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The Regressive redefinition of the word ‘Phobia’

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Shinobi Wolf (9 месяцев назад)
I've noticed this too. The definition of a phobia is "an intense and irrational fear of". But regressive liberals have hijacked it and changed its meaning to "anyone who disagrees with us".
TerraRiku (1 год назад)
I fell into a troll trap on steam and wound up with "banned for Homophobia" I was baffled at what the ban reason was. This may be lengthy but I swear this is copy pasted from the support ticket I sent, the follow-ups, and the flimsy response I was given. This is unbelievable, I just want to have discussions on the Paladins discussions page and this happens. Please help this comment be noticed, I don't know anything about social media and as such have no followers, but I feel a fuss needs to be made about banning people on bogus terms and have not actually violated anything. I truly never expected to wind up in so much trouble by making a post discussing how a character in a game is over sexualized and falling for a troll comment, losing my composure. Support ticket start: In a post I made today I said that I felt the new voice pack for infernal Seris was a bit heavy-handed. In that, she was over sexualized. I feel I made fair points and I liked how the discussion was going all except one comment by AlxXavante. His exact words were: "omg whata gay" Now being gay is against my moral code and I find it scientifically wrong as well. I was a bit too quick to react and said "screw you. I think that gay stuff is disgusting." I admit that I am a bit quick to react when I get offended, especially when I am accused of being gay. Stepping back now I see that he was an obvious troll hoping for a reaction. But that's not why i'm sending this. I figured maybe I would be banned for harassment due to my hasty words. I was utterly baffled when I saw that I was banned for "homophobia". By this point I wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean. I don't have any phobias aside maybe aquaphobia and never heard of this. I found out it was a fake discriminatory word against people who do not agree with lgbt views so they can take the moral high ground. So not only is it a bogus phobia, but it was used as reason for being banned for 3 days. It didn't tell me which moderator banned me on these grounds either. This is the first time I have ever been banned from a discussions page, ever. It is also for my favorite game, Paladins. Being slammed with a bogus term and banned for it is absurd. I admit I reacted to hastily and harshly even if the person was a troll. I just simply don't see what I did wrong. I also looked through the rules and guidelines and I just couldn't find anything on this. I'm not really involved with politics at all, so I don't know much about the backstory to this term other than the little bit I have read before making this, support ticket I think it is called. The picture attached is proof of what I said and that the ban reason was indeed "homophobia". The closest thing under the guidelines this could have gone under was discrimination, but even then I wasn't actively attacking people who are gay and I was just upset for being accused as such. I have no problem with the comment being removed and perhaps being banned on harassment even if it was just one comment where I lost my cool. But I truly was astonished when I saw the reason for banishment. Sorry about the length, my years in school got me hooked on the idea of making structured papers. I have become a bit rusty but I ope this gets across my confusion at the actions taken against me by an unknown moderator this day. I love steam a lot, it provides solid service with providing a way in which to buy and play games organized in a personal library as well as share and discuss your thought, opinions, and experiences. As such it feels really bad to have the privilege of using the discussions page to share said thoughts and opinions on such feeble grounds. I know it sounds like I may be overselling my experience with steam but I assure you I have otherwise been satisfied with my experience up until now. Also I am a very articulate person. (At least when i'm not real angry :/) To think this all started with a thread I made saying that I felt a character's voice lines were too sexual given the tone of the game which is otherwise likely to be rated teen, not mature. I also find it interesting that when I looked back at the discussion, while my comments were edited, AlxXavante's is still sitting there insulting me. I'm beginning to suspect he reported me and a moderator haphazardly banned me. To make things worse, I can't report this person under suspicion of reporting me for "homophobia" to get me banned directly. I didn't know that until today as this is quite honestly my first time in all my years of using steam to be banned from a discussions page. I read somewhere that reporting users need not call for contacting support. The problem is that the page did not tell me what to do when I expect a ban to be illegitimate. I've gone for hours not being able to post on the discussions page of one of my favorite games, please somebody read this and help me. I don't know how long it's supposed to take for someone to see these and I it will feel really bad getting a response after the three day ban has been lifted. If this is noticed after the three day ban expires I hope at least I can be told something has been done about this bogus ban. Please help me. I'm getting anxious with this ban looming over me. The only time anything even remotely