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IMPELLA by Procardia - Cardiology

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Text Comments (8)
myeyesinside out (1 year ago)
no face mask no maintenace of sterility,, this is wrong and doctors you are wrong i work in the cath lab you should not have this vedio out,,
Chuckles (1 year ago)
Refreshing that they have not joined the unsupported idea that masks, hair nets and such are a necessity. There is no data, just JCHO
ADFasdf asdfasdf (2 years ago)
The most stupid thing you could do is cross the AV with a hydrophilic wire. Eventually you will perf the LV with that kind of strategy. Just use a regular straight tip wire and keep trying till you cross.
Abed Asfour (2 years ago)
Though we use face mask where I work, Most cath labs in US and Europe do not use that for cardiac cath procedure as opposed to pacemaker and ICD insertions
Rafael Lencioni (3 years ago)
You dont seems to be ashamed of yourselves publishing a video without a facemask putting the patient in a higher infection risk just for you to show your faces in a market deal. What a mess.
myeyesinside out (2 years ago)
i am thinkg the same thing. where is the sterile technique . no mask.. how do they protect the patient
kursist intensiv (3 years ago)
what about facemaske ?
ilwmb (3 years ago)
this video failed to convince me of anything from the point i saw you working without face masks.

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