What Does Tracer Confirmed Gay by Blizzard Mean For Overwatch?Muerte de ramon gay

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What Does Tracer Confirmed Gay by Blizzard Mean For Overwatch?

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ProtoMario (2 года назад)
2,000 Likes on the video and I'll read gay fan fiction between Protoman and Mario.
Blek Snek (2 года назад)
ProtoMario totally agreeing... if she was meant to be gay why didn't they make her backstory like she's being gay... it's forced
SwiftCraft (2 года назад)
+Protomario I wish I had thumbs too...
Kazi Islam (2 года назад)
How do we know that Tracer isn't bi, though?
MrRay190 (2 года назад)
You better upload a video of it
Ames Ames (2 года назад)
500 more likes lol
Chance Roop (2 месяца назад)
I agree times2
Tala Habern (3 месяца назад)
I love when people say well is there a reason, in this case does if effect the game? It's funny and annoying cause it comes from such a place of privilege. No it just doesn't effect the game but that doesn't mean it was shoehorned in either. It's mainly to expand the characters beyond just the basic gameplay and of course to be more inclusive. Straight people smh.
Zimy0 (4 месяца назад)
Well if there’s no reason to make a character gay, then there’s no reason to make them straight, then there’s no reason to talk about there relationships... really why have any story at all. It’s an online shooter, why do I need to know anything about these characters at all. Great argument dude.
Maknae Gukkie (5 месяцев назад)
Okay I just have to say *why can't you just say the term **_lesbian_*
expert gamer (6 месяцев назад)
In my opinion I don't think it ruins the game I just kind of find it weird
Preston Crider (8 месяцев назад)
Ok so I’m not a gay person myself, in my school I have to deal with people of different beliefs. But I think as long as a person is not dangerous to society, I will still treat them like a person. Now with video games, I have a little bit of a problem of tracer being gay. Overwatch is a really good game and I like it, but it kinda makes me uncomfortable When a developer makes a character gay because it adds no backstory, and, sorry if you are gay and insulted by this.
FIGHTINGPIRET TV (9 месяцев назад)
Im offended cuz im gay
Sky_Howto (9 месяцев назад)
Fits her personality I mean she looks like it so I really don’t know lol
thedabcrab 3 (10 месяцев назад)
You know a comic is bad when the reveal a a characters sexuality is the most interesting thing to happen
mr bones anderson (1 год назад)
It does nothing to the game Y even add it in Blizzard you are stupid y even add it in Blizzard There was no piont
MKYUY (1 год назад)
There shouldn't be sexuality in video games in first place. This whole reveal in Overwatch feels just so forced like it's some part of a political agenda and that's all. Her alleged homosexuality is never brought up again, it doesn't affect gameplay, story, nothing. Also if you look closely, they are kissing themselves on cheeks, like every woman does. Why it's such a big deal?
Jan Hanzl (1 год назад)
I'm actually sad that tracer my favourite character is gay
F0SSIL (1 год назад)
I used to like tracer but when i found out that she was gay I got really pissed because when i meet someone and become best friends with them and they tell me their gay, it literally ruins that bond i have with he or she. I'd do better off not knowing that they are gay, I'm not saying that it's good or bad I'm just saying that Jesus put us on this earth with a penis and a pussy for a reason.that's why I'm saying that this is wrong in my opinion.
Mattea Mancini (1 год назад)
I feel a bit uncomfortable with tracer being gay because my mom is a bit against gay people and it makes me a bit uncomfortable..
GameFanatic (1 год назад)
i think they made tracer gay so the community would stop making overwatch porn
Wolflithay (1 год назад)
I feel like people should make the characters like whoever they want bc that's what shipping is for, like no need to shoe horn in being gay when people ship gay anyways
Bruno Fanp (1 год назад)
I understand some people thinking 'why is this political statement being expressed in my game for no reason?', but don't you think that some of the creators are lgbt themselves and feel underrepresented in these games? I think the same goes for tv shows.