similar to this situation happened to me was when I was banned from a site wide chat for "sending too many messages too fast", when in reality I am a fast typer and was playing a game that was turn-based. Please someone help me. I finally found a page that told me what I am supposed to do to try and dispute this, but i'm keeping this here in case it doesn't go well. This next part is the response I got: I've looked in to this ban and can confirm it was issued correctly. Your account was temporarily banned from posting due to a violation of the discussion rules. We won't be removing this ban early. Please ensure you are following the discussion rules when posting in the future: Link You can view further details regarding your ban from the Community Moderation Messages page: Link Thanks for using Steam, anonymous (Because I don't know if he is public about being part of steam support or not) Back toe me: That doesn't tell me why it was issued correctly. I read the discussion rules and nothing there mentions "homophobia". I don't know what it is I violated. This other person said "omg whata gay". Even though i'm not actually gay, doesn't that comment count as this "homophobia"? I still don't know what I have done wrong. Homophobia is a fake word to slander people who think that being gay is morally wrong. Why am I being banned for a fake word invented by radical social justice warriors? I don't go to steam for politics. This ban was undoubtedly not issued correctly. First and foremost homophobia is not even a thing. I have friends who actively support lgbt, while I try to just not be involved. Being banned over a made up term while not violating any actual rules is not correct at all. I don't care about political agendas, I just want to use the Paladins discussions page. What has happened does not equate to harassment or discrimination. Support ticket end In my first follow-up I was getting upset because I have never really been banned for anything on steam before. Heck, i've never really been banned for anything before. That last one is me losing my patience. I figured enduring this garbage was enough incentive to spread it somewhere, why not on one of my favorite youtuber's channels? Also I don't really use any social media so i'm kind of stuck with this. If anyone knows a good site to post this, please let me know. If you don't well hopefully this story adds to the collection of stories of people being affected negatively by "social justice".
TerraRiku (1 год назад)
OH GOSH DARN IT. He just said: We have provided all the available information in our previous message, since there's not much more that I can say or do to be of help with this particular issue, I am going to close this help request. If you have questions on an unrelated issue, please create a new help request and we will be happy to help you, but this temporary ban will not be removed early. Thanks for using Steam, Some SJW moron. Still don't know if it is ok to mention his name sadly. The fatc that he has the audacity to say "thanks for using steam" TWICE now is ridiculous. On top of that, he forced the help request closed. I need this to spread somehow, this is utter bull. here I thought I just had one offended moderator, instead steam must have an army of them. I don't know where to spread the word of this, if someone could please direct me to a place where posting this would be perfect. This has gone from sharing a story to sharing utter bull that is happening as of right now, and I am taking the fall for it. Who's to say they won't ban me again for the same "reason"? "FUN" FACT: the person who called me a gay still had his comment there, unchanged. So if banning for "homophobia is perfectly justified in their eyes, why does this guy go scot-free? this is ridiculous.
The Yakking Wakko (1 год назад)
im a baloniphobic aka extreme fear of needles, I can't help it
The Yakking Wakko (1 год назад)
also sorry for the misspelling
Snarky Mark (1 год назад)
If I'm Islamophobic for having a general disdain of the principles in the Quran, then the regressive left is logiphobic by virtue of their ideology.
Satan's Apple Dandies (1 год назад)
The way he says Ayn Rand's name.
thegamingchance (1 год назад)
my friends are dicks that will go out of their way to scare me with spiders because of my iracnaphobia (I dont think I spelt that right)
TASHHHH (1 год назад)
People notice when language is used in strange ways. When I was in high school or middle school, I remember a certain survey we took in class that had something to do with social issues or something. And it had the word "homophobia" in it. And that was probably the first time I had seen that word. And I was not in the class minority for voicing the opinion that that was a really weird way to describe prejudice towards homosexuals. I don't believe that we swallow made up terminology as easily as the propagandists think we do. I think we use them in "quotation marks" for a long time, and the propagandists see that we've humored them a little bit, and that's sufficient enough for them to misrepresent any discussions or jokes we used their words in to make it appear that it was already completely normalized with us.
SkyNinja759 (1 год назад)
Semi-off topic, google "Anatidaephobia". The funniest phobia I have heard of.
Alfred Eldritch (2 года назад)
This is why I could never go to a gay bar or any of these types of events because I am, undeniably, scared of what might happen. I suffer enough in 'normal' public places but I just can't imagine ever coping somewhere so specific.
Getsuga Tenshō (2 года назад)
It's seem like 50% of all your video thumbnails are just facepalms at this point!
