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How To Gay Cruise!

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Adam Anderson (26 дней назад)
Half of all sexually active adults have the HPV virus. 1in 8 have genital herpes. AND 1 in 7 people infected with HIV do NOT KNOW that they have it. And those are just stats from the US. Imagine how many new cases of HIV, HSV, and HPV were contracted on that cruise. Absolutely disgusting.
Deon Clay (10 месяцев назад)
How was the 1st experience?
Adam fort god (1 год назад)
I would love to make love and have sex with davey
Clk su (2 года назад)
No fcking thanks, dude!!!
Jerry N. (3 года назад)
Did he vlog while he was there?
Ernie Sanchez (3 года назад)
Ramble ....... Ramble
Pheobe Owusu (3 года назад)
William Taylor (3 года назад)
Hi Davey, It was great to see you on the cruise, i enjoyed meeting you at your open forum. I asked u the questions about steroids and implants which you answered very well. You came across as a very nice guy and I wish you all the best. Wanted to speak to you about an idea I have for one of your vids but never managed.
romanruler5 (3 года назад)
You live in RI???
lolipopx100 (4 года назад)
lolipopx100 (4 года назад)
I bet you he ices his nips before every video
Peter Spence (4 года назад)
Would someone assist me with finding a gay cruise?  All the websites look dodgy.  I don't really care where it goes, mind you I have never had a passport, I just want to go somewhere where there is a view from the cruise ship.  Anyone have some help?
cfisher132001 (4 года назад)
Hey, book onboard of Oasis of Seas, would be an honour to catch you onboard :)
Omar Varela (4 года назад)
See you in reo lif les hav six
dani dery (4 года назад)
Are there lesbian cruises? Probably not since straight men always try to infiltrate lesbian spaces.
Shaun Yap (4 года назад)
I would love to meet you in HK Davey but I'm so shy 
Mr Orc Shaman (4 года назад)
oh my, your nipples are lovely <3
MarshmallowCrate (4 года назад)
I just noticed your freckles, they are so cute. Thats all.
Kovu Kumel (4 года назад)
You will love Singapore! My favorite place in the world :)
Thor's Adventure (4 года назад)
It will be fun to make new movie called 'Gay Titanic' where the main couple will be 'Jack' and a guy. But it will be comedy cuz all passengers survive with the gay intelligence by using all the condoms on the ship.
Devin Aguado (4 года назад)
I hate how YouTube restarts the video every time you like a comment. It's annoying.
Choonie (4 года назад)
Wooop woop.From singapore
Ed McGraw (4 года назад)
Just make sure you research how the different places view homosexuality. Some are gay-friendly and some you can get arrested and put in jail.
Daniel Jr (4 года назад)
Hey Davey!  You are going to love your Atlantis cruise.  Atlantis is the best operator in the gay cruise industry and they put on the most amazing parties.  The environment is always very chill.  I've been on 6 Atlantis cruises and have always found the people to be so relaxed.  No attitude, even from the beautiful people.  A few tips are.... (1) every day there is a tea dance and a main party in the evening (that goes to 3:00-4:00 in the morning) and some nights there are after-hours parties that go until the sun comes up.  If you go the party route for your primary entertainment, remember to pace yourself because there are many parties over the course of the week.  It can be like a week-long circuit party if you let it;  (2) you may want to get "business" cards that have your name and cabin number (and any other info you want).  They are handy for when you meet new friends, they won't have to worry about remembering your cabin number in case they want to stop by or call you; (3) a magnetic wipe-off board comes in handy for leaving messages for people who stop by while you are out.  The doors are steel, so the magnetic board will stick to the door;  (4)  there will be a name headline performer who will put on 2-3 shows in the ship's theater.  On my last cruise to Mexico, Kathy Griffin was the headliner.  If you plan to go to the headliner show, get there early, as the theater is packed for every performance. I could go on, but I'll leave it at that.  You will meet lots of great guys who will turn out to be longer lasting friendships.  Wishing you a great time!
