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Your Propecia, Finestride, Proscar Testimonials: Good or Bad?

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Описание: Tell us the truth.
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Kenshobu Q (3 months ago)
Been on finasteride actavis 5mg (generic proscar) which i cut into 1/4 and take daily for about 8 months. Hairloss seemed to have stopped/slowed, no regrowth, my hairloss was very aggressive ( started at crown area then moved towards hairline), lost ground each month until 70% of my scalp had a lot of loss (it was insane), its like a switch was turned on and hair loss began fast. Originally like most, i was afraid of taking finasteride, so i cut it in 1/8ths and took it every 3 days but i still experienced hair loss, only when i took 1.25 mg doses each day that it seemed to work/stop. As for sides, only prostate pain in the first month or so (due to it shrinking i presume). Severe depression/anxiety (from hair loss itself, doubt finasteride did it, as i was messed up about my hairloss before i began taking fin). The severe hair loss happened under 6 months, i was 27 y/o. My advice: do something about your hair as early as possible (before hair loss starts even), and if you think taking medications daily for the rest of your life as a slave to the product, then do you also consider yourself a slave to showering/shampoo, toothbrushing/toothpaste? Buy your hair time until maybe (big maybe) a better and safer treatment/cure becomes available. Good luck.
mm Hes (2 months ago)
Kenshobu Q thanks man
Kenshobu Q (2 months ago)
+mm Hes Ye, i've added dutasteride twice a week, recently. I have long hair now, so im not sure but i think my hair is thicker? Or possible slight regrowth? Or maybe its just the long hair... It does look better now thats for sure, i eat healthy and only drink water, more veggies and fruits. My junk works fine, really no sides except that prostate pain which came back with dutasteride, maybe im lucky, who knows, since i have no other side effects as of yet. But but, Something i read though, is if proscar is split and then taken, that it wont be effective since the stomach acid destroys it because the layer/coating is also cut! (My proscar are tablets, not capsules) So what i do now is i put the fin i cut inside my zinc capsule that i take (or you can use empty capsules) and then take it like that, since my dutasteride has capsules but my proscar doesn't (it has some blue layer thing on it, not sure if this is coating or not) so i figured i'd play it safe and maybe smart? To put the fin inside my zinc capsules! Some guy on a forum said his doc/dermatologist said so, cut the proscar and you ruin the coating... My proscar package even says: - Swallow whole, dont crush or cut them. So i may have just saved your hair with this information ;) Take care and good luck!
mm Hes (2 months ago)
Kenshobu Q any update ?
Steven Phillips (6 months ago)
Just subscribe to the bald truth, you will hear unbiased accounts of each side of the story. Personally i have started taking proprecia about 6 weeks ago, initially i had intermitent testicular ache which went away after week 2 with no side effects to date. Currently already seeing temple hair growth, stopped any hair shedding and looking like early stages of hairs reversing some of the diffused hairs on my vertex.
Mark Pierce (9 months ago)
For some reason Finasteride can permanently destroy/wreck your endocrine system with no known cure. This drug triggers something in genetically suspectible men. There are enough stories online of how it wrecked guy's health
Steven Phillips (6 months ago)
Mark Pierce i do not doubt that there are some people out there that may have some side effects from the drug, however millions of people take the drug without side effects, do not believe everything you hear and see on youtube.
Anti Pharma (1 year ago)
Finasteride is a vile drug it destroyed my life. 5 years off the drug and I'm sill suffering from the damage it did to me.
Steven Phillips (6 months ago)
Anti Pharma sorry to hear that
finasteride is the best drug for hair.
Brian Cromartie (1 year ago)
Took it for 3 weeks stopped due to testicular discomfort. Been taking it now every other day for 6 weeks no sides.
jwrath90 (6 months ago)
Any updates ?

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