HyperionRobit (2 года назад)
I have Arachnophobia from playing Skyrim. Really. *That bleak falls barrow cunt gave me arachnophobia.*
Mr. Yakubi (2 года назад)
All respect due to everyone here, whatever criticism you have. I am a Muslim myself, a teenager who read the Qur'an and follows it. I don't mind your criticism as it is just freedom of speech. In terms of gay people, I admit, I don't support the movement. However, this does not mean I will treat the homosexuals disrespectfully. As a matter of fact, I have a few gay friends that I talk to sometimes. Trust me I don't want to throw them off roofs. Yes, admittedly, the Qur'an states how homosexuality is despised. However, this did not command an action. Just remember that.
Will T (2 года назад)
I confess though, I have Terroistphobia. I have an irrational fear that I might die if I see a terrorist with a gun or bomb strapped to his (or her) chest. Women are just as capable of being terrorist as men. They should really hire more female suicide bombers. #Equality
aggressiveregresser (2 года назад)
YES! SOMEBODY FINALLY GET'S IT! The SJW's redefinition of words like phobia is something that has bugged me for quite some time. There is only one other channel I discovered which addresses this. Hat's off to you, sir. :D
Monkeywrench Productions (2 года назад)
those 8 legged bastards
Milanka (2 года назад)
Speaking of gay people and gay rights, I don't hate gay individuals.  But I don't like the gay lifestyle and I don't think we as a society should be supporting it or encouraging it in any way.  The family unit is the back bone of our society and if we are to save the West, we need to make families strong again as Vladimir Putin is doing in Russia.  The homosexual lifestyle is anti-family and, in the interests of strengthening the family, we should not be supporting it.  I think I'm with Vladimir Putin on this one.  In Russia it is illegal to display any aspect of the homosexual lifestyle in public where children can see it.  Fair enough.  Once again, I don't hate gays and I don't support in killing them or injuring them.  But in the interests of a strong society, I don't think the gay lifestyle should be encouraged and I don't believe in granting rights to gays as a group beyond their basic safety as human beings.  If this stance makes me bigoted, then yeah, I'm a bigot and I'm comfortable with that.
Eevee (2 года назад)
No. Phobia does not always mean fear. Here is the definition of  ''phobia'' : ''An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something''.  - Oxford Dictionary Note the ''or aversion''. I normally support a lot of your ideas and I totally agree when people say Social Justice Warriors changing words like ''racism'' is stupid but it's a complete lie to say that phobia only means fear and has been changed by Social Justice Warriors for the sake of stealing our words. Words like Hydrophobia (lack of affinity of water or ''water hating'' according to chemistry) which have been around much longer than Social Justice Warriors, clearly show that the definition of ''phobia'' isn't what you think it is.
aQmohra (2 года назад)
having a dislike for gay sex or gay adoption is not homophobic. It's not irrational for me to dislike those things
SNUFF (2 года назад)
Kaiser Frost (2 года назад)
No, Muslims are not "peaceful" jusy because some are not committing acts of violence right this second. They all support terrorism, jihad and sharia law. And no, nobody should be killed for who they are, but gays CHOOSE their sexual behavior just like anybody else. If sodomy is punishable by death in your country, don't do sodomy. It's just that simple. ORLANDO was no trajedy. Those fags were already dead inside.
Andrew Millar (2 года назад)
you should keep up these videos, this video is truth , but some individual are really sub educated....... can't they see truth...........
Kristina Duttle (2 года назад)
Not long ago I've seen a post on tumblr, where someone stated, that if you fetishize f.e. lesbians, you're also homophobic. Because fuck logic, right? =_=°
Curtis Smale (2 года назад)
Your video contains a phenomenal amount of good information. Unfortunately you made a single error, repeatedly. The left wing is not responsible for this change of definition. Feminism is. In the same way that it boggles the mind of a rational person how the words phobia and hatred are somehow linked, it boggles the mind of a true liberal how the words feminism and left wing are linked. Yes, feminism exists on the left wing but they are a radical subset. There are so many other left wing varieties and many oppose feminism.
Poes Law (2 года назад)
Leukophobia I fear the white devils who have ended slavery, eradicated disease, invented internet and twitter. I know this is an irrational fear as whites seem to generally trying to make the world a better place for all. But I can't help fear that one day they might oppress me.
Yokoshima (2 года назад)
Fuckin this. The misuse of the word "phobia" is a bad as Skeptics use of the word "Literally".
broEye1 (2 года назад)
You could make a list of terms they either redefined or twisted to fit their needs.  Micro-aggressions have been twisted and expanded to include literally any word or statement that anyone could reinterpret with their personal insane troll logic.  Triggers have many meanings but they've all been squeezed together by SJWs for their own benefits.  Trigger Warnings were meant to protect people with phobias and PTSD from things that could renew their trauma, but SJWs are transforming it so that walking by a black woman while in dreadlocks is as much an assault as pointing a loaded air gun at a person with crippling hoplophobia.
