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Post Finasteride Syndrome PFS | Irreversible Side Effects of Saw Palmetto Propecia & Proscar

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Описание: PFS post finasteride syndrome, side effects of propecia, finasteride and proscar and saw palmetto... Basically, I have spent the last 4 years (since filming this video) dealing with this issue and I have a lot of good things that help, but no "cure" (but you may forget you have PFS). If you want my advice/guidance, then I will contact you to start your recovery program after you make a donation once I get your email: Any amount is ok but I don't have time or resources to help guys for free any more. You're always welcome to spend weeks, months and years doing your own research, experimentation, digging through forums and dealing with inept lazy careless doctors yourself if donating $50 is too much to get my regimen and help alleviate your suffering. It's a free country and no one's forcing you.
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Text Comments (1201)
IAmKing562 (7 months ago)
Hey thanks man great vid. I just started that treatment and one of the parts is finasteride. As soon as the first month supply came to an end I got pretty messed up. Instantly my muscle definition went away and I started to develop gyno. My memory is extremely fogged, depression and anxiety kicked in. Pretty much most of the list of side effects. I don't know if it was because I stopped taking it or what. I'm going to use the advice you gave me and hopefully I can go back to normal.
Mitchell C (1 month ago)
Maybe you should take 0.5mg or 0.25mg if you want to continue. 0.5mg still 80% effective
John Slugger (1 month ago)
I have taken 5mg of Finasteride for 12 years and my hair grow back and my dick is still hard as a rock. I guess it depends on your genes. One pill, lol I have taken 9000 pills and i can still fuck like a rabbit. My friends say to KEEP on taking it, so what, what's wrong with taking it forever? Works great but you just keep taking it and you will have a full head of hair and lots of sex. Why quit if it works? If you quit sure it will screw up your hormones. DON'T QUIT MORON!
Dave Bander (2 months ago)
@Vox: So the FDA and MSD are paranoid as they write in the label: depression, reduced libido, impotence...? You are not a pussy but you don't know shit.
VoxZ (5 months ago)
Lmao nah you were just a pussy even before taking fin. Anyone who gets sides is just a paranoid person with anxiety and its all in their head.
TrueGritProductions (7 months ago)
I've taken small doses of Tramadol for the post fin related depression. But I don't see that as a long-term viable alternative. I know some other PFS guys have recommended taking the drug used to bring down heroin addicts or something like that, but there is logic to it. I had the PFS Dr Jacobs himself hint around at using opiods/opiates for the depression aspects. Googling Tramadol for Depression brings some interesting search results. Right now I am noticing cycling along with heavy weights days 750 mg Tribulus Terrestris, 30 mg Pregnenolone, and 10 - 20 mg of DHEA along with a few drops of nascent iodine and a multi vitamin. Add cannabis and an opiod of choice preferably a low level non addictive one, maybe a kickstart of Clomid for a month or 3 and with time, you may feel better, along with fasting. But then again, this PFS shit is fucked so adjusting to the new life and being grateful for any small victories is the best one can hope for while we unfortunate men dabble with potential treatment approaches.
Skyride (7 days ago)
Fin is great drug , my dick is dead and I'm ok with that , traded hair for dick its good deal for me stop foookin breed idiots 8+ bil is to much 🤷🤷🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😲😲
Bobby Wu (24 days ago)
"No interest in opposite sex?" What if you are gay? You don't have any interest in opposite sex to begin with :-)
TrueGritProductions (23 days ago)
Bobby Wu likes Wu Tang but not Pune Tang?
HG Investigates (1 month ago)
Finasteride for 2 years now. No side effects. Read the scientific studies not forum posts. If you do get sides, stop. That's is all there is to say. The safety of the drug amongst the large majority of the population has been proven.
TrueGritProductions (1 month ago)
You fake intellectual douchebags throw around the word "science" like it's religion, yet you don't have a grain of science in you. Here's a "scientific study" you have willful ignorance of detailing the actual rate of side effects:
TrueGritProductions (1 month ago)
Bullshit. Visit for the facts, not the drug company whitewash of the facts.
Ignacio Fereira (1 month ago)
Statistically, this affects about 2 to 3 percent of all men who take (or have taken) finasteride medication. For the remaining 97 percent of men, it's a saving grace for hair loss and right now pretty much the only remedy for it (alongside dutasteride).
Ignacio Fereira (1 month ago)
+TrueGritProductions Dude, all I asked was for you to cite your sources for that claim. If you've done the research, then you shouldn't have any problem with providing it. I'm more than willing to keep an open mind and learn new information, especially about this issue. I think I was polite enough, so I don't get why you're so hostile all of a sudden. In any case, have a good week.
TrueGritProductions (1 month ago)
I did the research, that's where I got "this information from". Get lost with your ignorant lazy comebacks and stop accusing others who actually got off their ass and learned something of not knowing things. Enjoy your hermaphrodite drugs.
