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Can Provera get you pregnant? | The Fertility Expert |

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Описание: 👉READ MORE HERE : Hi I am Dr. Marc Sklar, The Fertility Expert and welcome to my channel, Fertility TV where I share tips and tricks for improving your fertility… and get pregnant fast! My mission is to help women Believe in their fertility, Empower their body to Create a pregnancy through support and coaching during the journey to motherhood. So start watching! I’m going to teach you how to improve your fertility and how to get pregnant naturally! Do you want to know why you are not getting pregnant? Let me help you with these free fertility trainings: Fertility Score [ FREE FERTILITY TRAINING]: A simple exercise to help you understand why you are not getting pregnant and what to do to change that - CLICK HERE: 📧 Fertility TV [FREE FERTILITY TIPS]: Join my community and get the best information and tips on how to get pregnant fast. CLICK HERE: 👦 HOPE Fertility Specialist [ PERSONALIZED FERTILITY COACHING] : no matter where you are, we can help you get pregnant. If you’ve being trying to get pregnant with no success and want fertility help and answers on how to get pregnant, we are here for you. Schedule an online consultation to talk with us - #HowToGetPregnantwithProvera #ProveraAndFertility #FertilityTips
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Vero Chely (2 months ago)
Look for side effects very bad side effects
Kabo Leteng (2 months ago)
Hello I have been using depo provera for 2years and I stopped it, after 6 months I got my normal period back but I can't get pregnant right now I suppose to have my period on December 26 but it didn't come and when I check using pregnancy test it was showing 1 line..I want a bby
Russ Bana (2 months ago)
Hi, im 16 yrs old and im drinking provera monthly because i have a problem in hormones. I drink 5 capsules a month and wait for another 5 days to have a menstruation. So December 4 i drink and i had a menstruation in December 13. But i forgot that i just had menstruation this month so i take provera again last week December 19 and expectating for a menstruation this dec 28 but i my menstruation didn't came. I think my blood can't come out because i had enough. But help me out guys if what may be the meaning of this 😭😭😭
Marc Sklar (9 days ago)
"DO YOU WANT HELP TO GET PREGNANT? Click the LINK below! ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨
Pretty Berry (5 months ago)
Can You Still Get Pregant ?
Tango Domains (6 months ago)
Hi doc, Are you available online now? Had some questions to ask...
Nicol Nxumalo (7 months ago)
Doctor i took the depo in june and i was asked to come back september and i want to have a baby now with my partner, wjat shiuld i do plc help,
Raxana Castillo (11 months ago)
I have PCOS and my obgyn wants me to use this. Can you still get pregnant?
Araceli Cortez (9 days ago)
@Taby I honestly dont remeber
Mary Lou (9 days ago)
+Araceli Cortez awesomeee
Taby Figueroa (2 months ago)
Araceli Cortez congrats! On what day of your cycle did you start the pill?
Araceli Cortez (8 months ago)
Raxana Castillo i have pcos too and i took provera in May and June i found out im pregnant 😀 i was tryning for a year
sudeeksha yadav (11 months ago)
I have taken meprate 10mg for 8 days and after 20 days I get to know that I am pregnant is it affect on my pregnancy
nitta burrows (1 year ago)
hi wassup doc? I need help I took 2 provera 10mg twice a day for 3 days this is my 3rd day the doc told me to stop on this day then start my birth control but I don't want to take birth control because I don't believe in them, but he said that it will regulate my hormones please tell me if there is an alternative... also I stop bleeding on the 2nd day of taking the provera an today which is the 3rd day started spotting again... im confused I thought it would stop the bleeding but its not, at first I was spotting brown on and off for a week an it eventually started to get bright red now im scared its been on for almost two weeks. prior to this situation I haven't seen it from Dec 3rd until 109 or so days later according to the period tracker in my phone... on top of that I took a pregnancy test and there was 2 lines but the positive line was a lot lighter than the other line but he never said nothing about it because he discovered that I have hyperthyroidism. please If you can help contact me at
joslin colello (1 year ago)
Im taking provera 2times a day 10 days for heavy periods and we are Aldo ttc
hersheythebody (1 year ago)
I have idea what that is.
