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My Experience with Wellbutrin XL

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Описание: Not the right medication for me.
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Text Comments (69)
BigHairy Gaming (8 days ago)
Charles Duby (2 months ago)
I remember you before you did the benzodiazepines videos I could be wrong? If it was I can see why you wasn't making any videos for a while,you come on to talk about a drug and they start attacking your looks fucking people.that's why I shy away from making videos.I was watching a video the other day and the kid had a lot of good thing to say,but all they could do was complain about how he didn't clean his room.
piranha-tot (1 month ago)
Oh really?! I didn't feel like anybody was watching my videos. I didn't take down my other content or stop making videos for any particular reason. But yes, people can be relentless.
Mačak Felix (3 months ago)
Jesi li ti bata ili seka ?
Krystal Myth (5 months ago)
Do you feel you've recovered fully since taking it? I'm thinking of stopping but I'm a month in so I'm nervous about it. Don't blame you for not answering though, with comments like these.
piranha-tot (1 month ago)
The comments don't bother me, this just isn't my main account so I forget to check it. Are you asking if the side effects dissipated entirely? Yea, I'd say so, but it's been years now since I took it. And luckily, I was able to get over my depression without medication.
Don Smith (7 months ago)
The first month I began Welbutrin, I notice a big difference at interacting with people. I wasn't anti-social anymore. It completely changed my life.
José Chavez (7 months ago)
The one thing I can say about wellbutrin is that it increases the desire to make a fricken video about it.....
Krystal Myth (5 months ago)
Not that many people doing that.
NPC #7125366 (7 months ago)
It’s so funny, everyone has to comment about this person’s looks because she(I assume) is androgynous in appearance. It’s like an unspoken, though very obvious, contest to see who is the most politically correct/liberal, how silly. By the way, thanks for the info in the vid.
Charles Duby (1 year ago)
Don't pay any mind to the idiots with screwed up things to say,guess they ain't got anything better to do.
young slim (1 year ago)
has it gave u short term memory loss
what are your pronouns?
piranha-tot (1 month ago)
he/him :)
Victor Fraire Jr Jr. (1 year ago)
Krystal Myth (5 months ago)
Its nothing like either. Take it from someone who did both on the regular.
young slim (1 year ago)
actually considered "poor man's cocaine"
Ethan Moreau (1 year ago)
I'm a gay male and I can't tell if your a boy or girl. All I can say your very hot and your confusing me!
Karen Love (1 year ago)
Ethan Moreau female
busy046052ify (1 year ago)
Are you still active on here ?
Avon Barksdale (1 year ago)
Is this a women's drug cause al I see are lesbians using it
Karen Love (1 year ago)
John Jacob wtf?! I'm not gay and I take Wellbutrin!
Papillonerratique (2 years ago)
Wellbutrin almost killed me people ! So surprised this stuff seems to work well for so many people. After having experienced daily nausea, strong headaches and persisting nightmares...(didn't experience insomnia like most people but had horrible, insane dreams that wouldn't allow a single minute of restful sleep ). Also had horrible mood swings with nervous laughter mixed with feelings of sadness and tears that I couldn't control specially in the evening. On top of this my appetite increased considerably, especially for sweet snacks. I woke up every night in wet pajamas, feeling SO HOT. Was covered in sweat and woke up to take cold showers. I craved ice-cream and cold drinks all the time. Once I woke up in the middle of the night and because I didn't have anything sweet in the fridge I started chewing ice cubes. Happy to hear it works for some people but based on my experience this stuff is VERY DANGEROUS.
Night King (11 months ago)
Papillonerratique it all depends if you have a dopamine or serotonin deficency lol, if you are tired and have social anxiety 24/7 then a dopamine drug like wellbutrin is the way to go, if you have too much dopamine and cant sleep you need more serotonin
Cannibal Ronny this bitch is annoying just because she had a bad reaction doesn’t mean everyone else is.
Cannibal Ronny I’m not a fucking bot take your foil hat off dude delusional
Karen Love (1 year ago)
Papillonerratique I'm. the opposite of you, I don't get sweats and no jittery or anxious feeling. I do get a slight headache once in a while. My appetite has actually decreased and I have loss 6 pounds in two weeks. I also have insomnia. My mood has improved a lot! So it's a winner for me.
Cannibal Ronny (2 years ago)
kellen christman there is something wrong with this guy or he is a bot from a rival company
Chris v (2 years ago)
its a girl with no tits...
Alex Alex (2 years ago)
Lol, I never took any meds and my doctor started me on 300mg Wellbutrin and 50 mg Zoloft. Holy shit, I think my doctor is nuts.
Ranked Smurfs (2 years ago)
transforming into something you aren't will not stop your depression
Aurea Maldonado (1 year ago)
Español por favor
Arni Freedom (2 years ago)
Nice girl or boy
Bajaheat (1 year ago)
Karen Love wrong
Karen Love (1 year ago)
Arni Freedom female...