Cory Haywood (4 года назад)
Davey Wavey sweet Boytoy...You are going to be a STAR on this cruise.  In fact do not be surprized if the Gay management or company doing this cruise will recognize your youtube magic and make you an offer to be a special guest or host for future adventures.  They would be idiots, or just not Smart Marketing Gays to let a guy like you with such Sparkle get away.  You have the Smile, Wit, charm, Youtube following, and pecs to "make-tat-money-girl"  I have been on 2 gay cruises organized and run by a Gay travel company....it turned out to be the best vacations of my life.  And you are 100% right, When you get all of us Alfa Gay Males together....the joy is almost to much to bare.  So...pack alot of condoms,  watch your drink,  and enjoy the world as f it were Gay First...everybody eles is ...well ya know! Kisses!
Jimmy Molloy (4 года назад)
G. Elliott (4 года назад)
I have had all the same concerns; It's what you make it. Relax, enjoy,
Ashley Y (4 года назад)
this is an awesome contest and all, but before anyone just applies out of pure excitement, read the fine print of the rules and details about what you get if you win. I and several others may be old enough to enter, but still with what is given to you, unless Davey is willing to pitch in, I doubt most of us can afford this cruise without bankrupting ourselves upon returning to the states or wherever you come from. I've got several thousands of dollars, but after port fees, food prices, drink prices, I mean I could stay on the boat all the trip and miss out on the excursions but where's the point in that? not to mention the price of a plane ticket, and if you don't already have one the price of a passport/ time to get a passport. This is waaaaaay more complicated than what it initially presents itself as... and I was really excited to enter, but now I wont even try because I already know, theres just no way that even in 5 years, I would ever be able to afford this cruise..... :(
leo chung (4 года назад)
Hong Kong might be cooler though it is spring
D2Raphael (4 года назад)
HEY GUYS!  Basically I am a new +Youtuber and maybe you want to check my channel :)  .........  I am gay btw, but shhh!!! 
wcfanatic fanatic (4 года назад)
Hay Davey! Remember to always make sure to have duplicate identification kept safe with your family in case of an emergency. Birth Certificate, Passport, State-issued ID, and so forth in case you need them to send it to you. If you're traveling abroad to other countries, it doesn't hurt to tell the State Department, and have the numbers and addresses of the US Consulates in nations you're visiting.
Ron Dixon (4 года назад)
Wow Davey has four friends. That's like six more friends than I have.
Jason Rich (4 года назад)
I am an enrichment lecturer aboard cruise ships several times per year to promote my books. You will have a blast on Millennium. Celebrity Cruise Lines is a great company to cruise with, and yes, the ships have WI-Fi (for a fee).
Obvioustroller (4 года назад)
I googled gay cruise and all i got was pictures of Tom cruise.
Kristoff (4 года назад)
Please do a meet and greet in hong kong
Do not Come for me (4 года назад)
What do you think about Connor Coming out video!
beautybass13 (4 года назад)
Is the gay cruise only for men then? Or can lesbians come too?
brother luke (4 года назад)
Homosexuals – Coprophilia The homosexual has always been associated with Coprophilia. Many scientific studies assumed poo was used by the gay  as a natural lubricant in anal sex, Inevitably some would get into the mouth and this was just a recognised consequence of anal sex,  but the homosexual over time has it would appear acquired a taste for it. I was counselling  a teenage homosexual who accidently had become addicted to eating poop, in his own words he had discovered the magic of it while rimming his boyfriend out. Now he tells a story of rejection, his school friends have rejected him because his breath stinks, his family have rejected him after he confessed to spreading some shit on toast, and a large turd he blended to make a milkshake. He just loves poop so much, each poop tastes different, and he loves the chunky ones that have raisins and nuts in them. Sadly this is not an isolated case, and one which requires a great deal of tact and understanding when approaching the subject with the homosexual sufferer. Many homosexuals are involved in this new sex act called the  Dirty Sanchez  which is sexual slang for a sex act where feces is purposely smeared onto a partner's upper lip to create a moustache . Where science and medicine fail the bible shows  us the way, not just forgiveness but acceptance of those who are different, may one day repent and rejoin Gods family.
Patrick Nabors (4 года назад)
I loathe going on cruise ships and nothing could be worse than being on a ship with a bunch of prancing poodles.
TM18 (4 года назад)
We all know you. Just use protection...
sthrnmuscle (4 года назад)
Life's what you make it, even on a gay cruise. Look for a bathhouse, and you'll find it. Look for friends and simple good times, you'll find that.