MKD Gaming (2 года назад)
You should have suggested an alternative for phobia. to say She's homophobic is much easier than saying She hates gay people. Its this kind of stuff that makes words catch or die.
scott ogden (2 года назад)
slight issue with the vid.... on the map of the countries where the death penalty is applicable for being gay you said the UAE, as you can see on the map it only shows it to be illiegal. unless you think the states of abudabi dubaiand farjihra... AKA the UAE... much the same as the UK being three states... is to be located somehwere else on the map... please remake vedio with correction for your geographic error.... kind regards avid follower
My View (2 года назад)
Paul, thanks for another excellent video. I think it's very important to clarify terms otherwise we just sinker deeper into meaningless verbiage. I'm gay and completely agree with you about the misuse of the term homophobia. I've been guilty of misusing it too, and your video has made me realise that. Perhaps the word 'arsehole' would be a better replacement for that word. I think that gay activists who want to make a political issue about gayness with respect to film characters (etc etc) are just a different version of SJWs. It's another form of extremism which kills the thing it purports to advance - feminism, BLM etc. Keep up the great work. It may drive you nuts but it's helping us stay sane,
Ray Giordano (2 года назад)
Moonbats use words to obfuscate, not communicate, that is why all their terminology/jargon has no clear meaning. Think of their words as a pack of dogs barking, making noise for their own benefit, to boost morale and intimidate other dogs.
Ayy Lmao (2 года назад)
Oh my god the whole "give captain America a boyfriend" thing there was a Philip defranco video I saw about it the idiocy in the comments is unreal I kept bringing up originally gay superheroes but no payed any attention to it and when I asked how they would feel if an originally gay character was made straight they avoided giving straight answers because they know that it would piss them off and they wouldn't want it which would in turn makes them gargantous fucking hypocrites. Its the same thing with cap changing his sexuality to fit political standards is insane it goes against what captain America is and what he represents. If a gay character were made straight in an alternate universe there would be riots but when the same happens with a straight man forced to be gay it's A ok.
Joseph Garfield (2 года назад)
is "regressive speak" a 1984 joke?
Robin Andersson (2 года назад)
....I had to minimize the video when you put that spider there, Arachnophobia is not very fun
Jane Madison (2 года назад)
Okay. But the moderate Muslim is not going to kill gays, but their not going to stop it either because many agree with it.
Jane Madison (2 года назад)
How can you be a Muslim and not take the Quran seriously? What's the point then? That's like being a Christian and taking or leaving the Bible.
Applemonkey (2 года назад)
Great work my friend, keep it up 👍🏻
Jimmy David (2 года назад)
Crips and bloods are gangs that rely on violence and crime. Now, i'm sure you could find me some "non violent blood members", but that doesn't change the fact they have chosen to be a part of that specific gang anyway, despite knowing the (lack of) values that define their methods; and have no doubt that any tribunal would consider them guilty of criminal association... cause they *are!* and it's a crime. Now, there are non violent muslims as well, but that doesn't change the fact that they *know* what is written in the book they worship and how monstruous it is. They are still humans with minds capable of making choices (of association)... and *that* has been the religion they have chosen to follow. If they were any decent they wouldn't wanna have their names nowhere even slightly related to such bigotry. I know i would not. That's why i don't spend much time defending *any* muslims. I rather spend my words of sympathy on victims of jihad violence and their families.
Richard Danielli (2 года назад)
As DoctorRandomercam put it so eloquently in one of his songs ... "My head is in the sand, my ass is in the sky" seems to make a good tie in to the Ayn Rand quote.
loxllollxol (2 года назад)
we need to censor the quran
blueboyryan (2 года назад)
110% agree with you here.