Arni Freedom (2 years ago)
Nice girl or boy?
Phillip Jones (2 years ago)
this a girl who is transitioning into a boy. you can tell with the voice and the face. good for u little man.
Krystal Myth (5 months ago)
Fuck off dude
CandyCandy (2 years ago)
good for him???? take the confederate flag off, you are degrading it
Yohome11 (3 years ago)
You are so hot. I know you're probably not into guys but yeah.
Krystal Myth (5 months ago)
+Richard Luis Maybe he's into dudes? Duh.
Exflo oh (11 months ago)
thats a minor you fucking homo...
Richard Luis (1 year ago)
She looks like a you thinking..
George Silva (3 years ago)
You might do better with Zoloft. If you need to take something in the future. I do wonder if you had a bad reaction because of your size. Im 280 pounds and for my first couple of weeks Im starting at the same as you, 150mg. Thank you for the video!
Favio1011 (3 years ago)
Look at those ears! God damn.
Krystal Myth (5 months ago)
They're adorable
Kyla Johnson (3 years ago)
i had seizures from it the doctors believe and i was taking 300mg and they still dont know whats going on
RickyWhackaMole (7 months ago)
My daughter has been taking 300mg for a year and half and just had a seizure last week. Five days later, she is still sore everywhere and drained of energy. This is NOT a good dosage to put people on!
Christopher Rankin (3 years ago)
Lexapro (escitalopram) and Celexa (citalopram) are the same drug. Lexapro is the S-enatiomer of Celexa hence the es- part. Eh take organic chemistry and it will all make sense. -Pharmacist
PissedOffRedneck1 (3 years ago)
150x2 is a lot try 100x2 or 1 150 the stuff works but doctors usually over perscribe
Briar Rose (3 years ago)
Hi I am on my 3rd day close to the end of the day. I have had a throbbing headache for 3 days now and the muscles in my eyes hurt real bad, i havent noticed a halo around lights but then again I live in the country so not much street lights. I was put on Welbutrin 150 for WEIGHTLOSS. Not sure if this is something that I should just wait and see if it goes away or to stop the medication.
Briar Rose (3 years ago)
Thank you +piranha-tot!
piranha-tot (3 years ago)
+Briar Rose I didn't experience any headaches from welbutrin, but it is a common side effect. If you want, you could try lighting a candle in a dark room, to see if your vision is being affected. It's best to contact your doctor before stopping the medication, but ultimately it's up to you if you want to wait out the side effects or not. The first week of taking a medication isn't necessarily indicative of how it will work in the long run. Good luck!
Brent Cray (3 years ago)
You are beautiful!
Katie Albro (3 years ago)
I just got my Wellbutrin and I'm scared to take it😓! What was the WORST side effect you had? Just the halos?
Harry Clams (13 days ago)
+roxanna mavakanian Nope not at that time, and I never done pot before in my life.
roxanna mavakanian (14 days ago)
were you taking anything else with it or smoking any marijuana it can cause intense reactinos with marijuana and or alcohol or other drugs or were you only on Wellbutrin because that makes a huge difference +Harry Clams
Felipe Catalan Galvez (1 year ago)
I had dreams about aliens trying to chase me. But it's cool, because my nights are becoming into adventures.
Harry Clams (3 years ago)
+Lol Memes It made me feel like clay, I took one and went to see "Lost Highway" when it came out, I was the only one in the theatre, I couldn't wait till the movie was over, couldn't concentrate to much on it either.
Harry Clams (3 years ago)
+Katie Albro ~ It was a horrible drug when I took it, like the walls and ceiling are closing in.
Choicez Z (3 years ago)
P.S. Like you said at the end... FUCK THE DOCTOR! Just sleep for 4.4days and its out of your system. You have facebook?
Choicez Z (3 years ago)
+piranha-tot cool still yo! thanks!
piranha-tot (3 years ago)
Sorry, it didn't work out for you either. And ya, I never followed up with my doctor... not worth my time.  I don't share my Facebook publicly, but you can follow me on tumblr.
Choicez Z (3 years ago)
Hey dude, I know were don't know each other but I will tell you something. I was taking it and all I could say is. . . . it fucks with your testosterone! And it's not hard to get off of them. Just sleep for the 4.4 days and you will sort of come back to normal. I had the same shit. Eyes were blurry as fuck, I was always in tunnel vision mode and sex drive was gone. I was taking it for ADHD! I always told the doctor how I felt and they were like "Nothing is wrong with you!" I knew something was wrong so I just tapered off. One week 150 then stop! I am fine now! So I know how you feel.
Cyndy Bennett (4 years ago)
Have u taken St. John's Wart?
True Indigo (2 years ago)
don't take st john's wart seriously.
piranha-tot (4 years ago)
I tried it a few years ago but it gave me headaches.

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