Ignacio Fereira (1 month ago)
+TrueGritProductions I don't know where you got this information from, but finasteride isn't even nearly as powerful an antiandrogen as the ones that transsexuals use, like spironolactone, or especially cyproterone acetate that basically nukes testosterone levels to zero in biological males (it's also used to chemically castrate sex offenders). Can you cite any sources for that claim, because I've never heard that? Finasteride only seeks to inhibit dihydrotestosterone. This is just an anecdote, but I've been taking finasteride for the past seven years, and I have suffered no side effects whatsoever. It stopped my hair loss dead in its tracks, and my testosterone levels that I get checked every once in a while are in the ideal range. It's the same with my older brother. That being said, I don't like what has apparently happened to a minority of guys who've taken this drug and now suffer with PFS. If anything, the company that manufactures finasteride (Merck) should at least provide some financial reimbursement, or work to come up with a cure for PFS.
TrueGritProductions (1 month ago)
It's a tranny drug reverse-engineered from hermaphrodites in Central America discovered to have low 5AR2 counts. The side effect of the drug is reducing hair loss. The main purpose of the drug is turning you into a woman. This is why dutasteride is given to men with prostate issues, to shrink the prostate, but that ain't all it shrinks.
Wiled Hesham (2 months ago)
No finasriede
edward bibriesca (2 months ago)
Ive been taking this shit drug for almost a week now, and I can confirm that it kills your libido. Haven't had regular erections for 3 days now, nor have I been in the mood for sex. I was skeptical of taking Finasteride, but I listen to my doctor (whom I am NEVER going back to again) who repeatedly insisted that the drug was fine to take. She did warn of side effects, but she kept saying that they were rare, and would go away if I stopped the pill. Guys, if you're considering this pill then I would take into consideration your sex life. It's really not worth the risk of having the permanent side effects that so many males have experienced. I can only hope that my side effects go away because I'm just an 18 year old male. I rather be bald, and have the ability to reproduce regularly.
TrueGritProductions (2 months ago)
5 years later and I still have not gained back my libido past about 50% of what it was. Listen to this guy, he gets it.
sebastian langley (3 months ago)
iv been on the medication for a week and i have noticed high levels of dehydration and anxity. However i also fasted for 9 days prior to taking 1.25 mg of finesteride and ate allot of carbs after i finished my fast. (that would account for the dehydration) Plus i was probably constipated requiring more water to process everything. And i suffer with anxity every day of my life and have since i was 16, now 26. I find exercise solves this up to 70% and since i stoped working out i cant pin it on finesteride. In the new year ill work out again and eat better (never to fast again, it is awful for me) and update wth my results. Iv always had big balls and if they shrink im fine with that tbh, and since i wank every day as an addiction i hope this will relieve that so yer
TrueGritProductions (3 months ago)
I don't wish negative effects on anyone, but I want to caution you first, against calling finasteride medication, and second, against continued long-term use if you already suffer from anxiety. I had anxiety too before I ever took Propecia or Saw Palmetto. Would have been nice if the Dr would have asked about my medical history. But he said "Oh you're young and healthy." blah blah blah
Thijmen (3 months ago)
Saw palmetto is so mild, its should be safe right???
ermete trismegisto (3 months ago)
i had sides from 320mg of saw palmetto x day. within 30 days. be very careful.
ermete trismegisto (3 months ago)
+Krixx Set strange but real ! i another post u can read the details of my sides. full of people in dimilar cases . the video is on this cjannel
Krixx Set (3 months ago)
i take saw palmetto in place of finasteride and it has no side effects for me.. Strange that a natural herb can have such side effects..
Bond James Bond (3 months ago)
Do over the counter DHT blocker scalp creams cause harm also ?? Im not trying to be joke ..
Karl Laur (4 months ago)
This guy is an epitome of stupidity. Finasteride stops your body from producing DHT it doesn't block DHT in your body by itself. There is no way in hell you immediately felt any drug effects, it's all in your head you nutcase.
TrueGritProductions (4 months ago)
Hey, glad you found my dick. When you finally stop sucking it, I'd kind of like to get out of here.
Steve Alcock (4 months ago)
Whats this got to do with saw palmetto? I did skip bits, sorry if i missed that bit.
Mark Urban (5 months ago)
I feel for you man. I am thinking about starting Fin as well all these videos are really red flag to me. Since clearly PFS is a real thing, sad part is no one is doing any research on it. Why or only some men affected? What do they have in common? Can you determine if Fin will work for your on not before hand? It very hard to estimate how many people are actually experiencing this. I still believe its a very small minority since most people are probably fine not sharing their experience on internet. Makes sense that mostly people with issues are the ones looking online for help/sharing the experience, creating this false illusion that every other guy has side effects. On the other hand I believe that some studies may be biased so the drug has good reputation. But in the end Finasteride is produced by many companies under different brand names, so it does not make much sense to for one company to pay-off studies/doctors to say fin is safe, and all other companies will benefit from it. As always it is up to the individual if he wants to risk it or not. Personally being a guy in his mid 20s I don't want to be bold yet and I will probably go for it, keeping my hair to my 30s is a good vision.
