Proscar,cutting into fifthsMuerte de ramon gay

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Proscar,cutting into fifths

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Текстовые комментарии (50)
Oliver North (1 год назад)
isn't technology wonderful? lmao
Michele Cavatorta (1 год назад)
a revolutionary technique
Halmat MBA (1 год назад)
Dose proscar work 4 hair Please respond
Walking Man (4 года назад)
I take Finasteride (Proscar) for bph. I also powder it and apply it topically for hair growth. I've seen no positive effects on hair. I did have sexual side effects short term. I've lost a ton of weight and my sexual side effects are in my rear view mirror. I may stop taking this drug because it may not do any good.  I plan to talk to my doctor about a trial of two months on no medications and a followup test to see if my blood test numbers change either way. PS why cut a pill in fifths? 
Halmat MBA (1 год назад)
hayas karam how long u have been on the drug ??
hayas karam (1 год назад)
Walking Man i just bought that pill what u think? my hair is gettin thicker and thicker should i take that pill or not?
jest544 (5 лет назад)
Stephen Chu and thelibertines91 are both MERCK EMPLOYEES posting fake testimonials about PROPECIA !!! PROPECIA causes IRREVERSIBLE IMPOTENCE in most young men ! AVOID THAT FUCKING DRUG AT ALL COSTS !!!
theIibertines91 (5 лет назад)
Who cares that Stephen Chu is a Merck Employee ! If Merck employees are posting good-comments about Propecia, it means that they have confidence in their product ! All these losers who are complaining that Propecia causes permanent-impotence need to SHUT THEIR MOUTHS ! Merck is a great company, I encourage everyone to invest in Merck stock. Also: Doctors who are considering reporting propecia-reactions to the FDA, must understand that their identities will be reported to Merck !
twosure94 (5 лет назад)
Stephen Chu is a Merck employee !!!
the redeemer (6 лет назад)
no pic no proof :)
Paul Sids (6 лет назад)
For what it's worth, I've been taking propecia for 10 years and my boner is as strong as ever.
mm Hes (4 месяца назад)
Baran Arslan do you use proscar ?
Baran Arslan (1 год назад)
Proscar is 24 times cheaper than propecia. Btw 5 past after your comment, do you have any side effects since than?
nasimbahal (6 лет назад)
before talking crap as a point of view of a none user you better do your research and talk to some people who have used it and them come up here and leave a comment! THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE USING IT AND THEY ARE HAPPY.
concerned11 (6 лет назад)
Testosterone Injections DO NOT RESOLVE the Permanent Side-Effects of Propecia ! I know that FIRST-HAND !!!
highlowwatha (6 лет назад)
Well yours in on my video, maybe if you never used bad language they would not need approving. This video only shows how i cut it, its your own choice if you want to take it.
Halmat MBA (1 год назад)
highlowwatha did it work 4 u ??
highlowwatha (6 лет назад)
I`ve not removed any comments, good or bad. My video shows how to cut this pill, i choose to use it, its up to the individual to research and decide if they want to use it. Personally i believe the benefits of this drug outweigh the possible side effects. How many people cant take Penicilin as they are allergic to it, does not mean its all bad.
johan liebert (6 лет назад)
that fking sucks my bro, i will pray for you at the mosque
twosure94 (6 лет назад)
I tried all that ! Testosterone, viagra, clomiphene, anti-estrogens ... none of that stuff reverses the permanent side-effects of propecia !
johan liebert (6 лет назад)
but why dont you try hormonal therapy? taking testosterone, because even castrated people can get a bones if they do this?
twosure94 (6 лет назад)
yes I;m still impotent.... the side-effects from propecia are permanent.... I strongly urge you toavoid tucking drug ! Also be careful, Merck employees are going on youtube and posting bullshit testimonials about Propecia!
johan liebert (6 лет назад)
youre still impotent bro?
jest544 (6 лет назад)
I also suffered permanent impotence from the drug propecia ! There needs to be a full investigation on how this fucking drug got on the market
johan liebert (6 лет назад)
dude i know transsexuals who take 5 mg propecia a day and tons of estrogens and still have a working dick? wtf are you all complaining about, some men want to commit suicide because of their balding and thank god there is an option, did you know that 15 % of the males have to face impotence? ( men who dont even use propecia)
anubis ray (6 лет назад)
SomeRandomCat (6 лет назад)
I took propecia 1mg and got the sides after 2 weeks, then lowered the dosage to .025mg and regrew back all my hair and sides went away in a week. I'm very happy with my propecia. :)
