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Side Effects and Dangers of Tripping on Benadryl.

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Описание: So right now we're going to go over the Side Effects and Dangers of Tripping on Benadryl or Diphenhydramine. DPH better known as Diphenhydramine or Benadryl taken in large doses can cause delirium where you are seeing and hearing things that aren't there, and also causes lapses in memory. Because of this many people may be prone to violent outbursts that can cause physical damage to themselves and others. It has also been known to cause seizures in many people as well. Prolonged use can also increase the chances of stomach problems, acid reflux, GERD, etc. Long term use as also been shown to decrease memory and cause Alzheimers. So remember always be safe when using drugs and to be aware of side effects. https://www.BeFree.Earth
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Andrew Neisig (20 days ago)
I blacked out on the shit, but before I blacked out I remember I was about to be paralyzed from waste down and told my friend to call 911 I recommend no one to take it because I blacked out for 24 hours
Andrew Neisig (18 days ago)
The Free World it did feel like gravity pulling my legs down
The Free World (20 days ago)
+Andrew Neisig I definitely feel like it's gravity x10 when I tried it too lol
Andrew Neisig (20 days ago)
The Free World That’s what I felt when I tried to get up I would fall like I could not move them,
The Free World (20 days ago)
You were about to be paralyzed from the waste down?
GoldenBacon (1 month ago)
How much Benadryl does it take to start hallucinating
The Free World (1 month ago)
100 is normally when slight effects take place, like I said though dph is dangerous, and not really enjoyable
C4Raven (1 month ago)
I trip on diphenhydramine very often, I'd say atleast 3 times a week, about 500+ mg. Is this bad and how bad is it if it is. I've been doing this alot and I havent had any problems, for about a month or 2
The Free World (1 month ago)
​+C4Raven You might have shadow movement and be a little bit out of it for a bit, but shouldn't be any more than 6 months, and you might have some slight damage but nothing too drastic. More than likely if you continue use you will have some cardiovascular, psychological, gastrointestinal problem in the future. Shrooms are probably the least damaging, with the most benefits of the 3 due to hits short duration and action on serotogenic receptors.
C4Raven (1 month ago)
I took 600mg an hour ago and I dont feel anything right now. So I'm guessing I have a very high tolerance at this point.
C4Raven (1 month ago)
I just enjoy it alot and it's just very cheap. I used to do shrooms and acid but money has been very tight lately.
looneyhalls (1 month ago)
Does anyone else have short term memory issues after ?
The Free World (1 month ago)
That's a very common side effect
LadyGrace (1 month ago)
My son DIED by Benadryl. HE IS DEAD. DEAD DEAD. DEAD.
The Free World (1 month ago)
I'm really sorry for your loss.
NitrousFox (2 months ago)
I used DPH two days in a row at 300mg each. Its the next day and my chest feels tight and my heart is beating noticeably harder (not faster, just more forcefully)
Ketikatz (2 months ago)
I use to take Benadryl wayyyyy too much and now I have GERD (Acid reflux) really bad and I have IBS and honestly it's just the worst. I very much recommend avoiding using it to get high and avoid using it too much or too often even just for sleep/allergies
New Jargon (2 months ago)
I met someone that had a heart attack from overdosing on diphenhydramine, his mom found him on the floor and he barely made it. Dont fuck with this shit.
The Free World (2 months ago)
Scary stuff, i'm really sorry to hear that.
I Gaming (3 months ago)
I’m only here because I had three in one day due to allergies
Brutis119 (4 months ago)
iwanna diefapping (4 months ago)
Bro last night I took 30 sleeping pills and and tried boiling water with salt on a cooler, I brought the Christmas tree in my room, I brought noodles that you use for swimming in the kitchen, opened all the cabinets, broke my TV and asked for it back, I was screaming no at 3 in the morning because I thought I missed the bus and I put 2 socks on one foot and my shoe on the other and grabbed my gaming headset and I ran outside and realized my bus wasn't there, and my pupils we're almost covering my whole iris's. I thought it was all normal ☠☠
iwanna diefapping (1 month ago)
+Dalton oof harvey everyone's different. I have fucking pictures of my eyes dilated so shut the fuck up bro😂. It happens to my friends to
catonatinroof (1 month ago)
+Dalton oof harvey just because his eyes didnt get dilated doesnt does not mean that everyone elses eyes do not get dilated
Dalton oof harvey (1 month ago)
+catonatinroof I've trip sitted for a freind who took 30 and there eyes were just very open not dilated.
Dalton oof harvey (1 month ago)
+iwanna diefapping it was probably a hulutination. I looked in the merrier and my skin was purple. It doesn't mean I was actually purple.
catonatinroof (1 month ago)
+Dalton oof harvey yes they do
CarLuvrSD (5 months ago)
If you don't take it regularly, such as for sleep or allergies, it doesn't take very much to get some positive side effects. It's not worth the risks to take it in large doses. I recommend sticking to cannabis and trying different strains for different effects. Mushrooms are also good in reasonable doses. Taking large doses for bragging rights is a sign of immaturity.
