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Requip - Nassau Chainsaw DDC - DisGraceLanD EP

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Описание: Requip off Nassau Chainsaw's DisGraceLanD EP Goto: For Free Song Downloads,Stickers,Shirts&CD's Directed By: Doug Sakmann, Edited By: RazoR, Filmed By Doug Sakmann, Amanda Clary, Danny Weizmann, Mikee & RazoR Requip [Lyrics] Pick The scab, Bandage it , Pick it again, Fade Crumble Decay! Dry heave, Relax breath, Feed me this shit, Then They Piss in your Face! Stomach Cramp, Intestine, Septic infection Repulsive! Spit it up, toss turn, get up go to sleep, wake Convolution's! Your Hope Is Broken To Pieces Admit the Shame of Defeat When the Concrete Beneath turns to Quicksand You Try to swim but you Sink.. Mangled Beyond Recognition! Your Heart Is Gonna Explode All the Air Rushes out of your Lungs Your Skin Sticking out from your Bones! The pain has climbed inside your head crystallize it bleeds out of your eyes Wrestling with the arms of fate try to hold on for one more day Let me kiss you one last time before they pump you with formaldehyde Slipping in and out of consciousness release the thoughts of helplessness..
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