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Bupropion xl 150 mg (6 days)

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Text Comments (195)
gohn g (5 days ago)
Sorry to hear about your dog that's always hard. Can I ask u does it help with energy? My depression gets so bad that my energy plummets I was told it does how did u find it?
Big Showw (2 months ago)
Give it about one month, worked for me
Morgan Muldoon (3 months ago)
I have been one wellbutrin for a week, and after 3 days I couldnt stand smoking. And my Depression is less heavy. I love it.
As Above So Below (4 months ago)
Hello! Good video
Ignacio Bermúdez (5 months ago)
Bupropion is the best medicine to feel stimulated, wanting to live, and is very effective as a sexual enhancer almost like Viagra. It's the closest thing to meth I've ever taken.
Tigerblood (1 day ago)
I only notice a small boost nothing compared to Meth but i quess i am only on day 8
Daniel Szabat (5 months ago)
I sniff wellbutrin....i can't stop,, it's like cocaine. help.
arcunap7 (5 months ago)
I have had many addictions in the past. And have quit them all by just thinking about my kids. I love them and I do not want to ruin their lives. Of course most of the time I replace them with something new; my last one was cigarette, but I replaced it with food at first and then with you tube. I can't get off the phone. Lol
Nkwnntm (8 months ago)
Im so sorry for your loss :(❤️
Erick R Hernandez (8 months ago)
I have been on this drug for several months and I feel and see no difference. My life situation is the same and I guess that's why my depression is so severe. There's no drug (medication) that will " save me" from the hell I am in. I should probably drink more and waiste my life away anyway. No hope, no future, all pain and mysery is what's left inside of me.
Tigerblood (1 day ago)
8 days when does it start to work? Notice only headache and some shaking and a bit more energy but not enough to get things done Iam on 150XL
Navdeep Dhillon (26 days ago)
same here brother.
Tiffany Murray (1 month ago)
Hope things are better i know im late but i value you as a person your more than that
Costcopimp (4 months ago)
Erick R Hernandez you should try magic mushrooms
arcunap7 (5 months ago)
Hey bud! You have friends unfortunately we cant see each other but we all on here dealing with the same crap. I totally feel ya man. I have been the same way for over 5 years. And still have not tried any medication. I am starting soon. Please seek out for spiritual guidance; theres jerks everywhere but theres also genuine Gods people (ANGELS) looking for guys like us, going through hell on earth. They will help you. Just be transparent, don't be afraid to talk about it. It is hard to feel like a cry baby but theres a saying. "To those who speak up, God bows his ear to"
Paul P Jr (8 months ago)
I just got on this stuff this morning and I felt dizzy and weak. I didn't feel like eating or do much all day and I was stumbling around. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow or in a week at least or I might get off this stuff. I was full of energy before and over thought but now can't think much and have no energy.
Liz Camsters (10 months ago)
Super review, thanks! For me Wellbutrin is the best happened to me since years!!! I buy Generic Wellbutrin online cheap here https://www.pharmacy-xl.com/wellbutrin-pills-generic-antidepressant-medication-drug-150-mg-tablets-seasonal-depressive-bupropion-gsk-online-pharmacy-xl.html as I can't afford the brand version... Personally use the 150mg version too.
Tommy Marshall (10 months ago)
Ur so pretty💖
Swirly Kalen (11 months ago)
I take the same thing as you. It's helped me get back to feeling more normal.
R. DP (11 months ago)
Been taking it for several years. After the 1st few weeks the crazy thoughts subsided. I have fucked up dreams frequently but i kinda like to wake up scared. I think i will always want to take this medicine. It made my life better.
R. DP (11 months ago)
Thx for sharing. Im hope this is helping you.
Scott K (11 months ago)
You are beautiful. Omg.
Child Of Bhaal (11 months ago)
I'm on Bupropion HCL ER (XL) 150MG and Fluxotine (Fucking Prozac) HCL 20MG for depression/anxiety, and Hydroxyzine panoate 25MG for panic attacks (taken as needed). Honestly, I feel like my mood _has_ improved. My issue is I'm just always so tired, I could sleep all day and night If my diabetes (Type 1) didn't wake me up. I also noticed my usual pig appetite decreased. I still have bouts of "bad thoughts", but I think that's because my mother passed back in October after watching her get sicker and sicker for my entire life (MS is horrible) and she was a big part of my life. I took care of her, but I feel like I could've been better to her, she was such an amazing, strong women. As horrible as this is gonna sounds, the pills help.
