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Wellbutrin and How it Made Me Feel!

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Описание: I'm sorry about the abrupt ending. I have never made vlog before! This video is just about my experience with Wellbutrin 150 MG so far. Hope it enlightens someone!
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Text Comments (118)
MrSihrus (10 hours ago)
I've been talking Wellbutrin sr for a week now, and I'm not experiencing anything
Evie TheAngel (2 days ago)
I just started this med today... hoping it will help. I'm going through a terrible break up, trying to finish college. I'm nervous about this, but I'm trying to do what's going to be best for my health. I've heard people say great things about it.
yyxy wise man (1 month ago)
Thanks sweetheart. I always like to get opinions from.a cross section of people. P S you did well especially for your first go at it . I hope you are well young lass.Good bye, from an old man in New Zealand
buzzybeewannabe (2 months ago)
Are you ADHD? Because I am and this has also been my experience to a T. For me I wonder if it has to do with dopamine. Most people I know who have taken it has taken a few weeks to adjust.
OK been on it 2 years but they keep changing my generic which everyone is different dr reddy and sandoz did not work
Lil Default (3 months ago)
Im 15 n i just took a 150 mg pill
John Eff (4 months ago)
Wellbutrin saved my life while I was incarcerated. I went from wanting to hang myself to actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
Lou Skunt (2 months ago)
+gregory moses inmates LOOOOVE snorting that Wellbutrin. The homeless here in Boston even shoot the 300mg Well-Es (Wellbutrin) on the street. All it did was burn the fuck out of my nose. No high that I could feel
gregory moses (3 months ago)
J V it saved my life too. I sold them for food
Your Mom Wards (4 months ago)
Sorry that you had to discover the come down for the next week after the honeymoon phase passed.
Sierra Grimes (4 months ago)
I just took my first day, I'm shaking I feel weird
BeZerka Viking (5 months ago)
Takes 4 weeks to work
Naheed Sufi (5 months ago)
Is anyone else tired of hearing all negative reviews on every anti depressant or medication. if you have any positive and meaningful reviews please share. Plus Wellbutrin takes time to release into the body not just 4 days....
Krystal Myth (5 months ago)
This is called a honeymoon effect. It goes away.
question everything (5 months ago)
Lot of ignorant comment here yes takes a while for this to kick in like a week or something but some of us are Looney toons Coco for coca puffs I take others as well like qutiapine she might be to y'all don't know her struggle and she didn't reveal it get off your high horse people
Ariel L (5 months ago)
Wellbutrin is the best antidepressant.
Mary Gorie (6 months ago)
Hey im also im welbutrin first day but i am from salem oregon were not to far
katie michael (6 months ago)
I had a strange experience. I was floaty but active, working out, but all of a sudden a dark cloud came over me and I just felt angry. I liked it thoe, I got into shape and sleep great
Ivan Zyrianov (7 months ago)
What a dumbie...
dudeman dudeman (7 months ago)
You look and sound fucking crazy
Liz Camsters (7 months ago)
Lovely video and please make more of these, keep going! I order my wellbutrin 150mg online cheap here https://www.pharmacy-xl.com/wellbutrin-pills-generic-antidepressant-medication-drug-150-mg-tablets-seasonal-depressive-bupropion-gsk-online-pharmacy-xl.html for many years and my life is so much better now, both financially and physically.
henry lance (7 months ago)
How are you doing on your medication now No it’s the medication iam on the same medication also
Kelley Russell (7 months ago)
Me too! I feel like Joy from My Name is Earl on her "happy pills"
SuperNova (8 months ago)
Luckily you have a vagina. And you can finger yourself all day and get that dopamine going.
sugar jayne (8 months ago)
Omg u look like Natalie Wood! Very pretty
Martin (8 months ago)
There is *no way* that Wellbutrin can effect you that significantly on the first day. It takes weeks, if not months, for it to have an actual effect on your mood. Like all other antidepressants, Wellbutrin is slow-acting and its mechanism of action builds slowly and over time. I don't doubt you had a rough day on Day 1, but I can guarantee you it wasn't due to Wellbutrin. Comments like these, though good in intention, can cause a lot of stress and fear in would-be patients who are considering antidepressants. To anyone watching this video: Rest assured that Wellbutrin is a safe, tolerable drug that takes time to cause positive changes. It will not change your personality. It will not super-charge your emotions, feelings, and moods. Its full therapeutic effect takes up to 8 weeks of continuous use before any measurable changes can be noticed. Please don't let off-hand comments scare you from considering this incredibly helpful and stable drug.