Matthew Null (6 months ago)
I honestly enjoy it. The body load sucks cause you can hardly move. But if you Just accept it and focus on what’s going on around you it’s badass. Don’t be scared of the stuff you see, just try to manipulate it. I’ve played with cobwebs full of spiders and watched my paper turn into water and start steaming. Benadryl is crazzzzzy
L Rock (8 days ago)
mjlove it’s more interesting and “mindfuck”-y than it is enjoyable, definitely not for everyone
Rocco Olivero (1 month ago)
The problem for me was i enjoyed it i used it for a long ass period of time and i wasnt sober for like 3 weeks striaght even sleeping was a trip and id wake up to 15-30 more pills and then go to bed with 15-30. Then the side effects hit me once i remebered that i needed to stop. And theres way to many to count
Alien Embryo (2 months ago)
I found it best for me to be active artistically/creatively while on dph and thc, when I used to consume them. It was quite the creative ally. I've never felt or been as creative as I was when I consumed them. There were other factors at play as well that could have helped but the dph/thc combo was a large piece of the pie. I personally found the visuals to detract from the desired effect.
mjlove (2 months ago)
Matt’s vlogs how tf u enjoy that crazy shit
fistsOFfury366 D (7 months ago)
I already hear and see things without being high. And I am waiting for this dxm to kick in. Great to know that doing this shit can give me heart burn. Well I had spaghetti so im fucked.
The Free World (7 months ago)
Be careful! Especially if you already hear and see things without even being high!
seth borunda (8 months ago)
anyone here have like mild seizures/convulsions when the high is coming down? please Lmk
Steve Smith Roblox (2 months ago)
yes and it is the most terrifying thing ever especially when you are still seeing shit
The Free World (8 months ago)
There's a lot of people who actually have that side effect.
dani winn (8 months ago)
Y’all please don’t do this :( my friend and I did it one night and she had a seizure and we ended up in the hospital our heart rates were 160 and I don’t remember much. We ended up transferring hospitals in ambulance to icu. We don’t remember much but we were up all night talking to people who aren’t there. We had chance of going into cardiac arrest. We did have a tolerance all it took was 30 25mg pills. I still have ptsd from seeing her have a seizure and it still affects me. We are 15 and neither of us expected it.
oliver dreyer (1 month ago)
30 wtf
The Free World (8 months ago)
Yea it can be super dangerous.
Benadryl Gang (8 months ago)
I ain't see these post I'm well versed in the pharmacy area I monitor myself on it the scary parts are fterrorfying and irrational thoughts about dying out of nowhere I also go thru extreme confusion sometimes I lose objects like whole objects like my droid a blu ray player my wallet only to find them on my bed there's a negative side to this euphoria
Trippy OG (23 days ago)
Toni Watson hey man XD didn’t expect to see you here ... wait are you really here ? Or is my DPH messing with me it’s the weekend so I decided to trip
Benadryl Gang (9 months ago)
Great video I have live benadryl trip reports on my channel. The last video under the blacklight I don't remember filming that whole video was a high/side effect good ole ben
The Free World (9 months ago)
Thank you! Yea I know the confused memories and memory loss are really wild on the stuff.
NoDuhBruh (10 months ago)
Im addicted to benadryl.. ive taken upwards of 80 25mg pills daily at my worst.. ive recently cut down to only 40 a day recently though cause im trying to wien myself off.. ive taken it daily for around 6 1/2 years.. it started when my girlfriend dumped me.. I remwmber feeling really depressed and well I didnt know how to handle those feelings so i figured fuck it i just wanna to go to sleep, even just for a few hours of not feeling this.. but my anxiety waa to high to sleep, so I took a large amount of benadryl, and surprisingly felt high,in a weird way, i kind of liked it.. but you see i was on suboxone aswell.. so the high from benadryl wasnt your typical tripping out type high but instead a general sense of euphoria.. ever since then ive been hooked.. everytime i try to atop i get really really bad sleep paralysis and im not talkinf just once or twice a night im talking EVERY time id start falling to sleep id get stuck in a paralyzed state thats so scary that you are scared to sleep.. it would go on hours... so yeah, Its fudked my health... i have a slew of side effects.. it also causes seizure activity, twitching, dry mouth, and loss of appetite, in a way its kind of like stimulant side efx.. theres my story, just wanted to share to make sure whoevers reading this be warned of the predicament it can put you in.
The Free World (10 months ago)
2Clutch 2Touch yea it's dangerous stuff, thanks for sharing your story, I'm going through something similar right now had a relapse with Xanax, suboxone, and dope right after break up I can't sleep trying valerian root shit like that works sometimes, good job on cutting back I know it's hard!
Water Strider (1 year ago)
Shit I was in sleep paralysis waking up on my couch, freaking OUT, feeling like I'm falling from a building then I somehow keep slipping back into sleep and having torturous dreams, not nightmares but just physically and mentally uncomfortable dreams. This continued I think until my body temp rose so much I threw everything I had in my stomach up in one purge. It was a bitch to clean but I felt a little more sober and felt so much better after. I was really enjoying the high at this point
C B (1 year ago)
great vid man. I never really follow channels of youtube. I just really want to encourage you to keep producing content--no matter what it is about.
