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RSVP 2015 Anniversary All-Gay Caribbean Cruise

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William Fike (3 года назад)
I filled out a form for a website called out now yesterday. Please follow up and see who intercepted my form if in fact the form was intercepted and check to see who is answering the phones at the gay websites. William Fike
William Fike (3 года назад)
Please investigate the rerouting of forms that people fill out and send through the internet such as contacts for RSVP cruises. Gay men and women have been murdered by criminals intercepting these forms and setting up the unsuspecting form filler outers requesting information, setting them up with murders. If they have money for a cruise, they have money to be stolen . Also there is fraud such as switching sites to collect soft money fees . What we found in the past was that many librarians were doing this form stealing as part of their terrorism and criminal activity. I request a full investigation of the internet communications at the Sf librarys using google. I believe I have already funded this request three years ago to be used today 12/13/15. Also investigate the library personell in the City of San Francisco. . Are there any heroine stills near or in the library? How many people are sleeping in the back rooms and or the adjacent buildings after hours? What type of people are using the bathrooms and for what reasons? Are there stolen computers. How many books have been stolen? I am the worlds most prolific writer having written more that 2000 books. On ocassion, I request transfers of books from other branches to the Bayview for me to read I get some of the most terrible conditions in my books? Do they come with diseases the workers have put on them. Ratty pages, stained and yellow. Where are the good copies? Am I being discriminated on because I am white? Because I own the library and the library system. What have other users experienced? Bill Clinton is a professional librarian. Clinton may offer insight into this request. Neiman Vampire

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