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Text Comments (6833)
Sierra Blake (19 hours ago)
I did the same thing like two years ago at my abuelitas house lol. It was popping like 20 something of the pills tho. I’m still not allowed within like ten feet of Benadryl XD
Riley Rainbow (1 day ago)
thanks for the tips i’m going to mf school tomorrow after i drink a half of a bottle and smoke a blunt 😭
CR Filmsss (2 days ago)
Tana has so many weird stories
Izzy-Belle A. (5 days ago)
The entire video: "YoU KnoW WHaT I mEaN"
nick pat (6 days ago)
getting high on benadryl is the worst feeling ever
olivia moon (6 days ago)
*the entire comment section fighting over drugs*
Mckenna Reed (6 days ago)
i’ve done benadryl so many times. i’ve done acid too and the benadryl hallucinations are so intense. i am addicted.
Swavage Gaming (6 days ago)
Lol now ik how im gettin fucked up tn
Shishter Shuck (9 days ago)
i saw the title and immediately wanted to try it lmao someone stop me
Aidan Staves (9 days ago)
its called robotripping
Brent Polk (13 days ago)
Her voice is "literally" a stomach full of broken glass!
Savanna Gregory (14 days ago)
Robotripping is when you take medicine with DXM in it, also acid is a fucking psychedelic and diphenhydramine(Benadryl) is a deliriant.....tripping on Benadryl is nothing like tripping on acid 😬
Natalie Martin (14 days ago)
tana "thats a whole other video" mongeau
Daniel P (14 days ago)
I took about 200mg of Benadryl and it was weird. Just staring at the wall seeing all these weird moving patterns and black things that look like spiders 🕷
Nathalie Marie (15 days ago)
Goin on a tana vid trip
SMA TROPO (15 days ago)
can you stop screaming with every video
globofgreen gaming (15 days ago)
Robo tripping is not tripping on diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine is the chemical name of benadryl. Diphenhydramine is absolutley NOTHING like lsd. Diphenhydramine is not enjoyed by 90% of people. Look it up on wiki. This thot is going to make someone have a bad trip.
DJ10PLAYS (18 days ago)
Which one was it I wanna get that shit
modyshah (18 days ago)
omfg I did this and was in ICU for two days SOOOO fucked up hana
Viral Witness (18 days ago)
Fuck dph it's horrible if you want a nice otc trip get dxm cough suyrp not benidryl
mrdrer7 (19 days ago)
I remember taking 10 i think 50mg pills in school and all i remember is being in science class and we were doing notes. The teacher gave us booklets that we had to fill in blank spots as he went through it. The lights were off so the only light was coming from the projector, he also would highlight things that he kinda wanred us to highlight but he wasnt too worried about it if we didnt. I dont remember a whole lot but towards the end of the class i remember trying to circle something he highlighted because i didnt carry highlighters. When i looked up at the screen to see if i missed anything, he had highlighted everything on the page. So i look back at my paper and everything was highlighted so now i was starting to get confused, i flipped through some of the pages and the teacher came over to me and asked why i didnt fill anything in. The entire time i thought i had a pen in my hand and basically (unknowingly) faked filling in the notes
Andrew Neisig (20 days ago)
I overdosed on the pills and I was at a friends house and took over 15 pills and within 30 mins I was walking funny and could barely move, then all I remember was telling my friend to call 911 then I blacked out and did not know what happened I was blacked out for over 24 hours I don’t remember being in the hospital at all.
Anyone else think banana?
emma tate (20 days ago)
My skin does that thing where it goes white anyway when I push down on it lol
WiNgZ (21 days ago)
Omg benadryl is nothing like acid please never say that.
Angel Mendoza (22 days ago)
Lsd is acid dumb whore
vigrgag (23 days ago)
please Do a speedball story next
*Lisa Simpson* * (23 days ago)
Going on a tanathon of her storytimes 🖤🥀💊
Kem Chiu (24 days ago)
Really even before she starts the whole story she mentioned she forgot to say somethng after 10mins of the story before getting to the actual trip. 😅
Antonio Ellis (24 days ago)
SWAMP BITCH 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Compact_Pancake (25 days ago)
Um no it’s not the same effects and also ur fuckin gonna talk shit to them about how u where supposed to take benedryl and u say it like a bitch like hello benedryl wasn’t what did that u where remember the bugging of the vid glug glug u took it they didn’t say chug that shit
Am I the only one who gets Annoyed AF by How She Talks?
Ian Ian (1 month ago)
Lmao that’s only a 350 mg trip that Some pussy shit anyway if y’all really wanna trip go for shrooms or acid or lsd or at least dxm don’t do this Benadryl shit I’ll do it every now and then but it will fuck up ur liver stick to weed
Joey Maier (1 month ago)
i was researching this bc i did it and its nothing like lsd lsd makes you uncontrollably laugh and everything's colorful and bright and catches your eyes but benadryl is deadass like a horrible trip like you see your worst nightmares im talkin spiders on the walls coming at you its like someone turned down the brightness on their phone but irl you can black out for hours and not remember anything not even to mention it last like a full ass 24 hrs and on acid your only tripping for like 8-12 hrs horrible do nt recommend
Sofia K (1 month ago)
Benadryl is absolutely terrifying. Never a good trip. I've blacked out on it before and witnessed things like rape.
