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Orlistat | Xenical | Alli | Weight Loss Pill | How to lose weight FAST! (2018)

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Описание: Orlistat is one of the most popular weight loss pill that many pharmacist and doctors prescribe. It is one of the many few weight losing pill that is medically proven to work . Orlistat is the generic name of the medication, It is marketed as a prescription drug under the trade name Xenical by Roche in most countries, and is sold over-the-counter as Alli by GlaxoSmithKline in the United Kingdom and the United States. In this video, we will be exploring * who is suitable to use Orlistat, * how to take Orlistat, * some side effects to expect * what to expect with Orlistat. Do weight loss pill work : https://youtu.be/kSmttoTBWHM Phentermine (Duromine) : https://youtu.be/AcytOIzrRnM Soonkie, who holds a Honors degree in Bachelor of pharmacy brings you to explore ... ...
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Saul Goodman (2 days ago)
in my country, you can buy Xenical to any drugstore like a candy.
Hot Rockin' (9 days ago)
If you're on a high protein, low carb/fat diet & exercising what's the point of taking alli anyway🤔😆How does a 19st person lose weight when taking alli as it doesn't burn fat that's already on, just deals with the food that's eaten there & then!😆🤔Just wondering like!♥️🍏🍊
Hot Rockin' (4 days ago)
I take 2 to 3 Orlistat a day, high protein low carb & lots of cardio & lost 4lb in my 1st week🙂I'm just going to keep up the hard work until i lose a stone🤴🙋‍♂️Thanks for your advice🍏🍊
Soonkie (4 days ago)
Hello Hot Rockin’, you are probably right, Alli might not be a good option for you because what Alli does is stop fat absorption, and if you are not eating them, there’s probably no point. You can see your doctor for other options.
Jonathan Im (21 days ago)
Other than weight loss, this medication will help you on improving cholesterol and TG level. If you have a moderate cholesterol and TG level problem, I would definitely recommend this meds. Also, this med will slow down the bowel movement, because undigested fat will cause the gut to send out chemical signals to slow down the bowel movement. As a result, more foods will stay in the gut, and people who are not obese will gain few pounds at the beginning. On the other hand, slow bowel movement makes you feel like you are full, so there is another plus for this med.
mohammad naeem (21 days ago)
I m asthma patient and my Dr.suggest me orlistit madicine so I can't do exercise plus I m high blood pressure patient
Soonkie (21 days ago)
Hi Mohammad, if the doctor suggest you taking Orlistat, go for it. Why can’t you do exercise? Is it because of the asthma? You need to consult your doctor for all conditions you have got, and get him to come up with a plan for you on monitoring you weight, blood pressure, asthma and what sort of of exercise should you be doing.
mam my height is 5'3" weight 85 kg and also ive thyroid my dr recommend me Reeshape 120 mg should I start mam??? and what should i do
Soonkie (21 days ago)
Hello Dip, if it is a recommendation from your doctor to take Orlistat, go for it. Follow your doctor’s instruction. Your doctor would have already checked out for any disease contraindication, and any drug interaction that you might have. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. Check ingredients in packaging. Remember your ADEK vitamin supplements. And you should be able to reduce 5% of your weight using Orlistat. :D All the best Dip!
Tashfeah Tabassum (1 month ago)
*I am 18. 164cm tall and weight is around 70kg! Can I use orlistat with mild daily exercise and controlled diet??*
Soonkie (21 days ago)
Hm....Tashfeah, I recommend you seeing your doctor and talk to him about your concerns. Are you sure the military need you to be in certain weight? Orlistat will probably help you lose max 5%. And if you go against their recommended instruction, if anything happens to you, you can’t go back to sue the company. See your doctor, and ask his opinion on that. At the mean time, eat even lesser bad exercise more. Be careful with what you eat. Try the Atkins diet.
Tashfeah Tabassum (21 days ago)
+Soonkie but I want to apply for military and for that I need to loose 10kg and got like 4months left.. don't even have enough time to exercise or gym as my board exams are next month. I really need to loose weight
Tashfeah Tabassum (21 days ago)
+Soonkie thank you❤️
Soonkie (21 days ago)
Hello Tashfeah, you only have a BMI of 26. You don’t really need Orlistat. Work on your exercises and diet!
Abhishek Menon (1 month ago)
Hi mam, I weigh 120 kg. My BMI is 32. I am a powerlifter so i tend to do less cardio and more of weight training. I aim to reduce subcutaneous fat and increase vascularity. I do not have any prevailing conditions of diabetes,heart disease etc. 1. What is the recommended dosage and timing of dosage for me? 2. Is it safe or beneficial to take orlistat with waterpill like lasix? 3. Is it beneficial to take orlistat with Carni-Q drug? 4. Will orlistat help in reducing subcutaneous fat? If no, what drug is available OTC to reduce subcutaneous fat?