MrBIGRik1 (4 года назад)
So this cruise is going to "BANG KOK"? 
T G (4 года назад)
I'm so jealous. Have fun!
Evyzyii (4 года назад)
Tom Cruise
zanthus7 (4 года назад)
You are going to have the time of your life. I've gone on gay cruises with Atlantis-Celebrity and it's fun from day 1 to the last day. If you can, find out about various nightly theme parties so you can bring the right clothes for it, if clothes are required. Underwear parties are the best.  And don't forget your gym clothes. The cruise ship has a full-size gym. I once asked one of the employees the difference between a gay cruise versus a str8 cruise from their perspective and they said for the str8 cruise, they have to order more food and for the gay (men) cruise the gym is used more and they have to order more alcohol. LOL. 
eddieoxford (4 года назад)
#foreveralone  :(
BBQNBLUES (4 года назад)
Ok, you convinced me to enter :)    but, I'll _Need a boy-toy, as my cabin mate.   Volunteers ?
Tristan Dollinger (4 года назад)
Id be scared for all the same reasons. But youll have a great time!
Jane Lawson (4 года назад)
My mum wants to go on a cruise. Don't think she's really suitable for a gay cruise, though.
Andrew Crump (4 года назад)
Be sure to take nausea medicine in case of sea sick Ness plus have fun gaining your sea legs
Hailey Merritt (4 года назад)
Limit your food, I gained 9 pounds In a week on a cruise
queersilver (4 года назад)
Are girls allowed in that cruise? I mean, I pass as a twink anyway.
maureen rummenie (4 года назад)
cruising is sooo much fun.. We cruise with Carnival Cruise lines.. and we've been on 6 cruises so far..  Once you do cruise, you will be hooked.. its very enjoyable..  You might want to also check out Al & Chuck Travel.   They book themed cruises all  the time and recently had a Bear Cruise just a few weeks ago I think..   Worth checking out what they have to offer.
allen kim (4 года назад)
I am so excited to watch your next video:)
Ville Hai Dinh (4 года назад)
omg you go to vietnam, like seriously, wish i could be there
dboyfff (4 года назад)
Have fun and be orderly! hahaha
Tate Burdick (4 года назад)
U should vlog it it would be cool
Clifton Lim (4 года назад)
are you going on land and have a meet and greet or something like that?
Jonny93 (4 года назад)
Davey, you missed a little patch when shaving. :P
Daniel Quick (4 года назад)
You're going to need more lube...
ambdance00 (4 года назад)
Davey you're gonna get so many hook ups on that cruise lol or at least offers. They're gonna hear that a good looking famous Youtuber is on board, and they're gonna be all over you
Malik Gilbert (4 года назад)
I heard many gay cruises are intimidating. Since theres so many hot muscular guys there, they let theres ego's blow up and try to give you attitude or be a douche if your not as equally hot as they are.
zanthus7 (4 года назад)
I have not found that to be true. If anything, gay cruises are very liberating. You feel so free to be uninhibited. And there are guys of all types of body sizes. From my experience, everybody is just having fun.  
youtubeAddict (4 года назад)
Enjoy! Can't wait to hear your tips 😃
TheJustinglen (4 года назад)
have very good time on the Cruise and thanks for the link to free trip giveaway
Vicktor (4 года назад)
Ur body is soooo hot! Ur smile too.
Makayla Barker (4 года назад)
have fun davey!!! be safe! i love you <3
Ryan Aun (4 года назад)
Gay in the Far East? You ARE brave!
sailornaruto39 (4 года назад)
Ok, not the type of cruise I thought he meant
rogaface (4 года назад)
LOL that's what I was about to say. I wanna hear about the different colored bandanas
pwetty4r4 (4 года назад)
why is the skin right between your chest and neck always sunburned?
KrishnaTheKumar (4 года назад)
I'm honoured that I'm one of those four only friends. Right?
Mike McFly (4 года назад)
I was counting in my head who could that be too. I am sure you are in there somewhere ;)
gregthestoner (4 года назад)
Sounds fun but I get motion sickness and sea sickness. I might be a gumiho.