TrueGritProductions (5 months ago)
You sound like an idiot. You are the false illusion you speak of.
newLEGACYFLEKZ (5 months ago)
Over a year later and I still can’t hold an erection
TrueGritProductions (5 months ago)
try in few more years
Jervisdude (5 months ago)
Dude, we’ll do some 420 and I’ll work you up a rock hard erection. My mouth and throat work wonders.
TrueGritProductions (5 months ago)
My equipment works fine thank you
Jervisdude (5 months ago)
I have experienced complete loss of interest in the opposite sex. Oh wait, that has always been the case.
TrueGritProductions (5 months ago)
maybe pfs crash is a blessing in some regards
Sergeant Extreme (5 months ago)
I took finasteride for a week. Had terrible side effects (decreased libido, ed, depression, fatigue, brain fog). I stopped taking it immediately. I started taking Alphaviril, and my functions came back within 5 days. It's been 2 weeks now, and things are back to normal. I was absolutely scared and frantic. Now everything is fine. Probably better than before.
Travis Bartlett (4 months ago)
give another update in 4 weeks
NGONYAAA (6 months ago)
Im having this weird rash all over my body 2 weeks after taking finasteride its itchy as well, anyone know whatsup?
NGONYAAA (6 months ago)
+TrueGritProductions wich means i have to stop taking it or what?
TrueGritProductions (6 months ago)
First I've heard of it, but rashes can be a normal allergic reaction... interesting to know what a doctor would say
Guido GL (6 months ago)
That’s just ridiculous. Saying that ONE pill of finasteride had that effect on you. I also have tried absolutely everything out there, legal and ilegal, and that is just ridiculous statement. Finasteride doesn’t have a strong psicoactive effect, much less having taken one pill!!
TrueGritProductions (6 months ago)
Please share your enlightened beliefs with all the doctors studying the condition at the PFS Foundation, then head over to the National Institute of Health and petition them to remove it as an officially recognized medical condition. Good luck, all those idiots could benefit from a person like you who is committed to tirelessly using his mind for good.
BaDUM Tsss (6 months ago)
You guy over reacting it doesn't ruin your life what I experienced loss of focus and slight short term memory loss... Like you will forget where you put your keys and stuff but then you remember it hardly which a lot of normal people face anyways.... And once you stop taking the drug it goes away or improve gradually..... There is nothing life ruining about it.... And trust me Most of the side effects your brain playing tricks on you it makes you think it's over for you which will make you freak out and that's causes the same side effects you are describing..
BaDUM Tsss (6 months ago)
+TrueGritProductions I think 🤔 but I am not sure I am not a doctor that people who might suffer from these side effects already had a history with anxiety or depression..
TrueGritProductions (6 months ago)
Google PFS Foundation and email your comment to the over 20 doctors actively researching and trying to create a treatment for this. They will appreciate your expertise.
Andy Boa (6 months ago)
What about gay people? Do they lose their interest in opposite sex too? Dude, 1 pill will not decrese your level of DHT by 80%. The decrese will happen after some time of taking the drug. Your DHT was decreased insignificantly with one pill. Try to take one pill of prozac for comparison.
Andy Boa (6 months ago)
Jokes aside man. Why are you doing this? I could say I took half a pill of saw palmetto and I grew a full vagina. It would as believable as that you had long term permanent side effects after 1 pill of finasteride. Such medication must accumulate in your body to work and to cause long term side effects. You could have short term side effects after 1 pill az body may react adversly to a new chemical. But it did not decrease your DHT significantly. I don't even believe you took one pill. It's all a stunt to sell your advice and mostly to hypohondriacs. If someone has permanent sides they should visit a doctor and do blood tests first. I see this rubbish everywhere what we should eat to increase testosterone. Our levels of hormones depend on glands, age and genetics, what we eat can affect the situation with little effect only like your 1 pill of propecia.
TrueGritProductions (6 months ago)
Sorry, I'm not gay so you will have to find someone else to speak for you.
Arad assar (6 months ago)
completely true I have been taking propecia n the worst effect is deoression. it's been a couple of months that I jus threw it away n hit the gym I feel I'm getting my life back again. weight lifting,dates, olive oil , having eggs every morning is my of fighting the side effects.
TrueGritProductions (6 months ago)
good points, good luck and God bless
Mike Lindner (7 months ago)
You know you are only talking about 1% of people who use it. There are risks to every medication, even aspirin. For me it was worth the risk and I have been on it for 9 years side effect free
Fernando Serico (4 months ago)
Mike Lindner thank you sir! Best wishes
Mike Lindner (4 months ago)
Fernando Serico Dutasteride one day a week, finasteride 1mg 6 days a week. 150mg testosterone a week and yes I have lots of body hair which the dht blockers reduce that a little bit but still am more hairy than most
Fernando Serico (4 months ago)
Mike Lindner man can I ask you how many mg do you take and how often? And if you have hairy legs and arms (before and after taking fin)? Thank you if you share you experience
Mike Lindner (6 months ago)
If you take 10 Finesteride you will have a limp dick for a few days, if you take 10 aspirin you will be dead
TrueGritProductions (7 months ago)
Aspirin does not get a FDA most severe potential for side effects warning label
GuryCube (7 months ago)
I was recovering from propecia for almost 2 years. Now everything is perfect. Still, minoxidil side-effects were more dangerous for me. Nothing is better than hair transplant with supporting by PRP several times per year or being simply bald if you got a good jaw bone
AVICIIZ (8 days ago)
What minoxidil side effects?