What do you mean by - "Rape?"
M W (1 month ago)
Lies. Deception. This girl has no idea what LSD is
Grace Graham (1 month ago)
Tana and her friends at the go carting place Everybody else: Tana: oh look a puppy!
Grace Graham (1 month ago)
im here in 2019 and i keep on cringing because like do you know how bad benadryl tastes. i hate to even take the tablespoon of it nvm the WHOLE FUCKING BOTTLE.
DK gaming (1 month ago)
I was talking to ghosts on thats shit
Sef_14 (1 month ago)
when i was in 8th grade i was trying to kill my self but i didn’t take the whole pill bottle of benadryl cause i was a pussy so i only took 11... i thought i’d be fine but no lie felt like i was dying.i passed out and was waking up every about ten minutes a would wake up stare at my hand and i high key thought i was scrolling trough my phone MY PHONE WASNT EVEN IN MY HAND BUT IT LOOKED SO REAL i didn’t know benadryl did that and my friends still don’t believe me
Jeremy Sasser (1 month ago)
Alotta false things
Tori Takashi (1 month ago)
Yea I tried to od on Benadryl and I had to go to the hospital and stay for three days. I hallucinated so much, I saw spiders crawling all over me and the walls, I thought I was in my friends house, I thought my blanket was a pumpkin, I saw my friends as nurses, I hallucinated sleeping and I thought I was at school for a while. I would talk to my parents and nurses thinking they were my friends and inanimate objects like walls and hand sanitizers and I looked hella crazy. While I was talking to my parents, nurses and councillors I would talk to them like they were my best friends cuz I thought they were. At some point it was starting to wear off and I was getting some sense of reality back but I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. Lots of people talk about it like it’s really scary but it wasn’t that bad for me. The only parts I hated was when someone forced me to get undressed because I was incapable of stopping it so I was very angry and when someone tried to make me piss in a cup. I also got blood work done a bunch of times and I’m absolutely terrified of needles but I don’t remember it at all and the nurse I had apparently sucked and had to poke me tons of times before it actually worked. So that was my experience tripping on Benadryl, overall not that bad after it was worse.
exotic peepee (1 month ago)
idek why but i didn't think it was Tana who was telling this story until i actually clicked on the vid
Toby vlog (1 month ago)
Storytime queen
Jadence Douglas (1 month ago)
Jadence Douglas (1 month ago)
And this is why I haven’t taken any meds since I was 5...I’m 13 and have a very low immune system so I get sick a lot and stay sick lol
Sara Grace (1 month ago)
Damnnn tomorrow makes this video 3 years old
Timber Kooks (1 month ago)
*bam benedryl baller*
LadyGrace (1 month ago)
My son died because of Benadryl. HE IS DEAD. It's not FUNNY.. HE is DEAD.
Dylan Kraves (1 month ago)
You’re a retard. I highly doubt you did either. Yes they are both hallucinogens but taking extreme amounts of Benadryl is essentially a deliriant and it’s impossible to differentiate between reality and the hallucinations. You’re a retard. Nice misinformation
Beef Child (1 month ago)
If i dont have weed or other pills to get high I take half a bottle of benadryl or like 5 of the pills and fight the sleep too, I thought I was the only one lol. I kinda get the same feeling of being on xanax when i take a shit ton of benadryl and stay awake on it.
Chlo T (1 month ago)
How does she generate revenue yet people in woodworking or things that require actual skill are basically being pushed away by youtube policy. Yet it’s okay for shit like this to circulate. She honestly deserves to have her entire channel wiped for what a terrible person she has been to the youtube community.
Benadryl is - "Nothing Like Acid!" - You see A Ton Of Spiders and hear some Terrifying Stuff.
MrAreix (1 month ago)
Not similar to acid
John Doe (1 month ago)
swamp bitch lol
Sheri Gurczenski (1 month ago)
If you had have told your story in an intelligent way, it wouldn't be such a shame that a pretty girl like you seemingly has no self esteem. I'm not saying you're unintelligent, I'm saying you are dumbing yourself down, speaking like that. Pretty long blonde hair and pretty dark eyes, then you open your mouth and it ruins all of that. You're using curse words as descriptive words instead of story telling words..words that put a mental picture in the audience mind..go forward in life knowing how that language pulls you down. If gangster is what you are going for, you will certainly live it out. Change your words and your good life will follow.sorry I felt the need to stick my nose in a stranger's life and after you read this you can certainly delete it but I'm seeing young girls get treated like dirt, not knowing why. I'm not religious. I'm simply stating something that could change things for young people. Expect the best words to be spoken to you by speaking the best words
Zoe Krick (2 months ago)
There is no spoon- the Matrix
Bro just snort it
Eva Thornton (2 months ago)
Oh my fucking god. Never will I EVER do this. Thanks for the heads up. *3 years later*
yung morty (2 months ago)
Tana. You haven't done acid we all know this.. and I've overdosed on dph before and went to the ER it isnt fun what's so fucking ever seriosusly, u have no idea what ur talking ab. first of all acid gives you a pleasant experience with low chance of overdose compared to dph which gives you a NIGHTMARE experience with a really high chance of od. Next time read the label idiot.
kendall and theory (2 months ago)
i took over 250 , 15 mg pills , in a uneducated suicide attempt . tripped for 10 minutes than was so “high” i remember nothing . my parents found me in a destroyed room with no pulse . before i passed out i remember seeing my friends on my roof and a floating cheetos bag talking to me . fun times
Thailund Larsen (2 months ago)
watching this 2019 realizing that tana look like an entirely different person lmao. fr i've been watching tana since her "dirty door" days lol. ily tana.