Simpledude_life (1 год назад)
The only problem I have with it was they chose the character that is on the front cover on the box the one character that was in the trailer to the game and also was one of the most picked in the beta doing this is like making master chief be secretly a transgender fucking pansexual fruit role up no one wanted this nor asked for this blizzard just put this in here to make gays trans feminists to just shut up going on rants say shit like there is no gay people why are all the girls skinny who gives a shit leave the characters sexuality a secret no one wants to know that shit
Simpledude_life (1 год назад)
1:57 ok we get it you are trying to be careful for what you say in this video so you don't trigger people to dislike the video and unsubscribe
KaiserTrigger (1 год назад)
It means they're trying to pander to lgbt in the hopes that the Feminists will find them diverse enough to stop talking about her ass and "objectification".
Taylor ._. (2 года назад)
It says she has a girlfriend on her bio name Emily
Valancy Gamer (2 года назад)
Fuck the gays whit RPG0
Linkenski (2 года назад)
They made her gay on a whim as a response to Anita Sarkeesian and alike. People that pressure the industry to do this in order to avoid controversy and be "socially acceptable". It's political correctness and not a creative pull. Then again, everything about Overwatch is one big marketed ploy. The character designs are amazing but they're also focus tested to oblivion and you could say the push for diversity has just been part of that. Essentially I look at each Overwatch character as I look at Coca Cola. It's a brand and its primary purpose is the business but all consumers know it for is its taste and iconic look that makes them want to drink it whenever they see it. So, I cannot be offended or surprised or happy over Tracer being gay. It's all part of the same circulum.
Jem Roko (2 года назад)
I personally just don't give a fuck. they can be gay they can be straight and as long as it doesn't cause any problems for me I am perfectly fine with it. the fact that people and this character is gay doesn't cause problems for me so I shouldn't care and I don't care.
melanc joy (2 года назад)
this is world building lol. people are upset over nothing. they are going to worldbuild for every hero.
Kenny McCormick (2 года назад)
A message to the creators and developers of overwatch: You better undo what you did to tracer right now by deleting that the comic from the face from the Earth and saying it's not true that tracer is lesbian because it's causeing trouble on the internet or I'll hunt down single one of you!!!!! Thanks
Kenny McCormick (2 года назад)
I don't believe this canon because why show that tracer is lesbian in the comics, but not in the game? Because she's not lesbian. Notice how the comic is called "reflections''. The comic could take place in a mirror dimension. In that dimension, tracer is lesbian. In overwatch (the game not the comic) tracer is not lesbian. Who is the girl tracer is kissed? We don't really know alot about her and she's not in the game. Again, why show that tracer is lesbian in the comics but not in the game? Because it's not canon. There is something that can prove tracer is not lesbian. Leave a like if agree.
Zarar Bangash (2 года назад)
bro your such idiots who the fuck would have tracer as there wife just because she has a sexy butt bruh i only like her because of her cute face and here badass hairstyle you guys are perverts oh my god you stupid freaking people holy crap
Blek Snek (2 года назад)
Tracer being straight: no1 cares, everything's fine, everybody loves the game Tracer being gay: 1.Somebody goes insane and ruins the computer, and finish playing with it / who doesn't have the game don't want to buy it anymore 2 Likes it and thats it...no1 would buy the game because Tracer is gay but why Tracer-> the mascot character of the game? does it mean that the crew making the game is gay too?
Sapphicmoon (2 года назад)
Yall bitch about everything chill the fuck out and let her be gay ya fucking dumbasses.
DJ Prime (2 года назад)
meh I always thought she was bisexual
xXKiller PantherXx (2 года назад)
Like wtf would people you should not be upset about this its just her personality you accepted a woman body builder i am not being sexist or racist seriously their is no problem about that so i think its ok
Red (2 года назад)
"Gaywatch" I choked on my cereal xD
Philosiraptor Jr (2 года назад)
i always had a gut feeling that this was somewhat true ever since ive watched her flirtyness twords widowmaker when fighting and i feel like its a good choice (christians shit the f up god doesnt give a shit wether someone is gay or not) because it makes the casts diversity that much more interesting i feel like they should have gone more into this explaining a bit more about this but for what it is my reaction is good choice could have had a few tweaks
Philosiraptor Jr (2 года назад)
LESBIEN not gay
My nick name is Rovi (2 года назад)
Maybe Emily will be a future playable character, also um i think this was ment to show what the hero's lives are outside of the game. I mean if this exact scene in the comic took place and she was kissing a man no one would freak out, but because its a woman shes kissing everyone has to have a shit storm.