Lior K (2 months ago)
What is the connection to jawline?
JOHN SON (7 months ago)
thanks for sharing bro
TheCandidGuy (7 months ago)
+TrueGritProductions , If the main problem of PFS can be linked to 5 alpha reductase deficiency (which means no DHT production), then why not ask your doctor to supply you with a DHT derived steroid like winstrol or anavar? I would like you know your thoughts please.
TrueGritProductions (7 months ago)
I have thought about that and many other guys have too. The topical DHT creams don't appear to change much, and ingesting DHT- I don't know how that works. I talked over getting some type of DHT with the finasteride quack doctor Jacobs and he would not respond to the idea. He also did not tell me the dose or length of time I should take what he did prescribe me which was Clomid. But he did make sure to ask me why I didn't have health insurance when his lazy ass and the people at the clinic fucked everything up. And exactly why I don't have insurance.
Tobias Böhm (7 months ago)
DHT is as powerful as Testosterone. It is very stupid to inhibit its action by taking Propecia/Finasteride.
Tobias Böhm (7 months ago)
Propecia is causing Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Hard Flaccid in Men..
Steve G (7 months ago)
Of course SOME people will get side-effects when taking finasteride! Just like SOME people get side-effects from taking asprin... Did you know that VERY few people have actually died from taking asprin? A legal over-the-counter drug that you can actually get without a prescription? I swear some people are just so fucking retarded it's ridiculous lol
Steve G (7 months ago)
Wow... A LOT of unsubstantiated claims in your vid and in your comment. Yes, very small sections of the test groups in both the 5 and 10 year propecia trials reported some (transient) side effects (in which case you SHOULD quit the medication!), but what you are doing is scaring off young men who can greatly benefit from this drug by halthing, slowing or even reversing (some) of their hairloss. NOT cool!
TrueGritProductions (7 months ago)
There's more than just some people that get finasteride side effects, or else the FDA would not have added and upgraded its warning in the last 8 years... notice I did not need to make lame analogies to OTC pain relief to explain my point, nor did I need to capitalize certain words... looks like the finasteride sides are hitting you pretty hard seeing as how you act like an angry little bitch
JohnnyZenith (8 months ago)
Salivary function in me has been ruined and I'm suffering a lot more. I am sickened and disgusted by what this has done to me. I wish somebody could help me regain the saliva function. It's been one year.
Tristan (8 months ago)
I took saw palmetto for 6 days and weeks later I still have loss of libido, ED, gynecomastia, and depression. Do you think I'll ever recover?
Gingerjoe27 (3 months ago)
Did you recover yet dude?
TrueGritProductions (8 months ago)
I took it too, then topped it off with finasteride. I have no idea dude, but likely and I'm guessing you're like me, pre-disposed to the reaction/crash, and only time, working with heavy weights, and maybe supplementing with Tribulus Terrestris, Pregnenolone and DHEA or Hormone Replacement Therapy is an option.
Alex Lielbardis (8 months ago)
The FDA and pharmaceutical companies are in league with each other.
Dragon (9 months ago)
Why do you group Saw Palmetto in on your title with Propecia if you barely took it? Get the fuck out of here the two are not even remotely similar and Saw Palmetto does not deserve to be demonized.
TrueGritProductions (9 months ago)
make me
daniel danny [A1M] (9 months ago)
Yesterday I took the 2 pill of finasteride 1mg and some hours later and all day today I started to feel pain in my testicles. Any of you had the same problem? I want to know if this pain is a normal effect or not and if it will go away. Thx
f rad (9 months ago)
If a person already has borderline low testosterone levels such as sub 400 levels and they take Propecia you have the chance of messing with your HPA axis and shutting down your endocrine system. Some studies have shown that DHT is 2x to 3x times stronger then Testosterone so you can imagine how important it is. Brain Fog, Sex Drive, fatigue and no labido are all symptoms of low DHT and Testosterone levels. 1mg a day is insane for a Dr. to give a person as its gonna tank a persons DHT level. Studies have shown less then half of that amount drops DHT levels by 80% and it take more then 4 days for your body to rebound from it. I just want to help anybody out there so they dont suffer like I did for 3 years
Driver (1 month ago)
Please tell me if you recovered???
SickGame (5 months ago)
DHT doesn't work in the same way as Testosterone. U need to first understand what DHT is and what types there are before spitting out random facts. The DHT propeica inhibits is type 2 reductase which is situated primarily in the skin and hair glands.
Stephen Sawyer (5 months ago)
DHT is what causes hair loss... Literally tanking DHT levels is the job of this drug and why it works...