Laia bieber (1 year ago)
I overdosed a lot of times on Benadryl {yes purposly,no I don't do drugs} and some more like side affects are seziures where ur kind of staring into space or ringing in your ears or the weather might seem weird on ur skin or u forget words or lose balance there are lot of way to know u overbosed
Water Strider (1 year ago)
Laia bieber it is a drug. So is water. No avoiding drugs let's not spread that energy out.
Cash Howell (1 year ago)
It also causes temporary Erectile Dysfunction
NitrousFox (2 months ago)
Dalton oof harvey I get the opposite. Beating off feels even better for me
Dalton oof harvey (2 months ago)
Bro I feel you, couldn't beat my meat for 2 days.
Luke Anderson (1 year ago)
Dudes shirt is inside out 😂😂👉🏼
Tom Camp (3 months ago)
+CarLuvrSD sometimes when I don't have any clean drahs I just turn them inside out and wear the clean side of those fruit of the looms. No biggie
CarLuvrSD (5 months ago)
I figured the other side was already dirty. ;-)
The Free World (1 year ago)
the shirt is actually designed to look like that
Suckmy C0ck (1 year ago)
I have fuck ptsd from dph do dxm.
Grace Mora (1 year ago)
I take ambien 🤣🤣🤣
Erma Gerd!!! (10 months ago)
The Free World I was given Ambien by my aunt when I was about 19 (9 years ago) pretty regularly and it made me trip hard as balls if I would stay awake on it.
Water Strider (1 year ago)
Ive seen objects physically bend to look at me on Ambien and my phone looked so indescribably ancient and just bazaar.
James Livingston (1 year ago)
Gracem Moya I used to be prescribed that b4 I went on probation. shit was Worlds better than diphenhydramine for going to sleep. it would actually put me to sleep in a peaceful manner, and whatever nature documentary I was watching on nat geo was suddenly The Most Interesting Thing in Human History, like the "secret to life" was contained in those brief 45 minutes of exposition.. and then id fall asleep, and occasionally have "wierd" dreams.. nothing as wierd or as fucked up as the dreams is get on diphenhydramine.. tl/dr; if you can legally obtain it, take ambein over diphenhydramine.
The Free World (1 year ago)
Iv'e heard of some crazy stories of people who take ambien and then don't go to sleep, not sure of any negative effects though.
Ronnie Smith (1 year ago)
you are a fool
TarkyTheTurtle (1 year ago)
The Free World then why you comment
The Free World (1 year ago)
I hope you don't think I honestly give a fuck about your 4 word comment that lacks any actual substance or real commentary.
VN Flow (1 year ago)
Nigga u dead ass look and sound like fucking josh from strain central holy fuck
The Free World (1 year ago)
Ironically my name is also Josh, must be a Josh thing.
Sociopath (2 years ago)
I take anywhere from 15-30 25mg pills daily :S
Shaggin Shaggy (27 days ago)
I take 18 -37 a day haha
Dalton oof harvey (2 months ago)
You would stop tripping by the 3rd day
Rebecca Bullock (7 months ago)
Ashlena Ok, thanks ...and be safe ☺
Rebecca Bullock (7 months ago)
Ashlena Thanks for getting back to me so quickly ☺ my friend takes almost that many daily, but not all at once...usually takes about 9 @25mg every 3 hours or so...I'm a little concerned...did you take yours all at once or spaced out?
Rebecca Bullock (7 months ago)
Ashlena Do you take this amount daily? No judgement, just asking because I have this, umm, friend that takes almost that much on a daily basis...not all at once, though..
james shafer (2 years ago)
lol you probably thought this vud was gonna blow up to
The Free World (2 years ago)
Yea I don't touch benadryl no more it's a interesting substance, but it's also horrible for you, and just fucked up experience. L is fun most the time. Yea nothing like good flower i'm in USA Cali right now homegrown is like 50 a half after coming from the East Coast I was pretty amazed to say the least. I really want to get a volcano at some point in time, and honey comb is awesome, and nothing like a good dab to relax you out. I normally get concentrates rather then bubble hash, but both are nice. Most the concentrates I see out east, unless I get it from festy friends normally isn't purged properly. I'm a big fan of edibles, the ones I got in Colorado were awesome and really cheap! I reviewed a bunch of them sadly I didn't eat them in the video though lol.
james shafer (2 years ago)
The Free World yeah nice vid though i dont trip on benedryl though never want to either ive tripped on lsd once lol i was in a car with mt buddies and i thought i was on a magic carpet that shit was awesom. you smoke herb? like weed or hashisha
The Free World (2 years ago)
Would have been nice lol, has more views then I thought it did though. I wanted to cover the side effects since I left them out in the trip report, it seems like not too many people don't understand the side effects very well. I'm probably going to remake this video again with some more info it.

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