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Stroke at 44? Migraine Headache? Maxalt? Rick Griffith Explains

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Описание: Migraine Headache and Prescription drug "maxalt" by Merck are likely stroke risk factors. Scary stuff... Anyone at any age can have a stroke. Stroke survivor's husband Rick Griffith explains what happened to 44-year-old Isabel C. Leyva as the 2007 school year began for this popular teacher. Miss Leyva Nearly Died Escaping Communism, Became U.S. Citizen, Beloved High School Teacher, Stroke Survivor, All Before Age 44 Artist, Immigrant, Linguist, School teacher Isabel Leyva is a fighter, a survivor. A major stroke at age 44 tried to leave her in a wheel chair; she refused: today she can walk. It tried to silence her: now she can speak roughly. Starving one half of her left hemisphere of oxygen, it tried to divorce her from her beloved novels in English, Spanish, and Russian: Her major language center is gone yet, she's cracking the reading code ever so slowly. The stroke hit like a sunami on September 1, 2007; she was only 44. It happened at home following the first week of school at Oceanside High School where she taught Spanish since 1999. Recovering from a major stroke on 9-1-07 at age 44, Oceanside Highschool teacher Isabel C. Leyva tries painting with her left hand about four months after the stroke left her unable to speak, read, or write. She started using single words soon after and now uses many phrases to communicate. Reading and Writing are still out of reach for her. She's been an out patient at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas Stroke Recovery Center for more than three years. She struggles to speak. Nothing at first, vast improvement to date and always building. Husband Rick Griffith is the sole caregiver. Since Isabel's stroke left her unable to speak, write, or read, communication is very difficult. We are a family with a mom and a dad, four lovable little doggies (three are adopted), two adopted kitties, two birds, and a pond full of goldfish. Isabel is a survivor, having spent five days and nights in a two-man life raft with four other adults as the five braved rough seas and ever-present sharks in their quest for a better life here in the United States. They had escaped Fidel Castro's Communist Cuba at last. The Coast Guard picked them up half way between Florida and Cuba (around 1990); Isabel was granted political asylum and began a new life in Las Vegas where she taught Russian at a local high school. Richard, as she calls him, and Isabel celebrated their second wedding anniversary while Isabel was in the hospital following her stroke. Rick is a former TV news reporter whose new career is that of caregiver. When he can find someone to sit with Isabel he works as a free-lance cameraman and on camera spokesman. Also writing, editing, and voice work from home when possible.
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Jennifer keeponfighting (9 months ago)
Been going to a chiropractor, he adjusted my neck. Migraine every day since. Last night I almost went to the hospital. Maxalt is all that helps me. Glad your wife is doing better! Praise God!

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