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Wellbutrin Week 4 Review | Depression and ADHD | Anti-Depressants Worth it?

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Austin Tobin Yoga (3 days ago)
wanna go on a wellbutrin date ? we can double up our dose and chatter a bit...
Aliyah Bozeman (5 days ago)
15:15 I feel like your talking about an out of body experience in a way, like your losing your ego and who you are
Manolo Castillo (1 month ago)
I really like your personality. It's so refreshing to hear someone talk about depression in this way. Makes me feel better
Star Lily (1 month ago)
Very long story
Ashley Dixon (1 month ago)
Interesting Personality 😍
Definitive1 (1 month ago)
Doctor told me Wellbutrin doesn't even have an effect until 4 weeks in. I don't know if I wanna become dependent upon something that when I try to stop I'm worse off than I was to begin with.
Definitive1 (1 month ago)
+Positively Udo Well that's good to hear. Idk if I'm actually depressed per sé... I just feel angry and impatient at times and I don't wanna be like that anymore. I have been on WB (Wellbutrin) for a week now and I'm not feeling any difference yet but I'm gonna see it through if there's even a chance it can help me be more happy. I actually have so much to be thankful for so I need to focus more on that. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
Positively Udo (1 month ago)
Definitive1 when I stopped I did not become worse off, I just went back to how I normally was. It is absolutely worth it if your depression is making life difficult for you
Jorge Suárez (1 month ago)
Pristiq is an SNRI, treatment for depression and one of the first line treatments for anxiety, made me tired af doe. Now I'm takin Concerta and Zoloft, mite throw some Wellbutrin in there too, bit apprehensive tbh, esp cos i'm already on stims as is, dun wanna have a seizure in this bitch. Mad props for speakin' on mental health, the usually unspoken illness due to misunderstanding and judgement, takes courage, my respects, keep it up.
Kaori Kinoko (1 month ago)
You have such a great personality. 10 minutes and you haven't talked about Wellbutrin, but I'm still watching. xD
Felicia Bee (1 month ago)
The drowsiness is a side effect of antidepressants
ulises astorga (2 months ago)
Also, how are you doing now?
ulises astorga (2 months ago)
Hello, I had the same expience after a few weeks where you were feeling horrible and ended up throwing away the Meds. I actually experienced the same thing, and discontinued, 1.5 weeks later I'm thinking of picking back up. When you got back on them you mentioned that your doctor also prescribed a different med to combat the Wellbutrin. I was wondering that medication was, just so I can run it by my doc. Thanks for sharing
Positively Udo (2 months ago)
ulises astorga forgot to take it for 3 weeks so starting over
ulises astorga (2 months ago)
+Positively Udo how are you doing now overall?
Positively Udo (2 months ago)
ulises astorga abilify but i stopped taking it due to headaches
Midgar Angelus (2 months ago)
Completely off topic but you have amazing acting skills, you're so funny and relatable. You're probably the first person who has managed 'in years) to make me smile and laugh while talking about such a hard subject as depression. Wish you the best my dear ;)
Alexia Landa (2 months ago)
Thank you for posting this video. I am scared to take medication for my anxiety and depression. One of the reason is bc of weight gain. It's a trigger for me when I gain weight. I also don't want to be dependent on them. Listening to your story has made me more open to going that route. Did you experience any weight gain and do you plan on eventually getting off the medication?
Darren Bywater (2 months ago)
Happy New Year. Did you get any hairloss on Wellbutrin?
Egyptiantyale Asogwa (2 months ago)
Welbutrin and topomax is good combo
Anna X (2 months ago)
Its an anti epilepticum
missamymaria (2 months ago)
Egyptiantyale Asogwa topamax??
zdenkkk (2 months ago)
15 years im vegan, raw vegan, doing yoga, eat fish oil, b complex, d vitamin, runing, meditating..but all my life I took so much time and energy for just get through the day..im so tired inside and outside...I will try welbutrin..I have inaf of this organic lifestyl...what about hair loss? ...many people say that this drug realy makes you happier..tnx!
Dimitri Blijad (16 days ago)
You are not vegan when you take fish oil lol
zdenkkk (2 months ago)
+Positively Udo tell me, do you strugle vith meditations and those positive new age books now also or are you spontaneous ok and you just go with the flow...im thinking to become a monk..but man...I dont vant to isolate myself..I think I should try wellbutrin....life is so energy taker....how do you feel today...any new good feeling about wellbutrin any other medicines..please give me some words...please...tcare
zdenkkk (2 months ago)
+Positively Udo tnx I will try it..I use paroxat ..I can talk more free..but im quite tired...im so so tired to just go through the day..even to wash my teeth is to much sometimes..