Zee Productions (1 year ago)
Shrooms is the awnser not big pharma pills
Tiffany Murray (1 month ago)
where they at?
lennard de jong (2 months ago)
Dumbest thing I've ever heard
nomar mar (1 year ago)
me and grandma take meds
CantonOhio 330 (1 year ago)
nomar mar lmao
David Morey (1 year ago)
Makes me feel like it's straight coke or something. Like high as fuck off of it, eyes don't stay in one place too long especially driving. Bounce off the damn walls with this. It's good other than the not being able to focus my vision very well 😂😂
Tomnik 95 (1 year ago)
Beautiful girl
James stewart (1 year ago)
Are you a friend of Bill W?
Fredrik Beckker (1 year ago)
I think I have the same problem as you have. I feel so restless all the time and that makes me anxious and even Angry.
Drago Plays (1 year ago)
It works well for fat loss ?
Der Elchschamane (1 year ago)
You are beautiful
Anomaly88man (1 year ago)
I was on Cymbalta for 6 months before, now I'm on bupropion 150 XL like you, and it's going on day 5, and I don't like the side effects of it. It constantly feels like my brain is zapping, but not so severely, but enough to give me anxiety and horrible dreams. I also can't eat much of anything, I tried last night and I became nauseous and threw up violently. My depression is back too. I do drink beer on it, but that's about to stop. I believe that I'm going through withdrawals from Cymbalta while on bupropion. I know that Cymbalta is addictive, and bupropion is not. I hate being treated like a lab rat from my doctor giving me medications that make me suffer, and feel not like myself.
Xxxeditobsession Xxx (1 year ago)
I used to drink every day and now I don't I just need to handle the smoking
Ollie Danner (1 year ago)
try crystal meth it works great. Doc prescribed Bupropion today
Jose Ramos (2 years ago)
I'm currenlty on this and clonadine because I was currently diagnosed with adhd and I think helps me to concentrate and take my time to do stuff those are just my thoughts
Nath N (2 years ago)
Honey you don't have any issue with concentration or focus. Read more , exercise a lot you ,eat healthy food will be fine.
Paradigm Apocalypse (1 year ago)
escitalopram causes you not to be able to focus shut up if u dont take the drugs and dont know what we're talkin about
yung Powuh (2 years ago)
I can say I don't smoke every day now. is that bad?
Dr.Spoon (2 years ago)
i started taking bupropion taday pretty wasted rn now in scared of sezure
Joris danoontje (2 years ago)
I'm sorry, but instead of wasting money and time on pills, you should try a brew called ayahuasca. It works on a whole other level than this garbage. (not trying to say it's better, but yea it is)
Sonja Reumann (1 year ago)
DEPRESSALLONE (2 years ago)
It is a very powerful hallucinogen. Its not for everybody. Wellbutrin is safe and excellent
Jacob Tran (2 years ago)
I jsut got on mine and I got Straight A's
mikeadozenify (2 years ago)
I've lost 20lbs in 21 days on Bupropion. Laser focus, overflowing with energy, appetite suppressor, increased libido, intense orgasms. I will never get off this drug, never.
John Titor (12 days ago)
Amphetamines are way funner and uplifting but addicting as shit.
Akiha Baht Israel (17 days ago)
I hope it works like that for me lol
skull mask (5 months ago)
Lmao wdf shit make me laugh so hard
arcunap7 (5 months ago)
marcos aguilar I am starting tomorrow; one little pill a day, for 30 days. Supposedly the first couple of days theres no effects as your brain tries to catch up with medicine. Eventually it learns what to do and then the challenge comes, stay focused and get off the drug. Sounds nice, will see how hard it is.
arcunap7 (5 months ago)
Leticia Vidales ¿estas tomando este medicamento?
brwrdcntyraised (2 years ago)
Bupropion is the BOMB. It gives me energy all day
Tan B. (3 months ago)
Weirdly, I'm on my first day taking it today and it just knocked me out after an hr taking it in the afternoon...
Felipe Catalan Galvez (1 year ago)
brwrdcntyraised What is the dosis you take a day?