Pikachu (2 года назад)
I thought Tracer was male.
Skode (2 года назад)
If you cant see its a cheek kiss and it is for familys and friends meatting or good night kiss xD
Mikey Alexander (2 года назад)
I mean honestly if your not homophobic you should have no problem with this at all. also this isn't having diversity for diversities sake, haveing an LGBT character in a game doesn't mean it's pandering it's just being realistic. LGBT exist and if you have a group of 22 people there is a good chance one is gonna be LGBT. just like how the game has a huge amount of racial diversity this works the same way. as a gay man myself im quite pleased with there being an LGBT character in this game especially being the mascot this is wonderful. And even if you don't agree with homosexuality it's not like the game even tells in the first place as of now unless you read the comic or look online you won't even have the slightest clue about her sexuality so really for all we know except for like 2 other characters the entire rest of the cast could be gay. we don't know so anyone who says that Blizzard is shoving it down our throats stfu cause you wouldn't even know if you didn't look online.
EpicPrimeTime (2 года назад)
I guess the other big girl character being gay was too obvious lol
MaiHead (2 года назад)
I'm a gay dude and i agree with the comment about 'diversity for diversity's sake'. It bothers me that my sexual orientation, which in no way defines me as a person, has become this quota to be filled and has been politicised so fucking much. I wish they had made Tracer being gay/bi relevant to her character instead of just showing her kissing a woman once and then shove it to the side without any context, other than 'here look two women kissing!"'. Don't get me wrong, inclusion is important but is has to make sense! I wish that the next gay/bi character, and yes Blizzard has stated that there are multiple, can have a story that is actually relevant to the game and the character itself, instead of this fanfic-ish lame story.
Reece with out socks (2 года назад)
so you wouldent care if it was a dude?
RogelioDelaToro (2 года назад)
I'm not a homophobe, I actually don't think I would mind dating a trans woman. But I think you should be allowed to be homophobic if the most you are doing is hurting someone's feelings and not like firing someone because they are gay or trans.
VDiBi76 (2 года назад)
Cheers love, the calories here
The Aviansie (2 года назад)
Answer: nothing.
Shawn Vermeeren (2 года назад)
i honestly dont think it matters all that much, let her be a lesbian. Its not gonna affect the game or how her character plays at all. The only thing thats probably gonna happen now that we know shes a lesbian is that there is gonna be more fan made art and comics of her kissing the other females in overwatch and possibly other games/anime. I also think that if we were told about this from the very start then the same thing would probably happen then like it is now.
Lopside2313 (2 года назад)
i dont think its shoe horn i think its just adding some not really important stuff to her as a character
TJ Wilferd (2 года назад)
I completely agree. I don't have any problem with gays at all. Some real cool people are gay and acceptance is great, but this IS just shoe-horned in to pander to the LBGT community. Blizzard outright admitted that was what they were going to do at a recent convention when they said they have heard the LBGT community and they promised not just one, but multiple LBGT character reveals to come soon. That means Tracer is just the first of several to be suddenly gay soon, and I think that is lame as hell. Just as dumb as when one person complained about a Tracer win pose being sexy and Blizzard changed the pose. If ever a company has outright pandered to whining minorities or SJWs, it's Blizzard with Overwatch. Those who don't like it have every right to feel that way. Also, I noticed a lot of hate and insults from those who support Blizzard's gay Tracer reveal, like calling people bigots, archaic, ignorant, and saying they want to punch them or hope they die out, while most of what I see from those opposed is usually fairly reasonably stated.