Olina Aisa (1 year ago)
I have irregular cycles so my doctor gave me Provera 3 weeks ago. She told me to take it for 3 weeks, so I stopped taking them last Friday, still waiting what is going to happen next 😑
Thanks much I have irregular periods my doctor always give me and it works
LaShia Peters (9 months ago)
How long does it make u bleed
Kitty Jackson (1 year ago)
COCO JAMAICAN YARDIE GIRL island girl How did it take to get pregnant? I did my 10 days... Period came in 4 days after. Going on a week and 1/2 now.
Please how can i remove depo provera from my body i regret it
Yeve Algarin (2 months ago)
iiammsla II (6 months ago)
Makasi TV (1 year ago)
I want to work
Hilary H (1 year ago)
Not sure if I can ask but thought what have I got to lose because my GP isn't very helpful. I miscarried on 26th Jan at 8 weeks and have not had a period since. Today is April 13th. I was hoping to TTC asap after the miscarriage so GP has finally given me provera to start a period. I've had negative HCG tests so I obviously haven't ovulated since the loss. I want to start on Clomifene but do I have to wait for a period if one doesn't start has I have finished my course of provera yesterday? Thanks in advance.
Pearl Montemayor (1 year ago)
what is provera?
Ren and Timmy brown (5 months ago)
It's a fertility pill known as progesterone that induces a period. Woman that don't receive a period take it .
rooppreet kaur (2 years ago)
I am planning for 8 months, i hv pcos. Last year i was 73kg, 27years old, it took me 1year to reduce 10kg. I was given siphene for three cycles. After losing weight, i m hvng regular period from last 5mnths. Follecular stdy showed ovulation on 15or 16th dAY. AFTER ovulation i tk duphaston for 14days,but not able to concieve from last 2mnths. I m tking metformin from 7months,i was diagnosed with pcod in2008 since then i hd irregular period. My hair are thinning from front. My doc has sd my egg quality has become low. how can I improve my chances?? Should i go for ayurvedic process of detoxification called panchkarma?? N ya my husbnd reports r normal
rooppreet kaur (2 years ago)
And my tupe test is fine too. If i dont concieve in this cycle i ll go for hormones test. As it is m due on 7th January n m nt hvng any symptom no sore brsts, no signs
Ofelina Diaz (2 years ago)
I'm taking that treatment for Fertility. so my answer would be yes
Ofelina Diaz (2 years ago)
now my doctor give me letrozol and I have to come back on Saturday for a ultrasound and blood work
B.L.A.M FAM (2 years ago)
if I get no menstrual cycle would proved a be recomendable?
beauty glam (2 years ago)
Lu'sMommyLife MtzVillarreal yes but is making me bleed alot i use 10 pads a day
Calder Robert (2 years ago)
Hоw tо Get Pregnаnt FаaаstDisсоvеeеr Whаt MMоst Wоoomеn Dоn’t Кnоw Abоut Getting Pregnant... Cаaaan Рrooverа get уou рregnаnt Тhe Fertility Eхрert
Jessica Ramos (2 years ago)
eshia'janell (2 years ago)
+Lu'sMommyLife “ttc” MtzVillarreal i have pcos. just found out last year. i just got pregnant. but lost my baby may 3. at 7 weeks 3 days. but my dr. put me on provera to start my period and clomid to help me ovulate. because i don't ovulate.
B.L.A.M FAM (2 years ago)
+504BeautyQueen. thank you so much lady's if u don't mind me asking why did you 504Beauty Queen get prescribed provera what did they diagnose you with?
PRINCESS LOVE (2 years ago)
How can I get Provera ?
Jessica Rivera (2 years ago)
hospital er tell them u been on period for 4months n they give it to u
eshia'janell (2 years ago)
at your obgyn

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