Mark Hoffman (2 years ago)
I started the same med a week ago. I have no appetite. I am forcing myself to eat. I have not felt the brain effect yet. I will give it more time to kick in. Hope it works well for you. Mark
za zen (2 years ago)
Karen Love I'm not overweight but I did notice I did lean out a little which was good since I lift weights. 💪
Karen Love (2 years ago)
Thee Cockroach have you lost any weight?
za zen (2 years ago)
Mark Hoffman I'm on my fourth day and I've noticed a reduction in my appetite for food. I have to remind myself to eat and when I do eat I'm not that interested in the food even if it's good. I made cooked lake trout yesterday with spices and served it over rice with steamed greens and wasn't interested in it but ate it anyway.
gfd hgf (2 years ago)
I have started this medicine 10 days ago. does it really help focusing?
JE ENN (2 years ago)
how old are you?:)
Ginamarie Engels (2 years ago)
you sound like me
Cindy S (2 years ago)
hey I was the same way don't like meds. doc had me on celexa felt like I was dopey falling asleep drowsy. went on a low dose 100mg of webrutrin (generic) I took in the morning give two weeks found I had an alright nights sleep woke up with energy take my pill and I stoped after 6months things around me seemed more beautiful and fulfilling. why I stopped my doc was gonna boost up my meds without telling me anxiety kicked in and I was like no I'm good. will go back on due to the ups and downs of anxiety depressive disorder but only on low dose I feel good with temp.
Emma Little (2 years ago)
my doctor gave me this same drug, i'm afraid to take it though because its an anti-depressant and i'm not depressed i just have really bad anxiety. i feel like my doctor put me on this because i told her i smoke..... also i'm afraid to take it because i've never taken prescribed drugs so idk what to expect.... can someone please help me seriously idk what to do... i just want my anxiety to go away. and i'm a tired person in general so this might make me more tired, and i drink on weekends... i havent started the drug still cause i'm still to unsure
fernanumero3 (4 months ago)
+dboy6400 Bullshit, watch 'Leaf of Faith' and you'll learn otherwise.
Josias Herrera (5 months ago)
Have you tried the medication already or not yet? Seriously I’m not sure what’s going to happen after taking this freaking drugs
Karen Love (6 months ago)
Emma Little try Original 420 Brand CBD oil/tincture White Peach flavor...it naturally relieves anxiety.
dboy6400 (1 year ago)
A quick google shows kratom is not a good thing.
Rio McGuire (2 years ago)
Kratom; a plant, a natural remedy known for treating anxiety, without the perscribed chemicals and dangerous side effects. it has worked wonders for me. hope this helps.
Hefizba Beula (2 years ago)
question: I use Paxil and I cant stop using it because it helps against stuttering but it kills my sexual desire at all so my psych doctor gave me Bupropion and she say this pill is supposed to counteract the sexual frigidity that Paxil causes, what is your experience in this matter?
MeatPopsycle (2 years ago)
Do you feel real angry when on this medication? Like you feel like punching people in the face for the dumbest things?
K J (10 months ago)
MCbroseph yes. These meds make me really panic-y. I haven’t gotten a good nights sleep in forever. It’s an upper for me. Idk how it makes people more calm, but i guess it’s a matter of chemistry.
Barbungar Mora Sealo (2 years ago)
i know if your meds aren't working and your always tired as shit you feel like punching people in the face. lol i am starting this med she is on and this is the exact reason my doctor switched my meds.
MrGtcrx (2 years ago)
i went through that the first few weeks but it did disappear after about 8 weeks or so..
MCbroseph (2 years ago)
hopefully the meds keep me calm. ty!
MeatPopsycle (2 years ago)
Good luck. I hope I don't see or hear your name on some ultra violent news report.
George Silva (3 years ago)
Are you still on it?
Nico Hernandez (3 years ago)
i started taking this today by prescription, i also drink anti-psychotic drug before bed. i really have no focus it feels like,i can study maybe 1 problem on my engineering bookk but when its not easy i need to take rest, listen to music or even surf the computer until i can have back my enthusiasm on studying. literally i can study 2 mins at a time, more than that i need to take a rest. im a graduating in college now on engineering course but ive been stuck to that last subject mockboard three times because i have no enthusiast studying :(
Don Walters (3 years ago)
Damn baby you fine af
Androidmaster (3 months ago)
Fuck it get straight into it lol
Shift (3 years ago)
+Don Walters yuh girr u finnnee.. MMM GIMME SOME OF DAT Haha naw....