Soonkie (1 month ago)
Hi Abhishek, for your BMI, you qualify to use Orlistat, if you are 18 years old and above. :) If you have no other diseases or other medication other than Lasix that you are talking about.There isn’t any interaction of Lasix with Orlistat. The recommended dose is 120mg with each main meal up to three times a day during or up to one hour after meal. If a meal is missed, or contains no fat, the dose may be omitted. Safety and efficacy have been shown for up to 4 years. Orlistat is just going to stop fat absorption and is not going to reduce what’s already in the body. For subcutaneous fat.. hm... that’s a good one.. consult your doctor. Maybe exercise, maybe liposuction??? That is actually beyond my scope of expertise. And for everything, before you take Orlistat, remember to consult your local pharamcist again and remember those vitamins supplements that we talk about on the video. All the best!
Thiwanka Fernando (1 month ago)
hi, is this okey for pregnancy expectants? i wanna lose 10kg to achieve my BMI. plz reply.
Soonkie (1 month ago)
Hi Thiwanka, I don’t recommend taking Orlistat if you are expecting. It’s a class b1 in pregnancy, which means not enough pregnant ladies have taken it to proof it’s safety. Medication that are absolutely ok for pregnancy is a class A.
shifah supra (1 month ago)
Hey mam... am 120kgs, height "6" been using arlistat obesity for 6 weeks now while exercising but I have only lost 3kgs 😭 Should I switch on Alli
Soonkie (1 month ago)
Hey Shifa, orlistat is the same as Alli. 3 kg is not too bad. Have you got. Doctor there to hoe you with this? Remember weight loss = output greater than input! Work on that!
#being woman (2 months ago)
thank u so much mam...
rufiredup90 (2 months ago)
I used to be 81kg at my fattest in 2016. Started a slow weight loss journey and lost about 10kg since then. Losing weight is very hard for me because I am diabetic and have had my DNA tested with results that show that I just have a body that is difficult to lose weight. Lately, I haven’t been eating well and I have had lots of unhealthy food cravings ☹️ but I have started on xenical and am hoping it will make me stop craving all of these delicious unhealthy foods. Honestly, I think of food so damn much...Like, I obsess over what to eat and then feel so guilty if I eat unhealthy shit. (Have also been bulimic on and off over the years with a very recent relapse in November 2018).
Soonkie (2 months ago)
Hey rufiredup, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. But the great news is you have improvement ! Yay! Losing 10kg is a big thing and you did it! If you can lose that, means you can lose more if you wish! It’s you determination and effort you put in that gave you the result! So celebrate on that! Now, if you always think about unhealthy food, that’s a habit. And habit is formed by regular constant cue to cause you to do something. The great thing is, this unwanted habit can be changed by creating new habits, and this method is proven by researchers to work. So this is how it works. Preplan ahead of time, when you think about yummy food, instead of heading to the food store, go to the gym and do a 30 minute fat burning exercise and reward yourself later with other things that you really like, like you get to play a computer game or watch a great movie. The key here as well is you need to replace bad habits with good habits. You can just say I want to stop eating junk and don’t replace it with something else. Hope this helps. All the best!
Anita Ahsan (2 months ago)
Hi ...why oil is discharge when I take orlistat...how much take time for loosing weight
Anita Ahsan (2 months ago)
Thank u so much snookie...
Soonkie (2 months ago)
Hi Anita Ahsan, the oil is discharging because the medication is working. That’s how it works. It prevents your body absorbing the oil you eat. If you isn’t like the effect, then you will choose your food smarter next time. All the best
Love Aaniq (3 months ago)
hay tell me what will those people do who don’t have doctors means can afford them
Soonkie (2 months ago)
Hello Love Aaniq, Orlistat is a fairly expensive medication, so if finance is an issue, it might not be the best option for you in the first place. Exercising and dieting is the way to go. So remember exercise way more than you eat is the way to lose weight.
Love Aaniq (3 months ago)
plzz help me for my dite plan with this tablet +923000852908
Soonkie (2 months ago)
Avoid carbohydrates, eat lean meat if you need meat instead of meat with lots of fat. Fruits band vegetables. Eat more vegetables than fruits.