Spread light and love (1 month ago)
I felt it almost immediately also... Positive results 🙏
Voodooky (1 month ago)
Martin have you taken wellbutrin? I started it a couple times and shes right. While the goal effects take a few weeks to attain, there are side effects on day one. Its exactly as she described for many, including myself. You're in no position to tell someone matter-of-factly their experience on a particular medication.
yes the first week the Honeymoon period feels the best I miss that feeling 2 years ago I'm ready for 450 mill now
Soaphy (4 months ago)
You are wrong on this one lol.
Lou Skunt (5 months ago)
+Martin with all due respect, Wellbutrin must have some instant effect. I'm on Paxil, which makes it take hours for me to cum and ejaculate. The doctor told me Wellbutrin can cancel out the sexual side effects of Paxil. I took 300mg of Wellbutrin and I was able to orgasm in about 10 min as opposed to hours. The second day I took Wellbutrin I was crying for no reason. Make coffee, cry. Eat lunch ,cry. When I got home I literally cried for two hours. Non stop, hard, can't even catch your breath crying. It was phsyically exhausting. That was after 2 days and it effects everyone differently. Science says it's easier to quit heroin than cigarettes, but much more smokers quit smoking than addicts quit heroin. Everyone is wired differently
Leon Baca (8 months ago)
Attention donkey brains: Wellbutrin is a reuptake inhibitor... It takes time to build up in you system before it is effective. Your video is trash and was only about a placebo effect that u had. We are all now dumber from watching this video, please take it down and burn it @ the stake..... And may god have mercy on your soul. The world will be a better place with out this trash can video. Thank you.
Vegan Dolls (9 months ago)
Maybe those 1 couple of days it hadn't even kicked in. It supposedly 3-10 days for it to kick in like, 6 weeks to take full effect. I too my first dose today and feel literally nothing
Roots, Bloody Roots (9 months ago)
150mg! WTF that's insane.
Big Showw (11 months ago)
Just started Wellbutrin & Zoloft today, did not feel anything different, how long does it usually take till it kicks in?
Freckled Beauty (8 months ago)
Big Showw I started on Zoloft & Wellbutrin yesterday. My Dr told me that I should start seeing results in about a week. How is it working out for you? Are you still taking them? I just need a little comfort in knowing if this is going to work. I'm on Wellbutrin to quit smoking opposed to Chantix. I was told that Chantix gives people very vivid nightmares so I said no thanks!
Justin Williams (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing, just starting
Peter Zimbalist (1 year ago)
lol sorry to kill your spirits, but Wellbutrin doesn't work in 4 days.
carlos machado (1 month ago)
Really? In my package insert says it can take a few weeks for getting results. My doctor told me in avarege 3 weeks.
flutter mcflutterton (1 month ago)
it works immediately.. stop talking about shit you know nothing about
Karen Love (2 months ago)
I felt a difference in 3 days, remember medication works differently on everyone.
Boats&Hoes (2 months ago)
My doctor told me it takes a few weeks to build up but I felt better and had more energy that I’ve had in months the first day I took it. (Doubtful this was placebo because I have been on Zoloft for months w/o any significant improvement and I didn’t expect anything to happen.
Uncle Chubby (3 months ago)
I was told by my doctor its does work in as soon as three days.
justin rinehart (1 year ago)
is it like mirtazapine ?
Roald van Dijk (1 year ago)
I got fucked up because of this shit!! I tried and tried it for a month!! Waiting and waiting.and eventually i got even more depressed
Phi Φ (1 year ago)
Roald van Dijk Do you take any medication now? If so, which one(s)?
MidoTV Adventure (1 year ago)
The main good thing about it that it makes you finish things and do stuff more in your day right ?! Good luck sister ..
crystal cuevas (1 year ago)
Do you experience any hair loss
Phi Φ (1 year ago)
some do
BoBa Fat (1 year ago)
Wellbutrin side affects a noting compare to most anti depressive.
