Deliriants Replication/POV Simulation (Diphenhydramine/DPH, Datura (+ DXM)) Closed Eye Visual (CEV)YouTube HD Trending Online requip
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Deliriants Replication/POV Simulation (Diphenhydramine/DPH, Datura (+ DXM)) Closed Eye Visual (CEV)

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Описание: This video is an attempt to replicate a tiny fraction of possible CEVs one might encounter while tripping on a deliriant. A deliriant is a hallucinogenic drug that produces relatively (to other hallucinogens) realistic/believable hallucinations (compared to the trippy and alien landscapes of psychedelia or dissociation) and include drugs like: Diphenhydramine (DPH, Benadryl active ingredient) and some plants in the nightshade family, e.i. Datura. Discord - Twitter - Reddit - Patreon - Effect Index -
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alex moldovan (2 years ago)
YouTube explorer (15 days ago)
This looks far from enjoyable
B (15 days ago)
This some dumb shit
J. Fomoiri (1 month ago)
I've never had cev from dph, but the visual hallucinations start off, for me anyway, as light pencil thin lines in a messy swirl on a blank wall, faint lines in a sort of chaotic circular scribble. I've had auditory, hearing my name being called or someone walking about in a room at the rear of the house. As I had some issues with mice the dph induced a lot of "corner of the eye" movements and sounds related to that problem some of which were so convincingly real I took the live trap outside convinced there's 1-2 mice in it only to see there were none. DPH is in most sleep drugs on the shelf, unfortunately for me if I didn't fall asleep I was awake hearing such things.
Yout Tuka (1 month ago)
I always get faces when I close my eyes. Sometimes it's people I know, other times totally new faces. And they always grin.
ryan (1 month ago)
idk why everyone sees spiders when they take diphenhydramine i just see people that arent therre and everything is just scary
DrOpLeT (3 months ago)
Stas Constantine (3 months ago)
+DrOpLeT I was implying you make a replication yourself
DrOpLeT (3 months ago)
+Stas Constantine its hard to exlain but if i find a accurate video of it ill send u the link
Stas Constantine (3 months ago)
+DrOpLeT well what DO they look like bro? mind sharing?
DrOpLeT (3 months ago)
+Stas Constantine idk but doesnt look like none of my experiences with dph
Stas Constantine (3 months ago)
but y not? :O :'(
Hey it’s Not Ali (4 months ago)
Bro what I just see hella bugs and hear shit lmao
One of the scariest things about it is hearing people talking to you like you're a Schizophrenic.
s70rk (7 months ago)
blacklotuss (2 months ago)
and delicious :)
dystoniaify (7 months ago)
DPH is an anticholinergic. Have fun with your early Alzheimers. Please don't be stupid and do something that is a neuroregenerative like mushrooms, not something that causes permanent brain damage and dementia.
J. Fomoiri (1 month ago)
There's only a possible link which is associated with long-term use something this substance has a low risk of. Dyphenhydramine has been widely used for decades be it as benadryl, dramamine or gravol if it induced brain damage or dementia/alzheimers from sporadic safe use there'd be a massive problem yet after decades on the market those claims fall short.
Shane Smith (8 months ago)
This looks muddy, and miserable. Why would someone trip on this?
Stas Constantine (5 months ago)
let me know your discord username if you join, or, when you join, tag me and tell me "hey, it's Tauras from youtube" :)
Tauras Blaževičius (5 months ago)
+Stas Constantine Thx, I will
Stas Constantine (5 months ago)
worst part of deliriants are the physical uncomfortableness and dysphoria they cause. a lot of people shit on them for being very scary and spooky - they definitely can be, but that's like just any other hallucinogen. you can kinda see what OEVs look like in some of my other del replications. And, like with all other hallucinogens again, set and and setting are super important factors in determining how your trip goes!! If you are really into deliriants, want to ask so questions to a community that replies somewhat fast, has unbiased knowledge about them or generally want to chat about deliriants, other drugs and many other topics with those same people, please join the 'official' deliriant Discord group /del/ - the 700 Club:
Tauras Blaževičius (5 months ago)
Is the actual trip scary or is it something like ketamine where you might be seeing weird shit but at the time it doesn't really bother you at all, like you feel comfortable with it? Cause I've been itching to try deliriants, but it seems like the whole internet is advising against it and these replications aren't helping either :D
Stas Constantine (8 months ago)
The strange random absurdity is too interesting to pass on. No other way would I see morphing canned food products and drinks morph into one another projected on my closed eye lids. And I agree it's not a halluciogen that's known for crispy clear visuals, but sometimes a messy painting is much deeper than one with plain shapes :) Why would you say it's 'miserable' tho? What lead you to think that?
Tony das Tit (9 months ago)
All i get from DPH is hypnotic hallucinations like someone throwing stones or snowballs at my window or my bong falling over hitting something.