Hannah wickline (3 years ago)
I am going ready to start taking wellbutrin for my ADHD lord I hope it works
Shawn Grauel (3 years ago)
Drink on Welbutrin at your own risk. 4 beers, don't finish the sixer unless you drink consistently and desire to avoid examinations on grammar
Harry Clams (3 years ago)
Here's the 2nd person in a row with those hideous plastic tubes in their ears, just looks awful, I wish people wouldn't do that, and then it's the annoying yuppie dialect.
Garnalenpeller (1 year ago)
Harry Clams Living in the past is a sign of depression
Harry Clams (2 years ago)
Well, it would be nice if we could go back to 1955 when people acted like and spoke like all Americans instead of their sentences ending in hyphenated question marks, and the nose rings, big plastic earrings, looks so freakish and fruity.
Npangea (2 years ago)
Stop worrying what other ppl are doing and who cares how she talks 😂 gtfo
Bodi Attila (3 years ago)
Having seen this video I just have to share this because I spent years switching from diet to diet without getting any real results until I saw Dianas magic plan (i found it on google). Without doubt its the most weight loss that I have ever achieved and I have not put it back on to this day.
Favio1011 (3 years ago)
I have to take 150mg of Wellbutrin xl for 7 days and then start my next bottle which is 300mg a day for 30 days as the bottle says.
bananian (3 years ago)
I made the mistake of drinking coffee after taking this and I was fidgeting like crazy in class thinking, "EVERYTHING IS AMAZING"
Justin Meeks (5 days ago)
I drink coffee with wellbutrin shit is amazing
sketchwish (3 years ago)
+bananian i see cheers. im not so sure which one i have as both words appear on the strip of tabs. hmm
bananian (3 years ago)
+sketchyou yes, that's what I meant. Generic vs Brandname
sketchwish (3 years ago)
+bananian aren't they the same thing - or are you referring to Generic and Brandname?
bananian (3 years ago)
+sketchyou I think Wellbutrin is better. I can't sleep with Bupropion. But Wellbutrin is expensive af.
Aaron Dozier (3 years ago)
I use that as well and people around me can notice a great difference, before my room is consistantly messy, and I just can't do much, but since I started Wellb. My room is consistantly well organized, and I continue to organize the organize, it's like its never organized enough. I am also on Anta-Buse which is a great med to take this med forces you to have flu-like effects if you drink alcohol, including vomiting alot. so that alone gives me the scare to drink. and keeps me away from alcohol.
PissedOffRedneck1 (3 years ago)
this stuff works wonders for me, it makes me sweat more, and i cant sleep for more than 4 hours/night.  personally, they should pump it through the water system.
fernanumero3 (4 months ago)
+Karen Paula You've probably haven't had a good workout in your life then. Sweating is healthy a healthier person sweats more than a not healthy person. And feeling good after only 4 hours of sleep how is that not good? he gets 20 hours in his day, time is money sweetheart.
skull mask (5 months ago)
+Karen Paula lmao
Casey Richards (6 months ago)
Funny - pump it through the water
Priscilla rose Moreno (1 year ago)
Same, I sweat a lot especially in my sleep. It could be 20 degrees and I still will. I get no more than 4-5 hours asleep and for some reason I still feel somewhat energized.
Karen Paula (2 years ago)
+Brian Jones he said nothing about energy. Just sweat.
Unxpekted (3 years ago)
I have been on wellbutrin for several months after my Mom passed. I lost my job. The love of my life left me. Since I been taking it things have gotten better. But I'm thinking of getting of it. And just fyi I've drank a lot on it. Nothing ever happened. In any case I think I want to get off it now that I'm feeling okay about my life now.
wget Desa (3 years ago)
Im on escitalopram, ablify, and wellbutrin and I dont feel shit anymore
William Santiago (3 years ago)
I hope you feel better and sorry to hear about your doggy.Why don't you get your self a wittle kitty.They can live anywhere from 10 to 25 years.Whenever I'm down I grab one of my five kitties and rub on them and hearing that little motor they got inside them brings me some peace of mine.My wife is going through some hard times with depression and its really working on our marriage,right now it looks like she may walk out on me,I hope not because  that'll really crush me.She just got prescribed prozac so we're going to see how that's going to work out.I hope things work out for ya.