Bräts Pits (5 months ago)
And still millions of men take it and are fine xD
f rad (9 months ago)
Any guys out there dealing with PFS dont give up. Testosterone replacement therapy saved my life. I take 150mg once a week and it as resolved all my symptoms of PFS.
Dave Bander (2 months ago)
@f rad: lots of ppl tried trt, but nobody got cured. Some got even worse issues. The AR are upregulated, means hypersensitive and cannot handle androgens. Kindest
f rad (9 months ago)
testosterone cypionate
TrueGritProductions (9 months ago)
150mg of what? thanks
f rad (9 months ago)
The only thing that helped me is TRT therepy and now I feel great again after 3 years
Felipe Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Dude I took it for a week, thinking I would be the exception...there’s no way it’s only 2% who suffer side effects by the amount of people being affected. Why risk having hair of your going to be depressed about life?!
Hi9hli9ht (7 months ago)
Exactly. Probably closer to 33%
cesar cinilia (9 months ago)
Saw pametto gave me strong panic attaks
morbid blood (9 months ago)
Why not going on a trt if you habe low testosterone 🤷‍♂️
TrueGritProductions (9 months ago)
thought about it, but don't want to get to where you have to keep doing it
Geo Niko (10 months ago)
Word of advice it's a good idea to have bloodwork done before taking anything that involves hormones. If your levels of test. Are ok then chances are you will not have any sexual side effects. If your levels are low take testesterone with the propecia and you will not get any sides. If your test is low it will give you problems., but it's easy to fix or don't take them. I spoke to 3 different types of doctors about it, one specializing in hrt. You can always start with one pill a week to get your system uses to it. If hair ain't important then shave it off, butt if you like your hair this shit works,wonders stacked with vitamins , amino like arginine and rogaine
Amos T (10 months ago)
A bald guy selling saw palmetto 🤨
Geo Niko (10 months ago)
maybe because you took some Indian bootleg. you are tripping, you had a post Fina. crash. you just like the sound of your voice
Geo Niko (10 months ago)
if you took one pill and it messed you up it was all placebo. you scared yourself
Geo Niko (10 months ago)
the side effects are because you have no testersterone . go work out like a man and stop blaming this awesome drug. went from norwood 3 to 1.
Arman (10 months ago)
I respect you trying to warn the brothers bout this shit. Also fuck you to all you sellout bitches lying that this shit works when you know like 90 percent it fucks you up somelater than others so stfu ive been hearin bout the company trying to make bullshit posts on internet sayin how it works (be honest how many timeyou read something like" it works for me give it a try"and sometimes they even a link with discount lol dont get fooled its better to lose a finger than your hand and losing desire for women over hair is not worth it. Just accept it be a man amd accept it. Respect to you bro keep doin wa ya doin sorry for swearin jus got angry so many sellouts
Moh Voh (10 months ago)
Agreed with u..I took 2 pills after that i stopped and still trying to get recover..
jimbo slice (10 months ago)
You heard they might have found a cure for hair loss with a bone drug? What you think about that?
nick kerinklio (10 months ago) SUPER HELPFUL
Anthony (11 months ago)
I do find it hard to believe that one pill could give long term side effects though.
TrueGritProductions (11 months ago)
One cyanide pill can have long term side effects. How much volume do you need to wake up?
Anthony (11 months ago)
Noticed my hairline receding at age 20 and was tempted to take this drug. But as a medical student, one of the first patients I saw had PFS. That was a divine warning to stay well clear of this medication.
Hi9hli9ht (7 months ago)
What did you see him for?
landmarkcm (11 months ago)
lmao let me get this right. You took it ONE DAY! ONE PILL!!? & it ruined your life to make this video , Might wanna check what else you took or had been. It does not even work that quickly and would not give you long term effects after stopping from One dose! Sounds like you took some kind of laced something else , You have to see how this video is far fetched & here are some facts
landmarkcm (11 months ago)
TrueGritProductions sorry to see the anger issues you got from that one pill are still there smh. Take care
TrueGritProductions (11 months ago)
Douchebag. Finasteride crosses the brain blood barrier. Answer yourself: How many AR52 receptors does your body have? Infinite? No you idiot. Not very many. Do the math ya piece of shit!
NDFOOTBALL (11 months ago)
I take Propecia and am hard as a rock
TrueGritProductions (11 months ago)
dumb as a rock
Jas sth (11 months ago)
Does Rozefatrun Method (just google it) help me eliminated my balding hair embarrassment for good with healthy ways? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this hair loss home treatment.
Aashish Hamal (11 months ago)
Hi there, have you considered Rozefatrun Method yet? Simply do a search engine search. On there you will find an awesome tips about how exactly you can treat your balding hair and regrow it safely. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it's going to work for you too.
augustya (11 months ago)
No wonder Pal ! With your over emotional hyperbole and paranoia you do not have one single hair on your head. You have a choice to take it or be bald Forever !
willt (11 months ago)
Why would you try Propecia? You're about a Norwood 6
augustya (1 year ago)
No wonder Pal ! With your over emotional paranoia you do not have one single hair on your head. You have a choice to take it or be bald Forever !
augustya (1 year ago)
No wonder Pal ! With your over emotional paranoia you do not have one single hair on your head. You have a choice to take it or be bald Forever !