Luke Cage (1 год назад)
are u there buddy?
Souveek Roy (1 год назад)
SomeRandomCat you experience regrowth by using 0.25 mg ?????
twosure94 (7 лет назад)
I was 21 when I took propecia. I'm 32 now. Ive been impotent ever since I took that fucking drug. Avoid Propecia at all costs! For your hairloss, just cut your hair short, hit the gym and get a tan. That's all you really need
twosure94 (7 лет назад)
I took propecia and suffered permanent impotence. I strongly urge people not to take propecia or 1/4 proscar. By the way: I think DIZZZZY1975 may have committed suicide !
louisalsina (7 лет назад)
I've been taking it for 11 years, just turned 35, & I don't suffer from any impotence/libido problems or depression or any of the horrible side-effects claimed by others. With all drugs, they don't always work on everyone, & I don't deny that some drugs can be harmful to some people, but you really have to try it for yourself before making that decision. I have no bad response to this drug, but I get severe nausea if I take anti-inflammatries - WTF, that's just the way I am. We're all different.
highlowwatha (7 лет назад)
Like most drugs there can be side effects, if you are thinking of taking this drug your doctor should advise you of the possible side effects.
twosure94 (7 лет назад)
propecia / proscar is dangerous ! it causes permanent impotence ! Im seeing television commercials advertising the lawsuits !
Joe D (7 лет назад)
@SUKItm Severely or did this side-effect go away? Would really appreciate a response on this, the possibility of this side-effect freaks me out.
Joe D (7 лет назад)
@DlZZZZY1975 Can I please get an update on this now that it has been a year?
GaMEChld (7 лет назад)
@DlZZZZY1975 So, you saw a youtube video, then started taking medication without consulting a physician or doing necessary research on your own before hand, and are getting mad at this guy? This is the Internet age, there is no excuse for this level of lazy incompetence. 2 minutes on google would have yielded everything you needed to know. Don't blame anyone else. Anyway, permanent effects would be an extreme rarity. In fact most people's side effects actually diminish completely in time.
StriderGTS (8 лет назад)
@itsumonihon Sorry that I totally missed this! I need to change my email for youtube or something... I still have kept most all of my hair from what I can tell. I'm guessing that this has given me far more years with my full head of hair than I would have without it.
StriderGTS (8 лет назад)
@mohab18 Sorry I totally missed this comment. I've had absolutely no troubles whatsoever.
StriderGTS (8 лет назад)
@itsumonihon Works great for me. I'm about the only one of my relatives that still has hair lol. You can cut the proscar into forths but not the propecia, but that's probably what you meant. Statistically you have a great chance of this working. Sooner you get on it the better though. I think it's better at saving your hair than growing it back.
itsumonihon (8 лет назад)
@StriderGTS hey, it's a year later, how's your hair going? i'm the only male in my family who's getting hair thinning (no shedding but it's gotten thin) at my crown, it's a huge disaster because i work in an industry where hair is half my image. i'm thinking about starting up propecia and cutting it into 5ths like this. anyway, how's it going?
highlowwatha (9 лет назад)
My video is not telling people to use the Proscar,just showing how i cut it. I take it with no sides.Anyone who takes Proscar should have it prescribed and the doctor who prescribes it should go through any potential side effects with you.
highlowwatha (9 лет назад)
If you stop taking it or reduce your intake the sides should go away in my non medical opinion. There is a forum somewhere all about propecia sides.
COKE75 (9 лет назад)
I cut it in fourths...
Halmat MBA (1 год назад)
COKE75 Did it work??? Please advice
StriderGTS (9 лет назад)
I got a pill cutter and just started cutting finesteride... it's like 16 cents a day now instead of 2 bucks a day for propecia! It definitely works for me as well... I'm like the only male in my extended family with hair lol.
Piero (9 лет назад)
verissimo! si risparmia molto! il prezzo di Propecia è €56 mentre Finasteride 5mg è di €8, se si divide in 5 il costo è meno di €0,40. Io non pago niente perchè Finasteride 5mg in Italia è mutuabile!
highlowwatha (9 лет назад)
It works for me as it has stopped my hairloss with no side effects. I haven`t regrown any hair that is noticeable though.
HughMyronM8 (9 лет назад)
The real question is proscar working?
highlowwatha (9 лет назад)
It does not need to be cut into equal sections. The cut is fine. Had a pill cutter and did not like it.

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