Requip Withdrawal Log Days 21-23 SHEER EXHAUSTIONMuerte de ramon gay

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Requip Withdrawal Log Days 21-23 SHEER EXHAUSTION

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Shoaib Ghori (4 месяца назад)
I have Restless legs of a different kind, I only have twitching when I am sleeping. I have been taking Ropinarole, .70mg , I decided to go lower as this med was causing my BP to go up. I really wonder should I continue using this med.
Mr Roboto (1 год назад)
Hello. I think my mother is going through the same withdrawals. All of her doctors disagree. Could you send me the doctors name and contact info please. This is very terrible time for my mom. Thanks for your videos. They are my only clue to what this could be.

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