Tekashto (2 года назад)
Thank you, homophobia should be "the fear of conformity or similarity"
Free Saxon (2 года назад)
In the West the Liberal left IS `The establishment' `our' government, and its been that way for decades. Hate & Love should be allowed, its down to how they are expressed in the physical world. The Liberal establishment, and Liberal Marxist pressure groups use N.L.P to craft words as weapons of mass intellectual, and moral destruction. Its my opinion that the back burner agenda has been to stir up the Muslim World via illegal wars in order to radicalize them in Britain & Europe. its a path of first radicalization, then then an outcry for their sanitisation. If left alone our masters would have an uncontrollable Muslim UK and Europe, instead of White pussycats. White folks have lost their spine, and become weak, and will gladly except integration as a victory, when in fact it will usher in the death of the White race, which already is well on the way. Borg style " You will be assimilated " Britain & Europe are just corporate entities not countries The challenge is not a simple venting of dislike, ** but to make a difference,*** become rich and buy peoples brains, thinking has always been a minority pastime, you have to realise that. Goy will be Goy. Yes its sad, but true.
mbhanson1986 (2 года назад)
The Google says you're skipping half of the definition. You say a phobia is "an irrational fear of something"...but it's "an irrational fear of or aversion to something." Doesn't really affect the rest of your video, but, yeah completeness and all that.
Tronnyverse (2 года назад)
Felinvocophobia, the Irrational fear of getting cat called and then calling it sexual harassment. :P
Tronnyverse (2 года назад)
Well, yeah. I know. You use your voice to catcall someone, right? Or have I been mislead by mainstream media once more? :P
Mi Les (2 года назад)
You just strung felix, root for cat and voco, root for voice
ih8mrwires (2 года назад)
Well homophobia and islamophobia can technically exist. For example, my uncle was almost molested as a grade schooler and now associates homosexual men with this experience. He does not hate homosexuals, but he is afraid of them.
like,share and subscribe (2 года назад)
here is the crazy thing..homophobia originally meant that you hated gays because you were AFRAID you might be one. then anyone anti gay was a homophobe....then they created islamaphobia...well i dont think anyone islamaphobic is afraid of following Mohammed
The Man (2 года назад)
right! preach to the choir. wanna KNOW where the REAL issue lays, where the arse backwards thinking comes from? the establishment, AND our failures complying with them. if somebody has a 'phobia' fine, not the issue. the suffering IS, and NO amount of PC will change that. oh, i don't give a fuck about critique of muzzies/MUSLIMS! i just fuckin DESPISE them ALL! coming from an englishman living in NW england, NEVER had muslim friend, not starting now. racism is also an outlook fostered on experience. preservation of cultural identity. sorry, NOT met one willing to adapt and 'integrat'...just take the PISS and milk. just have to take your word for it. all the same, stand out and critique your religious kin, or BE counted the same. the rules apply to us all, NO EXCEPTIONS, i spare NO compassion, quarter or weakness. ... where's the S.A.S. real boys when they're needed? earn you keep boys, protect us from within. (and be forgiven for serving the elites.) (regards amiga1200) [edit] typo.
cheeseismurder (2 года назад)
You had me until you quoted Ayn Rand.
J.C. Wolf (2 года назад)
!@4:32 is where you loose me, if their moderate, and not taken those versus seriously... they're going to get killed by other versus in that book they dont take seriously... so yet again why, do you want them to teach their kids that science is wrong? their moderatly against evolution? or are they not .... see what im getting at, their not part of the solution if anything a hinderance, and a liability for any efforts... e.g. christianity...teach the contreversy...guess what moderate muslims teach the contreversy, that there is no contrecersy they're religion will help the world ...yada yada... moderate to what extent... 601
Mr. Randomness (2 года назад)
now in Connecticut they redefined the word gender
Linus667 (2 года назад)
islam is scary as fuck
HauntedQuest (2 года назад)
Regressives are very good at arbitrarily trying to change the meaning of words to fit their narratives. This is just the latest example. Thankfully, language change is just a little more complex than a small group dictating what a particular word is supposed to mean.
Midnight Mechanic (2 года назад)
I heard stories left and right that the shooter was Islamic, then he wasn't Islamic, that he had connections to ISIS, then he doesn't have connections to ISIS... Does anyone know what ISIS stands for? No one does, because the news won't tell you, they'll just generalize an entire religion for ALL the world's problems... sound familiar? So why is there no criticism of Judaism, or is there just a consensus that it's ok for rabbis to suck freshly mutilated baby dick? o.O Nah, gotta pick and choose what religions to rag on, the ADL will put their boot up your ass if you so much as breathe funny around a Jew. Watch all the hate flow as everyone calls me an anti semite, because Judaism just happens to be that one religion royally and divinely protected from criticism. https://www.facebook.com/TakmeelePakistan/videos/10152486011938143/
Semantical Man (2 года назад)
Just wanted to point out that the picture of the spider at 1:45 appears to only have seven legs... O.O
Shell By The Sea (2 года назад)
I don't agree that others are looking on people suffering from phobias with sympathy and compassion. I suffer with agoraphobia,and have for many years and have yet to not be treated cruely,mocked,deal with peoples scoffing and eye rolling etc...
