. Also free test would be presumed effected as it binds or in this case lack there of binds to DHT. These are pure serum levels, so the scalp would have to be taken into account.
LMFAO (1 year ago)
Derek Roberts increase in testosterone ?

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