Synonymous User (1 year ago)
Jeff Soal (1 year ago)
U got the side effects after taking 1 pill?? Bollocks
Tu Bui (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. Very useful.
Newtles (1 year ago)
I recently took 1mg of finasteride in the morning. By that evening it felt like I had a cold. I was hoping it was just a coincidence that I got a cold and no way could I start getting side effects after 1mg. But now I'm thinking I should stop after that 1mg.
Rehan Ali (1 year ago)
I am on this drug for almost for almost 2 year's..and there was no side effect except loss in sex.. but after having it for 2-3 months it's improved very much and m totally sure that it is reversible.. I am happy for having no hairfall .. I'll continue taking this drug until there is some permanent treatment
Ysaac Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Rehan Ali the problem starts when you stop taking propecia
James Clark (1 year ago)
What are your views on minoxidil regarding libido?
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
no effect from what I've heard or experienced... however can cause heart flutters so sometimes I would feel a little funny with my breathing especially at bedtime
Diteo Ahmed (1 year ago)
Does Rozefatrun Method (google it) help me eliminated my balding hair embarrassment for good with healthy ways? I see a lot of people keep on talking about this hair loss home remedy.
Jumpercable wireless (1 year ago)
My primary care Dr. put me on Finasteride for BPH (Benign prostate hyperplasia). It helped my prostate shrinkage, now after 6 months I will not take it unless I can't pee. Why ? it destroys your sex life--no more erections, hell, I don't even think about sex anymore. When I see a smoking hot chick, the first thing I think is "where does she buy her clothes. No more Finasteride for me.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Carlos Carlos (1 year ago)
But have you tried crack? You a good looking dude my bro. fuck that!
jenifer jenifer (1 year ago)
Do natural hair loss home treatment like Rozefatrun Method really work and if so, how effective are they? I've heard many amazing things about this hair loss home remedy.
Stop and Regrow (1 year ago)
If you are unhappy with ineffective medicines like Minoxodil or Finasteride, feel free to check us out. We have a personalized medicine to reduce DHT levels and regrow naturally healthy, strong hair – guaranteed.
Ethan Mccarley (1 year ago)
Try using clomid it’s what steroids users use to kick start their test back to normal
Ethan Mccarley (1 year ago)
Did it help?
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
already tried it
cassandrine (1 year ago)
Sorry that you had bad side effects :( I've been taking finasteride for about 6 months now and my hair is a lot more dense . Not quite as good as before I started thinning but a lot better than it was. From my personal experience I would say use with caution. It certainly works but if you notice any of these side effects then stop immediately
JohnnyZenith (8 months ago)
cassandrine I had no side effects for 2 years now my life is ruined. I was the same as you.
Abdul basit (1 year ago)
lol Ive been taking finestride for like 2 months and I feel fine my dick still gets hard and don't know about depression
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
cuz you're a dumb animal
Ok (1 year ago)
Here is my point of view.You shouldnt be attacking people who take it like that.Some people care too much about their hair,to the point where they couldnt live without it.I find myself in that group.I totally understand you and I do believe in all those side affects,because this drug is attacking our hormones.I am scared of all these stories but I have 2 friends of mine who had been taking it for over 5 years with no side effect at all.I am going to give it a try and if I get fucked up by it I will try to use RU58841.I am going to give an update on this comment if anything happens!
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Carlos Fredot (1 year ago)
Hay alguien de España con los mismos síntomas ? yo tambien tome por 6 años propecia y me causo : Insomnio , niebla en el cerebro , depresión , ansiedad , perdida de libido , impotencia , perdida de apetito , cansancio extremo , calambres musculares , dolor testicular y algunos otros síntomas perversos . Por favor , si hay alguien de España o de habla hispana que nos podamos ayudar que contacte conmigo mediante un mensaje privado . Hace dos años que deje de tomar ese veneno y todavía mantengo los efectos secundarios , eso si... He mejorado algo . He ido a decenas de médicos y todos se han burlado de mi , diciéndome que era todo invención o todo psiquiátrico , hasta mi familia me tomaba por loco porque no salia nada especifico en los análisis . Si alguien esta leyendo esto y esta desesperado y nadie le ayuda , a mi lo que mejor me ha ido es hacer ejercicio , caminar , caminar mucho cada día ... Se que es complicado caminar con tanto cansancio , pero inténtalo ... Ponte los cascos de música , la radio , desconecta un poco y camina aunque sientas que te caes al suelo , al cabo de unos días te iras sintiendo mejor , tampoco tomes nada que pueda estimularte en exceso , y antes de ir a la cama , trata de hacer algunas respiraciones / meditación para conciliar mejor el sueño . Eso es todo lo que he encontrado . Ah bueno ... Hay unas vitaminas llamadas multicentrum hombre , que para el cansancio vienen bastante bien , puedes tomarte media por la mañana , con media no te alteraras demasiado y conseguirás mitigar la fatiga . Por lo demás lo dicho , yo soy de España , y me gustaría ponerme en contacto con personas que estén pasando por esto , para ayudarnos
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Tómese su tiempo, señor. Estaré aquí cuando estés listo. Todo lo que dices suena muy típico de esta situación. Todos los médicos son demasiado inteligentes para nosotros, ¿no? Y no tienen tiempo suficiente para realmente hacer un tratamiento que funcione. Ni siquiera los que dicen ser expertos con los que he sido tratado en los Estados Unidos. Pero lo que he creado por mi cuenta es algo que proporciona cierto alivio y funciona lo suficientemente bien como para que olvide la mayor parte del tiempo que tengo PFS.