tamlin (2 года назад)
That's not how you spell "sincerest". Is a "sincerist" perhaps someone who judges people based on their honestly? :P
AdamofBlastWorks (2 года назад)
I am terrified of bees, wasps, and stuff that looks like or sounds like them. Half the time I think that is completely reasonable. They fly, they are fast, they can dodge your swipes, they can hurt a lot. But bees pretty much leave you alone unless you mess with them. But I don't know how little or how much it takes to piss them off. Does mowing near where the flower one is on aggravate it? Apparently not. Lucky me.
Damiyuhh (2 года назад)
Outbackbloke (2 года назад)
I hate that fact that people also cannot distinguish the difference between someone like me who don't support or condone homosexuality with those who dislike the homosexuals themselves! I don't hate or even dislike someone because they are a homosexual, if I dislike them it is because they are angry and hateful towards people who don't share their beliefs. No different than a Muslim, I dislike Islam but don't dislike a person just because they are a Muslim, it is those Muslims who are full of anger and hate for people who don't share their beliefs I dislike. Homosexuality is immoral, destructive to the homosexuals health and to the wider community/nation, there is no rational reasoning that I have heard to condone homosexuality that cannot be used to also condone incest, bestiality, polygamy or whatever name they have for those people who dress up in fluffy costumes (I should learn it but really seems too depraved to waste my valuable life on). So far the only reasons I have been given as to why homosexuality should be acceptable in society is 1:They are of consenting age 2:They aren't hurting anyone else and 3:they are only doing what is natural (they were born that way). Now apply these same principles to incest, if a father and son satisfy all three what is your objection? and with abortion surgery and pills and contraceptives  so easily available now not even the "deformed babies" is an argument for mixed gender incestuous couples. You can also use these arguments to justify and defend (as I said earlier) bestiality and pretty much any form of sexual act that a relationship is based on that a person can conceive! To argue against incest, bestiality or any of the others serves only to show your duplicity and hypocrisy!
Outbackbloke (2 года назад)
+「俺らは王とクソだった、ニッガくん。」 Homosexuality isn't an identity, it is a pattern of behaviour and if same sex intercourse is the act that defines you then I feel sorry for you! 
Outbackbloke (2 года назад)
+「俺らは王とクソだった、ニッガくん。」 your not even addressing the point I made while making a statement that quite frankly defies reason, there are no such things as racism or anti-Semitism, misandry or misogyny? what drugs are you on? Homosexuality is an immoral, unhygienic and unhealthy behaviour/lifestyle and I disagree with anyone who holds an idea that says otherwise, as Penn and I have said, you can disagree with a persons idea without hating the person! God bless you friend!
Outbackbloke (2 года назад)
+「俺らは王とクソだった、ニッガくん。」 no such thing as homophobia, it is a term used by people who can't handle someone disagreeing with them! 
Outbackbloke (2 года назад)
+「俺らは王とクソだった、ニッガくん。」 LOL, you call it false equivalency but you are spot on, you just can't see it! 
Outbackbloke (2 года назад)
+「俺らは王とクソだった、ニッガくん。」 now you are demonising incest and bestiality, who gives you the right to impost your moral judgement on them?  
dylan thibodeau (2 года назад)
Why the fuck did u put a spider I was gonna sleep after this vid... But no u had to put a fucking spider on the screen
plasmaastronaut (2 года назад)
Is katie hopkins one of your subscribers? I haven't heard your point explicitly described until you did it, now she's just made the same point in her twitter. Even if she isn't sub'd, looks like the messages in your vids are permeating rationalist groups.
Emily Hanson (2 года назад)
That Morgan Freeman quote isn't actually from him. It is from a Twitter account that looked like his, but turned out to be a fake/joke account.
Sushi ForKids (2 года назад)
Virgivitiphobia; the fear of being buttfucked against your will; the *fear of rape*. That seems really irrational, especially in a prison cell.
