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Requip Withdrawal Log Day 18 - " Crystals in the blood stream"

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Описание: These withdrawal logs follow Kay with her journey with withdrawing from taking a dopamine agonist called REQUIP for many years. Most people who take dopamine for RLS eventually go through AUGMENTATION, where your RLS symptoms get worse and worse and you must get off the medication at that time. Kay went to John Hopkins to help her with the weaning process. She had an iron transfusion to help with RLS. These videos show her enduring the day by day torture of the requip withdrawal process Days 1-17 on Jobish Production youTube page and days 18-25 on kJorden Production youtube site. Day 18 "Sharp crystals and pins and needles rushing through the blood stream...and on the skin" You can tell how exhausted she is and pains are pretty unbearable, even a little sleep doesn't help.
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Marlin Knight (8 months ago)
Where, what, who is kJorden Productions??? Can you please fix the CC option? I'm in pure misery trying to get of this damn drug. I'm desperate to see what she's saying. The audio has been awful all through this whole series? Kay doesn't speak up and her voice often just fades away. Is there anybody reading these comments? What's going on???
Marlin Knight (8 months ago)
What's wrong with the sub-title system. I can't do a thing with it.

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