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Requip Withdrawal Log - Day 4 - Like Yesterday Never Happened

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Описание: Day 4 of the Requip Withdrawal Log and it's almost as if yesterday never happened. Today Kay was almost back to her normal self. I would like to stress that Requip is a dopamine agonist, and that the process of augmentation occurs with ALL DOPAMINE AGONISTS and not just Requip. Please try to stay away from all dopamine agonists as your symptoms will progressively become worse.
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Text Comments (4)
divce (3 years ago)
Glad you're ok mam going thru the same
Kim Waller (4 years ago)
Can I just confirm that at this point you are NOT off Dopamine Agonist meds but are tsking a different STRONGER DOPAMINE AGONIST? You are taking MIRAPEX instead of REQUIP? Thankyou
kJorden Productions (4 years ago)
Not exactly....Dr Earley wanted me to switch from Requip to Mirapex and immediately start tapering off mirapex.  I believe he was hoping the switching of the drug would help stimulate the brain to start making its own dopamine while I am getting off ALL dopamine drugs.I tapered off Mirapex for 15 days, then went drug free....
kJorden Productions (4 years ago)
BEST episode yet....explained Dopamine, withdrawals, and augmentation...

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