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Описание: Take Requip to combat your RLS Restless Legs Syndrome.
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Text Comments (11)
max15military (5 years ago)
Did that doctor sleep with her?
ron evers (6 years ago)
when I saw this I was lmao...but it doesn't seem to work for me,,I work 8 to 10 hours a day,,,walk every evening for no less than an hour,,and ride a bike,,and get plenty of exercise. Your advice may work for some,,,thanks for waking those up that are lazy. Do your parents know you are online?
slicingwater (9 years ago)
I used to have RLS, but then eventually it passed, no thanks to requip. If people have prolems like this they should just go out for a jog or do some mountain climbers.
Anna Santos (11 years ago)
most people enjoy this commercial not because we wanna make fun of RLS. but because the side effects of this pill... which includes compulsive gambling. get it?
sssummer (11 years ago)
absolutely, i agree. the human body can break down in many ways -- and the reason i think RLS is "mostly bull" is because i think it's not a problem in itself, but rather a symptom of a greater problem.
uintaj (11 years ago)
To claim that RLS is mostly "bull" is nonsense. My mother had it long before it was in the news. The drug companies rip everyone off, but they don't create all these disorders. I knew of a very young lady who accidently closed a car door on her thumb. Somehow that "short-circuited" her entire body. It caused the nerves in her body to become so sensitive that wearing clothes was agony. The human body can break down in many ways.
Angel Santiago (11 years ago)
I saw this commercial on TV tonight and both my roommate and I BOTH heard the side effects included increase sexual appetite and to tell your doctor if you have a gambling problem. No lie. When I heard that I busted out laughing. I'm looking on YouTube to see if I can find a version of this commerical with that voiceover. It was a total riot.
Mac Mintaka (11 years ago)
Look, I understand the drug companies dropped fast and furious on this one, but you don't understand that many people have had it for many years. I've been on internet forums for over 10 years now, with people far worse off than I am. Everyone is casually throwing around their doubt as a reaction to the drug companies, and ignoring those of us who are hurt by your doubt and disparaging words.
sssummer (11 years ago)
read more carefully, kind sir; "mostly" is the key word in my comment. i am sure there are about 1,000 people with this problem, and many others who simply convince themselves that they have it, as a result of DTC drug marketing.
Mac Mintaka (11 years ago)
Try it some time you stupid ass. Try not sleeping for weeks on end, only dozing in between horrible creepy-crawly skin.
sssummer (11 years ago)
restless legs syndrome, as are many pharma-created disorders, is mostly bull.

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