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I take Benadryl to help me sleep: Should I Worry?

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Описание: Drs. Marc Siegel and David Samadi weigh in Watch Dr David Samadi and Marc Siegel on Americas News Hq and Sunday Housecall Should I Worry.
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<iframe width="640" height="400" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_ajge7TisGA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/><a href="http://trash-video.com/watch/_ajge7TisGA/I+take+Benadryl+to+help+me+sleep+Should+I+Worry.html">I take Benadryl to help me sleep: Should I Worry?</a>
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Devon Hall (2 months ago)
Yall some pussies, take about 750 mg of that spooky spider time medicine and you will have the best time of your life! Not joking I thought I was watching YouTube with my girlfriend for 30 minutes I look over to my friend thinking he was changing the video and the laptop disappeared turns out we never had a laptop in the room. As long as u can get past the spiders crawling out of the walls it's an interesting experience
Eugene Blyther (3 months ago)
I only use this when I have hives
Clyde Alexander (3 months ago)
Nope. You should be worried and honestly thats theyre fault
Jairo L. (4 months ago)
My friend died from Benadryl overdose 😕
7531monkey (2 months ago)
Hope youre smarter. If not, bye.
aruytpadyugf (3 months ago)
+rylca swaggie It's VERY rare to die from benadryl. It's likely their friend combined it with other drugs and that cocktail of chemicals killed them.
rylca swaggie (4 months ago)
Fran Murray (4 months ago)
Lmao Benadryl from the Dollar General 1st class ticket to dementia. Dipshit hillbillys
Avinash Kevin (4 months ago)
If I consume benadryl with alcohol.. Will I become unconscious?
Hank Hell (4 months ago)
Avinash Kevin not a good mixture. Benadryl can be a delirient
tt2timez * (5 months ago)
I just took 7 benadryls today, will I die?
Harrison Miller (1 month ago)
Garrett 16?!? Good god.
Garrett (5 months ago)
tt2timez * nope. I take 16 every night. Sometimes mixed with alcohol too. Hasn’t killed me yet.
Mohit Dang (5 months ago)
yes it help to sleep but who already drunk in past or take narcotic product they cannot work on those
Rose Mary Parker (6 months ago)
Getting off ativan use benadryl it works better I think.
Tresten Turriff (1 month ago)
Benadryl can give you mental issues as well so be carful
Chaos Churros (6 months ago)
Wtf? He just compared Benadryl to Ambien? I mean I guess yea if you take like 15 tablets at once. But you can take like 6 (I do so I can sleep) in one go and you won't be doing half the stuff people do while they're on Ambien
Ryan Fausnaugh (8 months ago)
I take it every night. For past 1p 11 years
Frizzy Mustache (1 day ago)
Lamont McDaniels me too for about 15 years 😕
Lamont McDaniels (2 months ago)
nothing happened i take them every night too
I always have the wildest dreams on benadryl
Spongejoe Chairpants (2 months ago)
Take enough youll have dreams and be wide awake
Belony11zz (2 months ago)
Same I loved the dreams I had on it
MollyTTree (9 months ago)
Kava Kava and chamomile do not work for me - a total waste.
Harrison Miller (1 month ago)
MollyTTree Try passionflower! It has been compared to the benzodiazepine, Oxazepam... without the side effects and major dependency. It’s worked wonders for me.
MollyTTree (9 months ago)
Gravol is great for sleep.
Zain844 (9 months ago)
Do not use Valarian to help you sleep it does not work. It has almost ZERO sedative effect. It does work somewhat for anxiety and calming you down but as a sleep aid it's useless. Benedryl is not perfect but it is safer then prescription stuff like Ambien and it actually works. You take benedryl you WILL feel sleepy.
MyREDTAIL (10 months ago)
I use it to help me sleep never any side effects or problems using it.