Vakanz (10 months ago)
People make it out to be a lot darker than it really is tbh. I've definitely had my share of "Holy fuck!"s when looking at beautiful and sporadic visuals, only for them to sometimes turn into spiders or other unspeakable horrors, but honestly if you put yourself in the right environment you can have amazing beautiful visuals. Dph is definitely a drug that is best taken in small groups of close friends, with the lights turned off and the TV turned on with no sound. :))
Aleyah Moncrease (11 months ago)
yep but without the taco it was a cat
OOF NIBBA (11 months ago)
This is incorrect
ِ (11 months ago)
It's not the same for everyone.
Solomon Cronos (1 year ago)
@ 0:21 the skeleton dabbed... 😏
Colin Moor (1 year ago)
c h u n k l i g h t
Tomato Man (1 year ago)
Tuna fish much?
Stas Constantine (1 year ago)
Can of chunk light tuna in water (pour liquid out. give it to your cat or something) + mayo + small slices of tomatoes OR those berry tomatoes + croutons or pieces of crunchy toast (which will get softer from all the moisture) Enjoy your tuna salad
Mason Good (1 year ago)
This is so trueee. I remember at school tripping so hard that I thought this girl's hair was a volcano. Or another time were I was writing my thoughts down on a paper and not even knowing I was writing which happens alot on DpH. Alot of crazy trips I've had at school with this. I remember looking at the White board and seeing it change colors while watching 2 ninjas fight eachother on the wall while the walls are moving and mixing together.
Chuck Wanker Junior (1 year ago)
man that dancing skeleton sure spooked me
List9 Vlog (1 year ago)
Very accurate, especially the google page haha, one time on benadryl I was scrolling through instagram while laying down with my eyes closed.
Metalix1234 (25 days ago)
I get that when sober at late night
farcry3master38 (1 month ago)
Aha I remember having my eyes closed while I proceeded to text people on Snapchat with responses and that kept happening until I snapped out of it I realized my phone wasn’t even in the same room as me 😂
Dalton oof harvey (2 months ago)
I just go one youtube and watch a video with my eyes closed.
Dildo Sniper (3 months ago)
I did like every time
Dick Kickem (1 year ago)
lmao i once saw a spinning Nintendo cartridge which had a surprising amount of detail
Hooded Creeper (1 year ago)
had a trip one time where I seen my friends head spin around while a pencil kept fading in and out of my hand
Stas Constantine (1 year ago)
had a trip on time where I thought i was at work tripping and hallucinating i was home but it was the other way around
Xolin11 (2 years ago)
what's with you and the 700 club lol
Stas Constantine (2 years ago)
Xolin11 i just like the joke/concept (to uninitiated: joining/ hanging out at the 700 club is taking 700+mg of DPH)
Awake (2 years ago)
fug pretty accurate
Awake (2 years ago)
Stas Constantine try watching tv(or anything that need visual focus)while keeping your dominant eye shut, it make visual snow pretty intense for me.
Stas Constantine (2 years ago)
crazy ay? thank you
Gui Kirsch (2 years ago)
This literally looks like a shitload of dried up eyelid Lol
Gui Kirsch (2 years ago)
You know, that is quite accurate. I wouldn't recommend this form of tripping to anyone, and I discovered it on accident when I had my first anaphylactic reaction and ate a whole carton of benadryl thinking it would save my life. Well, of course the CEV's aren't a very well addressed topic, so thanks for making this video, but unlike any other-save maybe salvia or DXM, the open eyes are where it's at with DPH. The DPH DXM combination, while risky just like either alone, elicits some of the most fascinating visual alterations. It's literally a mix of the extremely vivid DXM closed eye visuals and the vivid open eyed visuals of deliriants. Lots of visual orbing, tactile sensations, and of course delirium. Delirium meaning interacting with hallucinations and having such bad confusion and amnesia that at times one forgets he's on something, in spite of the lunacy. There's also really intense sedation. I've read lots on the subject of this combination and must say it seems that some of the terrifying qualities of the DPH go away and some of the nasty qualities of the DXM go away. This combination shouldn't be attempted, but if one is to attempt it, experience with both is advised and no more than 200mg dph and 450mg dxm is advised. Both cause fever, rhabdomyolisis, confusion, lasting after effects on body and mind, constipation, urinary retention, etc... but for the sake of seeing and replicating, it is a unique combination with a literal encyclopedia page devoted to it with unique visual characteristics far off visually from both while the underlying basic characteristics of either are retained.
Human Being (6 months ago)
I did this recently and it was the worst thing I've ever experienced
Jamel Frazier (1 year ago)
I can say that I have experienced such a combination. 240mg DXM followed by 400mg of DPH on the final plateau of the DXM trip. Was eye opening, never tried again since and everything you say is accurate. This was years ago however. None of this was my influence to try it. Mainly it was just sheer curiosity.
Ps3Harrison (2 years ago)
This is so accurate holy shit
Stas Constantine (2 years ago)
Ps3Harrison to each his own ayy. sometimes cevs hurt my eyes when they strobe
Ps3Harrison (2 years ago)
My only suggestion is to maybe tone it down with the strobing effect? I don't know about anyone else, but I never get CEVs like that. Then again maybe I'm just weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Smoka Da-Bricka (2 years ago)
Pretty much! Great Job
Stas Constantine (2 years ago)
Jim Jam thank you so very much!

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