Carlos Fredot (1 year ago)
Gracias lo comprendo , investigar sobre esto requiere mucho gasto y desesperación , lo haré . Deme un tiempo para reunir una cantidad aceptable . Toda ayuda sera bienvenida por mi , por poca ayuda que haga mejorar algo mi vida ya sera mucho . Yo tambien he investigado por mi cuenta . He ido a endocrinos , neurólogos , alergologos , oftalmológicos , ... Todo tipo de análisis de sangre , hormonales , de heces , de orina , de semen , de intestino por contraste , de nervio óptico , resonancias cerebrales (2 ) , resonancias cervicales, ecografia testicular ... Me he mirado todo o casi todo lo que se puede mirar una persona en un pais como España , y nunca me han dado nada claro . Si tengo los niveles de testosterona bajos por ejemplo , o los de prolactina altos , pero los médicos a eso nunca le han dado importancia , y creo que son solo efectos colaterales
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
PFS post finasteride syndrome, side effects of propecia, finasteride and proscar and saw palmetto... Basically, I have spent the last 4 years dealing with this issue and I have a lot of good things that help, but no "cure" (but you may forget you have PFS). If you want my advice/guidance, then I will contact you to start your recovery program after you make a donation once I get your email: Any amount is ok but I don't have time or resources to help guys for free any more. You're always welcome to spend weeks, months and years doing your own research, experimentation, digging through forums and dealing with inept lazy careless doctors yourself if donating $50 is too much to get my regimen and help alleviate your suffering. It's a free country and no one's forcing you.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Pienso que puedo ayudarle, pero puedes ayudarme? Hace un donation i contacta me otra vez
T Smith (1 year ago)
you guys should check out hack stasis. Pretty much solved PFS, finasteride is a progestin and disrupts the body's progesterone and cortisol receptors so when you come off, boom body down regulates everything and your stuck. We made some big advances majority of are greatly improved, pretty much on verge of having it completely solved
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
You're trying to say I made this entire website where I recommend many real solutions to people, some of which are even used by the members of your little girls' club, and I have no "knowledge behind it"? You're a fuckin' douche bag
T Smith (1 year ago)
what guess work? It's called research, instead of blinding telling people what do without any knowledge behind it. Bet you didn't know finasteride is a progestin did you and how deca dick and PFS are exactly the same symptoms? Deca is a progestin, finasteride is a progestin, they are both derived from progesterone. Anti progesterone drugs like RU486 for one example, reverse deca dick. Here is the actual thread. Read the logs, multiple recoveries.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
If you are "pretty much on the verge of having it completely solved", then why not just list the regimen here for everyone to try instead of dropping a link to some forum where then people will have to search for several hours and do more guesswork?
Mark Balentine (1 year ago)
I took this medication too. It's horrible! Lucky I recovered after a few months but it was a complete nightmare! Stay away from Propecia. It's not worth it!
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
It turns men to boys and boys to girls. Still looking for the recipe for Boyz 2 Men.
El Tigre (1 year ago)
One pill? Haaha.....oh man, is anyone going to believe you? No offense but you don't know what you are talking about. What you didn't bother to mention is that Finasteride lowers a mans risk of developing prostate cancer by anywhere from 30 to 43%. It lowers inflammation in the prostate which lowers cancer risk. Nobody should be taking it for hairloss to begin with.
C B (3 months ago)
ya, you're right.. he made 3 videos about it just for fun. The thousands of other people who got messed up are probably just making it up too.... you're a genius
Mark Pierce (1 year ago)
Propecia is a castration pill. If you are castrated you won't lose hair
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Yes it absolutely is. This is why men lose their libido at a mental psyche level after taking it. The ED is just the icing on the cake.
Markus eebrab (1 year ago)
I know phenibut is a GABA agonist and could possibly help PFS...what do you think about this compound?
C B (11 months ago)
I use phenibut twice a week to help with my sleep that pfs has screwed up. Kava helps too, it can be taken more regularly
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
I don't see how it could hurt to try... also consider Low Dose Naltrexone, some people are recommending that as well... also the supplement regimen recommended in the info field of the video is solid, I continue to use it to this day and notice things start to go downhill if I deviate from it
Gery Smd (1 year ago)
Thanks for telling the truth, i feel the same way too, keep it up!!!