Positively Udo (2 months ago)
I didn’t experience hair loss on this drug but I did need to double my dose after a month. Yes, I tried natural too and nothing compares to also using this drug
Amal G (3 months ago)
Thanks for doing this in depth video Udo! I've been researching wellbutrin as I struggle with ADHD and depression as well. Are you still on this medication and is it continuing to help? Did you have to increase the starting dose after a while for it to be more effective? I've been on various stimulants but stimulants alone haven't been effective for my ADHD and depression. In fact they all made my depression and memory worse and caused me all kinds of body aches and tension. I'm hoping and praying that wellbutrin will be more effective.
Kiritani Art (3 months ago)
Praying dont help there is no god also can give you religion really bad mental health. Because its bad for the mental health to believe in something that dont exist.
Amal G (3 months ago)
+Positively Udo Awesome, thanks :)
Positively Udo (3 months ago)
Amal G i didn’t have anything like that
Amal G (3 months ago)
+Positively Udo Cheers for replying. Did you experience any hair loss, increased urination or body aches on Wellbutrin? Especially the body aches have been annoying and distracting on stimulants and I'd like to avoid that.
Positively Udo (3 months ago)
Amal G I had to double my dose to 300 mg and I also take 5mg of evekeo
Nihulistic99th (3 months ago)
Pristiq is a modified variant of Effexor, an SSNRI, it’s objectively superior to its older cousin. Good shit. It’s what Methamphetamine is to Amphetamine, a sound analogy.
Vincent Buscarello (3 months ago)
Wellbutrin - all the negative effects of a psychedelic with none of the fun! weee!
Vincent Buscarello (1 month ago)
lol Cant comment on psychedelics -- I was just given really bad insomnia by wellbutrin so I was mad. Consult your doc on psychadelics, theres interesting suggestive research on them. +Dominic Flory
Heather Elzinga (1 month ago)
That’s how I’d describe EffexorXR
Dominic Flory (1 month ago)
Vincent Buscarello can you explain more? I feel somewhat off. I’m taking it for smoking cessation but I’m friends with lots of people who’ve done Acid and Shrooms. I’ve microdosed shrooms and felt good for a few months after but never fully tripped. I’ve also heard it changes your outlook on life for the better. should I try psychedelics?
eyestoenvy (3 months ago)
Vincent Buscarello - so true
Positively Udo (3 months ago)
Vincent Buscarello the opposite happened for me. Completely change my life around. Will post an update soon! Subscribe to see it
Jack.E Johnson (3 months ago)
i love you
Nathalia Chavez (4 months ago)
"I CAN'T ADULT!!!" That is extremely how I feel! Lol I just got welbutrin yesterday we'll see how it goes.
Lycans0ne (20 days ago)
Just about to go on it!! Scared!
Grin Stylez (1 month ago)
Amy Burns hola 👋🏽! So far I’m about 4weeks in. It’s going well. Less lethargic. Very pensive. I’m already a pensive person. It’s making me more curious about life. Don’t forget to keep us updated with your status in 4weeks 🙏🏽
Amy Burns (1 month ago)
Hows it going I got perscribed it today kinda nervious
Grin Stylez (2 months ago)
Nathalia Chavez can I get an update? I’m a week in. 🙏🏽
murryme (4 months ago)
Depersonalization is common in a lot of people with depression. I used to experience it a lot without meds, and often while driving. I had to learn how to cope by talking to myself and reminding my own brain that they are my hands.
Derek Lasalle (9 days ago)
Wellbutrin has actually been giving me depersonalization for some reason. It's really scary.
Luna Serena (15 days ago)
I experience this, i didnt know i wasnt alone, i always experience it whilst driving
Simone Washington (5 months ago)
I ran across a doctor who said adhd is more of a food allergy response then a actual condition..like gluten allergy or dairy intolerance check it out lots of YouTube videos on it.
katie crowley (2 months ago)
I'm very hippie dippy and all about natural healing. I've been completely gluten and sugar free, on a strict anti-allergen diet with careful supplementation for over a year. It totally healed my body, but I still have ADHD. There is a lot of research to suggest that ADHD is a natural evolutionary adaptation a small percentage of the population is born with, that would have been more advantageous in the past than it is today (today, it can still be advantageous if handled well). Your brain is wired differently when you have it, and if you have it, you've had it your entire life. Food and lifestyle changes can help, but they can't literally give you an entirely different brain. It's like being able to get thinner or more muscular through diet and exercise, but not being able to get taller. Medication in that sense would be like wearing very high heels and a very tall hat :).