Hot Rockin' (3 months ago)
They're not working, i have a sensible diet & plenty of exercise & not lost anything in 4 weeks😆Very frustrating as some people lose lots of weight & dont exercise at all🤔Does your head in! I'm going to have a break & save my tabs for spring🌳🙂I also had an 'Orlistat Accident' earlier if you know what i mean...dont need it!
Soonkie (3 months ago)
Btw, Alcohol is basically made up of carbon chains. Basically it’s carbohydrates in liquid. There is a lot a lot of energy in it. After you take it in, you need to work out a lot more to get it out of your system. All the best!
Soonkie (3 months ago)
All the best mate! :)
Hot Rockin' (3 months ago)
You're right, my diet isn't strict enough & i have to get really strict like i did in summer i.e no bread, butter & cheese etc I've had zero alcohol in 10 weeks & still not lost anything😆🤔Anyway, thanks for taking the trouble to reply to me, you talk a lot of sense🙂🍊🍏🍨
Soonkie (3 months ago)
All the best Island of Domination. Orlistat is just going to prevent fat that you are eating now being absorb into your body. And it is not going to do it 100% either. Some might go through still. If you are having Orlistat accident, I am assuming you mean you are having oily stools? If that’s the case orlistat is working, and that’s the whole idea, it makes you don’t like the oily stools thus choose your food properly to avoid the oily stool and discomfort. :) you might need to review your diet again. You might need to cut down even more from your diet, your sensible diet might not be sensible enough to lose weight. >< and you need to do even more exercise. Engage a professional to help you. People like a doctor, a dietician, a personal trainer etc. Remember to lose weight, energy out must be greater than energy in. That’s the key. If it’s not working means your energy out is not enough and your energy in Is still too much. And haha.. it’s Christmas season.. that’s why you are saving the tabs until spring? All the best mate.. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
Reshim Shaikh (3 months ago)
What are the recommended dose
Soonkie (3 months ago)
It is usually taken three times a day with each main meal that contains fat. Take orlistat during a meal or up to 1 hour after a meal. If a meal is missed or does not have fat, you may skip your dose. Follow the directions on your prescription label or the package label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Take orlistat exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor or stated on the package.
Soonkie (3 months ago)
Hi Reshim, dosage should be written on the packaging of the medication. :)
Resan Celeres (3 months ago)
Is that safe??
Soonkie (3 months ago)
Hi Resan, it is safe if you are not allergic to it and if it you have no medical conditions that shouldn’t be using orlistat and also not taking any medication that interacts with this medication. They way to find out if it is safe for you is to check with your local doctor.
Shirin Sharmin (4 months ago)
Hey mam!! my BMI is 31.2. my weight is 70 and height is 4.11inch. how can i take this pill??
Soonkie (4 months ago)
Hi Shirin, if you have no other medical condition and not on any other medication that will interact with this medication, and not allergic to any of the ingredient of this medication, then you should have no problems going for this medication. Check with the pharmacist who will sell you this medication. They should be checking on you before they give it out. Remember to exercise and diet!!!!
nirmani chaya (4 months ago)
how to get xenical ?
Soonkie (4 months ago)
Your local pharmacy
liyanaa talibb (4 months ago)
Hi. What can this pills do to the fats that are already in the body??? As far as im concerned this will pills will only prevent the new fats to formed. What about the old fats that are already in the body? Will the pills help to break down those fats? Thanks! Please reply.. it will means a lot to me
liyanaa talibb (4 months ago)
Soonkie awh thank you so much for your replies!!! I really appreciate it! I am on a diet right now. Just thinking if these pills might help the process of losing weight to be faster. I believe that its all about exercising after all. Thank you!!!
Soonkie (4 months ago)
No. You got to lose those fat by exercising and dieting. It will only prevent current fat absorption. But, if you are not taking any more fat, the body will start to breakdown other fat from your body for energy. Make sure you watch your carbohydrates as well. Don’t overeat.
Epictemptation7 (4 months ago)
Is it really that bad if someone who has a BMI that does not meet overweight or obese qualifications takes Orlistat? Like for example if someone just wants to lose those last 10 pounds?
Soonkie (4 months ago)
If anything happens to you, you cannot sue the company. Because you have not followed their guidelines. Under those weight, there are better ways to lose weight. Exercise and dieting. And not needing to run the risk of side effects of taking orlistat.
adnan babar (4 months ago)
hi mama plz tell.me how can use .