Phi Φ (1 year ago)
BoBa Fat for me its the opposite. I handle SSRIs pretty well, along with a few other types of antidepressants like Mirtazepine and others. With Wellbutrin, it's been hell for 2 weeks now
Sophia Shcherbakova (1 year ago)
If anyone is interested in best cure for heartburn the greatest results that ive had was with the Fergs Treatment Crusher (i found it on google) - definately the most incredible method i've tried.
rf w (1 year ago)
it also gave you potty mouth.
CraaaabPeople (1 year ago)
Fuck off
getbakedtonight (1 year ago)
potty mouth? are you 7 years old, may I ask?
M Taylor (1 year ago)
Day 1>>>???? I doubt that had anything to do with the Bupropion
For real 😂
leslie Reign (1 month ago)
+Meagan Hiller how long did it take until it subsided and maybe you should have them give you a higher dose it's made me quit smoking cigarettes.
Meagan Hiller (3 months ago)
All of the side effects have subsided. When I got my appetite back I was like aww man! 😂 so much for losing a few lbs. no more anxiety, I can nap right after taking it. I just feel normal now.
Meagan Hiller (5 months ago)
Oh and I’m super irritable. My fiancé said to me yesterday. “I thought you were put on happy pills, instead your a raging bitch” 😂 he isn’t wrong.
Meagan Hiller (5 months ago)
emotionscomeandgo I have had a bit of anxiety. Extremely vivid dreams. Havnt been able to sleep very well. I’m on day five and I’m supposed to double my dose to 300 mgs after 7 days. I find myself pacing my house 😂. I’m a recovering addict and had a dream that I used and it was so real that I thought I had relapsed. Usually when I’m dreaming I know I’m dreaming....this felt like real life.
colleen JAY (1 year ago)
I've been on wellbutrin (in addition to ciprilex) for 6 plus months. I was doing better until my dose was upped. then I got worse, tired, crying spells, dizziness etc. now I'm back on original dose, I'm on day 7. I had a bad dizzy spell that lingered on until today. it's mostly gone but I have no concentration, I don't even want to try.
Farshad Rahmani (1 year ago)
Do you or someone you know has any experiences about smoking cessation by that drug?
Sonda Q (3 months ago)
Mel S I’m losing the urge to smoke cigarettes as well. Appetite is decreasing drastically.
Mel S (1 year ago)
yes! I quit smoking after a month on wellbutrin xl150mg. that was 4 years ago and I haven't had a cigarette since. I was a heavy smoker. i wasn't even trying to quit smoking I just noticed the desire to smoke was decreasing. one day I got up and said I won't but any cigarettes and although I had a craving I powered through it pretty easily.
Ethan Moreau (1 year ago)
Question. Did it make you lose your appetite ? Did you eat less when on the meds?
Twilight Princess (1 year ago)
Ethan Moreau I lost 50 pounds in 4 months
Tiger Morgan (1 year ago)
Hello, just watched your videos and was wondering how you are. I have been on wellbitrin generic version bupropion SR 150 mg once a day for three days then up to twice a day. I have been on it a total of five days so far. First two days were not terrible but the last three I have felt like I've been tranquilized. I'm on it for mild anxiety and depression along with adhd. I've been super tired! Any symptoms like this?? I sure hope it passes...
Sparrow Eyes (8 months ago)
Maybe you should stick with lower dose.
Ethan Moreau (1 year ago)
Tiger Morgan question. Did you also experience a loss of appetite ? Did you eat less when on it?
Kyle Showalter (2 years ago)
Any updates??
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
Kyle Showalter Hey! I plan to make a video tomorrow hopefully. Sorry I forgot about this video and I really did not think anyone would watch it.
Paradigm Apocalypse (2 years ago)
anyone smoke pot on it?
Justin Meeks (1 month ago)
I did shit was bad
M Taylor (1 year ago)
ummm. no
Paradigm Apocalypse (1 year ago)
yeah it's one or the other with pot, i tried pot with escitalopram, and it was better off the pot and just escitalopram but the side effects are brutal...there's always a trade off!
parodyvideos (2 years ago)
Sean Anstett don' t do it, cb1 cb2 receptors affect dopamin like wellbutrin. people who did it had psychotic effects.
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
Sean Anstett I have stopped smoking so I couldn't say. I do think a nice indica would help with the anxiety aspect but I would never be stoned while I'm at work so it wouldn't be very useful to me. I would recommend an anti anxiety.