13 dimensions (2 года назад)
it doesn't matter it's just a fun games
13 dimensions (2 года назад)
hey I don't judge if girls want to be with girls let them Let Live and Let Live I have no problem with gay people
Michael MAnville (2 года назад)
Was there mistletoe?
amateur match (2 года назад)
I just hate that of all the characters they could chose from, they made the Tomboy gay. I freaking hate that stereotype
Cameron Heaton (2 года назад)
Unless her girlfriend is playable does it effect the game.
Kazi Islam (2 года назад)
What I don't understand is why does this automatically mean that she's gay and not that she may be bisexual? Or even pansexual for that matter?
Ozzywolf 1 (2 года назад)
it gives tracer character making here unique
Okita[Fake] (2 года назад)
Idc either way. I'd say its fan service for the community if I had to place it.
SK_Brook (2 года назад)
It doesn't do anything, you can ignore this and keep playing the game as usual.... just don't look on DeviantArt.
Nepu-Tech USA (2 года назад)
I'm sick and tired of political agendas on my video games. I don't care what they identify as or who they like to fuck that's none of my business. I dropped SJ Watch for Splatoon and never looking back.
Phil Price (2 года назад)
Well maybe it'll stop tracer hentai
Sacred Nathan Drake (2 года назад)
it means that overwatch is the best goty and uncharted is a piece of sit
John Porteous (2 года назад)
Why the fuck should I care about the orientation of a fictional character when it's not related to shipping or contradicts prior canon?
Sangui Vantas/Vanito (2 года назад)
It was already incredibly diverse and really this does nothing to the shooter. Like, if Cloud from Final Fantasy was bi, would you freak out about it? Probably not.
I think that (2 года назад)
i really want to buy pokemon fr an emerald again
Obi MMD (2 года назад)
To answer your question about why we weren't told if the character was LGBT right off the bat, I think it might be because Blizzard wanted people to buy, play, and like the game before they revealed gay characters, so they'd have a lot of sales before they got any backlash. Because we all know that people wouldn't be buying if they knew that characters were LGBT. It's like a subtle homophobia not a lot of people are aware of. You know, that "I don't hate gays, but this is unnecessary" sort of thing.
PBear (2 года назад)
I think that the reason we weren't shown she was gay up front is because if they had Tracer would be "The Gay One" But now people have already formed their ideas about Tracer so she isnt just the gay one.
Sorra RF (2 года назад)
gay watch ill play it
Hey We are a hurricane (2 года назад)
If your gay live your life Batch
Jon foy (2 года назад)
got an ad for grindr on yout vid
Felania Soul (2 года назад)
What i don't understand is why does it matter? It has nothing to do with the game as far as we can tell until they actually put in her girlfriend or ex as a character so it might be for the future, but even then, whats it really matter of a characters sexuality. It really might not have anything to do with the game or the LGBT community, the writer really could've just imagined that she was gay the entire time and thought "hey we're doing a christmas special, it'd make sense if she did show up in there" and then just put her in
ThatGuyWithHisHat (2 года назад)
So far the lore and the game really haven't had anything to do with eachother aside from aesthetics and abilities, so unless Tracer's new ult is to kiss every other female character in the match, I don't think it's gonna matter much.
theHedgex1 (2 года назад)
I feel nothing about her being gay as a life style but i very much approve of her being into women :p
letsdothisshiat (2 года назад)
TBH I thought tracer was a guy when I first saw her
drag b (2 года назад)
Pretty sure most people thought tracer was gay before this. Proofs in all the tracer wider maker well everything.
TheUnununium (2 года назад)
Maybe that's the message: It doesn't matter whether she's gay or not. It doesn't change anything.
Cuauhtemoc Gonzales (2 года назад)
Who cares if people are gay. They are human too. Some of my friends are gay and I accept them for who they are. But, I don't like it if they hit on me. I usually tell them to not, because it makes me uncomfortable.
The Reborn (2 года назад)
Who gives a fuck seriously?
HwoarangtheBoomerang (2 года назад)
+ProtoMario The answer to all your questions is: "I dunno. Ask Dumbledore."