Soonkie (3 months ago)
adnan babar Orlistat should be taken during, or up to 1 hour after meals; if a meal is skipped or contains no fat, the dose may be skipped. Follow instruction on packaging carefully to take medication
adnan babar (3 months ago)
+Soonkie how i can used this medicine after meal or before
adnan babar (3 months ago)
+Soonkie my question was how i can you
Soonkie (4 months ago)
Hey Abnan, I don’t understand your question. Could you please rephrase
Sabrina Saif (4 months ago)
Dear, my BMI is 30.4, should I start using Orlistat 120 mg for 3 times daily? Please reply
Soonkie (4 months ago)
Hi Sabrina, You can, if you do not have any other medical conditions that is contraindicated to take this medication and you are not taking any other medication that interacts with this medication. and you are not allergic to the ingredients of the medication. To assess your situation, see a doctor or a pharmacist. You can only buy this medication from a pharmacy and would need to go through a hand of a pharmacist. Best is to work with a doctor to monitor your use. Most importantly remember to adjust your diet and exercises.
Afshan Asad (4 months ago)
can we use in pcos?
doctor abdul (1 month ago)
My pleasure😜
Soonkie (1 month ago)
Thank you Dr Abdul for contributing to the forum! Appreciate that.😃
doctor abdul (1 month ago)
People with PCOS mostly are obese and at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases... Orlistat can help u lose weight or not gain any more weight... This way it can help u but it won't have a significant effect on the ovulation process... Hope it help...
Afshan Asad (3 months ago)
snookie yes polycystic ovary syndrome
Soonkie (4 months ago)
I really don’t. Pcos as in polycystic ovary syndrome? Coz I I find hard to relate it to Orlistat. What is pcos?
Gina Reynolds (4 months ago)
If Alli helps with high blood pressure, diabetes and visceral fat...wont it also help to lower your cholesterol?? Along with a change in diet and even moderate exercise it should help to lower cholesterol also
Soonkie (4 months ago)
Hi Gina, Alli helps help with reducing cholesterol by stopping it from being absorb in the first place. So exercise is important to get rid of the cholesterol that is already now in your body and dieting is to stop taking in more cholesterol, because Ali is not going to Stop 100% all cholesterol absorption and it is not intend for long term use
Mr. Garber (4 months ago)
Can orlistat damage the pancreas or gallbladder?
Soonkie (4 months ago)
Hi Mr Garber, there are cases where it does causes problems to pancreas and gallbladder. That’s the reason why this medication has to be monitored while being taken and not usually for long term and also not everyone is suitable to take this mediation, if you have other medical condition, it might not be suitable. Best is to check with your doctor before commencing.
Rahul Mishra (5 months ago)
my weight is 130 kg now and my bmi is 38 my height is 6 feet 1 inch i eat a lot that is why my weight is like this. will orlistat work for me i used to work out and be healthy but for past two years no exercise nothing and only eating. I want to try phentermine but i dont think they sell it in india. i have tried phentermine once and i took it only for a month and it worked wonders for me. phentermine had its side effects but it is fast acting. Majority of people make excuses about their weight the major problem is overeating and phentermine works as a appetite suppressant. Although, it has some serious side affects for a little while till you get acclimatized to the drug. Going to start orlistat soon lets see what happens that is my last hope
Soonkie (5 months ago)
And I would also recommend you see a doctor to assess your body condition and set a plan with the doctor of taking orlistat, dieting and exercise
Soonkie (5 months ago)
Hello Rahul. I congratulate you for wanting to lose weight and take charge of your health. You said there yourself that you have not been exercising. That’s the key. Taking these drugs are not long term solution.It is going to just help you for a while so it’s easier for you to develop good habits of eating and appropriate exercise to get to a healthy weight. And this is absolutely not your last hope. So remember is the key of weight losing is output greater than input. Exercise greater than eating.
#being woman (5 months ago)
thank you so much mam🙏
#being woman (5 months ago)
I am taking reshape orlistat tab from last 15 days priscribed by Dr...suffering from side effects of this tab.. oily stools n oil discharge🙇 what to do mam ?? Please reply me...
Soonkie (4 months ago)
Hot Rockin' oh, it’s orange flavour, I never knew.. hope it’s working for you....
Hot Rockin' (4 months ago)
And the orange liquid smells awful🍊
Soonkie (5 months ago)
Hello Bhavana, that’s the idea. It’s training you to stop eating oily food. As long as you cut out the oily food, you won’t get the oily stool and discharge. The medication is working for you. Remember to keep exercising as well. Eat lots of veges, fruits and drink water. Eat eggs as protein.
Harsheetha Sk (5 months ago)
Last year 79 kg now am 66kg after serious work outs is it work out for me to reduction. More 10 kgs
Harsheetha Sk (5 months ago)
Now am 66kg want to 55kg will it work out
Soonkie (5 months ago)
Yay!!!! You can do it!!!
