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Requip Withdrawal Log - Day 1 - Before Going Off the Meds

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Описание: Welcome to the Requip Withdrawal Log. Join Jobish Productions as we take you on a journey through the withdrawal symptoms of a drug called Ropinirole (Requip). Over the next 26 days Kay Jorden will undergo the arduous task of trying to ween off the drug Requip. Each daily interview will be released every couple of days here on YouTube. As well, after the release of the final day we will be providing everyone with an update on Kay's progress after the withdrawal symptoms will have hopefully ended. We appreciate everyone's support as we try to show just how great the dangers of taking the dopamine agonist Requip are.
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anita huff (4 years ago)
so after being on requip 10 yrs for RLS, stopping your meds took all the RLS pain away  ?? i am confused  i have been on requip for 2 yrs or so an it is a life savor after all the years not knowing what was wrong, kicking an crying an screaming every night was very painful. so after you are off the meds you dont have RLS anymore ???
Jobish Productions (4 years ago)
Here is a link that you should check out. It does a really good job of explaining the augmentation process with dopamine agonists such as Requip.
kJorden Productions (4 years ago)
This was an incredible experience. A long and difficult time. But I am now doing fantastic, no more painful evenings, sleeping good, off medications and incredibly happy to be off Requip. I can now nap if I want, ride on an airplane without pain, sit in a car comfortably, relax at a movie theater, go to bed without being sick, wake up refreshed, .....list goes on and on.....
Joshua Bishop (4 years ago)
The end is pretty funny!!
Steve Thomas (4 years ago)
What Dr. do you see?

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