Supreme Silver (2 года назад)
"I'm not sure any of the heroes are straight..." What? Widowmaker main story is that she killed her husband. Ana has a kid so presumably she's straight. Also, how about the opposite argument that this has nothing to do with the game. SO WHAT? Like I can kinda understand the not liking shoehorning in diversity for diversity, but like you said they didn't make a big deal out of Tracer being gay. The reason? Because overall it doesn't matter, heck to some people every single character back story doesn't matter because they just want the shooter. Even the revelation of her being gay is not in the game itself but in a comic, and even in that it's not that big of deal. So, I really can't understand why people feel so angry about this since overall to everything IT DOESN'T MATTER!! TLDL: Who cares just get on the payload
Lrdvltr (2 года назад)
Blizzard has bent over for the LGBTQ+blablabla SJW degenerates when they are realistically less than 1% of the playerbase.
King Hino (2 года назад)
I don't mean any disrespect, Proto, because I support you and to a degree I can even understand where you're coming from, thinking that its "diversity for diversity's sake," but I really don't agree with this way of thinking. I think the reason they didn't tell us Tracer was gay was because they shouldn't have had to tell us to begin with. Did they come out and say any other character was gay? Did they ever tell us any character was straight? It technically doesn't matter if a character gay or not in a video game, however the comics and shorts are actually there for something else entirely. Something called "World building." None of them have any REAL impact on the game or the gameplay, and it doesn't have to be an "important part of her character," either. I'm a heterosexual, white, male, and I don't think ANY of those descriptors is an "important" part of me as a person. But if you were creating a comic of my life then you're probably going to see me with a girlfriend at some point or another. This world building is there because Blizzard wants to expand on their world, not because they necessarily need to introduce another "important" part of their character, however, that isn't to say that it isn't going to affect their character in any way. Since the beginning Blizzard has been trying to create a diverse cast of characters with different origins, different ideologies, and so on, all for the sake of creating a positive experience for a ton of different people. They want different players to be able to relate to a character in some way, or sympathize or empathize with different characters, and get invested in the story, because Blizzard can and probably will take this IP to a point where it's far more than just a shooter. Overwatch is incredibly popular BECAUSE of its diversity, and soon enough we're probably going to get more Overwatch content in different forms than just shorts, comics, and of course the base game. Having diversity is a positive thing for some people, and meaningless to others, but if somebody has a problem with the diversity of characters in a fictional universe, or the real world for that matter, that's on them. There isn't a problem with it, and if people are upset because a fictional character is gay or have some kind of problem with it, then they need to take a step back and realize that they're overreacting. It doesn't impact the play experience in ANY way, but it does create more characters for more people to get invested in. That's entirely positive. Getting offended or triggered by it is meaningless and just creates problems because of personal bias. And now that I'm kinda done ranting on this particular topic, I pose a different question: "Would this be discussed at all if a character came out as being heterosexual instead? Or is this all just drama for drama's sake because we live in a world of majority heterosexuals?"
nicholas savage (2 года назад)
I don't care either way. Shoehorning maybe. I just see it as lore building.
MCPunk55 (2 года назад)
The SJW agenda has pushed so much diversity for no good reason it's not even funny. Feminism did the same thing. I personally don't care but forcing homossexuality, in this case, just for no good reason other than "oh let's be diverse" it's ridiculous.
MCPunk55 (2 года назад)
I still don't know why this matters. Then again, I'm not into Overwatch.
MrDeykar (2 года назад)
I think they didnt want to make a big deal out of it. Her being gay shouldnt be the primary focus. She shouldnt be recognized as the gay hero, just a hero which happens to be gay. So why including it anyway if it doesnt effect the game? There are exist people which like zo know more about the heroes out of personal interest to their Story and lore. In the very same comic we got to know that Torb has a loving wife and many kids as well. Why does that matter? It doesnt. Its just there to flash out the characters and give more life to them.