Shikha K (11 months ago)
i too take benadryl for sleep.. but at times it keeps me hanging between being active and being sleepy.. i get adrenaline rush to do something and also dizziness at same time.. and it takes me alot of time to sleep peacefully for longer. also after waking up you dont feel freshh.. dizziness stays with you. and regarding this debate- it was quite open ended , with no conclusive informative thing. its seems like the experts too are not sure and anchors want to speak more
TurtleKing777 (1 year ago)
Normally think Fox News is bs but this was actually really good and informative
TurtleKing777 (8 months ago)
Ashlee Monté not this time no. But when you don’t set aside you’re own personal bias towards a story it’s poor journalism and keeps you from telling the full honest story.
jurnee's Mind (8 months ago)
TurtleKing777 then it isnt bs...
prisonMike (9 months ago)
EvilBeagle haha i love how he never responded :)
TurtleKing777 (10 months ago)
Salvador Reyes my issue with Fox News is the same issue I have with CNN, I hate any news station that claims to be a news station while putting their own personal bullshit in the story. Good journalism is giving all of the facts and not saying oh the president is insane and old, it’s saying here is what the president did today, without mocking what he said and did. Fox and CNN are propaganda mechanics and I hate them both for it
TurtleKing777 (10 months ago)
Salvador Reyes and only insane people like Hilary
Stoney Steve (1 year ago)
Just smoke weed. The only reason I looked this up is because I'm on probation and I have to take 300mgs a night to sleep and I can feel it effecting my body negitivly but at least I can sleep. I don't do meth or anything like that. I just can't sleep. I would really apreciate if someone could give me an alternative. I don't have healthcare so it's gotta be herbs or something over the counter. I'm sick of benadryl fucking up my life but I'm also sick of not sleeping for days and feeling like shit. PLEASE HELP!!!
Chris OConnor (1 year ago)
I've been taking 4 Benadryl tablets every night for well over a year. I'm a 285lb guy..who's well versed in drug use (in the past) clean now..but still can't sleep and take 4 Bennies every night...they work..that they do...but...I do worry about my liver..or whatever other organ that may take a beating from this habbit...I know Benadryl is derived from petrochemicals..that worries me a lot too. I would like to hear from a knowledgeable person about this....not wanna be know it alls..I've recently done a year in Federal Prison...and there are more Prison Know it Alls than you could ever imagine....far fewer are the Actual Know It Alls they have advanced degrees and actually do seem to know it all.
Connor McCarthy (1 year ago)
Chris OConnor Benadryl is proven to be neurotoxic and has many terrible long term side effects such as an increased chance of dementia, stop soon brother.
Vingo (1 year ago)
These docs just want you to come to them...going to buy me some right nie.....#FUKADOC!
Rick M (3 months ago)
It's their profession.. doctor want u to be sick, only then their business will go good.
Jeremiah Souder (1 year ago)
These people are retarded, what is the active ingredient in almost all sleep aids??? DPH HCI the exact same active ingredient in Benadryl.
Trever M (1 year ago)
I don't take Benadryl but I take sleep aids from Top Care that is Diphenhydramine and when I take like 400 mg of the stuff after an hour I would get very dry mouth, blurred vision, seeing things move that look like spiders or what not, but the scariest part is my body would have violent jolts every few minutes and each time it did that it scared me very bad. This continued for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. The violent jolts are the scary part. Am I the only one who gets these?
Christine King (6 months ago)
I have taken diphenhydramine too .that is good but not all the time xx
BimBam (9 months ago)
yo man benadryl is only a brand name for a substance called diphenhydramine so your taking the same stuff... and 400 mg is way to mich, that stuff sucks the water out of your body thats why you have the dry mouth aswell
Stoney Steve (1 year ago)
Kendy Falo you won't for long buddy. 25mgs used to knock me out. Now I gotta take 300mgs just to be able to relax.
Kendy Falo (1 year ago)
Trever M 400 mg!!!!!!!!! wow I only take 25
Connor Lopez (3 months ago)
I almost quit treating the awful sleeping disorders I`ve experienced for 2 years. But ever since I followed this sleep program “bamwoko press” (Google it), my sleeping problem was gone and sleeping in my bed just felt great. This is product you must not miss. I was the biggest doubter but now I am the biggest believer.
Mary Love (1 year ago)
does benadryl for insomnia cause stomach pain ?
colonel radec (1 year ago)
your right treat the underlying issue, ill tell my boss i quit tomorrow i get 8 hours between shifts 😐 i need to sleep immediataley after work. ps. i need something that knocks me out. benadryl does, melotonin does not. melotonin makes me feel foggy the next day, benadryl makes me feel angry even with enough sleep 👹 id rather be angry and useful, then foggy and useless
ytim08 (4 months ago)
+Stoney Steve 300 mg! Wtf! Your tolerance must be up. I wouldn't recommend continuing to take them because you can get cardiovascular problems. 300 mg is usually a point at which you would feel delirium but it seems your tolerance is way up high. I recommend taking phenibut instead. It's cheaper too
Stoney Steve (1 year ago)
colonel radec I take 300 mgs a night. I'm at the point where I can feel it fucking up my body but I can't sleep without it. Let me know if you found a better way to fall asleep I'd really apreciate it. I hate taking benadryl and I can't smoke weed because of probation..