Natalie Gutierrez (5 months ago)
Hi. Were I can find this pills?
Soonkie (5 months ago)
The pharmacy. Talk to the pharmacist directly. They might not keep it in store. But they will be able to source it from a supplier for you. You would need to wait a few days for stock to arrive.
Rayan dalati (6 months ago)
I just start orlistat today, but I don't know what to eat while I'm taking it , any ideas ? Thank you So much for the video
Soonkie (5 months ago)
Javier Navarro correct Javier. You are right. Depends on what type of protein you eat. If it is meat you eat. There still might have fat around it.
Javier Navarro (5 months ago)
If you eat non fatty foods while taking orlistat then there is no point in taking it. Think about it, all orlistat does is stop the absorption of fats, not carbs, not proteins, just fats. If you’re not eating fat then why bother taking it?
Soonkie (6 months ago)
If you start orlistat, you want to avoid fatty food. So lean meat, lots of variety of fruits Vegas. Eat more vegetables than fruits. Avoid carbohydrates. No potatoes, rice, pasta. Lots of water and exercise. For fruit take it easy on high sugar fruit like watermelon. And Exercise! All the best Rayan!
Aileen Balili (6 months ago)
Is it ok to take xenical even if i have high cholesterol?
Soonkie (6 months ago)
Yes, if you fulfill the criteria of being overweight in Orlistat’s guiding of using. Orlistat is for losing weight. You might not be overweight, even you have high cholesterol. So if you are not overweight but have high cholesterol, you need to see the doctor to get high cholesterol medication. Orlistat is not use to reduce cholesterol, but to stop fat gets further absorb into your body. Hope that makes sense. :)
Nawrin Jahan Aivy (6 months ago)
Hi, my weight is 72kg. I want that it will be turn in 55kg. can I take this pill?
Soonkie (6 months ago)
Get your knee pain checked out from a physiotherapist. And asked them prescribed exercise to suit your needs. Your knee pain may be stopping you from exercising? If possible do dieting and exercise to lose weight first. For your case, you need a doctor to look after you and monitor you and make decision if you are to start xenical or not. Depending on your knee condition.
Nawrin Jahan Aivy (6 months ago)
No, bt a little bit knee pain.
Soonkie (6 months ago)
Do you have other medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure?
Nawrin Jahan Aivy (6 months ago)
BMI rate 27.12Kg/m^2. Can I take this?
Soonkie (6 months ago)
Hi Nawrin, please see your doctor to further assess. To get your BMI checked out and also if you have any other medical conditions.
Janssen Xiang (6 months ago)
Call me when free.
A Mateen (6 months ago)
what orlistat can do to previously deposited fat
Hot Rockin' (3 months ago)
Joe Weston (6 months ago)
l started this drug again today after weight gain l tried it 12 years ago and lost 4 stone with it and exercise low calorie diet you really have to what the amount of fat in your daily food intake or you will have a nasty embarrassing accident which really does help you reduce your fat intake l recommend it stick with it.
Nafisha Tasmin (7 months ago)
Does this affect menstrual.cycle
Soonkie (7 months ago)
It shouldn’t , but when you work out eat different plus all the lifestyle and emotional changes, it might. Not a bad thing though
stvrky (7 months ago)
These is no magic pill, eat clean and workout brah
Hot Rockin' (3 months ago)
Nura Jafar (7 months ago)
Wow. Wonderful discussion
Tiger zinda hai (7 months ago)
Love u
Soonkie (7 months ago)
Thank you Tiger for your kind words! :)
Tiger zinda hai (7 months ago)
Soonkie you are so beautiful..
Soonkie (7 months ago)
Thank you! Love you too :)
Mani Butt (8 months ago)
my body weight is 100 can i take this ??
Soonkie (7 months ago)
Hi Mani, 100 kg? And what is your height? Do you have any other medical conditions? Best is to go in a pharmacy and get yourself assessed by the pharmacist or a doctor.
Shanzida Shila (8 months ago)
my BMI is 26.7 can I take this?? plz reply.. love u😍
Soonkie (8 months ago)
Hi Shanzida, try other weight losing method first. Control food intake and exercise. and see your doctor about it, if you have other medical conditions, your doctor will decide whether or not to put you on it.
Yealie Sesay (9 months ago)
Good information
I m shalini my baby feeding I can used orlistat tablets tell me
Soonkie (9 months ago)
I am glad its useful Yealie. You have a awesome day! =)

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