Sauna Mart (2 years ago)
Tough redhead !!
brandonbursley (2 years ago)
I've been on welbutrin before. definitely a very stimulating antidepressant. I can't say as though it affected me that fast though. 4 days in and your already feeling it? I think in someone truely deeply depressed it takes a few weeks to really notice it. I think some people can benefit from it who aren't as depressed and maybe much faster? either way welbutrin WILL tend to make you way more emotional, it made me actually really pissed off and fly off the handle alot. but after a while that did stable out. I've also been on SSRIs too and I'll tell you nothing can make you feel more up than welbutrin can. SSRIs are better used on combination if you get anxiety or have anxiety. just remember dopamine=energy, motivation, outgoingness, feeling emotion. serotonin is like = feeling relaxed,feeling good, less anxiety. bit the problem with SSRIs is that God awful blunting effect some of them can have.
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
brandonbursley I had not been on any medication whatsoever for a few years. I did feel it after 4 days which is completely normal. What I said i felt in this video did not last. There were a lot of mood swings for a few days/weeks after being on this medication. I have been on it about 2 months now and I can confidently say it has evened me out. It doesn't make me feel as good as it did this day. Maybe it was a placebo effect like I mentioned in the video? Who knows. I am sensitive to medications in general so I couldn't say. I plan on making another follow up video. Xx
Andreas Vida (2 years ago)
anyone tried nzt48?
Jonathan X (1 year ago)
Renaissance Man Yes!
James Rowland (1 year ago)
Renaissance Man I hear it has limitless side effects.
Tony Montana (1 year ago)
Renaissance Man what's that?
cliff hopkinson (2 years ago)
glad you're doing well I just started welbutrin for depression and to help with ADHD and it's going very well. the only side effects I've had are a little anxiety and appetite loss.
Matt Ryan (8 months ago)
Mercurial did the anxiety go away? Been on for 2 days had to stop due to bad anxiety
Phi Φ (1 year ago)
cliff hops Has the anxiety gone away? I'm on week 2 and it's hellish.
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
cliff hops Yeah! I have lost quite a bit of weight on this medication, it's crazy. Sometimes I have to remember to eat which isn't anything I have really dealt with before.
brandonbursley (2 years ago)
cliff hops most anything stimulant will give you that effect. it'll wear off over time. I remember having the loss of appetite too and it really sucked
SinisterMinister (2 years ago)
I just started it. transitioning from another med. going OK for me kinda up and down. glad ur feeling better.
Bajaheat (1 year ago)
Keegly Weegly are you still taking it? If not why and what are you on now?
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
SinisterMinister yeah. Honestly, after this video I still had some mood swings. I should have made an update video.
funknowhereman (2 years ago)
Good video. Thanks.
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
funknowhereman thank you for the support my friend 😊
Leslie Renteria (2 years ago)
you need some milk ! !!
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
Leslie Renteria would it be soy??
Barbungar Mora Sealo (2 years ago)
wellbutrin seems to amp up your emotions so you might have to take something else for your emotions. i have started something called serene science the anine serene with relora and it seems to work well with the wellbutrin.
Phi Φ (1 year ago)
Wellbutrin does work on the 5-HT3 receptor which is a sub-type of seratonin receptor
Tajem .T (1 year ago)
Dont mess with opiates or opioids. Had a friend messing around with oxies and benzos and he ended up scraping shit from the trash. Literally. I Started Wellbo today and im feeling intuitive like never before. I could actually grasp some of the older memories that suddenly popped up in my mind, revealing a totally new spectre of thoughtfulness. I was on strattera for ADHD, before i started Wellbutrin, and it just made me a bit emotionless. I think Wellbutrin as a NDRI implicitly stimulates serotonin, given the fact, that it's a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It acts as the right mix for someone like myself to balance his surroundings and still make sense of everything, cognitive wise. Helps with the reading and philosophy. Then again, everybody is differenet.
Keegly Weegly (2 years ago)
Erin May hey! Yes. My doctor put me on hydroxyzine. It isn't an opioid but it seems to work alright for me. Occasionally I get anxious on public transport at the end of the day on my way home but those are the days I forget to take it after my break in the morning at work. I hope you're doing well.

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