Sam Ward (1 year ago)
syid faran (1 year ago)
Anybody experienced any headaches?????
BaDUM Tsss (6 months ago)
It goes away once you stop using th drug
Gwayne Jones (1 year ago)
moon zafar hell yeah...😂😂😂
Carlos Fredot (1 year ago)
yo , algunos días , muy intensos dolores de cabeza
babu mosai (1 year ago)
me.....and also lack of focus and memory loss...
Panja Soul (1 year ago)
took it for 6 months, then quit. Same side effects 2 years later. This stuff is pure poison
Hi9hli9ht (7 months ago)
+Panja Soul serious question should i just keep using it then? I have most of the negative side effects it destroys your dick but if it wont improve vastly after i stop taking it will i not be losing my hair for nothing?
Panja Soul (1 year ago)
thanks for the info. I'll check it out! Good luck with recovery
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Try to find a supplement that cleans out your liver. It's not a cure, but you might start getting random boners again like I have lately. I got a product in Malaysia called "Phenomenal King" and it has some good ingredients, started getting random erections in public when looking at women shortly thereafter.
E Marc (1 year ago)
I started taking Propecia 1mg 19 years ago. I started HRT 8 years ago and began taking 5 mg Finasteride a day. The only side affect I have is a nice head of hair. Even at 5 mg Finasteride a day my labs show DHT at normal levels at 40. I personally think these are psychological symptoms and not physical.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
You are welcome to your thoughts and your tranny drugs
robert hingston (1 year ago)
They will Cost a fortune in money and health and a waste of time ,, My cure for baldness it's working on not worrying what people think because really people don't care if your bald or not ... everyone is the centre of their own universe..
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
hey look up onion juice mask for hair regrowth, I'm about to attempt it myself and since there's no product to sell other than onions which no YouTubers are growing to my knowledge, it could be a viable natural and effective solution
Green Terraform (1 year ago)
No interest in the opposite might be a blessing for a bald man. I've bought some finasteride, not taken any yet. Bald and horny or hair don't care?
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Bald guys get lots of pussy. This is the ultimate joke and lie that has you all deceived. Back before I was losing my hair I used to shave it and the ladies loved it... you mean to tell me that Pitbull doesn't get laid? Ok then haha
MetallicBlue1000 (1 year ago)
Just for the record this drug is highly dangerous if taken for more than 6 months. I'm a doctor and I have a number of patients coming in every month for the last few years with terrible side effects and I don't know how to help them. Never hear from most of them again. Some of them have become recluses because they cant think straight.
ThePainkiller9995 (2 months ago)
yea my dad works at nintendo
Tiger Blood Forever (1 year ago)
Check out my website, i am making slow progress with my recovery.
gareth lipyeart (1 year ago)
u told the truth about that shit
gareth lipyeart (1 year ago)
keep away from propecia long term use will fuck u up,in the end it stps working anyway,i have sides including tinnitus,and all the other shit .
arda aksoy (1 year ago)
tbh your this look is amazingly attractive without hair! 😀
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
thank you, I appreciate your encouragement
Henry Fakhoury (1 year ago)
thanks for the video , very informative do you recommend Pumpkin seed oil tablets? or do they still inflict damage like propecia/saw palmetto thanks
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
welcome sir, I can't speak to pumpkin seed oil tablets to be honest, I am pretty averse to anything promising to lower DHT if that's the case
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
Are you sure your shirt is tight enough? I think you need to showcase your low T body a little more.
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
No. I don't want to give you any free masturbation material.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
show your face queer boy
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
Nice ads for hair transplant clinics, you fucking useless shill.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
shut the fuck up scumbag mexican loser
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
I'm guessing that you tried Propecia, but it was too late because your follicles were already dormant, which made you bitter and want to destroy anybody else's chances of getting their hair back. Misery loves company.
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
You're the one who is sweet. Propecia was the excuse you needed to explain your repulsion to women. Bwahahahahaha!
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Enjoy your tranny drugs queer boy!
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
I took a pill and like, it made me feel all weird and icky, and I was like, whoah! OMG! Then I like sprouted a vagina, and like started making whiny videos about how propecia destroyed my life.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
Gay liar.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
the last guy who thought I sounded sweet got his ass beat in a public park in Denver Colorado. go ahead and try me someday faggot and get your ass beat too with a quickness big talkin queer
Johny Vegas (1 year ago)
You sound so sweet. I'll bet you sounded sweet WAY before you took your propecia pill, fag.
Fard (1 year ago)
Nazi channel
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Ask the last bitch I fucked twice in one night if I am impotent. Was only Tuesday for me
Fard (1 year ago)
TrueGritProductions go eat your propecia. You're as jew as you're impotent
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
I'm about as Jewish as a free and independent commission on 9/11
Fard (1 year ago)
TrueGritProductions you need to sequence your DNA. You look Ashkenazi to me.
TrueGritProductions (1 year ago)
Jew? No. Homo-promoting? No. You need a fact checker and a brain

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