Bundy (2 года назад)
Thank you. With no one addressing this issue, I thought I was the only one seeing this misuse of "phobia"
TheEgholm87 (2 года назад)
Just a quick comment (sorry for being late to the party, just stumbled across your channel). There doesn't seem to be any evidence to claim that Islamophobia was invented by the IIIT or the Muslim Brotherhood. It would seem that the first usage in Europe comes from a piece in the Guardian in the mid-90's. Further to this, it would seem that it was invented by the Iranian government in the 1970's, according to Pascal Bruckner. The term itself, if not used in the commonly-understood parlance of today, does seem to have roots dating back to the start of the previous century. According to this guy, at least... https://www.jihadwatch.org/2012/08/did-the-muslim-brotherhood-invent-the-term-islamophobia
Alaaran Aranoya (2 года назад)
It's so rare to hear people talk out against this Orwellian re-purposing of the English Language, thank you so much for talking out against this.
girlstorm09 (2 года назад)
i think i was called homophobic bc i said i didnt like seeing the My Little Pony FIM characters being depicted as gay...this was a while back. i thought that was stupid doesnt mean im homophobic...i just dont want to see cartoon characters for young children locking lips with each other like that.....its pretty messed up. i stay away from fandom art and videos now because of that.....same with other cartoons and anime.
Lahel Light (2 года назад)
Double standard? You keep using that word. I don't think you know what it means.
girlstorm09 (2 года назад)
well someones triggered! you stepped out of your safe space to comment on this comment i guess...never said i was against gay characters....i said i dont like all the weird shipping stuff people are obsessed with. also my little pony isnt that type of cartoon to have that. its the fact the fandom is sooo obsessed with having mostly only gay characters rarely straight couples...i think there needs to be a variety but to many Tumblrinas want everything to be edgy for the "oppressed" instead of treating gay people as just normal human beings anyways they shove all this Tumblrina stuff down our throats...and if a cartoon had one or two gay characters that fine but all/most of them??? thats just silly! Heck people even think all the characters in the anime Hetalia are gay.....uhhh right...because that makes sense! its a anime to focus on world history and what goes on in the world. not fangirls weird wetdreams! Far extreme Leftist fangirls is what fucks up all the fandoms on good animes and cartoons no offence. *triggered*
girlstorm09 (2 года назад)
maybe because its not canon and its just weird for a show mostly mad for young kids...not to mention it seems thats the main thing the fandom focuses on...you see to people who are good friends and they are like ship ship ship!! people tend to forget friendship is a thing and think its all about sexual stuff...
Incariuz (2 года назад)
I've been waiting for someone to make this video, the current use of phobia has been driving me nuts for awhile.
S.A.M. (2 года назад)
The only thing we have to fear is EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.
rob mitch (2 года назад)
Ya this is one that truly upsets me deeply. I have a deep phobia of manikins. And they go around going "oh you are just have Islamophobia." (quick side note I am dyslexic and my auto correct knew how to spell Islamophobia...yes we are that far lost at this point.) Look I beheaded a manikin in a store one time because they was moving them around in the store and they set one next to me that was not there before. I never ran or killed a Muslim.
Tregeta (2 года назад)
I agree, "____phobic" is just used as a weapon against you in an argument to make you look weak and "afraid" of what you're arguing against. It's just a box that regressive leftists can put you in, to categorize free speakers into a marginalized category so they can just dismiss you, despite the validity of your arguments. I also disagree with the use of the word "hate". I can disagree with someone's viewpoints or lifestyle and still not "hate" them.
Christina Schmidt (2 года назад)
wasn't this gradeAunderA's video
pytko3 (2 года назад)
H.P. Lovecraft had actual xenophobia and recognized it later in his life. He was ashamed of his condition and wished he hand't had it as he thought it had prevented him from traveling abroad.
Dark Power Akura (2 года назад)
They're not so much redefining the term "phobia", as using it to imply that anyone who holds conservative or traditional views is mentally ill. It's the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School in action. Same with terms such as "racist" or "sexist".
Saahil Khan (2 года назад)
I really like the kind of journalism you are into and trying to promote. One of the amazing things you do is form an unbiased opinion after researching on the subject you are speaking on and present the plain simple truth 2+2=4 and not 5(great video and poem). But I think you missed here at what Islamic doctrine is. It teaches that If you kill one human you have killed entire humanity and if you save one human you have saved entire humanity. Thus the people who kill others are not following the teachings of Islam and the "modern" muslims are the ones who actual follow pure islamic teaching.
Quint (2 года назад)
I agree! But I am racist against spiders. I am ok with them being stepped on
pizzicatoiv (2 года назад)
this is a great observation. (I don't give SJW people this much credit but) there's also a lesser usage of -phobic, which is to exclude particular molecules to form a homogenous whole (e.g. hydrophobic, lipophobic). smash the lipophobic patriarchy.
rajaitimad (2 года назад)
Oh and the darker portions says can punish not do punish. Where did you learn to read? So let's cut the bs.
rajaitimad (2 года назад)
Nonsense they don't hate the sodomites because of the Quran. It's a natural condition to hate an obsolete species(sodomites) or treat it as an equal to the a productive species. To blame that on the Quran is well wrong as many a non muslim people don't like sodomites.