Nabil Lion (1 year ago)
i take aractine and i sleep like realy well
Music FREE (1 year ago)
DPH=Unfortunate trip...
Dwight Schrute (1 year ago)
yes lucid dreaming. also, it's safe. kava is psychotropic. dont. valerian is evil shit. make you groggy for days. go for a run. Tucker yourself out.
Music FREE (1 year ago)
Dwight Schrute DPH can make you trip. Careful.
john doe (2 years ago)
is benadryl safe XD
Music FREE (1 year ago)
john doe Yes, but there's other meds.
Uganda Knuckles (2 years ago)
i used to take benadryl for my allergies but my allergies actually seem varry mild or non existent the past 8 months but i used to take 4 pills of off brand benadryl from sams club in the morning and it worked perfectly except for the 3 hours of drowsiness and the rare motion sickness. now i rarely use it if im sleepless or i might use it if i have a cold
Hyacinth Htnicayh (2 years ago)
Benadryl can also cause restless legs if you take too high of a dose at once. I learned that the hard way.
Andreas E (3 months ago)
+Tristan Gibson DPH trip problems
Tristan Gibson (7 months ago)
Hyacinth Htnicayh same, and for me I have restless arms
I take Benadryl because I have stuffy nose.When I'm done I feel sleepy
fullblooded64445 (2 years ago)
very true. it can cause severe lucid dreaming experiences as well.
COKE (10 months ago)
fullblooded64445 yep
oh yeah yeah (1 year ago)
Thestonerface it causes a brain fog and you kinda feel retarded
Thestonerface (2 years ago)
yes it does. sometimes the sleep dreams make me very scared because they are so realistic that I wake up and believe something has happened. wish there's something else OTC that works melatonin and Valerian don't do shit. and tolerance w this shit is real. use to only take 5 a night then went to 6 now take 10 a night and it use to knock me out all night but now wake up so much and take more as I can't go back to sleep. I hate benadryl but insurance is expensive ugh. they should post long term effects of heavy benadryl use
Mala Fama (2 years ago)
I take diphenhydramine every night, i don't increased the dose. But I swear I woke up from the nices lucid dreaming. While waking up I saw shadow moving on my wall and a face. I was also numb. I was shock. So so yes your right.
YoCatto (2 years ago)
Lol your body can easily become addicted to melatonin. Once you take it for a while your body will start producing less melatonin to it will be much harder for you to sleep without supplementing it with a sleep aid.
Thaspacegoat Æ (2 months ago)
YoCatto Still won’t give you dementia and psychosis.
Christine King (6 months ago)
iv tried all herbal or natural things to sleep but they r all useless .Benadryl works luvly but I don't take it all the time .only wen I need a good nites sleep xx
SeeTheKarma (2 years ago)
meowskull yeah i went through that. I was using it and it helped a lot! but then I found myself needing to take more to still feel that effect. when I realized that I took a break.
dsgrsggjgfj (2 years ago)
What if you only take it sometimes?
Ingrid Langworthy (3 years ago)
I recall reading that supplementing with melatonin causes the pineal gland to reduce it's own natural production of melatonin. It seems to me that, ideally, a person should supplement with nutrient substances that stimulate or aid the pineal gland in melatonin production. Tryptophan was one such nutrient that aided, but was taken out of circulation due to a contamination controversy (plus there were rumors of people overdosing on tryptophan). The best source of tryptophan is dark turkey meat. And it seriously works. Leaves supplements in the dust. Glad the doctor discussed valerian use. I haven't tried it. But now I will.
Justin F. Lombardi (3 years ago)
Justin F. Lombardi same
Shiwanokia (4 years ago)
Mag-Cal with zinc and D3 Tabs great sleep.  Cautious with Valerian root you can get too much, follow direction.
Randall McAdams (3 years ago)
+Shiwanokia ha, bish you fo real? yo ass cant be saying dat shit round here! hah next, bruh, fucc wit me and see what happens, hah smh

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