Karen Paula (2 years ago)
cat lady 🐱
GoRo Problems (3 years ago)
I was on wellbutrin as well. It didnt help me on my depression and i had horrible side effects. Yes , some people use this Med to Quit smoking. Now im back on effexor xr, and 2 more meds. Im stable now .... Best wishes
Shawn (4 years ago)
I've been on this stuff for about 7 years. It's a huge help. I don't feel bored all the time.
skull mask (5 months ago)
+Nghi Tran it got me way more horny I was fucking my girl 5 times through the day and give me more energy but everyone is different I take 150
Nghi Tran (1 year ago)
Shawn did it affect your libido
oh great I hate boredom! how many mg?
Karen Love (2 years ago)
Shawn Smith did you lose weight?
K Zim (4 years ago)
sounds like a rough situation more than an emotional problem.. :/
Julie McMillen (4 years ago)
I started Wellbutrin today...hope it helps! Have a nice evening, everyone!🍀🍀🍀🌹🌼🍀🍀🍀
SDGunfighter (4 years ago)
Cyndy Bennett (4 years ago)
I take that too, I love it!!
knou1 (4 years ago)
So I was thinking if you could talk abou
Tom Bunnell (4 years ago)
Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. Legal drugs and illegal drugs and we can't figure out what's wrong with us. I wonder what it could be... Doctors destroying millions and millions of our innocent youth with psychoactive drug therapy. Our young, believing, innocent, vulnerable, youth. Even the Mayo Clinic does this. It must be me. I'm the one who is blind and can't see. It must be me. Alcohol and tobacco and marijuana, the big bastard three... Sugar and wheat and milk before these. Sucrose, lactose, fructose, stimulant drugs in the quantities we consume daily. That we feed to our babies. Bringing this all on. The bear, the wolf, the fox, the rabbit, the eagle, have none of these. Perfectly healthy lives. Raising their young as always, beautifully. Healthfully. Water and natures foods. Not mans manmade sugar and starch diet along with caffeine and alcohol and tobacco. Powerful stimulant drugs. All of these. Good luck kid. I wish you well. Please try to see. The doctors and councilors are dead wrong. 100% mistaken. Take none of these. Dope, dope, dope!
N Bee (5 months ago)
You have a really messed up solution. Just kill them? You do know murder is illegal, right? Why is what he wrote not worth the effort? He's 100% correct. Doctors are pill pushers. The corporate producers of all food on our super market shelves and fast food restaurants is poisoning us. Big tobacco knows their product is addictive and harmful. Alcohol is literally responsible for death. People use all of the above at free will, not bothering to look at the bigger picture. Just blindly walking though life consuming it all without a second thought. I think his comment had good intentions. Could have been phrased a little better, but still not harmful... Go kill someone.
ۛ (5 months ago)
No, I understand that. But writing a diatribe to change people's minds is not worth the effort. People will decide for themselves whether they want to play with pill pushers or not. Most of them will get burned out, some will find peace, and some will merely die. That is life. If doctors are truly, TRULY evil individuals that are destroying hundreds of millions of families within society, then kill them. Then, nobody gets the choice to play with pill pushers. The freedom of choice is removed.
N Bee (5 months ago)
@ ۛ I think what he's trying to say is lead a more natural, clean lifestyle and you won't experience depression and anxiety. Like he said animals do not eat any of the crap we do, drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs and they are living a normal life. Just them and nature. He doesn't need to literally kill anyone. If everyone stops buying their shit they will eventually go away on their own. If you don't get it now, you never will.
ۛ (6 months ago)
Alright, so what have YOU done to solve the problems you have listed? Have you bothered to kill those doctors and farmers that you are ranting about? You seem to truly believe that these entities are destroying millions of human lives, so what have you done as an individual to further prevent them from their reign of terror? Physically go and engage in active warfare against these heinous individuals that you have so eloquently laid out before us, or shut the fuck up. We have these drugs because of people like you, that sit at home and write paragraph after paragraph hoping for some change in the world without actively doing anything YOURSELF. You are lazy, and your words are worthless.