Stephen Coates (2 года назад)
Personally I feel like this character was the safest choice to use as a 'gay' character (cute/hot female), although it sort of feels like someones fan fiction was suddenly made cannon.
Ruby Red (2 года назад)
its because the fandom and stuff XD and its their game and they can add whatever they want lol. for character development. tbh i feel like zarya (idk how to spell it) is gay lmao
Clayton Weyl (2 года назад)
It's just shoehorned in.
Michael Catalano (2 года назад)
SJW- hey what's popular? make it the way I want it
dadbyul (2 года назад)
i don't see why there should be a reason for a character to be gay or not. this isn't shoehorned. the comics purpose is to offer a look into the lives of the characters off the battlefield. characters have relationships, they aren't just mindless fighting machines (save for the robots ofc). and trust me, replace Emily with a man and you wouldn't be saying the same thing.
Tajik Plays Games (2 года назад)
I am also not a fan of diversity for the sake of just having it but with a quick skimming of the comic a few things become kinda clear to me I feel are relevant to the conversation. First off, in an appropriate timing it is Christmas themed, this alone to me justifies a perfect time to release the fact she is gay. Since like most people who celebrate Christmas, gays spend it with their loved ones, often in their case including or consisting of a spouse of the same gender. It seems to me to be an attempt to show more of their home lives, which is not really directly important to the game play itself or anything, but does serve to build their universe as more complete body of lore. While I will not argue that perhaps the overarching decision to make her gay may well have been for the sake of having more diversity, this comic doesn't seem to me to be a "shoe horn" as some have stated it. Being gay doesn't necessarily change how you are day to day, or how these soldiers would act in battle. It's not like she is going to be hitting on the female characters while they shoot rockets and bullets at her, so I am not sure when one expected some sort of other organic reveal as to her sexuality. As stated, they don't address most character's sexuality, as it does not really matter in an action shooter. Though there are a few that had spouses at some point. However, they showed her personal life, which includes a lesbian spouse. Seems organic enough for me. While I do suspect it was more of a marketing decision than a lore based one, in the end it is their intellectual property to do as they seem fit to improve it. So in this case it seems to me people are way too concerned with one panel out of a 12 page comic.
Belial61 (2 года назад)
This shit coming from the same company who removed early tracer character model because it was overly sexual. This is pozzed feminist pandering. If they hadn't pulled down the model, I don't think as many people would care. No one likes a hypocrite.
Daphur (2 года назад)
I'm back and ready to copy right u again send fans this time and I will find out were the live
Garrett Vranicar (2 года назад)
I feel like this is mentioned in the first place is a reason to appeal to the sjw community, which had multiple effects on this game, I think it is diversity to pander to this group of people
quentin teakle (2 года назад)
It means the character is gay and likes, and dates, women. There is literally nothing else to it lmao. As a gay guy, people speculating what the fuck a character being gay means seriously confuses me. People don't speculate what a character being straight means, do they?
Tjracerz (2 года назад)
it doesn't really accomplish anything because there is no story to overwatch other than character backstories is there a reason for any of these characters to be fighting (other than hanzo and genji ) overwatch is multilayer only game even if the charcters had no backstories its all about the game at the end of the day.
ShadowX012 (2 года назад)
I once asked my friends what kind of motivations a gay hero or villain would have. Then I realized, that there's nothing inherently different between heterosexual and homosexual people. 95% of this forced diversity, is actually closer to propaganda than it is enlightenment, or inclusiveness.
Xujints Guardian (2 года назад)
Why didn't we know tracer was gay sooner? Because if that was the first thing we knew about her, that would have been the defining characteristic about her, rather then she goes fast and is british... Seriously, it's petty and stupid that people would get angry finding out that a character is gay and hating the game for something that shouldn''t bother then in the first place. What's the big deal? It's not like people have already shipped Tracer with Winston, heaven forbid the ship her with Widow... Oh wait, they did, a lot. -_-...
Audial Architect (2 года назад)
So, why would a character need a reason to be gay? Is there a reason for her to be straight?
deandre Jackson711 (2 года назад)
wow i was shock to

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