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Proscar/Propecia/Finasteride for hair loss- pharmacist review

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Описание: This hair loss treatment for men has been around for a while. Based on finasteride. The brands include Propecia and Proscar, but the active ingredient is pretty much the same. They work by blocking DHT, which a potent hormone version of testesterone, which miniaturizes hair follicles. Generally, Propecia is used alongside a topical treatment such as Minoxidil to achieve maximum results. And speaking of results, not everyone is going to achieve fabolous results with this treatment. It depends on how the person uses and more importantly responds to treatment. As with any treatments there are possible side effects, which i discuss in the video. Another important note is that this treatment is not for girls/women. If you enjoy this video how about you check out my other video where i review another popular hair loss treatment, Regaine/Rogaine (Minoxidil)
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Text Comments (26)
ukidding (8 days ago)
how do u cut 5mg proscar up into 5 pieces.
Using a pill cutter. Won't be precise though. But it does save on cost.
roihan prabowo (2 months ago)
My question is when we get that side effect like impotence , gymnos, and other , then we stop this finasteride, does effect still on our body or that effect will lose/gone?
Rex Monssel Espejo (3 months ago)
So which is better for hair loss? Propecia or Proscar? I take proscar. Is it effective too just like propecia?
The JOKER Wears Pink (4 months ago)
Is it okay to crush the pill and take it? My sides go away when i crush pieces of the pill, instead of swallowing it. I cut proscar into 8ths.
mm Hes (2 months ago)
The JOKER Wears Pink how are the results ?
The original pharmacist (2 months ago)
+Kenshobu Q yes this is not proscar brand. It is generic version by actavis. I dont understand the writting to read it fully. I would go back to the pharmacy you bought it from and ask why can you not split or crush it. If it is a clinical reason,for example something that will affect the dose. Then you can't split it and you will have to look for the 1mg tablets. But if it is just general warning that appears on all tablets in norway then i would go ahead and split it. If it is a normal film coated tablet i dont see why you cant split it.
Kenshobu Q (2 months ago)
+The original pharmacist took some pics of the finasteride i am using. I got the recept from my doctor and went to buy it at the pharmacy, here in Norway (this is generic stuff). the part where the front cover says: ikke deles eller knuses - means do not cut or crush. So what do you think about this? the tablets have a blue layer, i dont think i am suppose to cut these... I can perhaps use empty capsules and put the fin i cut, inside there, and take them like that. Would like to hear what your thoughts are, the ingredients is listed in the paper.
The original pharmacist (2 months ago)
+Kenshobu Q i just had a look at the data sheet for proscar. It is a film coated tablet. I can't see anything about not splitting or crushing it. Usually when a tablet has a gastric coating or a modified released coating, is when crushing is not allowed. Are you sure you have genuine proscar brand?
Kenshobu Q (2 months ago)
+The original pharmacist What about the coating? Proscar clearly says the pill should not be cut or crushed. if you cut it, the stomach acid will dissolve it? (not protected by the coating). What do you think.
Thanks for the review. I don't understand why people are dislking it.
wael salahuddin (1 year ago)
i need an effective product for acne scars . thanks a lot
wael salahuddin it depends on severity. The more severe the more aggressive the treatment. And vice versa
Halmat MBA (1 year ago)
It's been 2 month since I have been on proscar .... didn't see any positive side effects yet ,... so should I continue to use it .... please advice ??
mm Hes (4 months ago)
Halmat MBA how are the results ?
Blah Comments (11 months ago)
How are your side effects now and did you regrow hair?
Souveek Roy (11 months ago)
Halmat MBA Indian ryt ?
Halmat MBA (1 year ago)
Josh Traill sorry 4 my English I still learning ... hope it help u ... cuz it's really pain in my ass to fined good stuff in my country
Halmat MBA (1 year ago)
Josh Traill hi man ... I changed my proscar to 1mg generic propecia from capila (finpecia) .... since it's working cuz I had side effect from it ...if u have side effect means the generic is working my manly part was shrinking and hurting me but all of it went away and every thing is good know ... but don't buy it on internet .. it's is shite ... if u want to buy good fenastride here is the list ... that have same active ingredient as the brand ... 1- dr.redy fenastride 2- capila fenastride (finpecia) ... those genaric are good ... but if u can afford it Use rogain or minoxidel %5 and a dermo roller and nizrol shampoo .... cuz it will help u a lot ...
Anti Pharma (2 years ago)
Propecia (Finasteride) is a drug originally designed for "chemical castration".
Ok (1 year ago)
In which doses?
basilbrushnz (2 years ago)
No it was invented to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, that looks like a legit site. Being anti pharma I take it you will drink snake oil if you get a deadly disease? Nah didn't think so, pick and choose eh.

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