Sneeky Guy (1 year ago)
Your lame bruh
ScottishSasquatch (4 years ago)
Hey, really glad to see you are still fighting, I know how tough things can be. Keep on moving and one day hopefully you will beat this illness for good. Take care
Health Recovery (4 years ago)
Thought I would share my experience from the other night. So I've been through a lot.. soul crushing experiences and feel like I hit rock bottom almost every week now. Last night I was awake and i was crying (not sure if anyone else gets this, but when I really do feel like ending it I get this strange feeling in my veins.. like butterflies) so I put some shoes on and went outside. I stared up into the sky with all the stars which I realized I haven't done in years and it struck me, how everything we think matters doesn't matter at all. What we are taught that matters, is only another persons idea.. nothing more. It took the edge of for me, that pain that hurts so much you want it over faded. It made me look at life as a game, nothing to get worried about. I still feel depressed, but I don't feel suicidal when I realize what I said. +Tcailley You might or might not consider this, but I thought there is no harm in saying it. I noticed foods can amplify depression. I recently did raw diet (I got bitten by a deer tick and got Lyme disease(for 8 years), was willing to try anything) and realized that black cloud that seems to follow me everywhere was so much smaller than usual. I always thought I am f**king depressed because of my life, what has happened etc but food really does amplify those feelings from what I found. Try it for a week if your ever feeling adventurous. I only managed 2 weeks but the benefits in depression are making me consider a longer period.
Child Of Bhaal (11 months ago)
Huh, as someone with extensional anxiety and depression this really doesn't sound like it would work (for me. Might just make it worse.
Taylor Byykkonen (4 years ago)
I felt the same way! They gave me the same thing! IT DOES NOT WORK! Be careful, they switched my stuff on me a lot and I felt like I was going crazy more than it was helping me.
King Nothing (4 years ago)
Epic face at the end! LOL!
Hayden c (4 years ago)
The bupropion xl is a ssri that is in the more alert side of the scale rather than the drowsy sedated side. I'm currently on it I have been for about 3 months I believe as well with Prozac. A few weeks ago there was a visible improvement for about 2 weeks then it just vanished.
Brandyanne 1031z (1 month ago)
It is not an SSRI. It does not affect serotonin. It works on dopamine and norineprine. It is not an amphetamine. It is in a class all by itself.
Tam Jez (9 months ago)
it is not an sssri it lies in the amphetamine and methamphetamine family
aymeb (4 years ago)
Hi Cailley, Nice to see you're struggling, looking for resources and ways to overcome your pain. I'm not a psychologist, but recently received some coaching from a NGO that prevents suicide, which is my goal as well.  My approach is not giving advice, recommendations or saying that life is beautiful and worth living, but I can hear what you have to say without judging, like a close friend. So feel free to talk to me anytime if you want. ;) Wish you the best, thank you
John Doe (2 months ago)
you don't believe in suicide?
Amaury Ayala (4 years ago)
LoneWolf420 (4 years ago)
cut all of those pills and smoke some fresh premium sativa strains you will feel so much better. 
Child Of Bhaal (11 months ago)
As much as I love me some Acid, I don't think drugs like it are a goof treatment for this.
S White (1 year ago)
Not all people are pot heads
Big guy for you (3 years ago)
+LoneWolf420 sativa can worsen anxiety in some people
Nomo Sapiens (3 years ago)
+John Fee Imagine telling about this to your doctor.... Doctor: YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING WHAT?! WHO TOLD YOU TO SO.... You: 'Well, there's this guy, LoneWolf420 on Youtube....'