Sammi Sue (4 года назад)
This cruise makes me question the boyfriend you say you have :P
wwaxwork (4 года назад)
He didn't say he was going alone. 
kyle santos (4 года назад)
I wonder how many condoms will be loaded onto the ship before it departs.
highpriest012 (4 года назад)
Prepare for dance music for breakfast, partying til 6 am, and the flooting bathhouse.
Brent Kelsey (4 года назад)
You will definitely enjoy it! It truly is what you make of it. You can do as much or as little as you want. The first one is definitely an experience. I am a farm boy from the rural Midwest and, although I was nervous like you are, I absolutely loved it! I have been on regular cruises and an Atlantis cruise...I would do either one again. You get to meet so many awesome people from around the world and one of the best things is that our can be who you are without the worry of anyone judging you. Oh, and Atlantis puts on the most amazing parties, no seriously...I mean effing amazing!!!
zanthus7 (4 года назад)
Amen. I agree with you 100%. Atlantis nightly parties are the absolute best. 
Colt Marvel (4 года назад)
I would totally cruise with you! And totally youtube together 
Zefurry (4 года назад)
just cause youre gay doesnt mean you need to be celebrated. conceited much?
DaveyWaveyRaw (4 года назад)
I'm very happy that you caught my Titanic reference. :)
muscle89 (3 года назад)
+DaveyWaveyRaw Did you do the cruise? I couldn't find a video on your first channel?
Dan PetersonTaylor (4 года назад)
OMG, I live in New Orleans, so do tons of "Regular" cruises, never thought about the buffet being bottom friendly. (just to know, there is no Taco Bell). I love the fine dining, room service, Chocolate Martini, high tea. And the thousands plus employees that serve me! When I go to heaven, I hope it is a Carnival Cruise.
Revenge of Bcraig5 (4 года назад)
Hopefully it won't end up like one of those poop cruises where y'all end up stranded. Hopefully. http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/25/travel/carnival-triumph-cruise-trial/
Aaron the Humanist (4 года назад)
Well I am/was VERY tempted, but firstly its US and Canada people only, and this free event comes complete with $495 of port charges, which I simply cant afford. For others considering this, be aware, that a cruise an cost you $1500 in expenses, shore excursions, drinks on board, tips and others. Would still loved to have gone.
Deoxys2121 (4 года назад)
Oh god that Titanic reference just kill me in laughter.
Mike McFly (4 года назад)
I just came back from a cruise! It was not a gay one though....
ThatVlogKid 101 (4 года назад)
Have a fun cruise davey #Men's🚢
robertantonvlogs (4 года назад)
Take your Ebola vaccine with ya
UniversalPotentate (4 года назад)
Is it just me or are his chest and arms particularly scrumptious in this video?
UniversalPotentate (4 года назад)
+pwetty4r4 Good point! He needs to focus on his abs and ass. *just making him self-conscious*
pwetty4r4 (4 года назад)
he's probably been hitting the gym more often to prepare for this cruise ;p
Ken Wynn (4 года назад)
My tip: please don't hit on the crew! I used to work on cruise ships, it's just like any other place most of the crew will be straight and this magical time away for you is just another week working away from home for them (they do it for months at a time) and it probably only 'goes gay' for a couple weeks in the calendar. Please respect them, they are professionals and aren't there to be treated like they work in Hooters (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's a totally different environment).
Blake J (4 года назад)
Would you offer this advice to people going on a "regular" cruise, i.e., don't hit on the crew? Or is only gay men that should not make probably straight men "uncomfortable" in this was?
Androgynous Monarch (4 года назад)
I wanna go on a gay cruise
Jonathon Arenas (4 года назад)
I was just thinking about gay clubs and how I wouldn't want them to just change to clubs. I want a place to be who I am and to be around other sexual minorities. Thanks Davey for a great video and have fun on the cruise.
Areeb Azhar (4 года назад)
I like you but don't want to f*ck you , does that make me gay
Adamo Castello (4 года назад)
not really.
Jenn Belair (4 года назад)
first off I love your vlog and second I love you even more because your the first YouTuber I have ever seen that is from Rhode island which is where I'm from so yay! :)
Hannah Butler (4 года назад)
Have fun!!!
Harrison Zemcik (4 года назад)
Pheobe Owusu (4 года назад)
I love these little vlogs from you! Have fun on your cruise, Davey!
Logan Chavez (4 года назад)

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