Simone Washington (5 months ago)
+Positively Udo i understand there are many other things they discuss like mineral balancing and vitamin deficiency. Im just against meds they are of witchcraft in my opinion.
Positively Udo (5 months ago)
Simone Washington I’m actually a dietitian and I’m sad to report that that stuff is mostly bullshit. I specialize in special needs and I’ve yet to see anyone be “cured” via diet. I know for me personally I have no wheat sensitivity and I am dairy free for my entire life
Samantha Sheikh (5 months ago)
Samantha Sheikh (3 months ago)
It is therapy you get from reading something
Mačak Felix (3 months ago)
What is it ?
J A (5 months ago)
I've been on it for a month and a half now, well yesterday morning I was so overwhelmed I started crying in the car. I never did that prior to taking it and mostly I feel better but I agree the first few days were cloud 9 now I just feel like a normal person like you said.
HealthyMealthy (3 months ago)
So are you saying you are having a good response to the medication Wellburtrin?
Don't give up on me (5 months ago)
Your hair looks nice hun
I feel you. Wish i had the balls to drive off a cliff.
Wait WAAA (5 months ago)
Friend ...I feel u , August 22 2016 I was on George Washington Bridge ready to jump.Only thing kept me from jumping , I didn't want to be a vegetable. Fast forward today , I know its tough but to be honest "IT TAKES BALLS NO TO DRIVE OFF THE CLIFF"... I have never done this , but if u still feel this way message me.I would love to talk to u , 10 mins could make a difference to someone.Let me know I will send u my contact info. FYI I m in New york, although I m up late just not to late . Be well , re member you welcome to reach out.
Well i have been put on seroquel now. Let’s see what happens
Positively Udo (6 months ago)
Knowledge Over Assumption I was supposed to take a mood stabilizer with it and then eventually I didn’t need it anymore
Luisa-Sheri (6 months ago)
Hurst Kevin - there are many baby boomers living with undiagnosed ADHD. It wasn't recognised when we were children. I am a baby boomer and have suffered with depression for most of my life - I have also recently been diagnosed with ADHD. So thank god I am now getting the right treatment. The younger generation are more aware and getting the help they need instead of suffering and underachieving when living undiagnosed!
Luisa-Sheri (5 months ago)
Simone Washington- thanks I will check it out- in fact I have to for my son who due to the incompetence of our British NHS cannot get the help he needs. Our doctors here are completely uneducated about ADH D.
Simone Washington (5 months ago)
I ran across a doctor who said adhd is more of a food allergy response them a actual condition..like gluten allergy or dairy intolerance check it out lots of YouTube videos on it.
HURST KEVIN (6 months ago)
An Ibo princess depressed? ADHD? Are you kidding? A coworker 10 yrs older than said his daughter got a scholarship at sn expensive fashion design school in Philly. They are from a coal region small town .He said to me as a fellow baby boomer " what does a 22-year-old girl have to be depressed about ????
HURST KEVIN (2 months ago)
Oh adhd is attention deficit or something like that? It was first thought young were bored or needed more activity? Depression may or is something different as there are many types if mental illness. The stigma or fault really should be removed as we learn more about them all.
JoyKronicles (2 months ago)
Aaaaaaand this is why black mental health matters
HURST KEVIN (4 months ago)
+Le A Patience and thanks to you and all in this post! Udo is a favorite of mine on Youtube and her forthright bringing her battle or situation is courageous and of concern to me. We are still learning and have much to learn and try to be there for her and all loved ones. I believe in learning from young as well as old!!!
HURST KEVIN (4 months ago)
+Le A my coworker comes from a place where they believe many stereotypes perpetuated by the schools, military etc. He is 10 yrs older and not travelled much. I didnt agree I just listened.
Le A (4 months ago)
HURST KEVIN HURST KEVIN I was trying to decipher your statement as well, so I decided to keep reading because the quotation marks weren’t finished and I still couldn’t tell if you agreed with the coworker- mainly because of the latter. Sorry people misread your statement and were so harsh with you (and, nasty). They are both extremely frustrating diseases so we can get a bit touchy on the subject- especially with ALL of the ignorance on ADHD especially, and even the views on depression. God bless you too.

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