John Fee (3 years ago)
Terrible advice
Gilbert Garces (4 years ago)
Hey Cailley, yeah you rarely seem to make videos. But you have a bf and a life so ya know...yeah. Personally though, I mean....I don't mean to sound opinionated but I don't believe you fully understand what it's like to truly struggle. Everyday. At least not like you used to, and #1 reason for that I am positively sure is cause you have someone in your life. *Shrugs* that's just my theory. When you have someone in your life and your romantically heavily involved, then everything else because a blur to you, including your emotional troubles....or others. I'm sorry! For me it's like....everyone I need to get me out of this suicidal rut I've been in umm lets see for the past....um....14 years almost. no joke. I may ridulously be the most lost and suicidal person on this planet, and I say that without arrogance but with pure truth. No I may have NEVER attempted to end my existence, due to the unfortunate fact that I fear pain...I can barely stand a single paper cut.  Still, I think about it.....and think about it......and ponder and ponder and ponder over and over and over and again and again for days and months and hours and seconds for years and years and years and still. And I'm tired. And I strongly need that emotional support you have. And yeah, I envy that. cause I'm a honest and rare faithful person and I have faith in god but.....where is she? where is that 1 single female person to enter my life and tell me, "Gilbert hey it's ok, I'm here now hunnie....you no longer need to feel afraid."  And I fear if I will ever have that. So *deep breath* maybe if you don't think I'm some cynical psycho who writes to much....then feel free to get back to me with your thoughts. write me a message....if you can, or want to. In truth though, I deserve to suffer. And I wish for death long before death may find me....and in all honestly........ ......I wish for it already:( 
Jaded-Creep (3 years ago)
+Life&#39;s Healthy Recipe I hear you. Relationships, futures worth striving for or at least a hope for the attainment of set goals, and all of that stuff means a lot. After all, we are human beings. I have been depressed for a LONG time and strangely enough, women do NOT respond to depressed men and avoid them like the plague(so it seems). Depressed women can always find a man, the reverse situation unfortunately, is not true. Men and women live different lives, with different realities so I can&#39;t comment on a woman&#39;s situation. As men, depression is absolutely life destroying; it effectively emascualtes us....and it&#39;s not a choice. I would rather lose my left arm and right foot to get rid of this plague of an illness. I am of course, referring to severe clinical depression, not the "blues", "grief", or low energy.
Life's Healthy Recipe (4 years ago)
+daph dc Not to sure how that is F'yn shallow. See, you can't hear tone of voice with text. I am not arguing who has it worse. Especially since there is always going to be someone who does have it worse than someone else...I am always the one who says , so because someone has a worse off life then me I am suppose to accept the fact I am suppose to just suck it up and view it is if I am going through nothing at all? If I was looking to bash her I definitely would not have subscribed to the channel.  If anything Envy her is a better way to put it, rather then F'yn shallow. If I were to read what I posted as if someone else posted it. I would gather that the person is trying to ask what would someones advice be. In addition to that, guy or female I would take it a step further and message that person and say..... I know you don't know me but if you ever need to talk or vent you can contact me. In fact, I had reached out to her saying the same thing. Whether she got it or not who knows...So, Yes me personally I would love to trade one of my issues  to have a girlfriend instead... I mean who wouldn't? I asked what should I do? Didn't realize that my statement would be taken as that I am bashing her and if that is how it can be taken... then I am sincerely sorry.
Life's Healthy Recipe (4 years ago)
+Tcailley That's fine but what about someone who has none of that? All these years , I never really had a girlfriend. I don't want to go down the entire list. What does someone like me do? I don't smoke, I don't drink, NO Drugs ... I just go through the pain.  I would trade at least one issue to have a solid relationship. It makes a huge difference to have someone in your life as to not have anyone at all.
Gilbert Garces (4 years ago)
I don't understand why though. I mean, I look at you in your videos and I don't see a thing wrong with you. You have heart and spirit and very very smart to go far in life. Your family cares for you, I hope. My family could care less for me. I'm not trying to whine, just trying to explain that's it's true what they say, people have it worse off then others. And I'm one of them. over 14 years is a long time to struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. I don' know you but I'm here for you for emotional support, hopefully you can return the favor. I'm really sorry you still struggle with self harm:( I really am! Your a beautiful person, try to resist that temptation as I do. God bless! I'm here.
Tcailley (4 years ago)
Though I'm busy and more involved with relationships, believe it or not.. I slit my wrists right after editing that video. People understand struggles at different levels.
Joy O (4 years ago)
i'm on paroxetin 40mg
Seafox0011 (4 years ago)
Your are looking good - even though you are feeling tired! Sorry to hear that your dog has passed away. But all the best with your studies!
katherina (4 years ago)
ive been on buproprion for a lil over one month now... was on it in the past and its helped a lot with energy for getting out of bed and overall concentration.. worked the best out of all the antidepressants ive tried.. so curious to see how you'll do on it!!
I noticed that itw as causing alot of mouth dryness and thirsty all the time it was getting annoying so I stopped. but I'm back on and just want to know if 150 ml with have the strong affect with focus , and removing past thoughts and dwelling too much. overthinking is the problem sometimes will this help it?

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