Ethan Gretsky (2 months ago)
She says so much to say so little..
Sofia B (2 months ago)
This story time is way better than any story time she tells now. She’s way more real and the older ones
Chris Mccullough (2 months ago)
Those type of go karts are fun
Taylor H (2 months ago)
i do not do drugs or drink but i have done the benadryl thing lmfao its hell i did it at a birthday party
C4Raven (2 months ago)
Lsd just makes everything wavy it doesnt make u see things that are not there. This bitch fuckin retarded they are NOTHING alike TRUST ME.
Kate Denning (2 months ago)
i love how tana has developed over time but man i’ll ALWAYS come back to these og storytimes
Jean Nundle (2 months ago)
2019 anyone?
JustOof (2 months ago)
robo tripping is drinking cough syrup and its nothing like acid
Katelyn Cecelia (21 days ago)
I used to robotrip off triple C’s a lot when I was 11-14 and oml 🤣🤣 THE MOST FUCKED UP YEARS OF MY LIFE😭
danielpsfeeed (2 months ago)
Girl don’t act like you didn’t do this shit on purpose
kass m (2 months ago)
this is so funny bc i did this in 9th grade bc i wanted to “trip” 🤣🤣🤣
Sinner! 7 (2 months ago)
If I tried to drink benadryl to trip, since I have the opposite of the tiredness, it would be more like a combination of acid and espresso. Like I get super hyper.
Kitty K. (2 months ago)
This girl is a moron, and needs to stfu
Kierstyn Singer (2 months ago)
My little sister had to get her stomach pumped when she was 3 cuz she drank almost a whole bottle of Benadryl
Jaelyn W. (2 months ago)
you don't trip like acid foh
Davo Dank (2 months ago)
Not even close. LSD is far more powerful as a psychedelic. They do not compare whatsoever.
Exis (2 months ago)
Hello theere motherfuckin dumb bitch ass dumb fuck ass motherfuckers ! Today we gonn' talk about a fuckinfbw..😂😂
Ashlynn Gray (2 months ago)
1waytickettopluto (2 months ago)
Hey Hitlers!
Aviva Porres (2 months ago)
I had to take a Benadryl in November for an allergic reaction, and I took the RIGHT amount because I don’t want to die but I passed out for an hour afterwards.
Damaged Goods (2 months ago)
Omg I know how you fuckin feel I overdosed so bad I almost died lmao, I took fuckin 34 pills soooo I feel you
Puma_nation (2 months ago)
ReUpload Studio (3 months ago)
12:00 u were on drugs
Ocean Maitreya (3 months ago)
Eratz Zombie (3 months ago)
You fucking retard. You didn't do it on accident. You geeker. It's not even like acid. Anyone would know the difference between a hallucinegen and a phycadellic. One changes your perception of things the other makes you see things that are not there. Next time do a story time about DMT. ✌️
Mark Ayt (3 months ago)
Saying it's like LSD is 100% wrong
Matthew Hennessey (3 months ago)
Say N...
P,A,L,O Love (3 months ago)
The ciroc was water
DrOpLeT (3 months ago)
Lame ass
Arianna ThePiggy (3 months ago)
I've done this, but I only double dosed, but I also used adult Benadryl by accident
Sarah Ritter (3 months ago)
children benadryl comes in 4 oz bottles. 4 oz=8 tablespoons. just sayin
LaReysa Bess (3 months ago)
Girl if u overdosed on Benadryl u would be dead right now. Stop misinforming these ppl
chris bayer (3 months ago)
This cracks me up, stupid people, like this you wont have to worry about, for to long hopefully,she just disappears soon, instructing our kids on how to od on medicine in our cabinets....she is so cool I should try this....
WNF eli.smokes (3 months ago)
I love how she said “lsd or acid” as if they arent the same thing 😂😂 tana used to be so innocent 😂
Blue Sturkey (3 months ago)
i've never seen something so absolutely fucking retarded.
Valerija Ivanova (3 months ago)
What a bullshitter
Kylee Lyman (3 months ago)
I fuck on yo bitch like I'm Hefner , I take 10 % like I rep her ,no fake in my tits but Ill check hers. yo bitch give me brain like her neck hurts. used to drop them panties now u drowning in them xanies got my name all in ur mouth , yo tweet just gave me clout. I drop 5 k on a drop of fucking water more ice on my wrist that tuition for your daughter.
Sabrina Mackey (3 months ago)
Idk howww but she is so good at acting drunk😂😂

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