PSPKriz (2 года назад)
Well it's impossible to be a good muslim and a piecefull muslim when your own "holy book" tells you to kill gays, opress woman, kill infidels and conquer entire world with a mass genocide if neccecery.
andrew (2 года назад)
homosexuality is illegal in zimbabwe which is a majority christian nation. so its not just muslims either but christians have largely passed this stage of religious development imo.
andrew (2 года назад)
entomophobia sucks i scream like a girl if i see a centipede or a grasshopper.........and stomp it til it dies.
Janna (2 года назад)
im a leftist and i agreed with your video. I hate when people say "leftists think this" Please remember us :D.
James Pawson (2 года назад)
Anyone else hear that the Orlando muslim dude only killed a few people-- the slaughter actually happened when the cops got there a few hours later? Spetsnaz Moscow theater style.. maybe.
Braindead-Borderline Feminism (2 года назад)
thing is the meaning of words change. though points on Islam are true.
Tetrapharmakos (2 года назад)
There's a difference between words organically changing over time due to common usage, and words being intentionally redefined to muddy the waters and stifle discourse though . . .
CaptainAwesomesworld (2 года назад)
ive been saying for years that radical islam is cancer is not islamaphobia.
moreover (2 года назад)
1:46 Seven legged spider.
tahi laci (2 года назад)
Courtesy toward people who have too-many-legs-phobia.
Martin Horner (2 года назад)
Never quote Rand.... don't even read Rand. You can be plenty rational without her in your head. You know it takes two Robert Anton Wilson books to counterbalance one Ayn Rand.
Tetrapharmakos (2 года назад)
You should always read the opposition. It makes for a legitimate argument and leads to rational discourse. The devil knows the bible like the back of his hand. And I've read everything by RAW. I'm certain that he in turn read everything by Ayn Rand. I agree that Rand was a nitwit though . . .
Midori Sato (2 года назад)
From what I understand, homophobia was originally intended to refer to the fear that one's _self_ has homosexual tendencies, thus creating an irrationally hateful response. Of course, common language has driven the term into meaninglessness.
Black Knight (2 года назад)
Another 'phobia' they like to talk about is being 'commitment-phobic'. The narrative is that men only want Meaningless Sex and women, sweet, loving creatures that they are, want marriage and Commitment. If a man has any fears about getting married (high divorce rate, could lose all their money, 70% chance that the woman is the one divorcing them if they do get divorced...) they're 'Commitment-phobic'. It's the same strategy; dismiss thoroughly rational fears as 'phobias'.
Dillon Moore (2 года назад)
If there are so many moderate Muslims who dont take the koran so seriously as you claim, then why arent more "moderate" muslims publicly condeming terrorism in the name of islam?
Ed Price (2 года назад)
The first step in losing your culture is to lose control of your language. It's time to reread Carroll and Orwell. Meanwhile, substitute Islamonausea for Islamophobia to be perfectly accurate.
g ts (2 года назад)
Hooooly shit man, pls, trigger warning, that gigantic fucking spider at 1:40...
TrashMetal26 (2 года назад)
"As Ion Rand said..." hehehehe
jwbrown1969 (2 года назад)
I'm only afraid of seven legged spiders... re-watch the video.
PhysX (2 года назад)
I am studying A level psychology and the words homophobia and Islamophobia have annoyed me, these are not fears. These are hates.
Hamish Sutherland (2 года назад)
Oh fuck, an Ayn Rand quote. Some good work on the channel but seeing that just triggered my evilsociopathicbitchophobia.
Dave Cochrane (2 года назад)
Islamaphobia _(n). The irrational fear of the Religion of Peace that commands to cut off the heads of non-believers, to stone to death women who shame their families, and to throw gay men off rooftops._
Quantum Decay (2 года назад)
What is a normal human? What is natural way to multiply for humans? We, man, are attracted to women and that's how we are programed by nature and evolution, that's why humans survived. So now, you tell me that gay is genetically or mentally healthy individuals??? Where the HELL ARE MEDICAL STUDIES about that phenomena? Homosexuals are not normal how humans evolved. So next time u call me homophobic, think about what really are reasons of being gay.
Quantum Decay (2 года назад)
Shooter himself was GAY!!!

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